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My Little Unicorn: Magic is Believing Redo - RaisingShad0ws

Redo of Fail Mykan Fiction. Hopes to be better than original.

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Chapter 1: The Return of Darkness

My Little Unicorn: Magic is Believing Redo

Rewrite By: Raising Shadows

Premise: Prepare to enter a world that steps out of the Norm. Ponies, who are able to walk upright like human beings defend themselves from evil beings that wish to destroy their home. As the constant threats of their world increase Grand Ruler Celesto, the ruler of the Planet Nation Unicornicopia, guides his trusted student Lightning Dawn throughout the battles against the Evil Sorcerer Titan and his minions. But Lightning Dawn is not on his own he forms unbreakable bonds with other unicorns, and is guided by a mysterious magical entity known as the Uniforce. But will that alone be enough to help Lightning and his friends save Unicornicopia and the other Planets that Titan hopes to take over? Or will Titan emerge victorious with the entire Equine Universe under his sway? You'll have to read on to find out!

Author's Notes: I do not own the amazing series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is owned by Hasbro, and is better than the original version of this story and this story itself. I don't claim to be an extremely good writer, but I plan on trying to show some people(I'm looking at you Mykan) how you can write a semi-decent story based on the ideas that were, “Thrown on the Table,” so to speak. The Dakari King Mykan owns the original story and his characters are his, but as an aspiring Riffer and Editor I will not sit by and let this injustice stand. This is an attempt at a retelling of an awful story, and with it will come a chance that the characters will be better than what they originally were. So without further ado, I present My Little Unicorn: Magic is Believing the Redo.


Chapter 1: The Return of Darkness

Space... An eternal void, ever expanding into eternal nothingness.

It is in this realm, filled with stars and planets that are similar and yet different on their own that makes up the universe. Some planets are hostile entities where lesser lifeforms struggle to survive in the harsh environments, clinging to what little they have. Other planets are hosts to a plethora of beings, each living with each other in a semblance of harmony. But... Harmony doesn't always last forever...

In a particular universe, millenniums ago, there reigned two Deities of Chaos. The first, Discord, a member of the powerful race of Draconequui, ruled the land with an iron fist and a dangerous joke. His power drove the populace insane and terrorized them for centuries. The second, known only as, “The Devourer,” destroyed planets without so much as a second thought and drained their life giving magicks to increase his power. Where Discord was feared as a ruler, The Devourer was feared as a destroyer.

But, the people of the universe were not without hope.

From the despair came three beings, each wielding a power far stronger than any of the Gods of Chaos could hope to achieve. Using their combined power the beings, who were known only as the Alicorn Gods, turned back the stems of chaos and ensured that peace reigned in the universe for all time.

As time passed, two of the three Alicorn gods finally settled down on a small and desolate planet, hoping to find their own peace and place in the universe. The third, leaving them behind to forge their own path, continued to combat the remaining forces of darkness and maintained the peace that beings everywhere now enjoyed.

But... All was not as it seemed. In time, the third member of the Alicorn Gods was challenged to a duel by a wicked sorcerer. Using his dark magics, the sorcerer hoped to destroy the Alicorn God, thereby claiming the universe as his own and allowing the spread of evil to once again reign. The Alicorn God, not willing to see this happen called up everything that he thought he knew about magic to defeat the sorcerer but was unable to land a strike against him.

In his last, desperate hour of need, the Alicorn God called upon all of his strength, summoning a power that was never seen before. This power, fueled by his belief that he would defeat the wizard, proved to be strong enough to destroy him and once again save the universe from a ghastly fate.

But the battle took a toll on the Alicorn God as well, weakening him beyond the capabilities of regular healing magicks. The Alicorn Settled down on a nearby planet, slowly regaining his power and building a civilization there. The Civilization's name: Unicornicopia.

It was there that the Alicorn God would teach his citizens about the powers that he acquired, in a hopes to find someone with a connection to the mysterious power. No one knows if another being has made a connection to this power, and not even the Alicorn God knew for sure if anyone ever will...


-Present Day-

Unicornicopia, the planet in which the third member of the Alicorn Gods rested to recover his power after using his strength in his legendary battle. It was a generally peaceful place from the vast and extremely tall mountain ranges that swooped down low into humble and gentle valleys, to the emerald forests that dotted the land scape and sometimes extended to the crystal clear sapphire oceans that extended almost out to forever. A singular super-continent sat in the middle of the planet, which from a distance(and with enough imagination) resembled a rhino that looked upward at a white and fluffy cloud that was the planet's northern pole.

It wasn't a sort of place that one would go if they were looking to find constant war and battle, but at the same time it wasn't a place that one would go if they were trying to escape the negative aspects of society all the same. It was a place where all manner of species were welcome, whether their intentions were to be good and decent or not. Unicornicopia was a sort of mixed bag of refugees, natives, and a combination of the best and the worst that the universe itself had to offer. But that didn't mean it imploded on itself.

The many towns and cities that sat on the Planet's surface, and sometimes inside the many cave systems that were within the many mountain ranges, had their own established governments and own set of laws capable of dealing with those that would turn to lawbreaking and general misdeeds. Those who would turn to evil on a much grander scale would have to deal with Unicornicopia's standing military and the personal knights of the Alicorn God himself.

No one being knew what the Alicorn God was like. Some said that he was an extremely fierce warrior from an ancient land, sworn to protect the innocent and defend the defenseless like a knight in shining armor. Others said that he was a powerful sorcerer, capable of moving the stars and the moon into their proper alignment every night and moving the sun into it's proper position every morning. Some even claimed that he wasn't a god at all, stating that he was nothing more than an extremely capable mortal who was blessed by the, “True Gods,” with power. But in whatever way that you looked at it, he was the only one who understood the responsibility of ruling Unicornicopia and he was the only one that could control, “The Power.”

That was another mystery that most of the members of the planet-nation couldn't figure out. What was this power that the Alicorn God, or the Grand Ruler as he was referred to in this case, capable of controlling? Was it dangerous? Was it even real? Or was it just another myth, made up so that those who dreamed of strength could sign up and join the Unicornicopian Military?

To the residents of the small settlement of Whitefall Range, this power didn't really matter to them. They just went about their daily lives; paid their taxes when they were told to, sent in a group of able-bodied warriors when necessary, and drove off the occasional bandit raid whenever it was possible. The Grand Ruler never called anyone from their village anyways, so why should they have bothered? No, life in the small mountain town was normal. And that was the way that they liked it. Well, most of them at least.

In the darkest, most run-down section of town lived Whitefall Range's most interesting curiosity Lightning Dawn. To most of the members of Whitefall Range, Lightning Dawn was just a normal yellow unicorn with an about average build, and a blue mane and tail with blue eyes. However, unlike most unicorns of Unicornicopia, he had no wings.

That's right; Lightning Dawn, a member of the majority of the population of unicorns, had no wings. Unicorns on Unicornicopia were different than most unicorns anywhere else as they had wings that made them capable of flying wherever they needed to go, and magic that they could use to protect themselves and assist them in doing mundane things like pulling weeds and cooking. Lightning was also incapable of most simple magics, only capable of using basic telekinesis to manipulate extremely small objects. No one really knew why the unicorn was so disabled, none of them really asked. And even if they did, they wouldn't get a straight answer anyways.

Lightning, who was presently helping a neighbor get his roof fixed, stood up from where he stood on the roof and looked around. The run-down section of Whitefall Range was always in need of some form of repair, and while most couldn't afford the repair stallions that were prevalent and doing excellent business down on Main Street and in the well-to-do parts of the city, they were grateful that he was at least trying. Most of the houses looked like they were built from the same wood that made the outer wall of the city, and had a darkish brown in color due to the heavy snowfalls that made their way into the area. Overlooking the homes, he could see the pure white stone wall which made the last line of defense into Whitefall standing as tall and as proud as the soldiers that guarded their community.

“Eh? Lightning, are yeh' done up ther?” An old and raspy voice asked from below. Lightning looked down at the dirt pathway and saw the owner of the house Mr. Gragl'nash, a really old and stubborn green-skinned goblin wearing a dirty brown shirt and black pants, looking back up at him.

“Almost Mr. Gragl'nash.” Lightning answered. “I'll need to secure a few things on this section here and it should be good.”

The goblin nodded. “Excellent. You don't know what the last guy charged me for even coming here just to take a look at it.” Mr. Gragl'nash smiled, revealing some of his crooked teeth. “You do great work for a unicorn, great work indeed.”

Lightning smiled a little. “A compliment from you sir? I haven't had one like that before.”

The goblin nodded. “Well, I had better let you get finished. You cain't git any work done withou' any workin.” He said, watching Lightning's tail swish a little as he returned to work. “I'll be inside with'n yer payment as soon as yer done.” Mr. Gragl'nash said before retreating into the shack and letting Lightning work.

Lightning took a deep breath as the front door to Mr. Gragl'nash's home closed shut. Most goblins that the unicorn had heard about were nothing more than sly, evil little creatures that would come and murder you in your sleep if given the chance. However, with the leader of the Dark Specter Alliance defeated several decades ago by the Grand Ruler and his Armies, the goblins had turned to a more peaceful existence amongst the rest of the races on Unicornicopia. The war was decades before Lightning was born, but he remembered reading about something like that at the local library.

It was on that day, while reading about the history of Unicornicopia, that Lightning decided that he would one day try and meet the Grand Ruler at least once and ask him about his wingless problem. The stories that he read about the Grand Ruler were amazing, and surely that if he could lead an army into battle and free a race of goblins who still pledged loyalty to Unicornicopia he could be able to fix his wingless problem.

Lightning wiped the sweat from his brow with a free arm and continued his work, grabbing a hammer from his tool chest and a nail from the box, and secured the last shingle on the roof of Mr. Gragl'nash's home. After giving it a gentle tug, and nodding to make sure that it was secure, Lightning placed his hammer back in the box along with the nails before closing it and carrying it with him down to the street. He calmly set the box down walking up to the older front door before knocking on it, hearing a grumbled, “I'm coming, I'm coming,” from the other side. There was a loud, “click,” as the deadbolt on the front door unlocked before the front door opened wide with Mr. Gragl'nash standing on the other side.

