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My Little Metal - RaisingShad0ws

Fluttershy is a queen of Heavy Metal

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My Little Metal

My Little Metal

By: Raising Shadows

Premise: To the ponies in Ponyville, Fluttershy has assumed a small and quiet role in life in tending the animal friends that she lives with. But, to every pony in the non-mainstream cultures that frequent darker and more mysterious points in Equestria, she is known as the Draconic Princess of the Night. Her voice is known as both one to rouse the blood in hundreds and calm even the most violent of beasts. Fluttershy however hasn’t told any of her friends, and gets a surprising group of ponies during one of her band’s late night shows. How does she react? Read on, and prepare for a face melting story.


She could feel it; an intense burning passion of hatred and anger that was unlike anything that she could feel before wanting to explode from her small body as the day’s events continued to replay through her mind. She wanted to sleep in due to every one of her animal friends being well taken care of and understanding that she needed extra rest for the weekend, except a stubborn group of rabbits who had gotten into a fight with Angel several days prior to yesterday and wanted to make things miserable for her. Then at the market, several of the vendors wanted to charge her double for basic groceries even though every other pony was getting them for the normal prices. And if that weren’t enough, Rarity had cancelled out on their Spa Day due to the one in a million chance that she had gotten for a fashion show that was sponsored by Fancy Pants.

Fluttershy could understand what happened with Rarity, after all her one true goal was to be Equestria’s number one fashionista. And while the problems with the group of rabbits were solved with Angel apologizing, and the price hikes at the market were almost unbearable, the yellow pegasus was having a relatively bad day and was at her limit.

Fluttershy glared at her reflection in the mirror from her bed. “It’s not the end of the world. Derpy did apologize for dropping her box of muffins on top of me. And then there was Pinkie Pie’s Welcome Wagon that misfired, and she did help me get cleaned up… though it did hurt a little.” Fluttershy couldn’t stay mad at Ponyville’s number one party pony, but it was enough to really get her steamed.

The ultimate blow to her mood though, happened just a few minutes ago. One of the stray storm clouds from earlier today had managed to drift over to her garden and over-water her only Phoenix Rose bush that she had gotten from Princess Celestia. The Phoenix Roses were known to be as beautiful as the sunset when they bloomed, and were capable of being able to stay fully bloomed throughout winter, but the Princess had warned Fluttershy that they only need watering once a day. She had watered them just like she was instructed, but the stray cloud nearly drowned the flowers and would have almost killed them if the sun wasn’t still high in the sky after the storm ended. Fluttershy just knew that they were only a day or two away from blooming, and now figured that they wouldn’t be blooming any time soon.

“The pony responsible for the stray storm cloud didn’t even apologize. It’s like he was trying to kill the Princess’s gift to me.” Fluttershy mentally snarled. She hadn’t ever met a nastier pegasus; even her own father on his bad days wasn’t as bad as the one responsible was. “I’m just so mad right now… I-” Fluttershy stopped, an idea coming to her head. It was small for the moment, but as it formed it made a grin form across her face.

She rolled off of her bed and trotted to one of her windows that overlooked the sunset that looked like the background of a professional painting of Ponyville and closed the blinds. She then turned to her door and trotted down stairs, walking in on Angel as the bunny was quietly sleeping on the couch. With a smile, she nodded and trotted back upstairs, closing the door to her bed room. Fluttershy then smirked, looking up to a group of four bats that were currently sleeping almost directly above her bed. For their size, the bats could go faster than even some of the fastest birds that were sleeping in her small aviary. Plus they looked completely unassuming to the average pony when she wanted to send messages to… other friends of hers.

Gently flapping her wings so as to not startle them all, Fluttershy flew up to where the bats were and gently tapped the leader of the group. As the Leader woke up from his slumber, she moved on to the others, tapping them each in quick succession until they were all awake and at attention. Fluttershy gave a gentle smile to each of them, receiving four tiny ones in return. Fluttershy then lowered herself back down to the floor of her bed room and grabbing a mango and several slips of paper with her hooves. After flying back up to the bats and giving them the mango she smiled again. “Now, don’t eat too much of it, I need you in top form.” She said in a motherly fashion. The bats all nodded, with the leader putting the mango on one of her home’s rafters and getting the other bats to pay attention to her. Fluttershy smiled, passing the small slips of paper to each of the bats, who then nodded and tucked them into their own little metal mail carriers before taking off to the air. Before Fluttershy could react, the bats then flew out of her main bedroom and disappeared from sight.

“They left without me saying thank you.” Fluttershy thought before descending to the floor. An even wider smile began to creep itself across her face as she began to dive under her bed. After tossing several empty boxes aside, Fluttershy gasped a little before pulling herself out with an all-black metal box. “It’s time to get the band together for a show. I hope they aren’t mad at me for calling on them so late, But it was what we agreed on as I can’t be the lead all of the time.” She thought before pulling an all-black key that she had kept hidden in her mane. “It’s time to let the monster out of the box.” She thought before unlocking the deadbolt lock and grinning as her room was consumed by a bright red light.


The bats had a mission to do, and did it well. Especially when their savior called on them for their assistance. They had split up several minutes ago, each given a specific drop point and were to only pass on their packages when they had gotten to their respective targets. The leader of the bats lowered itself onto a tree branch in the middle of the park just like clockwork, looking down and spotting the figure of an extremely large griffin resting against the side of the tree. After a few seconds of patient watching, the bat descended from the branch and landed in front of the griffin almost completely unnoticed.

“Well well well. What have we here?” The Griffin looked down on the bat’s small figure and saw a small metal carrier on its leg before smiling. He extended one of his black claws and watched the bat nervously leap onto it. He then brought the bat close to him, drawing the small note from the carrier with his free claw and looked it over with his golden eyes. “It seems like she can’t contain the Monster any more. Well this is good news. I’m almost out of funds.” He said, throwing the bat gracefully into the air and watching it fly away. The Griffin stood up from where he had been resting, grabbing an extremely polished guitar from behind where he sat and took to the air.

He had a feeling that the others were getting their messages too, and decided to head to the rendezvous point with a grin. He could see with his hawk-like eyes that the other three bats that were a part of the group had accomplished their task and were flying back to wherever the Monster roosted. From where he hovered, he could see several other figures running from the center of town and heading to the edge of the forest where he was heading to in the first place. “Well, let’s get this show on the road.” He thought, heading towards the forest and gliding through the night.


Fluttershy smiled, her form obscured by the blood-red cloak that she currently wore. Already she could feel the stresses from the day disappear and melt away as she trotted calmly, but not necessarily confidently, into the Everfree forest. Her entire body tingled with energy, and was excited as every step she took was going to lead to an intense night for her. After a few minutes, she came into a clearing, staring at a small and empty cottage that had been vacated for what seemed like centuries. There were several holes in the roof, and the windows were almost completely absent. The paint of the cottage had an extremely worn away look to it, and in some places she could see its inside. In the presence of her friends she would have turned the other way and ran, but this place was like a second home to her when she was alone.

Calmly she approached the cottage and touched the door with one of her hooves. The door opened to reveal a silver and grey feathered griffin on the other side. A kind smile was on his beak, as his golden eyes looked her over. After a few moments Fluttershy watched as the griffin stepped back and opened the door further for her. She smiled before taking several steps inside.

“Well then Miss Monster, we all got the message.” The griffin began, closing the door behind Fluttershy. The yellow pegasus smiled, looking around and staring at the inside of the small cottage and nodded. A huge drum set sat off to the left of the front door, tall enough to hide even Princess Celestia, and wide enough to make even the Canterlot Marching Band green with envy. She could see a black earth pony with a golden mane and tail continue to make adjustments on the other side of drum set, his cutie mark obscured from her sight.

“Thunder Flash, are you all set?” Fluttershy asked, watching the earth pony closely.

“Yeah, I’ll be ready for practice in a sec.” Thunder Flash answered from behind the drum set.

Fluttershy nodded, turning to the griffin who let her in. “What about you Gilderoy? You ready for tonight?” She asked.

Gilderoy nodded, pointing to a bright red guitar that sat against an amplifier. “I’ve been all tuned up and ready to play since our last meet. And plus my stage name is Teraclaw, remember?” He said, reminding Fluttershy.

“Oh I’m sorry, I just spaced out for a moment there.” Fluttershy said quietly. “What about the Meteor Twins?” She asked.

“We’re here!” Two voices sounded in unison. Everyone looked up as a pair of bright red unicorns with black manes walked in from the back of the cottage, one with a bass guitar and one with a six stringed guitar hovering in their bright magical auras. “You know, if it weren’t for your little bat friends, Streaky here wouldn’t have found this place.” The older looking of the two unicorns said proudly.

“Neither would you. Seriously sis, without me the Meteor Twins wouldn’t exist.” The younger one said in his defense.

“Yes it would. I’d find somepony else.” The older unicorn snapped.

“You wouldn’t dare!” The younger unicorn gasped.

“Guys, quit it!” Teraclaw snapped, sensing a fight brewing. “Streaking Comet, your sister is mostly right. You almost got us lost when we got that gig in Manehatten, and because of that we were an hour late.” He said, watching the younger unicorn blush a little as the older one held her head a little higher. “But, on the other hand Solar Flare your brother is also right. Both of you are halves of the same being. The Meteor Twins wouldn’t exist without him.” He said, smiling as both seemed to be calmed down enough to appear to work together.

“Teraclaw is right. We can’t be fighting together. Especially when we need to practice, I mean what’s the point of practicing together if we’re going to be at each other’s throats?” Fluttershy said calmly. A smile crept up her face. “We need to be at the top of our game, especially if we’re going to make our next show a huge one. I mean, we are slated to play as one of the acts at the Spring Equinox Celebration.”

Every other pony froze. No one made a sound as even Thunder Flash looked up from his drum set at Fluttershy.

“You serious? You got us a gig at the Spring Equinox Celebration?” Thunder Flash said, breaking the silence.

Fluttershy nodded, hearing a nervous shuffle from Streaking Comet. “Come on Everypony. We’re the opening act for the event, and we need to be at the top of our game. And we can’t do it without practice.” She said, watching as Solar Flare’s lower jaw almost dropped to the floor.

“We’re the opening act?” Teraclaw said nervously. “Who are we going to open for?” He asked.

“Well, that’s an interesting one because nopony else wanted to follow save for Vinyl Scratch.” Fluttershy said, hearing an audible moan from Thunder Flash.

