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Twilight Sparkle is known for many things, having a level head in serious situations, losing her mind over being late on an assignment, being the owner of one of the few libraries in Ponyville, being a good friend and other things. But one thing that she isn’t known for, is being the best swordsmare in a Live Action Role Play environment that was set up by Princess Luna.

Well Pinkie Pie finds out, and after a split second misunderstanding, wants to join in.

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LARPing mixed with MLP??:rainbowlaugh: I was laughing the entire time I was reading it. You pulled off Pinkie Pie well, and I wouldn't have any doubt she'd go to that length to help her friend. Though I'm not a huge fan of blatant 4th wall breaking, I don't mind it so much in these sorta stories.

A most enjoyable read I must say.

Thank you, Thank you. You Are too kind. I honestly thought that this was going to be one of my bad ones.:pinkiehappy:

More tales from the party of six would be appreciated, but this alone is also quite nice to read. You did a good job at displaying Pinkie Pie, especially the script.:pinkiehappy:
So overall: Good job:twilightsmile:

Thanks! Well, I was planning on doing a huge-esque secret for each of the mane 6, and am working on Fluttershy's right now. So... Yeah, I already had that planned. Plus, the huge secrets aren't going to be anywhere near the line of Cupcakes so there aren't going to be any dead ponies. That Fan-fiction scared the sh*t out of me.

MLP LARPING... okay that is just epic win and on top of that it was funny as all get out. More says I! More! :flutterrage:

this was vary good i like it alot hope there's more of this in the future.
hope this get a sequel for it.

we ask thee to write a sequel NOW!!
After this story I like the winterbreak of larpcons here in Germany even less, can´t wait to fight some poor npc´s again.

This story was awesome, great job!! :twilightsmile:

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