“Well Mr. Gragl'nash, your roof is fixed.” Lightning reported, watching the goblin nod.

“Well so it has.” He replied. “I have your money right here. One-hundred and fifty six gold coins. Right?” Lightning nodded, feeling a little guilty as the goblin passed him the bag. “What's the matter? Take it, you've earned it.”

Lightning sighed. “But what about you? What will you do for the rest of this week? The taxes are going to be due soon, and we all know how high they can be and-

Lissen 'ere Lightning.” Mr. Gragl'nash said, cutting the unicorn off. “You need this money just as bad, if not worse than I do. Besides, I have plenty of money saved up from my days as a soldier so you shouldn't worry yourself over someone like me. Take it, trust me. I'll be fine.” He said before thrusting the money bag at Lightning.


No buts.” Mr. Gragl'nash said, cutting Lightning off again. “Maybe you can use that gold to get you a nice pair of wings, it seems like you need them if you want to keep up with the unicorn society.” He noticed Lightning flinch a little and chuckled a little. “I'm only teasin' you boy. You shouldn't take things so seriously. Now, go on. Take this money before I change my mind.”

Lightning nodded quietly, taking the bag of gold from the goblin's outstretched hand before
turning to go. “Have a nice day Mr. Gragl'nash.” He said quietly, stepping off of the porch before turning back to him. “And if that roof has any problems, let me know. I'll come back and fix it, free of charge.”

The goblin nodded, showing another toothy smile. “I'll hold you to it!” He said, before heading back inside his home and closing the door.

As Lightning walked away from the house, he felt a little bitter. Why do they always mention the fact that I don't have wings? He thought, finding a loose rock from the street and kicking it with one of his hooves. No, let me rephrase that. Why does it always hurt when they mention that I don't have wings? Lightning sighed continuing his slow walk home and looked up at the sky. He could see several unicorns working with the clouds in midair, it looked like another set of rain clouds were going to come in from behind the Whitefall Peak and that they were practicing for when the storm actually moved in. Heh, I don't envy them. They can fly all they want, I like my hooves on the ground thank you very much. Lightning thought, looking back down at ground level. He could see several small children, most of which were separate races that lived within the poor section of town, all playing a game of ball with each other without any care in the world. One of the older ones tossed the ball into the street in the middle of Lightning's path. With a light smirk the unicorn gently picked the ball up and dusted it off before kicking it back, watching as they all smiled at the gesture. Kids and their games. Lightning thought before walking away.

It took Lightning several minutes to get back to his own home from Mr. Gragl'nash's house, mostly because it was right down the street and closest to the city wall, but also because he avoided the main road that led to the barracks built along the wall. Most of Whitefall Peak's hoodlums from the middle class section of town were known for hanging around there and causing trouble for the less fortunate members of the society. His house, little more than a double roomed shack, stood unsteadily on the plot of land that it was on but it held strong through almost anything. It was a darkish brown, just like most of the houses that were in the poor district of town, and had a singular window to the left of the front door which let in light into the house. Lightning walked up to his front door and set both his toolbox and the payment for his job down by his hoof before nodding. Reaching into one of his jeans pockets, Lightning grabbed a key from it and placed it in the lock before unlocking the door and removing it from the keyhole. After replacing his key and picking up both his toolbox and his money, Lightning's horn flared up with a bright yellow glow as the doorknob began glowing the same color. The doorknob finally turned and the door soon followed, letting Lightning step inside.

Inside the house wasn't any better than outside. A simple wooden stove sat out in a corner of the front room, currently cold and empty save for the ashes that were once logs from last night. To his right was the mattress that he slept on currently covered by a pillow and at least three blankets. Another doorway led into the only other room in the house, and as Lightning set his toolbox down and closed the door behind him, a streak of yellow light flew towards him and nearly bowled him over.

“LIGHTNING!” A tiny voice excitedly shouted, taking the unicorn by surprise.

“Oh, hey Krysta.” Lightning answered, looking down at the ball of light that was clinging to his work shirt. The Ball of light flew back from him before shape changing into a tiny pale fairy with white wings, blond hair, and green eyes. “Is it breezy over there?” Lightning asked, watching as Krysta blushed and immediately snapped her fingers.

“You know, you could have shut your eyes.” She said, keeping an eye on Lightning as a very faded out and tattered dress appeared in front of her with a well kept golden necklace. The dress had many patches and sewing lines for the rips and tears that became apparent across it, but in stark contrast the necklace that Krysta wore was actually well taken care of and shone almost as beautifully as one of the nights in the skies above Unicornicopia.

Lightning shrugged, walking past Krysta as she put her clothes on and flopped down on the mattress. “What were you doing without your clothes anyways?” Lightning asked, hearing a slight cough.

“I was taking a bath you perv.” Krysta said harshly. “That's not something that you ask a lady. Not even if you're married to her, its a personal thing that doesn't need to be discussed.”

Lightning shrugged. “Huh, really now? Even though that we're living together in this hell hole you still think that we can afford a little privacy?” He asked, turning his gaze to the now fully dressed fairy who was flying down to him.

“Now Lightning... I didn't mean to-

Yeah I know that you didn't mean to. You always don't mean to.” Lightning said, cutting Krysta off. “But you have to remember, you could be the last of your kind. No one person knows what happened to the fairies, or even what happened to their attacker. All record of their existence just stops at less than two decades ago.”

Krysta nodded, landing on Lightning's shoulder. “I know. But that's just one of those things that my body tells me that I have to do. I can't stay disgusting like that. Especially if I want to make an appearance tonight.”

Lightning's eyebrow raised slightly. “And why do you want to make an appearance tonight Krysta?” He asked.

The fairy sighed before flying up and above Lightning's face. “Because, Whitefall Peak is going to be hosting the Grand Ruler tomorrow. They're going to be picking the strongest unicorns in the city to demonstrate their strength for his majesty tomorrow, and you're gonna enter.”

Lightning rolled his eyes. “The strongest unicorns huh?” He said quietly.

“That's what I said. The strongest.” Krysta repeated, eyeing Lightning closely.

“Well that's too bad. I'm not interested.” Lightning answered, hearing a groan from the fairy.

“Come on Lightning!” Krysta said, giving the unicorn a pleading look as he rolled over. “It's just a feat of strength, and a few demonstrations! You'll finally get to see him!”

Lightning just shook his head and remained on the mattress. “I don't have the kind of strength that they're looking for Krysta. They want Warriors. Unicorns that can fly, and manipulate the elements and are capable in handling themselves in a fight.”

“But you can do almost all of those things!” Krysta protested. “You're more than capable of handling yourself in a fight. Who was with you when you took down those High Class thugs a week ago? I was! I can testify to the whole thing!”

“But I can't fly or do magic.” Lightning countered. “I repeat, they want someone who can do both. Besides, I'm a member of the lowest class in Unicornicopia. What good can I be when I'm unable to afford all of the supplies that one would need to join the army? It's not like meeting the Grand Ruler is cheap you know.”

“But you-

Sorry Krysta, but we'll just have to find some other way to meet the Grand Ruler.” Lightning answered, hearing the fairy pout.

“Ooooh, you can be just so stubborn sometimes!” Krysta snapped, flying over to the back room and slamming the door of what Lightning assumed was one of the cabinets in the back.

Lighting remained quiet, listening to a gentle clicking sound as he could hear Krysta stamping her feet on the bottom of the cabinet. One day Krysta. I'm just not strong enough, I can't be expected to participate when everyone else is so much better than I am, even if they are normal Unicorns I can't hope to compete. Lightning thought, remaining silent as he stared at the wall before finally falling asleep.

Lightning woke up to the sound of knocking on his front door several hours later, and bolted awake. He didn't own a watch, but assumed that it was late as a gentle darkness took over the impoverished section of town. Lightning got up as the sounds of the front door being knocked on a second time stirred him from his haze of sleep, before opening the door. In front of him stood a dark green Unicorn with a white mane and Tail wearing a deep brown delivery uniform and bag. “Yes?” Lighting asked, completely confused at the sight of the Unicorn.

“From his Royal Majesty's delivery service, I have an invitation for the unicorn Lightning Dawn.” The unicorn replied. “Are you him?” She asked, smiling as Lightning nodded slightly.

“Yeah... Lightning's my name.” Lightning answered, suspicious of the unicorn. “Why are you here, and at this time of night?”

“I'm here on behalf of the mayor of Whitefall Peak. This is an invitation extended to you, Lightning Dawn, for appearing in the competition that is going to be held as a display for the Grand Ruler. He encourages you to attend and do your best for his highness.” The mailmare reported, extending a bright yellow envelope with the mayor's seal on it.

“Sorry, but you can tell the mayor that I'm not interested.” Lightning replied, passing the envelope back to the mailmare. The reaction he received wasn't the one he expected at all.

“Oh... I see...” She said, tucking the envelope back into her bag. “This will make strike three for me.” Several tears escaped her eyes.

“Wait, what? Strike three?” Lightning asked, watching the unicorn nod.

“Yeah, strike three. It means that I failed to deliver the invitation and that I can't be what I was destined to be good at like my Cutie Mark said. I won't be able to provide for my family anymore, and we'll be thrown out into the streets, and my little foal won't be able to learn magic!” The unicorn cried, dropping to the ground and making as much noise as she could with her wailing. Surprisingly, no one else came out to see what was the matter, but the more she cried the bigger the chance there was for someone to investigate.

“All right, All right!” Lightning said, trying to calm the distraught unicorn down. “Give me that invitation I guess.” He said, watching the unicorn's expression do a complete one-eighty, and immediately grabbed the letter that was forced into his hands.

“Great!” The unicorn said happily. “Sign here, and here.” She said, presenting a clipboard and a quill with ink. Her smile grew even more as Lightning signed his name on the board and returned it to her. As she received the clip board and her quill with ink back she smiled even more. “You know, you aren't gonna regret this.” She said, smiling as she put her board back in her bag.