“That’s it, we’re sunk.” Thunder Flash said, burying his face into his hooves.

“You’re telling me that we’re playing for practically all of Canterlot and Ponyville’s combined Population in front of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, the younger of which has a birthday on that day mind you, and we’re front lining for the Vinyl Scratch?” Teraclaw asked. “You realize that one screw up on this gig and we won’t be able to get another gig again?”

Fluttershy looked around at her band mates. “Listen everypony, I know that you all are completely nervous just like I am, but we need to get it together. The celebration is about a week off, and we can get our act together by that time can’t we?” She looked at them all, giving each a reassuring smile. “And who knows, we may be able to bring our genre of music out of the dark and into the hooves of hundreds of screaming fans?” She said, watching their faces brighten up.

A few moments of silence passed, until Teraclaw took a deep breath. “All right, I’m up for it if everypony else is.” He said.

“I’ll do it if Teraclaw is.” Thunder Flash said, looking at Fluttershy from his drum set. “After all, it’s better to burn out than to fade away right?” He asked, looking to the Meteor Twins.

“Yeah it is.” Streaking Comet replied, bringing his bass down to in front of him with his magic. “I’ll do my best if everypony else does.”

“You aren’t going to do it without a rhythm guitarist.” Solar Flare said quickly. “I’ll take it up on myself to be at pristine condition to play before then.” She said, smiling as flecks of her black mane out of her face.

With okays from her band mates, Fluttershy smiled. “Well then, let’s get this started.”

-The Next Day (7 days remaining)-

The next day, the unassuming ponies of Ponyville were all going about their daily business as the early morning sun started its ascent into the sky. No pony knew of Fluttershy’s band, or its routine nightly practice procedures, and had only their own laundry lists of things that needed to get done from shopping to spending time in the sunshine.

The only pony that seemed to know, or really seemed to care about the upcoming festival trotted calmly into town. Her throat was extremely sore from belting vocals into the microphone from last night, and she had that on her list of shopping materials that was currently in her saddlebag. Fluttershy remained calm in her approach, heading to the market with a determined resolve as nothing was going to make her day more than to actually get some sleep.

“Okay, Fluttershy calm down. Practice was great to get all of that frustration from yesterday out.” She thought through a yawn. “I just need to get some sore throat medicine, and maybe I’ll get some apples for later on... yawn… Oh that night just took a lot out of me…” She thought sleepily, trotting towards the closest stall that she could get to before she collapsed.

“Hey there Sugarcube, how’re you?” She heard somepony ask through the haze of her exhaustion. “Fluttershy? Fluttershy, you ah’ll right?”

“Oh, I’m fine… Just tired.” Fluttershy answered, turning to see Applejack on the other side of the stall.

“Is that all?” Applejack said, narrowing her eyes.

“Oh yes I am, I had spent almost all of last night trying to settle an argument between a family of fruit bats and a grumpy old owl… yawn… It wasn’t the owl’s fault; they were nesting on its hunting grounds and well-”

“Ah c’n figure it out from there Sugarcube.” Applejack said, cutting Fluttershy off before giving her a puzzled look. “It must’ve been sum kinda argument. Ah mean, your voice don’t sound too good.” She said.

Fluttershy gave a weak smile. “It’s all right.” She lied. “I’ve already got plans to pick up sore throat medicine, and some of your farm’s apples if that’s okay.” She said, watching Applejack smile.

“Well o’ course that’s okay!” She exclaimed, her face beaming. “Whatcha interested in fer today?”

Fluttershy blinked for a few moments and smiled at the sight of a basket full of Green Granny Smith Apples. Even in her tired state, the sight of the best natural balance between sweet and tart was enough to reinvigorate the pegasus. “I’ll take a dozen Granny Smith’s please. I mean if that’s okay.” She piped, watching Applejack smile before heading over to the bucket.

“Ah’ll right, that’ll be thirty-six bits.” Applejack said, watching as Fluttershy began to pull out her money.


After Applejack rang Fluttershy up, and helped put the apples in her bag, Fluttershy calmly headed to the Pharmacy. And after a few minutes spent there, she was on her way home. Just the thought of any pony truly finding out what she did at night slightly intimidated her. Of course she was afraid of all of the questions that her friends might ask beginning with how she got started, then all of the paparazzi would try and get in her way and in her daily life just for gossip, but she had a plan just to cover for that moment.

It started a few months back, just before Hearth’s Warming Eve, when she saw a flyer for a musical group that she hadn’t ever heard of before. Nightmare Terror was the band’s name and they sounded like a group that, if given the right circumstances, would have been the first thing that she would have avoided. But something small, a voice inside the back of her head, nagged her to see what all the fuss was about.

Fluttershy had to make an excuse for leaving the after pageant party early, even though she didn’t like lying to her friends or the Princess, and had made her way out the doors to the small bar that the band was playing at. It wasn’t too bad of a place, nothing too upscale, but it could have passed for another Pony Joe’s if it were cleaned once in a while. And didn’t serve alcohol. And didn’t smell heavily of smoke.

That was when she saw the band. Teraclaw, the Meteor Twins, and Thunder Flash all looked like they had a lot of raw talent; it was just put in the wrong places. They appeared to be lost; Teraclaw was on drums, Solar Flare the Lead Guitar, Thunder Flash on the Rhythm, and the night ended badly to say the least. The little nagging voice in her head told her to try it and once she met with the band and asked if she could help them, she was met with laughter from one of the hecklers. Until she put one of her hooves through the pony’s teeth and. Part of her even now wondered if he would get back from the hospital.

After her demonstration of her will, and the little voice inside her gently encouraging her, she reset the band to play to their strengths and got them to perform as best as they could. In the short end, it worked.

Fluttershy smiled as she headed back to her home, as memories of successful gigs flooded back. She was told back home by her mother that she had a wonderful singing voice, but she would probably blush from the things that she sang about. Most of them were full of anger, some of them were happy songs, others however were about things that adults didn’t talk about in front of foals. She did however see that most of the other songs they had on their song book were about happier things, but were so strained by the hidden messages that were supposedly in the lyrics that they had to be scrapped. But still, she was at least glad with what she was given.

As Fluttershy was drifting through a sea of happy memories, she had yet to notice that a super fluffy pink mass of mane was approaching her fast. The mass was closing the gap, trotting ever closer to her target, steadily moving between a creep and a bounce as if to scare her. After getting within extremely close proximity with Fluttershy, the pink mass zipped in front of her and gave a big grin.

“Hey there!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed, startling Fluttershy and causing her to leap back into a nearby tree with fright.

“Oh… Hello there Pinkie Pie…” Fluttershy said, slowly climbing out of the tree. “How are you doing today?” She asked.

“I’m doing great!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed. “My costume from the last story was such a great success that I wanted to throw a Ye Olde Super Fantastical Roleplaying Fantasy Party and I’m handing out invitations! It’s going to be great, there’ll be games and cake and role-play, and everypony will be there, and it will be the most super-fantastical party that I’ve thrown yet and-”

“Breathe Pinkie.” Fluttershy interrupted, calmly planting a hoof on Pinkie Pie’s lips. “And I’d like to come, I really would, but there is a poor litter of kittens that have lost their mother and I need to look after them until they’re old enough to find food on their own. You understand right?” She said nervously, watching Pinkie Pie’s face droop slightly.

“Oh, well that’s fine!” Pinkie Pie immediately said through a squeal, her face brightening up almost instantly. “Those kittens need you more than my party needs you, and a Party is still a party with five guests instead of six!” She said before staring at Fluttershy’s open saddlebag. “Why do you have a bottle of sore throat medicine?” She asked curiously.

“Well, I had to break up an argument between a group of bears last night and none of them would listen to me so I had to shout at them…” Fluttershy answered, her confidence in her bold-faced lie trailing off. Pinkie Pie’s eyes went from the bottle of sore throat medicine to Fluttershy and back for several moments before she smiled again.

“Oh… Oh I get it. Okie Dokey Lokie Fluttershy, I’ll see you later!” Pinkie Pie said before grinning and trotting off towards the Library.

Fluttershy breathed a huge sigh of relief a few moments later. Pinkie Pie was the hardest pony in all of Ponyville to understand at times, but she was one of her dearest friends. As Fluttershy’s mind calmed down and re-oriented itself from the encounter, she got an idea. “Pinkie Pie, you’re a genius!” Fluttershy thought, before galloping back to her home.


Later that night Fluttershy explained the idea that Pinkie Pie had given her unintentionally, getting mixed reactions from her fellow band mates.

“You want to do what?” Thunder Flash asked, looking at Fluttershy as though she were as crazy as Pinkie Pie was.

“I told you Thunder.” Fluttershy said, looking at the Earth Pony sternly. “I want to make an impact on the crowd. Do something that nopony’s ever done before. And what I want to do is going to accomplish that.”

“But to get that sort of stage set up by ourselves would take most of the day. And I don’t think that Vinyl Scratch is going to like that amount of ooze on the stage. Especially if we’re doing that maneuver for the finale.” Solar Flare said coolly.

“Not only that, but we are still putting in the fact that the Princesses will be attending in this concert right?” Streaking Comet asked, watching Fluttershy nod.

“Look guys, I spent all of the rest of the day figuring this out. We have five songs to play, and we can get it set up and ready before we’re ready to use it.” Fluttershy said, looking at a huge roll of parchment paper was laid out with a drawing of different stage sizes and different props that could and most likely would be used. “I mean, that is if you didn’t want to risk it that’s fine too… I’m sure that the fans will understand. We don’t want what happened the first time we used props happen again right?” She asked, looking at a general consensus from her pony compatriots. Teraclaw remained silent however, continuing to view the paper with a general interest. “I-Is there something else wrong?” She asked, watching as her remaining confidence leaked out of her like air from a deflating balloon.

Teraclaw put one of his claws to his beak and continued to remain silent, staring at the parchment like a general on the eve of battle. He only removed the claw once, planting it on where they assumed he would be playing the entire time and nodding before replacing the claw back to his bottom beak.

Everypony stared at the griffin who seemed to continue to mull Fluttershy’s idea over in his mind. After a few minutes however, his face brightened up, looking back down at the plans. “It’s brilliant…” He said quietly, looking over the parchment before smiling.

“I’m sorry?” Streaking Comet asked, looking at the griffin nervously.

