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My Entry for the NaPoWriMo, this is my first huge huge story that I have written and posted like this.
The Premise is in the first chapter, and I hope that I can explain everything as the story is read. Thanks for taking the time to read it, as I have really worked hard on it and appreciate it.

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You added Tirek to the mix.Well this will go well :ajbemused:

I mentioned him at the very end. He's gonna show up in the actual series as the First of a many long list of villains that will make Equestrian Lives miserable or Die Trying. Most likely he's gonna die trying, but yeah... It was an idea that I've had since the new sentai team showed up in japan.

The Pie family as a power samurai sentai group made me laugh. I bet their serious no nonsense father Clyde is the Zardon of the group :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad that made you,laugh. Samurai Sentai Shinkenger(As it is known in Japan) was my favorite sentai Team, and it was what brought me back to Power Rangers in the First Place. And I was actually planning on something that would involve Pinkie and her siblings as the team in question. And there's actually going to be two Zordon's, in this case because of her mom and dad are possibly still alive, they would both fill the role as Jii from Shinkenger/Samurai. I'm glad you enjoyed it, as I tried to make it faithful to the series that I enjoy about as much as MLP.

Can't say I've read much pony/sentai or atleast this variation(it's usually pony meets sentai).
Consider this read:rainbowdetermined2:...well after I get some sleep.:applejackconfused:

oh god why

I dunno, I kinda envision Pinkie's group to be more Gokai then Shiken, but ti works great. I love Humble's constant Gurren References. One more chapter to go!

Don't really see Tiara as a Rider, but that's me and my love of (specifically) Decade and W...though I guess she's kinda like Decade. Might be more from somewhere else, but this is a great series all in all.

The Shikenger Pie Family make me fall over. It was GREAT, even if I see Pinkie as more of a Marvelous then a Shiken, but it works out well either way. But...do I sense a Rider x Sentai war brewing, or is Tiara going to come down off her high horse now that her best friend is trying to help her out? Though..i guess that is a story for another day.

Until then, stay Viewtiful, RS. Stay Viewtiful, and keep writing.

Please make sequel

One thing I can easily see is Pinkie's old friend-- the only one she had before the Rainboom-- Kosher "Ko" Pickle, who was the son of a pickle maker-- who left with his father, has been traveling around the world to perfect his many kinds of pickles (especially Neighponese Tsukemono) and has learned something else to boot. Something ... golden.

(Well, ponies can't eat regular sushi, for the most part. There are pony friendly sushi, but the vast majority do have seafood. But the sheer number of pickles in Japan boggles the mind.)

You know... The more that I think about this idea, the more that I want to write about My Little Sentai Shinkenger because this is So Perfect. Seriously, you sir/madam have done a great service, now all I need is to rewatch the series and I should be able to get right on it.

i read this story and i never sean the sentai but power ranger and base of all the dub of sentai one last thing were are the megazords i like all normal fights but it need more gaint robot battels. soary for miss spell.

Unfortunately this was a tribute/reference to the very first Sentai Series: Himitsu Sentai Goranger. They didn't have a Giant robot, but they did have an airship that could fly, plus their were no giant robot battles as far as I know.

5497666 ok get now so are you still writing the sentai of that power ranger samuri came from i like your work and the idea of sentai pony is a great so please. soary for misspell.

I will be getting back to My Little Sentai Shinkenger, as it is one that I've enjoyed working on. I just have a busier schedule now than when I started it. Plus it will be going a much different route than what the original plot of Shinkenger went in the first place. Finally, I do not wish to talk about the failure that is the American Adaptation of Shinkenger, as that's not only an insult to a fandom that I've gotten into and have been in for several years, but an insult to my childhood for what it's become.

5510404 hey dont go bad mouthen my one of my fav shows and for one overdrive was more horrevul than samuri least it was better than that least.

You sir, are amazing. I was surprised that I saw a complete Super Sentai/MLP Crossover, and I enjoyed every single one of the chapters.

Also, the Pie Clan was perfect, definitely one of my favorite parts of this story, 10/10 would read it again. :pinkiehappy:

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