“Why do you say that?” Lightning asked.

“Because, the winds around you are changing. Life is going to be full of surprises for you, and you're going to go on the biggest adventure of your life. Kinda makes me jealous in a way.” She answered.

“Really? Heh, that's not the way I see it.” Lightning replied, causing the strange unicorn to giggle a little. “What's so funny?”

“Well, you are.” The unicorn answered before turning to go. “You have an interesting destiny Lightning Dawn. A very interesting destiny indeed.” She smiled, spreading her wings open wide before taking off, leaving a very confused Lightning standing in the doorway.

“Lightning... Who was that?” Krysta asked from the back room, watching as the yellow unicorn turned around.

“That was... A very strange mailmare.” Lightning replied.

“And what's with the envelope?” Krysta asked, looking down and seeing the royal seal.

“That's...” Lightning paused, cringing slightly at the storm that was about to come from Krysta, “My invitation to meeting with the Grand Ruler tomorrow, and demonstrating my abilities to him and all of the other unicorns in Whitefall Peak.” He said dropping the invitation as Krysta shouted at the top of her lungs, “YAHOO! WE GET TO SEE THE GRAND RULER!”


The next day, Lighting got up early as Krysta jumped excitedly up and down on him. The Unicorn groaned, getting up from his bed and walking to the back room of his house. The Back room had a smallish bathtub and a cabinet where he stored all of his clothing, but it was also where Krysta slept. “Krysta, did you move your things out of the way for me?” Lighting asked, noticing that a bed that was made for a doll house was moved onto the wooden bottom of the cabinet.

“Yeah, I did.” Krysta replied. “I didn't want you to have to do that, especially seeing as how we're going to meet the Grand Ruler today.” She said, watching as Lightning removed both a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans from the cabinet before getting undressed. Before the door shut, Krysta could see Lightning's Cutie Mark, a bright golden sun rising over a valley with lightning bolts in place of sun's rays, and scratched her head. “Hey Lightning, you think that you can ask what your Cutie Mark Means?” She asked.

From the backroom Lightning shrugged, turning the tap from the bathtub and letting the water run. “I don't think that even the Grand Ruler knows what it means. I mean, I don't think that he's as all knowing as everyone makes him out to be.”

“And why do you say that?” Krysta asked.

Lighting sighed, turning the tap off and slipping into the water in the tub. “Well let me put it this way, if someone had omnipotence wouldn't it all go to their head?”

“Meaning... What exactly?” Krysta asked.

“I mean that wouldn't all of that power that the Grand Ruler supposedly has go to his head? No one is totally perfect you know.” Lightning replied. “I just think that the Grand Ruler knows a lot, but I don't think that he could tell me what I wanted to know.” He sank deeper in the tub, letting it soak his body thoroughly before yawning again.

“He's got a lot more going for him than what you give him credit for Lightning.” Krysta said, hearing scrubbing from the other room.

“Oh yeah?” She heard Lightning ask from the other side. “Is this about your memories Krysta?”

“Well... If you had help with your problems, the Grand Ruler could help me with my problems. I don't know who I was before I met you Lightning. I know it sounds selfish, but I feel like we're in the same boat.” Krysta explained, looking out of the only window in their shack and sighing as she saw several goblin children running around and playing with a couple of elves outside their door. Her heart felt heavy as she saw their smiling faces, enjoying each others company without a care in the world. “I-

I get it Krysta.” She heard Lightning say from the other room. “You and I aren't too different. Where you lost your memories, I lost a family.” He sighed. “I just have a feeling that what we're expecting the Grand Ruler to be capable of is beyond the limits of one being. I don't want to sound like a stick in the mud but unless I see something that could make him as skilled as others claim he is, I'm not going to put all of my faith into him actually being able to help us.”

After Lightning got finished with his bath and changed into a relatively clean outfit he grabbed the only thing that he considered to be more valuable than gold, a black cloak that belonged to his mother. When Lightning was young a planet-wide war consumed his world, ravaging the countryside and destroying everything that he used to know. He barely escaped thanks to a massed teleportation spell, but due to the death of the casters that were involved he lost his wings during the transportation to Unicornicopia. His parents, who were assigned to the defense of the civilians from his home planet, never made it to the other side. The Unicornicopians placed him in an orphanage to keep him out of trouble but when he turned eighteen he just left and set out on his own, taking nothing but the clothes on his back and his mother's cloak. It was used primarily for Lightning and Krysta when he wanted to head into the Main District of Whitefall Peak as a way to keep Krysta out of sight and out of mind from the other citizens that would get suspicious, but it was also used to keep the fact that he had no wings away from the general populace as well. Especially from the upper echelons of the city's society.

“Ready to go Krysta?” Lightning asked, throwing the cloak over himself.

“Are you really going to wear that? How's the Grand Ruler going to see you if you have it on?” Krysta asked.

“Well, do you want to be seen by someone who doesn't understand you?” Lightning asked, watching Krysta shake her head. “That's why I'm wearing it among other things. Plus, it may attract attention, but most of the people here know to stay away from me. As long as I keep my hood down, they'll know that I'm not a general threat.” He answered, watching Krysta nod slightly.

“Well that does make a little sense... But what if someone suspects that you're armed?” Krysta asked, watching as Lightning gave her a serious look. “What? The guards are a little testy with those that wear cloaks nowadays.”

“We're dirt poor, so poor that we can't afford three square meals a day. Does it look like we'll be able to afford so much as a knife?” Lightning asked, watching Krysta shake her head. “I thought so. Now, let's go get some breakfast.” Lightning said, watching as the fairy's expression brightened up significantly before flying over to Lightning and disappearing underneath his cloak. Lightning took a deep breath before looking around their home in case he forgot anything, before heading to the front door, opening it and stepping outside. He quickly closed the door behind him and locked it before heading out into the direction of Main Street.

Main Street was packed with citizens from all walks of life, from the members of the poorest classes in the city to the members of the richer parts of town. The buildings, all of which were made from a form of granite that came from the mines that were near by, shone with a splendor that was only made to happen every once in a blue-moon. And those were few and far between.

Lightning could barely stay on the sidewalks in front of the stores that were trying to sell their goods. The citizens of Whitefall peak were all fighting over an appropriate spot to see the Grand Ruler's procession that was due to arrive in a few hours. “Man... There are a lot of people who want to see the Grand Ruler huh?” Krysta asked from her hiding place in Lightning's cloak.

“Well what did you expect when the ruler of the planet is gonna show up to a small town like this?” Lightning asked, continuing to wander through the crowds that had set up anything and everything to catch a glimpse of the Grand Ruler. He watched as an Elven child nearly fell off of a box that she was standing on, catching her before she fell and helping her stand on the box. The girl gasped at the sight of Lightning, which drew the attention of her mother, before she turned her attention back to the center of the square.

“Hmm... I hope that there's a place to sit down.” Lightning uttered continuing to head to the only place he cared about on the square, the mission that was established to help the less fortunate masses by the town's mayor. Lightning only went there whenever it was necessary, preferring to solve his problems out on his own, but his stomach couldn't take another day of eating what would some consider close to the bottom of the barrel in food.

The building itself was simple, built only with efficiency in mind, it stood tall as one of the many churches built in the Grand Ruler's name as a way for the Unicornicopians to give their thanks to him. At the top and center of the mission's slanted roof was a small tower, which had a yellow sapphire cut into the shape of a sun at the top of the tower, which had a pair of bells ringing which signaled the arrival of the Grand Ruler himself. Lightning snorted a little walking to the front door of the mission and opening it, seeing it surprisingly barren save for a few families sitting in a group of pews that faced a singular stained glass window.

“Ah, I was wonderin' when I'd see you again Lightning.” A voice said to his left.

Lightning turned and saw another unicorn, a bright blue one with a white mane and tail, standing behind a counter, wearing a set of Priest's robes and an apron that appeared to be smeared with a brownish stain of some sorts. “Yeah, well it seems that this place hasn't changed too much Spirit. You still trying to be a priest in this place?” He asked.

“Well, if it gets those without the money fed I'll do whatever it takes. Besides, It's not like you can avoid coming here all the time.” Spirit answered. “Now what can I do you for?” He asked as Lightning advanced to the counter and placed a handful of gold coins on top.

“Just give me something that's filling and gives a lot of energy.” Lightning answered, watching as Spirit took the coins and nodded.

“So just whatever we got huh?” He asked playfully, watching Lightning nod.

“Yeah, whatever's fine.” Lightning answered. I'll be waiting over by the back pews okay?” He asked, watching Spirit nod.

“Okay, I'll have it up in a jiffy.” Spirit answered turning to several metal tables that were behind him still filled with some food.

Lightning turned and walked over to an empty pew in the back, sitting down as Krysta crawled out from underneath the edge of the cloak. “Seems pretty empty today.” She said, looking around and seeing the lack of citizens inside.

“Yeah.” Lightning answered.

They both sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity until Spirit came out into the main hall with a plate filled with eggs, tofu-bacon, and a full biscuit and a carton of milk. It didn't take him a second to spot Lightning and Krysta, before walking over to them both. “Here you are Lightning.” He said, setting the plate full of food down on an empty spot on the pew. Lightning looked up and gave Spirit a grateful smile, before placing the plate on his lap and beginning to eat. “You know, the Orphanage was wondering what happened to you. I didn't expect that you would stop coming to visit so suddenly Lightning.” Spirit commented.

“Work's been picking up a little.” Lightning answered after swallowing a mouthful of eggs. “I... We just haven't had the time to stop by.” He said, cutting off a smaller portion with his fork and passing it to Krysta who took it eagerly.

“I see. Is it really that?” Spirit asked, taking a seat next to Lightning as the pair continued with their meal.

“Yeah, it's really that.” Lightning answered, opening the carton of milk and taking a swig. “I'd be here a lot more, but I have a work schedule to keep. And I can't let my customers down.” He stopped as Spirit chuckled a little.