“I said that it’s perfect.” Teraclaw said, barely able to contain his enthusiasm. “We’d have to change a few things but if I know how Princess Luna will react, no force in all of Tartarus would be able to prevent our rise to fame. Fluttershy, you are a genius!” He said before giving her a genuine smile.

“Wait, Princess Luna was one of our fans?” Solar Flare asked.

Teraclaw nodded. “She’s attended all of our bigger club scene performances for the past few months now.” He answered. “Most of the time she sits in the back so not as to attract attention, but if you look real hard, you’ll be able to see an all midnight blue pegasus sitting in the back of the clubs we’ve played in with a big smile on her face.”

The rest of the band remained silent. One of the royal pony sisters liked their music, and was a regular of theirs. As each of the other ponies reveled in their good luck, Thunder Flash looked back down on the parchment and nodded. “Well, how do you think Princess Celestia is going to react with an Element of Harmony plunging herself into a, “Sacrificial Urn?”” He asked, watching Teraclaw shake his head.

“Now, I know that Princes Celestia will be able to completely recognize Fluttershy in any disguise that we put on her. Her eyes are better than a hawks.” Teraclaw said, narrowing his own eyes.

“We could use the guise of the Alicorn of Metal. That really drives the crowd insane.” Solar Flare said calmly.

“That could work…” Fluttershy said, putting a hoof to her head and looking at the ceiling. “But there is the problem of all of our non-fans freaking out.”

“Well then, let’s get a set list together that will keep them from freaking out then.” Teraclaw said, watching as everypony else nodded and quickly began working.


Meanwhile, when everypony that worked in the daylight was supposed to be sleeping, one relatively young alicorn was quickly and quietly swaying and shaking her hips to a tune that seemed to strike true to her very soul. She didn’t have access to her record player, but Princess Luna had every song of her favorite musical band memorized; from every strum of the bass guitar to every power chord, she loved them all and was almost ecstatic when she had found out that Nightmare Terror was opening for Vinyl Scratch during the Spring Equinox Celebration.

Her elder sister had planned for something special for her birthday several weeks before and after a vigorous amount of snooping, most of which was done while Celestia was in the middle of Day Court, Luna had found out at least the names of the musicians that would play during what she considered the second most important day in the year. It was behind Nightmare Night, but not by much.

“Tia really spoils me sometimes. But how did she know that I liked this new… Rock and Roll so much?” Princess Luna thought, merrily humming a song from the band’s first underground album as she headed down from her room. How Celestia acted around her was just as much of a mystery to the blue alicorn as was how Apple Family Cider could get ponies drunk without any means of alcohol.

As she headed down to the throne room, not missing a single beat from the band’s cover of Maretallica’s One, the Princess wondered if she could get an autograph from the band. No, wondered wasn’t a proper term, hoped was more like it. “Those ponies need to be put awarded for their brilliance. There really isn’t a thing that a pony can say that put them any higher. And those costumes, just brilliant. I wonder, though. They’ve done everything that a pony could do with the stages that they’ve been given, what are they going to do next?” Princess Luna thought, going through a huge pair of double doors that led into the throne room changed into her colors.

Princess Luna got into Rock and Roll several weeks after her release from Nightmare Moon’s defeat from the Elements of Harmony. While most of the daylight populace seemed that she was just Princess Celestia’s little sister, the nighttime populace gave her the acknowledgement and love that she had craved for a thousand years ago. They told stories, sung songs, and had reenactments of famous battles that she had led to victory personally. But through all of that, she seemed to be missing something from her life. Even after catching up with a thousand years of rule to her sister, not an easy task, and finally taking her place on the throne while Celestia slept some sort of uniqueness was lost from her.

“Yes, uniqueness was something that we… I mean I had been missing. Something that made me different than Celestia. More than her little sister.” Princess Luna thought, climbing up the steps to her throne before turning to face the door that she entered from and sitting down.

Her uniqueness was defined after hearing the loud and shrill scream of a creature that she hadn’t heard of before
during her nightly journeys amongst the common ponies that lived and relished in her beautiful night. After heading to the source of the sound, an underground tavern that was beneath the streets of Canterlot, she encountered the music of Rock and Roll and never looked back.

The style of music was totally different than what she had been used to listening to before her banishment. Some of it sounded extremely hate-filled, and full of anger. While another part of it had enough positive energy in its lyrics and sound to rival that of the current wielder of the Element of Laughter. Then there were some songs, which tugged at her heartstrings, making her heart ache so much that she nearly broke down and cried at the end of the song. And she wasn’t the only one.

Apparently this type of music was relatively new, and that she didn’t miss too much during her banishment. Princess Luna was eager to admit that this form, this animal as she endearingly referred to it, was like listening to her own personal reflection. She thought that based on the way it sounded, the lyricists knew and understood her own emotions, and it made her feel better on so many ways that she couldn’t even begin to count them.

She spent the following months after her time in Night Court going to several of the performances, disguised as the pegasus pony Starry Sky, and listening to each and every one of the bands until she found her favorites. That was when she found what she dubbed, “The Best Rock Band in all of Equestria,” Nightmare Terror. The band was one of those that earlier hadn’t found its true style of music in the world of Rock, and was relatively bad until they had gotten the most adorable lead singer. Princess Luna hadn’t as good an eye for detail like her sister, but the small pegasus in heavy-looking battle armor had stolen her heart the moment that she had seen her. Then she began to sing.

And Princess Luna could ‘ve sworn that she was lip-synching. The pony before her was screaming into the microphone with a voice that could have quite possible rivaled the Royal Canterlot Voice, and had such a force behind the vocals that it took her breath away. The band was an incredible match to her, and they had such a synergy that made them perfect in the Night Princess’s opinion.

It was then and there in the small club that she had seen the band, that Princess Luna had to have the singer’s – no the band’s autographs. But, on each occasion that she had waited for them in the back of each club she had managed to just barely miss them. Of course she could’ve just ordered some of her soldiers to bring the band to her, but where was the fun in that? Plus, she would’ve gotten an extremely bad image if her nighttime soldiers had been caught picking up an innocent Rock and Roll band just for the Princess, and her sister would’ve scolded her for wasting soldiers on something as trivial as getting an autograph.

“But, I will have my chance. Thanks to Tia, your autographs shall be mine. And then… then I will…” Princess Luna began grasping at straws as she tried to figure out what she would do with their autographs. She looked down from the throne, seeing that virtually no ponies had come to her court with the exception of several of her soldiers that were asking for time off and mentally cursed. What was she going to do with their signatures?

“WE HAVE GOT AN IDEA!” Princess Luna shouted, startling everypony in the throne room and quite possible in the rest of the castle.

“Uh… Your highness, I beg your pardon but about the proposal for the troops’ weekend off is still in the infancy stages. We still haven’t even begun to discuss what our plans for the weekend were.” Her Captain of the Night Guard said, looking like he was cowering slightly.

“Oh… We apologize Captain. It was a random thought that we were having.” Princess Luna said, looking down on the captain with a smile. She was going to have what Twilight Sparkle’s friend Pinkie Pie referred to as a, “Blast,” come her birthday.

-Four Days Remain until Concert-

Fluttershy smiled, gazing at her tired but relatively happy expression in the mirror. She didn’t have any bags under her eyes, and her sleep schedule change was relatively understood by all of her animal friends including those that didn’t want to cooperate at first, but primarily she was content of how smooth practice was going from the past couple of days.

“Everypony’s timing is perfect. With a little more practice on the last song, and our special treat for both our fans and Princess Luna, we may even have a chance to go global!” She said as her inner school filly squee’d at the thought.

Slowly, and tiredly, Fluttershy trotted out of her bathroom and into her bedroom where her own costume trunk was. The black box was opened, and had some of her simpler costumes inside, but her own answer to C.O.L.T.S’s million bit stage show was gleaming on the lid.

To the untrained pony, or non-alicorn, it was a simple golden necklace that had a rose made of diamonds in the center. However, to the members of Nightmare Terror it was no ordinary necklace. It was the one thing that Fluttershy had used to reel the crowds into loving their music.

Teraclaw had given it to her after her first practice with the band, telling her that it would help her release her inner Rock Star. He couldn’t have been any further from the truth. By the time the practice had ended, the shack that the griffin had made his home where they practiced in had to be mostly rebuilt. Fluttershy apologized, telling him that she would pay for all of the damages that she had caused to his home, but Teraclaw said that the only thing she had done wrong was in not joining the band sooner than she had.

“That necklace holds powerful Griffin Metalmancer’s magics within that rose my dear.” He told her, smiling as though she were a savior to his kind. “That was passed onto me to find a keeper worthy of its magics by my teacher Galanoth the Screecher, a recent griffin Metalmancer with enough magical talent to rival the abilities of even the fabled Star-Swirl the Bearded. He would be happy that this gift could be given to one so innocent as you my dear Fluttershy.” Teraclaw said, humbly bowing in respect to her after the effects of the necklace were made apparent to her.

Fluttershy looked on at the necklace with a smile before gingerly picking it up with her hooves. A legendary artifact, surely every band had one. Teneighcious D used the Pick of Destiny during their last concert, and the Alicorn Prince of Darkness was obviously hiding his wings under the cloak he wore even though he publicly denied that he was an alicorn on multiple occasions. Steel Maredon was even known by ponies to call up an uncomfortably friendly zombie pony that they named Joey from time to time during their concerts and it worked for them, and she didn’t even want to get started on Marelyn Mansion. She just didn’t know what planet that pony was from some times.

After another yawn, Fluttershy returned the necklace to the costume case and gingerly closed it, before setting it down on the floor. She didn’t want the greatest gift of Rock in all of Equestria to be destroyed after all. (Even though she was assured time and again that the necklace wouldn’t break.) Fluttershy then returned to her bed and quite literally flopped on it, smiling as the softness of her mattress consumed every facet of her exhaustion. “Ooh… That feels nice…” She said, closing her eyes and enjoying a free moment to herself.

Just as soon as she closed her eyes, a polite and quick knock from her cottage’s front door echoed throughout her home. With a moan, Fluttershy got up out of bed and dragged herself downstairs and to her front door, grumbling a little along the way. The door knocked a second time, which ticked off the yellow pegasus who said in a cross but quiet voice, “Coming!”

When Fluttershy got to the door and opened it, she could see Rarity standing on the opposite side, a small sun umbrella floating in her magic. “Oh, hello Rarity.”

“Why hello Fluttershy darling. You seem… rather annoyed by something today. Is something troubling you?” Rarity said, flicking some of the loose strands in her mane from out of her face.

“Oh no I’m fine… yawn… I’ve just been so busy with the nocturnal animals these past few nights that I haven’t been sleeping well.” Fluttershy said, smiling a little.

“Well I can see that.” Rarity said, staring at Fluttershy with concern. “One does tend to be exhausted if one doesn’t get their beauty sleep. Anyways, I just came over because we decided that today would be our little spa day.”

“Th-That was today? Oh… I’m sorry Rarity, but I don’t think that I’m in the mood for a spa day today. Maybe sometime later? I mean if that’s okay with you...” Fluttershy said quietly, not looking Rarity in the eye before yawning.

The white unicorn stared at Fluttershy nervously. Something was definitely wrong with her, and nothing went beyond her detail-oriented eyes. “Are you sure dear? You know how good the spa is for your coat, and” She paused, looking Fluttershy over and seeing the beginning signs of bags forming under the pegasus’ eyes. “You simply must go with me dear. You’ll feel a million times better than what you must be feeling now.” Rarity gave her best pout, and stared at Fluttershy. Her head was hanging low, and she seemed to be wobbling on her hooves. Rarity waited for a few moments, then jumped back a step as Fluttershy dropped into the floor before snapping back awake.

“Oh, I’m sorry Rarity.” Fluttershy apologized, yawning again. “I really need to get some sleep. I still have a few more nights working with the nocturnal animals here and they really need my help. I promise that we’ll go for our spa day at the same time next week, but right now I’m completely exhausted.” She said, smiling at the unicorn before yawning again.

“Oh, I understand.” Rarity said, an edge of suspicion in her voice. “Well, you get yourself right onto bed. Don’t worry your little head dear, I guess I’ll see you at the Spring Equinox Celebration?” She asked, watching Fluttershy nod.

“Yes, I’ll see you there.” Fluttershy said, trying her best to remain awake.

“Well then, ta-ta for now.” Rarity said, turning away from the cottage and heading down the path away from the front door.

Fluttershy smiled, closing the front door and yawned again. “Maybe these late night jam sessions aren’t good for me. No, I can’t think that. The Band needs me.” Fluttershy thought, walking back up to her bedroom and collapsing on her bed. “I’m really sorry Rarity, but this is something important. We’ll have our spa day together, don’t worry about that.” She thought, her eyes closing as the vast abyss of sleep took hold of her.


Rarity however was surprised. Her spa buddy, was half-dead with a lack of sleep and couldn’t hold herself up on her own. “Something is wrong with Fluttershy. Now I don’t want to pry, but this is for her own good.” Rarity thought, trotting past the Ponyville Spa in the direction of Sugarcube Corner. “I just hope that Pinkie Pie isn’t working too hard. I need to speak with her.” She thought, walking into the bakery.

The Lunch rush was usually the busiest time for the Cake’s and their normally hyperactive assistant, but as the white unicorn trotted into the establishment nopony was inside save Pinkie Pie who stood at the counter.

“Heya Rarity!” Pinkie Pie greeted, smiling at Rarity as she trotted to the counter. “What brings you here to Sugarcube Corner today? You looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? Or are you here to place an order?” The pink mare asked with an uncharacteristically amount of professionalism.

“Hello there Pinkie.” Rarity greeted. “I’m actually in dire need of a dozen of your Super Chocolate Chunk Cookies. It’s urgent.” She said, watching Pinkie Pie stare at her before nodding.

“Okie Dokey Lokie Rarity, I’ll get that right up for you.” She said, smiling as Rarity made several dozen coins appear from out of nowhere and place them on the counter. “You can wait right there and they’ll be right out.” She said, placing the money in the register before walking into the back.

Rarity nodded, turning to walk to one of the few tables in the main room and sat down. She wasn’t really there to get the box of cookies. It was a code word that they had developed while Pinkie was working that translated to, “I need to talk to you,” And depending on how many she needed was how urgently she needed to talk to the party-hardy mare.

After a few minutes, Pinkie Pie returned to the front of the store with a purple box balanced perfectly on her head. Rarity got up from her seat and smiled. “Thanks Pinkie, I didn’t think that you would be able to get off. What with the Spring Equinox Celebration coming up and all.”

The pink mare shrugged, setting the box down on the table. “It’s fine Rarity, Mr. and Mrs. Cake have everything under control right now and they said that I could talk with you.” She stopped smiling temporarily and stared nervously at her. “So, what’s so bad that you had to order a dozen of these cookies? I mean, I haven’t seen you order this many at one time before. And I like my sweets as the next pony, but even I don’t think that I could eat that many cookies at once.”

Rarity sighed. “Well it’s about Fluttershy. You do know that she’s my spa buddy correct?”

Pinkie Pie nodded. “Well duh, everypony knows about it. You’ve been known to be spa buddies since episode twenty of season one!” She said, smiling a little.

Rarity blinked for a few seconds before regaining her focus. “Yes well, at the start of this past week I had told her that we wouldn’t be able to meet up for our spa day due to a Fashion Show hosted by the one and only Fancy Pants! I mean could you believe it, he wanted to host my fashions in a show that he was holding! It was like a dream come true and-”

“Rarity, breathe.” Pinkie Pie said, placing a hoof on Rarity and calming her down.

“Oh, yes… well I had told her that we would have to make a rain-check on our little get together at the spa which was scheduled today. But when I went over to her home to meet up with Fluttershy, as a way to extend a common courtesy to her for skipping out on our spa day of course, but the poor dear could barely stand up let alone walk to the spa.” Rarity explained as Pinkie Pie nodded.

“Well, maybe she’s just extremely tired from working with her animal friends all day?” Pinkie Pie said, watching Rarity shake her head.

“Pinkie Pie, if you have been one for fabulous detail as long as I have, you would know that she hasn’t been anywhere near her animal friends in the daylight hours. I’m worried about her Pinkie Pie, and I just don’t know what’s wrong with her.” She said, her voice filled with a sort of despair that she came close to perfecting.

Pinkie Pie smiled and placed a hoof on her friend. “Don’t you worry your pretty little head. I’ll see what’s going on with Flutters, and everything will be back to normal. Okay?” She asked.

Rarity nodded, smiling at the pink mare. “Okay.” She said, watching Pinkie Pie smile.

“Well then, I think that my break time is almost over.” She said, pulling a watch from out of nowhere and nodding. “All right Rarity, I’ll get back to you when I find anything about Fluttershy.”

Rarity smiled, picking up the package with her magic. “Thanks Pinkie Pie. You are a terrific friend.” She said, giving Pinkie Pie a hug. Pinkie Pie nodded, watching as Rarity trotted out of the front door and smiled. “All righty then, what am I dealing with now?” She thought to herself before heading to the back of the bakery again.


Later that night the party-hardy mare slunk as stealthily as she could towards Fluttershy’s cottage, staring at the now bright lights that were on in Fluttershy’s bedroom window. “I can’t get close like this… Let’s see…” Pinkie Pie thought, placing a hoof on her head and thinking for a moment before clopping her hooves together. “I’ve got it!” She thought mentally, before pulling out an all grey combat suit from out of nowhere. After sliding it on and wrapping an all-black bandana around her head, Pinkie Pie continued her stealthily advance towards the cottage.

Pinkie stopped in a bush half-way towards the front door of the cottage as the door flung open wide. She watched with extreme interest as Fluttershy stepped forward, with a smile as wide as her face, as she wore an all red cloak and bright gold necklace. Pinkie stared nervously, continuing to hide as one of her best friends started down the path to her home’s back gate. Before Pinkie could make a move, Fluttershy disappeared from sight. “All right, we’ve spent enough time on our hooves smoking. It’s time we start this mission!” Pinkie Pie thought, crawling out of the bush and following Fluttershy as stealthily as she could.


Fluttershy was extremely excited as she entered the Everfree Forest, following the path that would lead to the band’s practice space. The Spring Equinox Celebration was almost three days away, and everypony would know about their music. Just the thought of how their finale would make C.O.L.T.S seem like a bunch of naive rookies made her smile. She did a flip in the air, smiling as she focused on the final set ups before they actually could start making their debut. There was still a few million things that could go wrong, but most of them were handled by the roadies anyways.

A cooling breeze reassured her as she continued to trot down the path, seeing the small cottage in sight. “All right Fluttershy this is going to be one of the central practices to success. Everything will be hanging on in the balance because of this, so we can’t mess this up. I just hope that everypony will like it and not just our fans.” She thought, shaking her head as the lack of confidence bubbled to the surface. “They’re going to like it. I can’t think negatively, I need to stay positive.” She thought, heading to the door and knocking on it.

As Fluttershy stepped into the small home Pinkie Pie, who had somehow climbed up into a tree and pulled a pair of binoculars from out of nowhere, watched the pegasus closely. From her vantage point she could see that she was with three other ponies and a griffin, and it looked like they had been together for quite a while. “Who’re they? And why don’t I know them? And why haven’t I thrown them a Welcome to Ponyville Party yet?” Pinkie Pie thought, watching closely.

The next thing threw Pinkie Pie for a Loop. There was complete silence, such that made it hard for the pony to breathe. Then, without warning, an explosion of sounds that would have made even the mightiest dragon cower knocked her from the tree and sent her plummeting to the ground below. The impact didn’t hurt, she was only about five or so feet away from the ground from the branch she was sitting on. Pinkie Pie sat up, painfully rubbing her rump as she did so, and gasped.

There in the window, in front of the Griffin and the two red unicorns was Fluttershy. Pinkie Pie had to rub her eyes, as she stared at the scene and sure enough her pegasus friend was in the front of the collection, dancing and singing like she was possessed. That didn’t bother the Party Pony at all. What bothered her was the fact that Fluttershy was covered head to toe in silvery body armor that made her look like a metallic dragon instead of a pony. The sight was as terrifying as it was mystifying. Never had Pinkie Pie had seen anything like it and yet as much as her brain was telling her to stop whatever was going on inside, her body refused to move. “Fluttershy looks like she’s having an amazing time in there… I wonder…” Pinkie Pie thought, pulling out another book full of paper labeled, “My Little Metal,” and looked it over. “Uh huh, that’s what she’s doing.” She mumbled, placing the book of paper back wherever she found it and grinning. “Okie Dokey Lokie, I guess that I need to head home.” She smiled, turning to quietly creep away, a smile over her face as the sounds of what Fluttershy was doing echoed throughout her ears.