“Really now?” Spirit asked, calming down.

“Yeah, really.” Lightning answered, setting his fork down and grabbing a piece of tofu-bacon. He snapped a little piece off and passed it to Krysta who was still busy finishing her portion of egg on his shoulder. The fairy looked up, her mouth full of egg, and took the piece of bacon that was in his hand before setting it off to the side.

“Well the word around Whitefall is that you were specifically requested to participate in the demonstrations today for the Grand Ruler by the Grand Ruler himself.” Spirit said calmly. “Any reason why?” He asked.

Lightning just shook his head. “I'm as clueless as you are Spirit. Some random mailmare came and talked to me about it last night. She even gave me an envelope that had a royal seal on it and everything too. I haven't bothered to look at it too much though, I mean I'm just here to make a fool of myself like the world seems to want me to do and head back to my life.” He stopped and turned as Spirit stared at him in stunned silence. “What?” He asked.

“You got a letter from the Grand Ruler himself and you haven't even bothered to read it yet?” Spirit nearly shouted, causing several of the other visitors to look at him angrily. “Heh... Sorry everyone.” He apologized before turning back to Lightning. “You do realize that the letter that he sent you could mean anything right?” He asked. Lightning shook his head.

“And at the same time it could mean that he got the wrong address on the letter.” Lightning replied, hearing Spirit smack his forehead. “Besides, I'm not special. Why would he want to send me anything?”

“If he sent you the letter Lightning, it means that you are really special.” Krysta said, finishing up her portion of the egg that she was given and starting on the piece of tofu-bacon that she was given. After taking a bite from the piece, she looked up at the yellow unicorn. “You do realize that things don't happen without a reason right?” She asked.

“Your little friend is right.” Spirit said. “Do you even still have the letter?” He asked, watching Lightning nod.

“Yeah. It's with me right now.” Lightning answered. “I couldn't leave it behind for some reason, but I still don't feel like I should open it.” He said, passing the carton of milk to Krysta who took a drop -sized swallow.

“And why not?” Spirit asked. “It was addressed to you wasn't it?” Lightning nodded.

“I told you.” Lightning replied. “I'm not that special.” He heard a loud sigh come from Spirit, and looked back down on his plate. “I'm just who I am, and that's who I really am.” Lightning said finally.

“You know that you sound like another person that I read about in the Book of Sol not a couple of weeks ago.” Spirit finally said after a few moments of silence between the two.

“Now Spirit, I don't need a sermon right no-

No, I think that you do Lightning.” Spirit said, cutting Lightning off. “You do realize that there is magic in things that you believe in right?” He asked, watching Lightning roll his eyes. “Well, do you?”

“Yeah, I guess there is.” Lightning answered. “But what's that got to do with anything?”

“Well the way that you are acting reminds me of the great ruler Cystan, in the the Chapter of Dawn.” Spirit explained. “Cystan was a powerful warrior, and fearless on the battlefield in ancient Unicornicopia. When the Grand Ruler arrived, the peoples were all terrified under the rule of Cystan. Families were separated in the night, peoples were all murdered, and cities were ravaged one by one. Now do you know why the people of Ancient Unicornicopia were under this rule?” Spirit asked, watching Lightning shake his head.

“No, I don't really know.” Lightning said quietly. “Please, do elaborate Spirit.” Lightning said sarcastically.

The bright blue unicorn ignored Lightning's comment and continued. “The citizens of Ancient Unicornicopia believed that they were powerless to match Cystan's skill in battle. The Grand Ruler, who didn't want to see anymore suffering, challenged Cystan to single combat to prove a point. Using the power fueled by the belief that he was going to save the people of Ancient Unicornicopia, the Grand Ruler slew Cystan without the need for any assistance. The people believed that if the Grand Ruler was capable of such a feat, then they surely could defeat his hordes with the Grand Ruler's assistance. And it was with that belief that Cystan's army fell, and Unicornicopia was born. He explained that they only needed to find something to believe in, whether it is something as small as their own livelihood to something as big as an ideal like freedom. Belief in something gives its wielder power, and that is the strongest weapon that can be forged.” Spirit said.

“And what does that have to do with me?” Lightning asked, receiving a chuckle from Spirit.

“Well think about it.” Spirit answered, watching as Lightning took the biscuit from the plate and tore a small piece from it. After watching the fairy take the piece and begin to devour it like the egg and the piece of tofu-bacon, he smiled. “You just need to find something else to believe in. If you keep believing that you aren't special, then your life will pass you by-” He stopped, listening at the sounds of blaring trumpets before smiling and grabbing the plate from Lightning. “Well now, it's a little earlier than what the messenger said he would be arriving but that comes as to no surprise. He does like making a great entrance.”

“You sound like you've seen him before.” Lightning said calmly before chugging the milk carton.

“Well, I had to live in the Capital City for a few months for my initial training before actually moving into a mission to continue my studies. And let's just say that the Grand Ruler's entrance is something that you don't want to miss.” Spirit answered, watching as Lightning got up from the pew and stretched. He watched as Krysta disappeared from underneath the black cloak that Lightning wore, and got up as the yellow unicorn got to his hooves.

“Well, I'm off I guess.” Lightning replied, filing out of the pew behind Spirit before turning to go. The bright blue unicorn nodded, heading back to the counter and watched as Lightning made it to the front door. “I'll see you later then I guess?” He asked, turning to Spirit who nodded.

“Just not too soon.” Spirit answered. “And you remember what I said about finding something else to believe in. You'll be better for it. Trust me.” He said, watching Lightning leave.

When Lightning stepped outside of the mission he stopped in awe of what he saw. Hundreds of citizens from Whitefall Peak were all gathered around the small square that sat in front of the mayor's office, staring in awe and wonder at the source of the trumpeting sound. “What in the world...?” Lightning asked, watching the spectacle before him.

In the middle of the square, a small breeze began to pick up and blow the dust that was around like a small tornado. The breeze continued to get stronger, signifying a massed teleportation spell that was in the middle of being cast, until finally a light in the shape of a circle began to brightly glow inside the circling dust. Then, without any sudden warning, a bright column of light shot up from the circle to the heavens as the winds began roaring around the square. Some of the citizens fell over due to the force of the winds, while others were knocked over, as the light got bright enough to force anyone who stared directly at it to go blind. This lasted for a few moments until the column returned back to the pavement, bringing with it an ear-splitting, “KABOOM,” with it. A huge dust cloud washed over the crowds, some choking on it others brushing it away, as the winds died down and the dust settled. Lightning couldn't believe his eyes at the sight.

Where the column of light was, stood what could have only been described as the tallest and most majestic unicorn that he had ever seen. The unicorn righted himself from a kneeling position, standing at least ten or ten and a half feet tall, and observed the scene before him. The unicorn's coat was a platinum-white, which shone as brightly as the sun, and radiated a positive and comforting energy that Lightning could swear he felt from where he stood at least thirty feet away. The unicorn's wings flapped a little to beat away the dust that tried in vain to settle on the black robes that he wore, and even in the blinding light Lightning could swear that the unicorn's mane shifted between three different shades of yellow since he arrived. Another thing that Lightning noticed was the golden horn that shone in the center of his forehead which radiated with magic even though he wasn't concentrating at all. He was surrounded by at least fifty or sixty guards that ranged from unicorns to elves and even some goblins and orcs that all wore bright white armor and carried finely polished halberds with them. The unicorn in the center looked all around at the citizens of Whitefall Peak, who were all kneeling out of respect to him, and stopped at where Lightning was standing.

“Captain tell me, who is that unicorn in the black cloak standing up now?” The unicorn asked, keeping his gentle gaze on Lightning. A charcoal black unicorn stepped forward, his horn flaring up as a panel of magic appeared in between both him and the crowds.

“Your highness, that would be Lightning Dawn. The one that you specifically requested to participate in the demonstrations that would occur today.” The unicorn soldier answered. “It says here that he lives alone and that-

Thank you lieutenant, but I just wanted to know his name.” The taller unicorn replied, watching as several of the citizens of Whitefall Peak managed to sneak a glance at Lightning from their kneeling positions. He smiled, taking a calming breath and cleared his throat before beginning to speak. “Citizens of Whitefall Peak, I thank you all for your kind and most humble welcome. And I also thank you for offering to demonstrate your skills of combat with your fellow Unicornicopian, though I do not think that this is necessary. We are in a time of peace and prosperity, and will only ask that this be done in the name of sport and merriment.” He said, watching from the corner of his eye as the unicorn captain stepped forward.

“So says the word of the Grand Ruler of Unicornicopia!” He said, causing a chorus of cheers to erupt from the crowd.

Lightning however could feel something different that emanated from the unicorn known as the Grand Ruler. It was a warm and compassionate feeling, unlike anything that he had ever felt in his life. His body was frozen, basking in the feeling like one would in the sun. He couldn't move even if he wanted to, as if his body was rooted into that standing position and forcing him to stay in that one place forever. Why can't I move? Lightning thought, mentally straining against his body even though the effort was futile. Come on, I don't want to show any disrespect, move it damn it! He thought angrily, watching as the Grand Ruler began walking towards the town hall building with his contingent of guards remaining where they stood awaiting his orders. As soon as the Grand Ruler touched the bottom step of the long house that the town hall was built into, Lightning could feel his body loosen up and fall to the ground which forced him to stop himself in mid-fall. He looked back up, watching the Grand Ruler stop and turn back to where Lightning was now kneeling, and watched as he gave him a confident smirk before stepping inside Town Hall.

“Lightning!” Krysta whispered from underneath the cloak. “Lightning are you okay?” She asked as Lightning shook his head.

“Yeah Krysta, I'm fine.” Lightning replied as he watched the crowd and several of the guards make their way to the arena that sat on the right most side of the city. But what was that thing I felt just now? And why did it feel so good? He thought, standing back up and shaking his head. Pull yourself together Lightning. You look like your going to go crazy. He thought, trembling a little. “Krysta, let's go. He said, looking down at the fairy underneath his cloak who nodded.

“Okay Lightning... If you're sure that your feeling okay.” She said, nervously looking up at Lightning. I really hope that you are.

The arena at Whitefall Peak was significant in the fact that it was the final stand made by the United Defenders of the Unicornicopian Army against the Dark Specter Alliance before the Grand Ruler came to their assistance and drove them all back down to the Seething Black Swamp at the base of the mountains. Now the Arena, a modestly sized circular ring with enough stands to hold the entire town of Whitefall Peak and the next town over, was used more as a form of sport for warriors to go and train themselves and get even stronger than most of the other cities in Unicornicopia. The inside ring was normally filled with scorch marks and magical residue and rubble among other things, but was now instead completely spotless for the demonstration. As citizens continued to file into the Arena Lightning headed to the intimidatingly fierce gates, each of which had a statue of a chimera standing guard on either side of the front gate looking like they were about ready to pounce. A few unicorn soldiers stood in between the statues, their horns creating a sort of magical scanner, as an orcish guard stood behind them and searched those who didn't pass the security field.

“It seems like they stepped up the security huh?” Lightning whispered as he advanced closer and closer to the magic scanner.

“Yeah.” Krysta replied quietly. “It does. Especially if the Grand Ruler is here.”

Lightning nodded as it came to be his turn through the scanner. As he stepped through, one of the unicorn soldiers placed a hand on his shoulder which forced him to freeze. Lightning turned to the soldier, trembling and shaking as the soldier's face softened a little. “I-I-Is there some-something wrong sir?” Lightning asked.

“No, it's just that those who are participating need to go through the Arena entrance.” He said politely, pointing to Lightning's right. He then smiled and released his hold on Lightning, as the orc soldier gave him a map to the Arena's combatant's entrance. Before either Lightning or Krysta could react, they were both walking in the direction of the Combatant's Entrance.

“Lightning... What was that all about?” Krysta asked. “Why did you try to take the Spectator's Entrance?”

Lightning shook his head a little. “I dunno, I guess I must've forgot about participating for a second there.”

“YOU WERE STANDING IN THAT LINE FOR AN HOUR!” Krysta shouted, causing several of the spectators to give Lightning a weird look.

“Easy Krysta, calm down.” Lightning replied, stepping up to the line that was filled with powerful looking unicorns. Each one of them eyed him suspiciously, but said nothing as they all prepared for the demonstrations.

It was another hour before the sounds of trumpeting met Lightning's ears, he had heard from rumors that there were trumpet players in at least every city which were some of the best in the world, trained solely for the Grand Ruler's appearance in their humble villages. The roar of the crowd followed as an introductory speech was given by the Mayor of Whitefall Peak which was soon followed by a speech given by the Grand Ruler himself. But even at the volume that Lightning had originally heard the Grand Ruler speak at, he couldn't hear him say anything. The trumpets blared a second time as the line slowly began to march forward, the sounds of the crowd roaring as the line of combatants moved into the stadium. Lightning was in the very back of the line, and by the time he had gotten into the stadium itself, the crowd had stopped their cheering and had reduced it to little more than a dull murmur.

Tough crowd. Lightning thought, watching as he could see several hundred pairs of eyes give him everything from dirty looks and scowls to callous and mocking glances. He paid them no mind, turning to face the main box where the Grand Ruler was seated, and attempted to focus on the upcoming challenge ahead. He turned to one of the benches and headed over to it and sat down. This is gonna be a long day... He moaned, getting ready for the demonstration.

Much to Lightning's surprise, there wasn't too much in the way of fighting for the demonstrations. Some of the other unicorns flexed their muscles, lifting boulders over their heads and throwing them some distance as the crowd cheered excitedly. Lightning jumped several times as shrapnel from several falling boulders smashing into the ground landed near where he sat, causing several of the other unicorns to give him curious looks from behind colorful shimmering barriers of magic which caused the smaller stones to clatter to the floor.

There also were some unicorns who used their magic to cast magic beyond what Lightning thought was possible. A huge cloud of smoke was summoned by a dark red unicorn as small meteors smashed into the arena floor around him. Another unicorn created a giant block of ice from the moisture in the air before turning it into a dragon which breathed enough ice to cause a hail storm. Another unicorn summoned a huge lightning storm which nearly grew out of control and threatened the crowd with several strikes near the stands. It took the guards a couple of moments to contain the storm even as the unicorn was berated by several soldiers under the Grand Ruler's rule.

As the lightning storm settled down, and the crowd had returned to their seats, Lightning could see that the Grand Ruler didn't even look impressed at all. He was calmly sitting in the throne that was set up for him, a hand holding up his head as the last demonstration didn't seem to impress him in the least.

“And now for our last power demonstration, Lightning Dawn!” One of the Announcers shouted through a magically amplified device to the stadium. Lightning hesitated a little, expecting the silence of the entire stadium, before getting up and walking to the center of the ring. If looks could have killed, he would have been dead at least a hundred times over if not more. A sudden chill ran down his spine as the feeling of nervousness creeped through his body. He could feel them all watching him, as though he was a stallion about to be executed, and nervously swallowed a bit of air before turning to face the Grand Ruler.

“Proceed with your Demonstration please Lightning.” The Grand Ruler said kindly, watching as Lightning nodded nervously.

But what do I do? Lightning thought, a small breeze forming in the arena. I don't know any magic, and I couldn't afford to train in self-defense lessons so why am I here? Lightning concentrated, looking around for something, anything, that would help him get out of the situation that he was in. The crowd continued to stare right at him.

Moments turned into seconds. Seconds turned into minutes. It was at least three minutes before someone said anything. “Oy, wot's all this? The damned unicorn cain't do a thing!” Someone shouted from the crowd.

“Who ever heard of a unicorn who couldn't do magic?” Another citizen shouted.

“Get him outta here and let some real unicorns use their magic!”

“He's nothing but a freak!”

“His parents oughta be ashamed of themselves for making such a mistake.”

The oncoming stream of negative comments were the only thing that Lightning could hear. He could feel his face redden, and could feel tears stream down from his eyes. But even as they continued to insult him, something deep inside him started to grow. It was small at first, barely even noticeable by an infant unicorn, but as the verbal assault continued it continued to grow.

Just as the Captain of the Guards was about to help Lightning out of the stadium, the Grand Ruler raised a hand. “Hold yourself Captain. He's just about to get started.” He said patiently.

The Guard Captain, confused at the Grand Ruler's orders, stopped as he too began to notice something emanate from the unicorn in the black cloak. He turned, and took a half of a step back at the sight of Lightning his brain not believing what his eyes were seeing.

Lighting's horn was glowing a bright gold, pulsating with energy as the verbal abuse from the crowds still continued even though something was happening. Everyone in the Arena stopped shouting for a moment as the magical energy slowly got brighter and brighter as the moments passed. And then without any warning, everyone except the Grand Ruler was forcibly sat down in their seats by a force of magic that they had never seen before. No one could move or get up to run, they were all held in the field's control. At the same time their fear and anger washed immediately away with a positive energy, which calmed them down into an almost bliss-like state. It was nothing that they had ever felt before but they couldn't move or say anything to explain it, not even if they wanted to.

Lightning however was at the center of it all. And while everyone else was feeling good about everything he was struggling to maintain control over his magic. He had never even thought that he had this kind of power, and hadn't especially thought that he had this much power. He continued to struggle to keep it contained, but it was a battle that he was losing and eventually looked upwards to the sky and unleashed a blast of white energy the size of a mountain into the sky. The blast lasted for a few moments, after which the unicorn staggered a little before dropping to his hands and knees. Lightning could hear Krysta coughing from the dust that generated from underneath the cloak, but as he looked down to check on her she appeared to be fine. Lightning then stood up, the crowd in stunned silence except for the Grand Ruler, and staggered to the gates of the Arena and to his home.


“Lightning, tell me again why we aren't at the arena right now in speaking with the Grand Ruler ?” Krysta asked, hovering over the stove.

Lightning didn't answer. He didn't say anything since he had left the arena, and night had fallen on Whitefall Peak. He just blankly stared at the ceiling, still in stunned silence.

“Lightning, are you gonna say anything?” Krysta asked with a hint of concern.

What was that? And how did I do it? Lightning thought, bringing his hands to his face and looking at them. “I launched a blast of magic into the sky...” He uttered, his voice sounding like he was in shock.

“Well... Yeah, I was there.” Krysta said, floating down to Lightning's level and landing on his knee. “You probably could have seen it from space.” She said.

“I. Launched. A. Blast. Of. Magic. Me, being able to use magic!” Lightning repeated. “Actual, non-telekinesis magic! I can do real magic Krysta!” He said excitedly.

“Well I don't know about that, after all it was just a big ball of energy.” She said, trying to get him to calm down a little.

“It may have been just a big ball of energy, but it was a big ball of energy that I cast! Maybe I can try to do it again!” Lightning said, trying to focus a second time.

“Hang on a second Lightning, before you blow the roof off of the house.” Krysta said, watching as Lightning's horn charged up a second time.

“What?” Lightning asked.

“Well, why don't you just hold on with the magic works okay?” Krysta scolded. “We don't need the town guard knocking on our door bec-”

There was a loud knocking on the door that cut the fairy off followed by a gruff, “By order of the Grand Ruler, Lightning Dawn is to open this door!”

Lightning and Krysta both shared a glance before Krysta disappeared underneath the blanket on the bed. Lightning walked forward, unlocking the door and gasping as the Grand Ruler himself was standing on his front doorstep. “Hello Lightning, may I come in?” He asked, causing the unicorn to lose all form of speech entirely.

T-T-The Grand Ruler is s-st-standing in f-f-front of me? Lightning thought nervously continuing tremble in the unicorn's presence, nodding slowly as he stepped back for the giant unicorn to enter his home.