-Two days Remain until the concert-

“She was doing what?” Rarity asked, nearly dropping her end of a sample banner that she and Twilight were making for the Spring Equinox Celebration. She, Twilight and Pinkie Pie were all assigned with Administrative duties by Princess Celestia to make the event a total surprise for Princess Luna, and were all in the Library with the town’s banner that would be used to welcome the Princess.

“I told you, she’s the lead singer for the Heavy Metal Band Nightmare Terror! I have one of their Underground albums somewhere…” Pinkie Pie answered, looking around in the saddlebag that she was carrying before smiling. “Aha! Here it is!” She exclaimed, passing it to Rarity who took it with her magic. The cover of the album had the picture of a darker version of Discord being fought back an Alicorn wearing heavy armor as several other ponies watched with wonder.

“Pinkie Pie, are you just assuming things?” Twilight asked, setting down her end of the banner with her magic and staring at the album. “That could be Princess Celestia for all we know.”

“Twilight trust me.” Pinkie Pie said, grabbing the album after Rarity passed it back to her. “Princess Celestia isn’t too terribly fond of Heavy Metal. I suspect that she’s only letting Nightmare Terror play at the concert because it’s Princess Luna’s favorite band.”

“And what makes you say that our dear Fluttershy’s the lead singer?” Rarity asked calmly. “The poor thing is scared to death of the subject matter that the type of music in question deals with, and is probably sleeping off another encounter with her nocturnal friends.”

“I told you yesterday that that was just an excuse.” Pinkie Pie said, staring at Rarity.

“Well then how come nopony in Ponyville besides Rainbow Dash has heard of Heavy Metal?” Twilight asked.

“Because, the genre of music hasn’t been as successful outside of Canterlot save a few bands. Marelyn Mansion and Maretallica are a few that should come to mind.” Pinkie Pie answered.

“You mean that horribly psychotic unicorn who bit off half of a real bat and tried passing it off as a mistake?” Rarity asked.

“No, that was the Alicorn Prince of Darkness.” Pinkie Pie corrected. “Marelyn Mansion is the one who sings, “The Beautiful Ponies,” and it has a pretty catchy beat. You should try it some time.” She said, watching Twilight and Rarity shake their heads.

“I’m sorry Pinkie Pie, but there isn’t any way that she’s the lead singer in Nightmare Terror.” Twilight said, watching Pinkie Pie’s face deflate slightly.

“And that sort of music has no place in a royal concert anyways. Why would Fluttershy sing in such a brutish style anyways? She has a lovely voice, all of the negativity that comes from that genre of music certainly isn’t good for her.” Rarity added.

Pinkie Pie looked away for a few moments rubbing her temples furiously. It was like talking to a brick wall. None of her friends understood that there was a Heavy Metal Goddess right there in Ponyville, and there wasn’t anything that she could do to convince them at all.

Or was there?

Pinkie Pie’s mood instantly returned to normal, as she trotted to the door. “You’ll see that I’m right. So, you two will need to get ready to rock this weekend.” She said, opening the door quickly before trotting out and closing it.

Both unicorn mares stared at each other, unable to make out Pinkie Pie’s immediate exit and began to feel slightly guilty. “Do you think that we were too hard on her?” Rarity asked, watching Twilight shake her head.

“Not really.” Twilight said. “She was just jumping to conclusions, and when Fluttershy shows up to the concert with the rest of us, we’ll be right. But, I just hope that she doesn’t do anything too crazy.” Twilight said with a hint of worry in her voice.

They both sighed, looking at each other nervously before getting back to work on their banner.

“Okie Dokey Lokie, Twilight and Rarity don’t believe me. Applejack and Rainbow Dash are too busy to listen to me, so it’s up to me to prove what I’ve been saying.” Pinkie Pie said, trotting to a ticket counter that was installed into the mayor’s office. Pinkie Pie was tasked with getting tickets for Princess Luna and her friends, but seeing as how Fluttershy was already guaranteed to be at the concert, she had an ace up her sleeve.

“Hello there Miss Pie, how may I help you today?” An all blue pegasus said on the other side of the screen.

“Hey there Box Office, I need a big-big-big favor. You think you can help me?” She asked, watching as the pegasus nodded.

“Of course Pinkie. What do you need?” Box Office asked.

“Well I need seven front row seat tickets. Are there any left?” Pinkie Pie asked, watching as Box Office looked at a page that was hidden underneath the counter. After a few moments Box Office nodded.

“Of course, there’s several seats left open. You want anything else with this?” The pegasus asked.

Pinkie Pie nodded. “Yes silly, I need at least five Backstage passes. I’m assuming that Princess Celestia had already gotten Princess Luna’s pass right?” She asked, watching as Box Office nodded.

“Well, not that I know of.” Box Office said. “I haven’t seen any of the Princess or her soldiers around here ever since we’ve announced that we’re selling tickets. Why?”

“Ooh… my wallet’s going to take a huge hit, even with this favor that he owes me.” Pinkie Pie thought. “Well can I get seven passes? I mean it is Princess Luna’s Birthday on the Equinox, and well it is something nice that I want to do for her. You know, make it something special for her that she can look back on sometime on down the road.” She asked.

Box Office looked back down underneath the counter for another few moments and nodded. “It looks like you lucked out. We still have enough passes for what you’re looking for. Is that going to be it?” He asked, watching Pinkie Pie nod. “All right, well then normally it would be a grand total of two-thousand eight hundred bits for seven passes and front row tickets. But because I owe you one, and your last party was pretty cool, It’s going to be fourteen hundred bits.” He said, watching as Pinkie Pie threw a huge sack of money onto the counter.

“Here’s the cash and thanks again Box Office, you’re a real pal.” Pinkie Pie said, grabbing the passes and tickets with her hooves before placing them in her saddlebag.

“No Pinkie, you’re a real pal.” Box Office corrected before watching the party pony trot off.


Fluttershy’s body trembled as the site of the stage that she would be playing on with her band mates was quite literally being constructed within the sight of her cottage. She was told that she wouldn’t have to worry about the noise from the construction, and that none of the animals that lived there would have to be displaced as they kept the stage as far away from the forest as possible. She also mentioned to the builders of the stage about her idea for the band’s finale, and they said that the road crew would get to work on it when they got the chance.

She rested on her bed, most of her strength spent on her night’s routine practice sessions with the band. Fluttershy wasn’t normally this nocturnal, but she had to maintain the same excuse for her ruse to fool everypony.(Save the Princesses of course.)

Her body felt heavy, but she expected that. She was so focused on her practice that the way her body felt didn’t totally matter. She needed to be in top form, and while she lay in bed her body needed rest to make up for everything. “It’s all right, it will all work out in the end.” Fluttershy thought, smiling half-heartedly as she stared at her ceiling where the group of bats slept. “I’ve always wondered what a Bat must feel like, but now that this has happened I don’t think I’d like to be one.”

There was a gentle knock on her front door, which forced Fluttershy to let out a groan. Her body slowly rolled out of bed and sluggishly made her way out to the door, nearly tripping on the stairs, as she let out another pleasant yawn. When she got to the door, Fluttershy opened it and saw Pinkie Pie on the other end. “Oh… Hello there Pinkie Pie. How are you?” She asked slowly.

“Oh hey there Fluttershy!” Pinkie Pie said excitedly. “How’re you?” She asked, looking at Fluttershy curiously.

“Oh… yawn… I’m fine. Just a little tired, but fine.” Fluttershy answered, looking up at Pinkie with a tired smile.

“You sure don’t look fine. Are you sure you’re okay? Is there something that you need to tell me?” Pinkie Pie asked, sounding genuinely concerned.

“Oh yes I am Pinkie Pie. It’s just that I’ve been having problems with this group of nocturnal creatures over a territory dispute in the Everfree Forest, and well with the Spring Equinox Celebration things aren’t going too well.” Fluttershy explained.

“Are you sure it’s the nocturnal animals?” Pinkie Pie asked, watching Fluttershy snap awake. She could see beads of sweat form on her brow as she stood on the other side of the door. “I mean, you sure look like you’ve been partying really hard these past few nights. Maybe you’re letting some of your stress out late at night?”

“No… Pinkie Pie knows…” Fluttershy thought, cowering a little.

“Or maybe the fact that you’re setting up to shock all of Ponyville and Canterlot by doing something nopony would expect?” Pinkie Pie continued. “Maybe like being a musician of some kind?”

“Wh-Wh-What are you t-t-talking about Pinkie?” Fluttershy stammered, the realization of the party pony knowing who she was set in fast.

“Oh, I dunno. Maybe the fact that you’re hiding something?” Pinkie Pie said calmly. “Maybe that there is a certain yellow pegasus right here in Ponyville who’s going to have the bestest show in all of Equestria and that she’s going to have enough money to take care of her non-pony friends for as long as they need it or my name isn’t Pinkie Pie.” She eyed Fluttershy closely, watching her sweating slow down. “I was just in the neighborhood and thought to give you a confidence boost. You’re going to do great.”

Fluttershy didn’t know whether to hug Pinkie Pie, or strangle her. It was apparent to both mares that she knew Fluttershy was in a Heavy Metal Band, well it couldn’t have been more obvious, and the fact that Pinkie was encouraging her was what kept Fluttershy from hurting her. “Y-You really mean it?” She asked, some of her confidence returning.

“Well of course! I mean duh, what did you think that I was going to say, No?” Pinkie Pie said, smiling as she wrapped a hoof around her Pegasus friend. “I just read in the script that you needed to be a little teensy-tiny bit angry to play your best. And I just want you to make this extra-super-duper special for Princess Luna.”

Fluttershy smiled, her confidence returning as the shock and anger from Pinkie’s knowledge bubbled low and deep within her own body. “Thank You so much Pinkie. But you can’t tell everypony else. I mean, they just wouldn’t understand.” She said, watching Pinkie Pie continue to smile.

“Oh, that’s okay. I promise. No, I Pinkie Promise that I won’t tell anypony.” She said proudly. “I cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.” Pinkie Pie added, doing the motions to her promise.

Fluttershy smiled. “Well, now that that’s over… Where will you all be sitting?” She asked, watching Pinkie grin.

“Oh well we’ll all be down in the front.” Pinkie Pie answered, watching as some of Fluttershy’s confidence retreated a little. “But don’t worry though, I mean this is going to be a good show right?”