The Grand Ruler looked around before holding a hand up to his guards as they tried to follow him in. “You do not need to worry about me, please make sure no one disturbs us.” The guards all saluted as another closed the front door behind the Grand Ruler, leaving him alone.

Lightning remained silent, watching as the Grand Ruler darted his head this way and that, observing his surroundings before sighing a little. “I-Is there something wrong your highness?” Lightning asked.

The Grand Ruler said nothing, concentrating only for a second as his horn lit up with a brilliant and blinding white light. After the light died down, he smiled, taking a seat in a large wooden chair that had appeared from out of nowhere. “I hope you do not mind. I did not expect to be meeting with you in such a... Humbling home. Now, why don't you take a seat, so we can get started.”

Lightning shook his head. “N-No it's fine sir, you go ahead and make yourself at home.” Lightning said nervously, walking over to his bed and taking a seat. He could feel the Grand Ruler's eyes on him the whole time, and felt nervous even as he sat down.

“Now,” The Grand Ruler began, watching as Lightning began to pay attention to him, “I think it's safe to assume that you are wondering why I am here?” He asked, watching Lightning nod his head slowly. “Well Lightning, I am here because you demonstrated an ability that I haven't seen in a century. An ability that very well may change the course of fate itself.”

The course of fate? Lightning mentally asked, continuing to pay attention.

“Yes, the course of fate.” The Grand Ruler answered, surprising the yellow unicorn. “And before you ask, yes I can read your thoughts. Even through some of them are exclusively private and I won't ask you to share them with me. It comes with the abilities that you have.” He said.

“What abilities?” Lightning asked. “I'm not really special, that whole thing earlier was a-

A fluke?” The Grand Ruler questioned. “No Lightning, that was no fluke. That was the awakening of your powers, your connection to the Uniforce.”

Lightning blinked almost stupidly. It was like he was speaking in a different language. “The... What?”

“The Uniforce.” The Grand Ruler repeated. “It's a mystical power, ancient in its design and primal in nature. It is the source of ultimately all good magic in this universe of ours.”

“I don't get it.” Lightning said, continuing to remain confused. “What is it exactly?”

The Grand Ruler nodded. “There are three cosmic forces for each spectrum of magic. Each powered by a single, “belief,” if you will.” He explained, watching as Lightning still remained silent. “These cosmic forces have always been at constant war with each other at some point in time, and will always be at constant war at other points in time, fighting for dominance in this world. The cosmic forces do die down into moments of peace, but only when one side is victorious.”

“Well what's this have to do with me?” Lightning asked, watching The Grand Ruler adjust his position in his chair.

“My boy, you have been the one that I have been searching for.” The Grand Ruler began. “You see, I fear that war may plague our planet. A dark power will soon be on the rise, and if there is no one to combat it then I fear that the universe itself may be lost. It is your connection, and a close one at that, to one of these Cosmic Aspects that will help prevent the coming catastrophe.”

Lightning remained silent, listening to the Grand Ruler's words. “I still don't understand.” He asked. “Why me? And what am I connected to?” He asked.

The Grand Ruler simply shook his head and stood from his chair. “It appears that I must show you why you are needed rather than explaining it.” He said, his horn flaring up a second time. Lightning braced himself, shielding his eyes from the white light as it enveloped the room. A few moments passed before Lightning opened his eyes again only to stare in stunned disbelief at what he saw.

The world around him had taken a turn for the color white as everything around seemed to be white washed. He could see streams of magic, each of different colors of the rainbow, focusing in on a central point some immeasurable distance above him. A stream of silvery magic was flowing from the Grand Ruler to the central point, just as a stream of golden magic was flowing from him to that same point. Even Krysta had a stream of Pink magic that was being drawn into the mass of colors. “What is this?” Lightning asked, hearing his voice echo as if he were in a cave.

“This is the Uniforce Lightning. It is one of the three Cosmic Aspects in our world, and it is fueled by our beliefs.” The Grand Ruler answered.

“Beliefs?” Lightning asked. “Beliefs in what?”

“In anything that exists.” The Grand Ruler answered. “I find it simple to say that you can believe in anything and it will make you stronger. As you can see, whatever we believe in is going into the Uniforce as a form of magic. Any magic really has to come from the belief that it will work.” The Grand Ruler concentrated for a second, and watched as the streams of magic now appeared to flow to them. “The Uniforce then returns those beliefs into the form of power. The more something is believed in, the stronger the return. But it works in just the same way in the opposite direction, the lesser you believe in something the harder it becomes to make a spell work.” He said, concentrating a second time before making the scene vanish.

Lightning rubbed his forehead a little and turned to the Grand Ruler. “So, that thing I did there in the Arena... What was that?” He asked.

The Grand Ruler just smiled a little. “That was a release of all of the magical energies that the Uniforce gave you from being stored up all at once.” He answered. “You aren't really good at magic are you?” He asked, watching Lightning shake his head.

“I... Can't even do anything beyond basic telekinesis your highness.” Lightning answered, feeling ashamed of himself.

The Grand Ruler smiled. “Just to let you in on a little secret, that was my first time casting a teleportation spell earlier today. You see with those of us who are directly connected to the Uniforce, even though we have access to all of the beliefs and all of the powers of everyone in the universe, we aren't exactly skilled in normal magic that could be taught in school.” He said, watching as Lightning stepped back in surprise.

“Wait,” Lightning stopped, casting a glance outside to make sure that no one was listening in before continuing quietly. “You mean that you can't do magic too?” He asked, watching as the Grand Ruler shook his head.

“I didn't say that.” He said. “I said that we aren't skilled in normal magic that could be taught. The magic that we are skilled in comes from instincts, spells that can only be generated in the heat of battle. Which brings us to why I'm here again.” He stopped, watching as Lightning remained silent before continuing. “Lightning Dawn, I am here like I said because Unicornicopia needs your help. You have a connection to the Uniforce that's so great that could save this world from the coming threat. I am here to extend an offer, an invitation if you will.”

“What's the offer?” Lightning asked, stopping as the Grand Ruler smiled a little. “I-I-I, uh, mean what's the offer your highness?” He corrected.

“I am offering you to be my personal student. I will teach you everything I know about the Uniforce and its powers, and you will learn how to control them. And when the time comes, you will be able to defend yourself and Unicornicopia from incoming threats.” The Grand Ruler answered. “And in time, I hope to be able to help you recover most of what you lost.”

Lightning froze, the Grand Ruler's words shaking him to the core. So I might be able to fly like the other unicorns? He thought, gulping nervously. He looked at the Grand Ruler straight in the eye and blinked. “What about this threat? You haven't really mentioned anything about it. If it's okay with you your highness, I'd like to know what I'm getting into.”

The Grand Ruler remained quiet before nodding. “You have a lot of intelligence for a unicorn of your age Lightning. Very well, I hope that this does not detract from your decision though.” The Grand Ruler said, his horn flaring up again. In a bright flash of light, the room changed again only disappearing from sight entirely. What Lightning saw next terrified him.

The clouds in the sky above were black and ominous, rumbling over the plains that he and the Grand Ruler were now in. Off in the distance Lightning could see a volcano, its top bright red and orange with fresh red-hot magma bubbling from its center. Lightning looked down and jumped, seeing the slaughtered remains of soldiers lying facedown in the mud as arrows and swords and all sorts of other killing implements remained in their lifeless bodies. Suddenly, an arrow whizzed by his head which forced him to turn. An army, bigger than any one that he had ever seen and wearing dark armor, was perched on a hill side as archers rained down arrows on their position. Lightning looked up, seeing the arrows disappear into the clouds before landing into a line of soldiers charging at them in Unicornicopian armor. Lightning turned and stepped back at the sight of a figure, wearing an all black hooded robe with a black breastplate with red trim and spiked pauldrons that looked like they were dipped in blood. The figure was riding what appeared to be a wyvern, but unlike everyone else in the line he carried a scepter which had the stinger of a wyvern's tail wrapped around a central shaft, and had giant fangs built into the staff itself like scythe blades. The figure hefted his staff high, which caused black lightning bolts to rain from the clouds above, punching even greater holes in the Unicornicopian lines, before leading the army behind him into the battle. Before the resulting clash, The Grand Ruler concentrated a second time and made the images disappear.

Lightning remained silent. He hadn't seen anything like whatever that thing was before. It was terrifying, and the army behind it was no slouch either. How was he expected to fight that thing?

As if he were sensing Lightning's doubt, the Grand Ruler sighed. “That was Titan.” He finally said, which snapped Lightning's attention back to him. “He was an enemy that I had originally thought I had defeated. After facing him in single combat I imprisoned him on the remains of his homeworld, the deserted planet of Doric, and had hoped that he would remain there for all of eternity.” The Grand Ruler took a deep breath, looking back up at Lightning with somber eyes. “But this is not the case anymore.” He said, watching Lightning closely.

“What's wrong?” Lightning asked.

The Grand Ruler shook his head solemnly. “The seal on the Planet is weakening. I do not know if it is by his doing, or the ones who call him, “master,” but even as we speak I can feel it getting weaker. It is why I am in need of your help. It is why Unicornicopia is in need of your help Lightning. You may be the only one in this corner of the universe that can stop Titan from destroying the universe.”

The Grand Ruler seemed to be serious. He almost looked like he was about to cry, and was trying his best to keep himself together. Lightning looked around, keeping his calm as best as he could before nodding. “Okay.” He said. “You can count on me.”

His answer seemed to brighten the Grand Ruler's face significantly as the bigger unicorn nearly leapt in the air. “Lightning my boy, you are doing the planet a great service. You may have very well saved Unicornicopia by your self with those words. And even before you ask, Krysta is allowed to come with you too.”

Lightning smiled even as the fairy crawled out from underneath the blanket. “Thank you your highness. I don't know if I could do this without her.” He said, watching as Krysta blushed.

“You two won't be alone though. There are other unicorns who have connections to the Uniforce, even though they don't know it yet.” The Grand Ruler said before taking a gentle, but serious look on his face. “Now, before I take my leave there are a few things that we need to address. First things first, we're going to have to find you a place in the Capital to live, along with something to do when you aren't learning from me. Then there is the matter of getting you to the Capital, as it would take a week's flight over there for a normal Unicorn. That isn't to say that you aren't normal Lightning, you are just as much unique as you are normal.”

Lightning smiled. “Well your highness if I may, I think I should decide about what I'm going to do when I get there.” He said, watching as the Grand Ruler nodded.

“Well said.” The Grand Ruler said, standing up and nodding in Lightning's direction. “Okay, now for your first assignment you need to get to the Rainbow Capital. Show the guards at the front Gates that you are my personal student thanks to that letter you have in your possession, and come to the Temporal Palace. I will be waiting for you there for your next set of instructions. Is that understood?” He asked.

“Yes your Highness.” Lightning answered, watching as the Grand Ruler waved his hand and made the chair he sat in disappear before opening the front door himself.

“Good.” The Grand Ruler Replied. “Well then I hope to see you at the Temporal Palace as soon as you can get there. Farewell until then Lightning Dawn. Farewell until then.” He said, disappearing behind the door. From the window Lightning could see the Grand Ruler walk a distance away from his home before disappearing in a flash of light conjured up by the unicorn guards that walked with him. Lightning then turned to Krysta. “We need to get ready to get over there.” Lightning said, watching the fairy nod.

“Right. Well let's not waste any time, come on we have a big week ahead of us!” She exclaimed.


Meanwhile out in space, far beyond the reaches of the Unicornicopian sun, there sat the remains of a dead world. A cloud of black smog covered the surface of the planet as several golden statues floated around the planet. These statues appeared to be heavily battered and beaten through time's advance, but it didn't appear that they would last much longer. The planet, who was under their protective spell, was once the great planet-nation of sages called Doric. The planet itself was once a great center of knowledge and learning, as the sages of the planet were the best of their race. But even now, the name of Doric was uttered only in whispers and fear.

The surface of Doric was covered in volcanic crags and craters, anything that once resembled the peace-loving planet was either long since destroyed or burned to the ground. Mighty trembles not shook the land as the planet was on the verge of collapse, and for good reason.

Doric was the prison of the most vile sorcerer in the universe, Titan. A vile monster with no remorse for his deeds, he was imprisoned on the planet which he once called home. The statues that now currently surrounded the dying world were the only thing that kept him on the planet's surface and kept him from spreading his evil.

The barrier that contained Titan had long since weakened, allowing minor parts of his power to slip by unnoticed. However, there was something else that sat just outside the barrier around the planet. A ship, taking on the appearance of a winged serpent, sat just outside the barrier around the planet and did not move.

Standing on the bridge of the ship, which was on the top of the serpent's head, stood an all black centaur. The centaur had no features to describe of, due to the blood red plate armor that he wore, but could see the state of Doric from the window itself. The centaur's red eyes narrowed before he cast his gaze on a creature that looked like a cross between an alligator and a goblin. “Scanning Officer, what's the status on the surface of Doric?” He asked, watching as the creature turned.

“The planet looks like it could implode at any time now.” It said. “There is no way to tell when exactly from the looks of these charts, but it could-

Stop your sniveling and get on to it worm.” The centaur snapped, glaring angrily at the creature. “How long do we have?”

“A-About t-t-two to three weeks General.” It said, cringing at the centaur.

The centaur scowled before glaring at one of the many statues that drifted by. “Ready another shot at that statue there.” He ordered. “I want all weapons targeting that statue.” More of the creatures rushed on by as his orders were rushing about, relaying his commands to the other areas of the ship and doing whatever they could to make themselves scarce.

With a great, “WHOOSH,” from behind the centaur, an elf with skin as pale as the moon and hair as black as her robes which were modeled after space itself stepped forward. “I see that you are planning another barrage against the Grand Ruler's barrier Relicourse.” The elf commented, staring at the darkened form of Doric from the right of the centaur.

“My dear Lady Coristia, why are you on the bridge?” Relicourse asked, casting a glance at the elf.

Coristia chuckled a little. “I am just here to witness another foolhardy attempt at destroying one of those Warding Statues. You've spent enough time with your toys, I believe that it is my turn to have a shot at releasing our master?” She asked, watching as Relicourse said nothing. “Of course should our master die because of our lack of initiative, then the blame will shift to you. How can you handle it?” She asked.

Relicourse turned to Coristia, watching as she walked calmly over to where the weapons officer sat. “What do you intend to do?” He asked, watching as the officer stepped back and let her sit down.

The elf's pale eyes began to glow with a black light as her hands danced over the touch screen. The sounds of plasma discharging from the main cannons could be heard from the outside of the ship as she worked, and as the centaur turned, he could only see the streaks of green energy slam into and effectively shatter a small piece of the now visible golden barrier that was around the planet. The elf then got up from the chair and turned to Relicourse. “Your attacks on the statues weakened them, but they couldn't have destroyed them. They are forged from ancient spells that cannot be broken by your weapons.”

“Well then how did you manage to do that?” Relicourse asked.

Coristia smiled wickedly. “Oh ye of little understanding.” She said, turning to see the planet from the front window. “It was like punching through a window of glass. You just needed to hit the correct point. And I would recommend that you take us in before we get noticed.” She explained, turning to leave. “After all, we did release one of the most feared beings in the known universe. And someone's bound to notice the change on Doric.” She said, watching Relicourse closely as he turned back to the window.

“Yes, you are right. Helmsman, take us to the surface.” He ordered as the ship began to head to the planet.

A few moments passed as the ship moved closer to the planet as ordered when a surge of dark energy erupted from the hole in the golden barrier that surrounded it. Coristia gasped, staring at the sight as the dark energy began to coalesce into a singular ball about the size of a small star. The ball of energy then began to approach rapidly at the ship, and seemed to grow larger in the passing seconds. “What is that thing?” Relicourse asked, listening as Coristia stepped forward and began to bow low.

Before anyone could answer, the ball of energy passed through the window and stopped in the middle of the bridge. It was at least ten feet tall and seemed to suck out all of the light from the room. As it hovered there, no one dared to make a move or a sound until the sphere began to slowly change shape. The sphere changed into the shape of a very muscular humanoid that appeared to be clothed in black robes. It also wore a black breastplate with red trim and enormously large spiked pauldrons that covered his massive shoulders. A necklace that carried an all black orb dangled from the being's neck as a staff that appeared to be made from a wyvern's stinger appeared in his hands. A pair of all blood red eyes observed the bridge of the vessel before a flash of dark energy forced everyone on board except for Coristia to bow before him. “I... AM... FREE!” The being roared as a smaller bolt of energy left one of his hands and entered his staff.

“My lord Titan, It is an honor to finally be under your servitude again.” Coristia confessed, her head low to the ground.

The being known as Titan turned to the elf and raised a free hand. The energy that was keeping her in her kneeling position was released, allowing her to stand. “An honor with which you most assuredly owe me lich. You must have been the one to release me from that prison correct?”

“Yes my lord. Though I could not have done it without assistance.” Coristia answered, motioning towards Relicourse. “Your most loyal General was essential in freeing you.”

Relicourse winced a little as the energy that was binding him to the ground was now released on him as well. The centaur stood up and gave a curt nod towards Titan. “What the lich says is true my lord. Though I was able to weaken the barrier, it was she that ultimately opened the way to your freedom.”

Titan gave a nod before looking around the bridge. “I see that Callenfir is not here. Where is he?” He asked, watching as Relicourse nodded.

“Callenfir is currently on the planet of Unicornicopia and is keeping tabs on the surface until we return.” Relicourse answered, watching as Titan began to flex his hands.

“I see.” Titan said, taking an uneasy step. “I do believe that it is time for a visit to that vile planet. After all, it was their leader who so foolishly imprisoned me on my own home world.” He snarled.

“My lord, might I suggest that we stop at another world first?” Coristia asked. “Your powers are still weak and-

I am not without my powers Lich.” Titan snapped. “I will have enough strength to make the journey and destroy that pathetic Grand Ruler and then All of Unicornicopia all at once! Is that clear?” He asked, watching as Relicourse and Coristia bowed before him.

“Understood my Lord.” Relicourse replied. “Helmsman, plot a course to Unicornicopia. By the will of our master Titan!” He said, watching as the black robed humanoid took a seat on a throne behind him made out of bones.

“First Unicornicopia, and then THE UNIVERSE!” Titan Roared as the ship left Doric's orbit.


It had been a couple of weeks since Lightning and Krysta had left Whitefall Peak. Their journey to the capital city of Unicornicopia was not an easy one, with them not having enough money to take the train they had to walk to the Capital by themselves.

The Rainbow Capital sat amidst the Emerald Plains, a vast sea of grasslands in the center of Unicornicopia. Though there were many towns and cities along the way, none of them compared to the sight of the Capital. A massive, bright white wall towered in the center of the city which led to a majestic palace that Lightning could only assume was the Temporal Palace. The streets were all paved in a sort of stone that seemed to shift to and from all of the colors of the rainbow. The houses that were all around the outside of the central wall appeared to be all made of pure white marble which shone with the brightness of Unicornicopia's own sun. The houses that were close to where Lightning and Krysta stood were much larger than their own, and were a lot cleaner than what they were used to living in.

“So this is the Rainbow Capital huh?” Lightning asked, looking around on the side of the main road that led into the capital. He could see a constant flow of traffic coming from the main gates of the city, ranging from elves and goblins and orcs to unicorns of all sorts of sizes. Lightning was staring in awe at the sheer volume of the number of people that went in and out of the capital everyday and couldn't help but be amazed.

“Wow. This place is huge!” Krysta exclaimed, staring at the sights from her place under Lightning's cloak. “How are we going to get to the palace?” She asked, looking up at the unicorn.

Lightning shrugged. “We won't be able to by just sitting around here now, will we?” He asked, watching as Krysta shook her head. He smiled, adjusting the pack that was on his back before beginning the trek to the palace.