Fluttershy smiled a little mischievously. “Oh, you’ll see.” She said, watching as a moment of understanding flashed in Pinkie Pie’s eyes.

“Now there’s the Heavy Metal Goddess that I want to see. This is going to be the best concert ever!” Pinkie Pie squealed happily. She turned to leave, looking at Fluttershy over her shoulder. “Just know that we’re all supporting you.”

If Fluttershy wasn’t beaming with confidence before, she was brimming with it now. She smiled, nodding in the party mare’s direction haphazardly and watched as she trotted out of sight. There was so much to get done before the concert, and there wasn’t that much time left to do it in!

-The Day of the Concert, three hours remain-

It had been a trying week for Princess Celestia. Trying to have an elaborate birthday party and concert organized between the capital and one of her smallest towns had been a real fight between the upper crusts of Canterlot and the common ponies of Ponyville. It also wasn’t any help that her nephew Blueblood tried his best to get on her nerves, again.

Celesta was close to being in a foul mood by the time Day Court ended and was really looking forward to having a nice night off. She had wanted to spend the day with Luna, but every chance that she had during her break her little sister was busy getting ready for the concert. “How in Equestria did she find out about the concert I’ll never know.” Princess Celestia thought, looking over the night’s itinerary.

She originally had planned to take Luna out and spend the day going shopping with her, after which they’d have lunch at one of Ponyville’s finer establishments before meeting up with Twilight and her friends at the concert that she had personally requested for. However several weeks prior to the event in question, Vinyl Scratch’s original opener had to cancel due to a family emergency. DJ PON-3, as she was named, was as respectful as she could be but told her that she wouldn’t go on if she didn’t have an opener to get ready.

This put the Princess in a pickle. Her younger sister was looking forward to something special, and was adding to her migraine about the surprise that Celestia had in store for her. Sure she could have the concert the way that she normally did, with an orchestra and music that fit the ponies of the upper crust, but finding and preparing an orchestra for that magnitude of a concert wasn’t going to be the solution.

It was then on a particularly rainy night several weeks ago that Princess Celestia had an idea. Princess Luna was into this new form of music, Heavy Metal she thought it was called, and began investigating into this new and mysterious form of music. The results shocked the Princess.

After listening to a few bands, Marelyn Mansion and the self-proclaimed Alicorn Prince of Darkness were ones she thoroughly enjoyed even though she felt sort of threatened by them both, Princess Celestia had sent for DJ PON-3 who had surprisingly agreed with her plan. This wasn’t going to be just any normal concert. No, this was going to be a spectacular concert. The likes of which none have ever seen.

As Princess Celestia continued to keep up her charade of feigning innocence at which band would be playing before Vinyl Scratch, a small envelope appeared from a puff of smoke in front of her. “Excellent job Pinkie Pie. I knew that you would come through.” She thought, grabbing the envelope with her magic and opening it. She almost gasped at the sight.

A pair of front row tickets and backstage passes calmly floated out of the envelope, enveloped in her golden magic. Celestia was speechless at the sight with only one thought in her head. “How did she afford this?” She thought nervously.

Just then the front doors to the throne room burst open wide. Princess Celestia jumped, vanishing the backstage passes in her magic and staring as her sister galloped into the room in a foal-like manner before sliding on her back knees and pretending to strum a guitar with her front hooves. Princess Celestia couldn’t help but snicker, seeing that her younger sister had taken to wearing an all-black t-shirt with the words, “Nightmare Terror,” emblazoned in gold lettering across the front.

“It looks like somepony’s excited.” Princess Celestia remarked, staring at her little sister.

“We are very excited Tia.” Princess Luna replied, turning to the guards that were with her. “Leave us.” She commanded. Both guards bowed once before leaving the throne room empty. “Did you get the tickets?” Princess Luna asked, getting off of her knees and bouncing to the throne like a certain pink mare they both knew.

“Yes, I got them.” Princess Celestia said, calmly trotting down from the throne and towards Princess Luna. “And it looks like I have something else too.” She said, making the backstage passes appear from her magic.

“Ohmygosh Ohmygosh Ohmygosh!” Princess Luna squealed, grabbing one with her magic. “We decree that this shall be the best concert ever! Thank you Tia Thank You!” The midnight blue Alicorn nearly tackled her elder sister, wrapping her in a non-alicorn bone crushing hug.

“I’m just glad that you are happy.” Princess Celestia said, smiling as her sister let go.

“Now Tia, you must remember what you promised.” Princess Luna said, watching her elder sister nod.

“It’s all a part of the show. The bands that are there aren’t going to endanger the crowds.” Princess Celestia said. “I know. It’s sort of the reason why I didn’t ask DethKolt to participate.”

Princess Luna’s eyes narrowed. “Still Tia, no matter what happens. We expect thee to be on thine best behavior.” She said, glaring at the sun Princess. “No trying to save ponies who are trying, and failing to do stage dives, no barrier spells to protect ponies from the pyrotechnics, NO MAGIC UNLESS IT IS TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR SNACKS. BREAK THESE RULES AND SO HELP US THAT BY THE END OF THE WEEK, THOU WOULD BE BEGGING FOR THINE JUST BANISHMENT TO THE SUN. IS THAT CLEAR?” Princess Luna asked, watching as her elder sister nod nervously. “Well then, Let us be off! The Fun shall not start without us!” Princess Luna said, turning and galloping to the throne room doors.

Mentally Celestia wiped the sweat from her brow. “I did promise her. The last concert was a disaster with my interference…” Princess Celestia thought, remembering as several of her guards that were hidden in the crowd caught the lead singer of C.O.L.T.S and nearly injured him. Plus, her spell to protect the crowds may have overloaded their pyrotechnics and did a little more harm than good. Luna hadn’t spoken to her for weeks after that incident.

“We promised her. And a Princess cannot be seen breaking her promises.” Celestia mentally scolded herself, calmly trotting after her sister.


Fluttershy stared in wonder at the sight of the stage, it looking more like a scene from a battleground painting than anything else. Speakers stood like monuments on either side as a huge metallic Alicorn statue stood boldly in the middle. Her normal mechanisms of running were already shut down for the night, she was ready to rock. Nothing was really going to stop her, but the fact that Pinkie Pie had told her that she knew made her feel even better than she normally would before a show.

“Fluttershy, are you ready for your costume change?” Teraclaw asked from behind her.

“Yeah… I am.” Fluttershy answered, turning to the griffin who smiled.

“Well then come. And let us get the spell over with.” He said, beckoning the pegasus over to him before disappearing with her behind the speakers.


“Oh no, Oh no, Oh no!”

“Twilight, don’t panic.”

“But Fluttershy isn’t here, and Princess Celestia said that all of us would be at the concert together!” Twilight exclaimed.

“Well she didn’t seem like she was going to go. I even have a letter to Princess Luna from her. Besides, why would Fluttershy want to go to a Heavy Metal concert?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“Princess Celestia specifically-”

“Twi’ ah’m sure that the Princess’ll understand why Fluttershy couldn’t come to th’ concert.” Applejack said, putting a reassuring hoof on the Lavender Unicorn.

“I’ve known Fluttershy for most of my life.” Rainbow Dash said confidently. “There’s no way she’d be seen in a concert like this. And we’re up front. The Pyrotechnics alone would scare the cutie mark right off of her.”

“If it were not for Princess Luna, I wouldn’t be caught dead there myself.” Rarity added, looking high into the sky as the sun began to set. “From what I understand these sorts of concerts are all filled with the most unsightly of ponies. I don’t even know why-”

The sounds of a loud trumped cut Rarity off. Ponies that weren’t already heading towards the arena stopped and bowed low at the sound. On their royal chariot Princesses Celestia and Luna were both smiling, looking on the innocent ponies reverently as it made its final descent. Without warning, and a burst of sudden energy, Princess Luna leapt from the chariot and smiled like a school-filly, sliding on her knees towards Twilight and her friends. Princess Celestia smiled, hiding her laughter at the sight. “You may leave, we’ll be fine for the rest of the evening.” She said, watching as the chariot drivers nodded before taking off again.

“Princess Celestia, Princess Luna how are you?” Twilight asked, running up to her mentor and nearly tripping over her hooves.

“We’re fine Twilight.” She said, looking up and only counting four other ponies. “Can I ask where Fluttershy is?” She asked.

“Um… U-U-Uh…” Twilight stammered, fearing for her life.

“She gave me this letter your highness!” Pinkie Pie said, holding a small envelope in between her teeth. Princess Celestia took the envelope with her magic and opened it, and after a quick scan she smiled.

“Well then, It would seem like we’re going to have to move if we’re to make it to the concert on time.” She said, turning to leave. There was a general consensus and as everypony else began to walk away, Princess Celestia and Pinkie Pie were being left behind.

“So, how was she?” Princess Celestia asked.

“I’m not telling.” Pinkie Pie said teasingly. “Twilight told me last time, “No. Spoilers.” Sorry your highness.”

Princess Celestia smiled. “Well then, let’s just see how good she is.” She said, looking up and seeing that Princess Luna was glaring at her. “We’re coming Luna!” She shouted. “Well, it’s time to go.”

“Okie Dokey Lokie! I hope you’re ready to get your face melted your highness!” Pinkie Pie said, smiling as she trotted off.

The statement from the pink mare unnerved the Princess, but she shrugged and followed her and everypony else to the stadium.


To say the arena was packed was an understatement. Ponies were quite literally packed together like sardines. The only group of ponies that weren’t uncomfortably close to their neighbors were Princess Luna and her group that were down in front.

There wasn’t enough time to see the band before the concert started to get autographs, much to Princess Luna’s annoyance, but they had just made it in before the music started. Not even with the aid of the Royal Canterlot voice, could Princess Celestia communicate to anypony else. What started as complete silence when the first band began, formed into a torrent of cheers by the time their turn on the stage ended.

Then the crowd went silent.


(It helps when you listen to this while you read.)

Smoke began to form as the center of the stage as the band rose up, as the rest of the band began to follow the lead guitar. After a few moments, everypony stared in shock as a small and gentle looking red maned pegasus began to sing:

I'm doing you a favor
As I'm taking all your money
I guess I should feel sorry
But I don't even trust me
There's bad news creeping up
And you feel a sudden chill
How do you do? My name is 'Trouble'
I'm coming in for the kill
And you know I will

Set the ball a-rolling
I'll be clicking off the miles
On the train of consequences
My boxcar life of style
My thinking is derailed
I'm tied up to the tracks
The train of consequences
There ain't no turning back

At their close range, every pony save for Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Pinkie Pie were stunned. Rarity nearly fainted, Applejack took off her hat as a sign of reverence while Rainbow Dash mouthed, “Is that Fluttershy?” Twilight was just too dumbstruck to what she was seeing let alone listening to. Princess Luna However was unfazed by the sight as the band continued to play;

No horse ever ran as fast
As the money that you bet
I'm blowing on my cards
And play them to my chest
Life's fabric is corrupt
Shot through with corroded thread
As for me I hocked my brains
Packed my bags and headed west
I hocked my brains, headed west

Set the ball a-rolling
I'll be clicking off the miles
On the train of consequences
My boxcar life of style
My thinking is derailed
I'm tied up to the tracks
The train of consequences
There ain't no turning back

Then at the top of her lungs, which was something that nopony would have seen her do in any other circumstance, Fluttershy shouted at the crowd, “How’re you all doin’ tonight?” The crowd roared in response, just as the guitarist began to start a wild solo that blew every one of their minds. She began stomping a little, letting the energy of the music take control and remove her anger from her. After another moment she smiled, strutting back up to the mic for another repeat of the chorus:

Set the ball a-rolling
I'll be clicking off the miles
On the train of consequences
My boxcar life of style
My thinking is derailed
I'm tied up to the tracks
The train of consequences
There ain't no turning back

Nopony could have seen a better intro, and as the song ended the crowd was screaming for more. Fluttershy smiled, walking to Teraclaw and nodding. “Just like we practiced okay.” She whispered, watching the griffin nod.

“We’re all behind you.” Teraclaw answered, watching as Fluttershy returned to her position on the stage.

“Well now, I guess that you want more right?” Fluttershy said into the mic, her voice being amplified a hundred times over the crowd. After aloud, and rapid, “YES!” from the crowd, Fluttershy smiled. “All right. It’s time to remember. Before I Forget.” After signaling to Thunder Flash, she smiled wickedly before turning to the crowd who were cheering wildly;

(Once Again, This helps with the listening)


Stapled shut - Inside an outside world and I'm
Sealed in tight Bizarre but right at home
Claustrophobic - Closing in and I'm
Catastrophic - Not again
Im smeared across the page - And doused in gasoline
I wear you like a stain - Yet I'm the one who's obscene
Catch me up on all your sordid little insurrections
I've got no time to lose, I'm just caught up in all the cattle

Frey the strings
Throw the shapes
Hold your breath

I am a world before I am a mare
I was a creature before I could stand
I will remember before I forget
Before I forget that!

I am a world before I am a mare
I was a creature before I could stand
I will remember before I forget
Before I forget that!

I'm ripped across the ditch - And settled in the dirt and I
Wear you like a stitch - Yet I'm the one who's hurt
Pay attention to your twisted little indiscretions
I've got no right to win, I'm just caught up in all the battles

Locked in clutch
Pushed in place
Hold your breath

I am a world before I am a mare
I was a creature before I could stand
I will remember before I forget
Before I forget that!

I am a world before I am a mare
I was a creature before I could stand
I will remember before I forget
Before I forget that!

The pace of the guitar quickly changed, in to something less angry, something more somber than the whole rest of the song was before it. Everypony, unicorns with their magic Pegasi with their wings and Earth Ponies with smaller torches,
began to light up the arena as the song continued;

My end
It justifies my means
All I ever do is delay
My every attempt to evade
The end of the road and my end
It justifies my means
All I ever do is delay
My every attempt to evade
The end of the road!

And as quickly as the change happened, it returned back to what the song originally was, driving the crowd even crazier.

I am a world before I am a mare
I was a creature before I could stand
I will remember before I forget
Before I forget that!

I am a world before I am a mare
I was a creature before I could stand
I will remember before I forget
Before I forget that!

I am a world before I am a mare
I was a creature before I could stand
I will remember before I forget
Before I forget that!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Everypony continued going insane as the song ended, shouting and stomping in approval. Fluttershy wiped her brow with a towel, taking a drink from a water bottle that was left near the mic and grinning. “Now I want you to get off and get up, I want you to go insane, I want this place to go bucking crazy! I want you to scream!”

(This will help for part 3)

Let me hear you scream!

I'm black and bruised, beat up but still I take the blows
'Cause all I need is blood and sweat and skin and bones
I'll take this rage, rattle your cage, nobody said it's easy
It's do or die, only the strong survive, get ready for the last stand!
Get ready, I'm your hangman!

Let me hear you scream like you want it!
Let me hear you yell like you mean it!
If you gotta, GO DOWN!
Let me hear you! (let me hear you!)
Let me hear you! (let me hear you!)
Let me hear you scream!

An all-black mist began to consume the stage as Fluttershy began singing, startling some ponies in the crowd. By the time the second verse had begun the stage was almost completely covered in the black fog.

I'll pull you up and push you right back in your place
I'll take you down and wipe that smile right off your face
I'll watch you break, you're mine to take, don't blink, you just might miss it!
It's all or nothing, nowhere left to run, are you ready for the last fight?
Get ready with the war cry!

Let me hear you scream like you want it!
Let me hear you yell like you mean it!
If you gotta, GO DOWN!
Let me hear you! (let me hear you!)
Let me hear you! (let me hear you!)
Let me hear you scream!

When the guitar solo had finished, Fluttershy was in a sense of the word, gone. In her place was an all-black draconic pony was standing in her place, stomping around and roaring like a monster. Some ponies started to freak out, but when the solo ended, Fluttershy appeared on top of the monster’s head belting out lyrics as loud as possible:

Let me hear you scream like you want it!
Let me hear you yell like you mean it!
If you gotta, GO DOWN!

Let me hear you scream like you want it!
Let me hear you yell like you mean it!
If you gotta, GO DOWN!
Let me hear you! (let me hear you!)
Let me hear you! (let me hear you!)
Let me hear you scream!

When the song ended, Fluttershy leapt off of the Draconic pony and smiled as it trundled off stage, everypony was still going as insane as she needed them to be for their band’s finale to work successfully. “One more song. And then… Then these fans get the encore that they’re craving.” She thought turning to face the crowd. “That was a song recently done by the Alicorn Prince of Darkness. And we’re glad to have done one of his songs.” She said, hearing loud shouts of approval and triumph from the stands. Looking down, Fluttershy saw the stunned looks of most of her friends, but could see that both Princesses and Pinkie Pie seemed to be enjoying themselves. “I don’t think that the Metal in me has registered in their brains yet… Oh well. It will, and I have a lot of explaining to do when we get done.” Fluttershy thought before looking at the crowd. She smiled, nodding at the crowd before stomping again. “Let’s move this right along okay everypony?” She shouted, smiling as she heard another resounding cheer.

(This one will help for the readers too)

The sounds of an air raid siren began to blare as fountains of fire erupted in the front of the stage. Ponies oohed and aahed at the sight as the music began to play shortly followed by Fluttershy’s voice;

Another mission, the powers have called me away
Another time to carry the colors again
My motivation, an oath I've sworn to defend
To win the honor of coming back home again

No explanation will matter after we begin
Unlock the dark destroyer that's buried within
My true vocation and now my unfortunate friend
You will discover a war you're unable to win

I'll have you know
That I've become

Determination that is incorruptible
From the other side, a terror to behold
Annihilation will be unavoidable

Every broken enemy will know
That their opponent had to be invincible
Take a last look around while you're alive
I'm an indestructible master of war!

Ponies screamed and cheered as something began to open from in front of Fluttershy. She smiled, a platform that she stood on began to lift her up into the air as an all brown cauldron slowly rose from in front of the platform that Fluttershy stood on even as she continued to sing;

Another reason, another cause for me to fight
Another fuse uncovered now, for me to light
My dedication to all that I've sworn to protect
I carry out my orders without a regret

My declaration embedded deep under my skin
A permanent reminder of how it began
No hesitation when I am commanded to strike
You need to know that you're in for the fight of your life

You will be shown
How I've become

Determination that is incorruptible
From the other side, a terror to behold
Annihilation will be unavoidable

Every broken enemy will know
That their opponent had to be invincible
Take a last look around while you're alive
I'm an indestructible master of war!

While a solo was going on, another fog began to form from the cauldron and smelt of lime and something else. Fluttershy smiled, looking down on everypony as the solo continued until her time to sing came again;

I'm indestructible
Determination that is incorruptible
From the other side, a terror to behold
Annihilation will be unavoidable

Every broken enemy will know
That their opponent had to be invincible
Take a last look around while you're alive
I am indestructible

Determination that is incorruptible
From the other side, a terror to behold
Annihilation will be unavoidable

Every broken enemy will know
That their opponent had to be invincible
Take a last look around while you're alive
I'm an indestructible master of war!

At the end of the song Fluttershy leapt from the platform, diving headlong into the cauldron. Several Ponies screamed at her descent, most remained silent until a loud and sickening sploosh sounded from the cauldron. Everypony remained silent, each shocked at the sight until a bright red light shot to the heavens. From there the cauldron exploded, bathing everypony in a flash of light and sound that made even Celestia’s sun green with envy.

After a few moments, the light died away to reveal a new creature standing in the middle of the stage. She stood as tall as Princess Celestia, but was covered head to toe in black armor. Her eyes happily scanned the crowd as ponies began to chant, “Goddess of Metal,” In the Back ground. The new being beat the black metal wings out a couple of times and grinned, a simple phrase escaping her lips. “The time is come, your goddess has returned for a very special birthday.”


The rest of the concert couldn’t have gone without another hitch. Ponies were still going crazy even as Nightmare Terror left the stage for DJ-PON3 to clean their metal palates and get them ready for another set.

In the dressing room, Fluttershy was beaming. She never felt so many emotions filling her body all at once. It was one of her best works, and even though she had a hard time removing the Goddess’s Armor she didn’t mind.

There was a gentle knock on her band’s door which caused them all to turn. “Y-Yes?” Fluttershy asked, watching as the doorknob was immediately flung open with a blast of blue magic followed by a blue streak which proceeded to tackle Fluttershy to the ground.


“E-Excuse me your highness?” Fluttershy asked.

“What I think Luna means is that she wants your autograph. And how you became one of the best Heavy Metal Cover
bands in all of Equestria.” Princess Celestia said, entering the dressing room followed by none other than her friends.

“Oh… Hey there everypony.” Fluttershy said, getting up as Princess Luna was wrenched off of her by Princess Celestia.

The silence was so thick that it could be cut like butter. Fluttershy looked away from her friends, keeping silent as they all seemed to glare at her. “I guess you all kinda need an explanation huh?” She said, while her face betrayed her looks.

“Well that’s an understatement.” Rainbow Dash began.

“You took the words right out of my mouth.” Rarity said, looking shocked at the now alicorn-sized pegasus.

“Ah think we’re all due an explanation.” Applejack said calmly.

Fluttershy nodded and took a deep breath. “Well then, let me start at the beginning…”

-Several days later-

“Oh I couldn’t Rarity after not telling you all about who I was, it would be rude.”

“Nonsense!” Rarity exclaimed pushing Fluttershy into Café Alicorn, one of Canterlot’s finest massage parlors. “You are a star, though a sort of brutish one at that, and as such you deserve to be treated to the best. Why, its Celebrity Life 101 darling.”

As they both entered the posh establishment, both ponies stopped as Princess Celestia and Pinkie Pie were already there in line ahead of them.

“Y-Y-Your Highness! Pinkie Pie, what are you doing in here?” Rarity asked as they both bowed low.

“Oh, hello there Rarity. Miss Goddess of Metal.” Princess Celestia said teasingly, turning to them both.

“Princess Celestia’s just paying me back for all the money I spent earlier in the story.” Pinkie Pie answered.

Both ponies looked at each other nervously, watching as Pinkie Pie put a hoof to her face.

“Does nopony read the script anymore?” Pinkie Pie said through a groan.

“I did Pinkie.” Princess Celestia said, reassuring the pink mare. She then looked down at Fluttershy and Rarity. “I assume that the two of you are here for your spa day?” She asked, watching both mares nod. “Well then, care to join us?” She asked.

“Oh uh… Of course! Why wouldn’t we?” Rarity stammered, looking at Fluttershy who was smiling already. “Uh, Fluttershy?”

“Of course.” Fluttershy answered, staring at a platter of snacks that was being carried by one of the worker ponies in the spa. “So long as we can get something to eat here. I’m starved.” She blushed a little, watching as Pinkie Pie began laughing followed closely by Princess Celestia and Rarity. “What? A rock star has to eat too you know.” She said, joining in on the laughter.


AN: All of the music tracks that are in this story are not mine, and as such I claim no rights to them. The songs used belong to their owners. I hope everypony has enjoyed, and will be back for the next story. Until then Thanks for reading!

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Well I picked from a pool of songs that I enjoyed, plus I was running out of steam at the point that the concert's start. I wanted to do more, but there was a limit that I had set to not make it drag on. And you guys(or gals) don't want that now do you?

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May I ask what's wrong? I mean I didn't offend you by any chance with the Metal Classifications did I?


You didn't offend me at all. I was just being a nitpicky douche, and for that I apologize.

The reason I said that was because, in the underground/elitist metal circles and message boards I used to frequent, nobody considers Slipknot or Disturbed as real metal. Before I Forget-era Slipknot is more rap-rock and Indestructible-era Disturbed is more hard rock. You got it right with Ozzy and Megadeth, though. The songs you chose, while not the ones I would've used, gave me a good idea of how Fluttershy and her band feel and that matters a lot more than genre.

This story, aside from the ridiculous (but fun) concept of soft-singing FS liking something as violent as metal, is actually a good read. The only major I'd change is the length of the lyrics. Something you should consider if you feel like revising this is maybe putting down four lines from the lyrics of each song that best exemplify why you chose that song instead of half of the total lyrics. You already posted the links to the song, so your readers can go listen to them and know what you're talking about without you parroting up the lyrics in the story.

Okay, that's interesting because I feel that songs from bands like Slipknot and Disturbed have a Metal feel but I can see where you all are going with it. This was my first songfic ever, but I wrote it down that way only because I felt that the way the lyrics were set made it to where ever Fluttershy was standing on the stage the reader could flow better. I have a nasty habit of wanting the extra details as no one performing in a concert is going to stand in one place while they sing unless they have a song just set for that.(I think) And I think that it would have confused the readers if I just left in the first few lines of every song and made her more concert action centric.
BUT, I understand where you are going with all of your critiques and I think that can make me stronger in the song-fic department and I want to thank you for letting me know what the problems were without actually trolling me and shouting me out of the site for it. I just wanna say thanks. (Um... To much?)

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Oh thank you so very much. I have plans for The other Main 6, and Pinkie's may seem a little familiar when I get down to doing it. I'll be saving hers for last though, as she's got an extra special secret to share. :pinkiehappy:

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Or... something like that...

The sections involving the band itself aren't exactly the best, either. Fluttershy punching somepony's lights out, then joining a band she'd only just heard of that night? Out of character, to say the least. The idea itself was kind of clever, though: "Fluttershy sees a band with potential, but otherwise struggling with bad organization. She herself wants to try something new, and knows how she could whip them into shape, so she decides to join up. The band has a few gigs - some good, some bad - but otherwise remains in obscurity. Then, one day, they finally get a chance to do a major gig; one that might finally jump start a successful career for them." A good start, but I feel like it could have been expanded a bit better in this story.

On the other hand, the show started with FUCKING MEGADETH! :pinkiehappy:

Hats off to you, RaisingShad0ws! Ever since I've read this story, whenever I listen to "Train of Consequences", I always picture Fluttershy in my head, screaming “How’re you all doin’ tonight?” right before the solo. :rainbowlaugh:

Overall, nice story, but I feel that it could have used a bit more work. Have the band (especially Fluttershy) go through a bit more of a struggle, rather than be "the Gods of Metal" right from the start, with the only obstacle in their path being "never having the chance to do a big show until now".

Well I am certainly glad that you enjoyed it, it's probably one of my more favorite stories that I have written in this fandom(Also one of my personal, "bests"). But this whole idea spawned from a random thought I had while I was writing a chapter from my Silent Ponyville series which I still need to work on. Essentially, What does the main six do secretly, what are their lives outside of the MLP hero spotlight? I'm currently stumped on Dash's secret, though it is something that can't be discussed for secrecy reasons, and I already have part of Pinkie's secret written in the bad MLP Sentai crossover that I wrote for the NaPoWriMo this year. AJ's and Rarity's are also going to surprise when I get them written, but I have to finish the second chapter of a rewrite that I'm doing just to prove a point to the original author. It's also on my page if your curious.

And I understand that's not how things work in the music industry, most of what I thought for this fanfiction was based off of Guitar Hero if you can believe that. However, in my defense, this had to be written otherwise it wouldn't have left my head. I saw Fluttershy as somepony who needed more of a release from all the stresses in her life, and this was the avenue that I wanted to take with it. And I also saw her sing,"Train of Consequences," in a daydream I had before writing this. All in all, I enjoyed writing it even though it wasn't right perfectly. And Princess Luna was a little fangirlish (Would it be fanfillyish in this case?), I know. That was a case of me running low on steam with the idea. Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad that you enjoyed it! :yay: :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy:

Disturbed and slipknot AND silent ponyville !!!!!:heart:
you sir are my new best friend:pinkiehappy:


Yay! I has a new Best Friend! I need to tell Pinkie so she can help me throw you a, "I have a New Best Friend Party!" :pinkiehappy:

Seriously though, I'm glad you like my stuff. It really makes this brony feel good to know that he can produce great stuff. :pinkiehappy:

so...much...FUCKING WIN!
this was AWESOME you sir/madame have my respect for this you put 2 of my favorite bands and one ozzy in here you deserve a medal for making this.
putting megadeath ozzy and my favorite band EVER in here DISTURBED you have my eternal gratitude for this fic.
keep writing your really good at it and this proves it.

:flutterrage: \m/ LONG LIVE THE GODDESS OF METAL \m/

Comment posted by mineturtal247 deleted Oct 16th, 2013

Thank you very much for the support. I appreciate it. :pinkiehappy:

Awesome work! Art of Fluttershy as the Goddess of Metal needs to happen NOW!:twilightsmile:

Oh god this was awesome..:pinkiesad2:we definitely need more stories like this on fimfiction:pinkiecrazy:

oh and if any artist read this. art of fluttershy the goddess of Metal would be epic and appreciated.:pinkiehappy:

2776005 Some song links are broken, might help to fix those but other than that, this was fucking awesome.

If you really wanted to actually go full out and do the whole "death goddess", you should've went for broke and had Fluttershy do a set of Mayhem, Entombed, maybe a bit of Vital Remains, and Carcass/some other melodic death metal/gore-grind. After all, a "true" metal queen would play a lot more kvlt black metal.

That might be your tastes in metal, and don't get me wrong they sound awesome, but I prefer the classics and the music that I can listen to. These were just some of my favorites.

Teneighcious D used the Pick of Destiny during their last concert, and the Alicorn Prince of Darkness was obviously hiding his wings under the cloak he wore even though he publicly denied that he was an alicorn on multiple occasions. Steel Maredon was even known by ponies to call up an uncomfortably friendly zombie pony that they named Joey from time to time during their concerts and it worked for them, and she didn’t even want to get started on Marelyn Mansion. She just didn’t know what planet that pony was from some times.

Don't forget Corey Neighlor's mask!
Or Jonathan Neigvis' kilt!
Speaking of which, no Korn?

This was pretty damn good, and I'm glad I decided to search for heavy metal MLP stories, but there was one thing that really bugged me-you kept calling it rock and roll at several points in the story, and it's not! It's metal!

This story is amazing! Tho i know Disturbed and Slipknot. But because the songs were deleted ive no clue what they are.

It was a nice read. Better than the other Metal Fluttershy story I've read.

I'm a bit mixed on the song choices. Not because any of them are bad or anything, but the part of me that has only recently gotten into metal and wants to know more, it's helpful for me to listen to multiple bands, while the nitpicker in me is wondering how Fluttershy sounds different in each of the songs. Though I guess the necklace could explain that. And how has a cover band gotten so much attention? Surely it would have been better for them to have written all their songs. It certainly seemed like they had until that one line after the concert.

Oh, and the videos the first three links lead to have been taken down. Could you please fix this?

I just read this the other day, and loved it. I really wish we could get an episode like this, if for no other reason than to hear Fluttershy's singing. ^_^

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