It didn't take the pair long to get lost. Lightning had tried to ask for directions from some of the local citizens in the area, and got nowhere. He was nearly shaken down by a couple of guards after attempting to ask them, they thought he had a weapon underneath his cloak and came close to attacking him, and had fled after they were let go.

“Man, people sure aren't friendly here.” Krysta commented quietly, as Lightning sat down on a bench some time later. “You'd think that we were treated as some common criminal or something!” She snapped as Lightning continued to try and catch his breath.

“You... Can... Say... That again.” Lightning said, taking a deep breath and wiping the sweat from his brow. He stopped though and began looking around, feeling as though he was being watched.

“Lightning, what's wrong?” Krysta asked.

“Somebody's watching us.” Lightning answered, continuing to look around. He turned around, nearly jumping from out of his seat as a very grimy-looking dark green unicorn with a brown mane and tail with a very veiny looking red t-shirt and brown pair of shorts appeared behind him. His wings appeared to be made from the leaves of extremely healthy trees, as most of his feathers took on more of an emerald hue. In his hands was a potted plant, a bright red rose that appeared to have bloomed just recently, and a small watering can.

Silence took the initiative as no one said a word, or made a move. The strange looking unicorn made the first move by setting the rose and the watering can down before smiling. “Hi, I'm Buddy Rose!” He said, extending his hand out to Lightning.

“Uh... Hi?” Lightning said, giving the unicorn an awkward glance. “I'm Lightning Dawn.” He said, continuing to look suspiciously at the unicorn.

“It's called a handshake.” Buddy Rose explained. “You know, something one does when they meet someone new for the first time?” Lightning still remained unconvinced. “I'm not going to hurt you silly.” He said, watching as Lightning nervously extended his hand. After shaking it once Lightning quickly withdrew it and watched Buddy Rose nervously. “You... Aren't from around here are you?” Buddy Rose asked, watching as Lightning shook his head.

“I just got into town today, and I think I'm lost.” Lightning answered, watching Buddy Rose smile a little.

“Well if your lost, maybe I can help you.” Buddy Rose offered, watching Lightning's face brighten.

“Well I was wondering if you knew how to get to the Temporal Palace.” Lightning said, watching Buddy Rose step back.

“You're going to the Temporal Palace?” He asked, watching Lightning nod nervously. “Oh man, how I wanted to go there at least once! You have no idea how lucky you are!” He stopped before giving Lightning a quizzical look. “Why do you want to go there? Only royalty and nobles are allowed even a temporary peek inside.” He asked.

“What's with the twenty questions?” Krysta snapped from her spot on the bench. Buddy Rose looked down on the fairy and did a double-take.

“Krysta, that was rude!” Lightning snapped, before turning to Buddy Rose who appeared to have a hard time dealing with seeing Krysta. “But she does have a point. Why do you want to know?”

Buddy remained silent before mouthing, “She's a real fairy?” At Lightning. Lightning nodded, watching as Buddy rubbed his eyes for a second and shook his head. “I just wanted to know, only because of what's going on down here.” Buddy answered.

“What is going on down here?” Lightning asked.

Buddy Rose took a deep breath which seemed to calm him down. “In case if you haven't noticed, you're standing in the poorest district of town. It's a place where those that aren't really cut out for living in some of the smaller cities in the nation can go to actually try to move up in this world. But it doesn't work out that way.” Lightning and Krysta shared a grim look before Buddy continued. “I came here from a small settlement known as Redwood Pines. It was a nice place for one to raise a family, and get started in living with their life. I really don't know why I moved to the city, if you couldn't tell already I'm a gardener and plants can't really grow here. However, I felt like something was calling me here, something that wanted me to be here but I haven't figured out what it is yet.”

“Why are you here?” Lightning asked.

Buddy shrugged. “Well, I'm here to brighten the lives of those that live here.” He answered. “I grow flowers and plants like this rose here to brighten the city, and I hope that the whole rest of the world can see that we aren't different from the higher classes of society. I heard that the Temporal Palace has access to the best garden on this planet, and I hope that one day I get to help take care of it.” Buddy Rose smiled, even as Krysta flew up to the daydreaming unicorn's face.

“Well, I don't mean to sound rude Mr. Rose, but we still need to know how to get to the Temporal Palace.” Krysta said, causing Buddy Rose to snap out of his daydream. “You know how to get there right?” She asked.

“Oh yeah, of course I do.” Buddy Rose said, watching both Lightning and Krysta's faces brighten up. “Right now we're in the Lower District of the city. Essentially it's the biggest part of the city as it surrounds the whole Middle and Upper Districts.” He explained, his horn brightening a little with a green light as a map appeared from out of nowhere. “I would help you get there myself, but this rose needs to be re-potted. So, here's a Map of the city. I wouldn't suggest that you take the main road because of the traffic, but if you take Ocean street all the way up to the western gate you can get there in less time than if you went to the front gate.”

Lightning looked over the map after taking it from Buddy's magic and studying it. From the map, the city looked just like a giant circle with three more circles inside it with lines that were labeled as streets extending out from the center of the map like a spiderweb. He could see the western gate that Buddy mentioned on the map and saw that Ocean Street was not only clearly labeled on the map, but was also not that far away from where they were, before smiling in Buddy Rose's direction. “Thanks, this will help a lot.” Lightning said.

“Don't mention it. Now, I'll see you guys around I guess?” Buddy Rose replied, watching Lightning and Krysta nod. “Okay, I'll see you later then!” He said, picking up the watering can and the potted rose before leaving Lightning and Krysta alone.

“He seemed like a nice guy.” Krysta commented, watching as Lightning nodded.

“Yeah, but we need to get going. I bet the Grand Ruler is expecting us.” Lightning said, picking up his stuff and heading towards Ocean Street.

Lightning and Krysta arrived at Ocean Street a couple of minutes later thanks to Buddy Rose's map. The street itself cut past a well kept park that was filled with children of all types playing and enjoying each others company on the bright and sunny day that was being provided. Lightning smiled, turning and continuing to head towards the western gate until, “Lightning look out!” Another Unicorn walked right into him. There was a loud crunching sound as Lightning got up, and gulped nervously as the shattered remains of a clay statue rested underneath his hoof.

“Oh, no...” The unicorn that had walked into him moaned, staring at the remnants of the destroyed statue. “That was supposed to be a statuette of the Grand Ruler, made to be displayed at the Memorial Reflection Art Gallery this afternoon...”

Lightning slid back staring at the now horribly distraught dark blue unicorn, before sweeping up the pieces. “Here, maybe we can fix it?” Lightning asked.

“Fix... It?” The dark blue unicorn repeated, as though it were a disgusting swear word. The all white button down shirt he wore appeared to have already dried clay on some spots that slowly baked as his anger began to rise. The feathers from his wings appeared to be significantly ruffled as his anger rose. The jeans that the unicorn wore began to rip and tear a little as those that witnessed the accident began to back away slowly. The unicorn's white mane and tail began to whip about wildly on their own accord, as he slowly rose before giving Lightning a death-glare. “Oh... There won't be any fixing it now... Especially after I'm finished with YOU!” He roared, leaping at Lightning.

Lightning leapt back, only to see the crazed unicorn lunge at him. Lightning leapt away from the unicorn a second time, tripping on the sidewalk as he did so, and fell to the ground again. Just when Lightning thought he was about to be done in by an insane unicorn, there was a loud, “STOP!,” which caused the unicorn to freeze in mid-leap.

Krysta was fluttering in between both unicorns, holding her hands out to her sides and acting as a shield in between both Lightning and the unicorn. “Look, Lightning is very sorry that he destroyed your statue and even though we can't pay for it we will be willing to help pay you back some how. Isn't that right Lightning?” She asked, watching as Lightning nodded.

“By the Grand Ruler... A fairy! Inspired! Oh this gives me a wonderful Idea!” The unicorn said, the rage from earlier almost completely disappearing. “My dear, forgive me for my past actions and allow me to introduce myself. My name is Drawn Out, and I would be ever so honored as to painting your portrait.” He said, taking both Lightning and Krysta by surprise.

“You want,

To paint my portrait?” Krysta and Lightning both asked at the same time.

The unicorn nodded. “Yes, well of course I do!” He said. “It would mean the world to me if I could Miss-

Krysta. My name is Krysta.” She said, watching as Drawn Out nodded. “And if it will make up for the statue, then of course you can!”

“Oh, that old thing? It's no problem at all. I don't even know what I was thinking in taking that to the Art Gallery.” He said, smiling as he rushed past Lightning and grabbed an art bag that he appeared to have been carrying. “No, this... This will be my masterpiece. If you two would just follow me please. And let's hurry, I don't want to be late.” He said, scooping Krysta into his arms and taking her into the park with Lightning following close behind.

“Uh, come on you guys wait up!” Lightning shouted after them.

After picking the perfect spot, a decently sized maple tree right next to a small pond in the farthest corner of the park and picking the perfect pose for Krysta, Drawn Out began to paint.

And paint.

And paint.

And paint.

Every now and then the artist would look up at Krysta and give her pose a hard look before continuing to work on the canvas, until finally-

“Done. I have done it!” Drawn Out exclaimed. Lightning and Krysta looked over his shoulder and gasped seeing that the shades and hues of the entire scene, Krysta was sitting on a smooth pebble with her feet dipped in the water and looking out into the sky, appeared to be the real thing.

“Oh wow! That's amazing Drawn Out!” Krysta exclaimed.

“Huh. I have to say, that's the best painting that I've ever seen sir.” Lightning commented, watching Drawn Out nod.

“It is good isn't it?” Drawn Out said, feeling contented. “But I know that I can do better. It is what artists strive for all over the world isn't it?” He turned, smiling at Lightning and Krysta. “The both of you, who are you? And where are you from?” He asked.

Krysta and Lightning both shared a glance before Lightning began to speak. “My name is Lightning Dawn, and this is Krysta. We're both from Whitefall Peak.” He answered, watching as the unicorn nodded.

“I see, we don't get many visitors from Whitefall Peak... Why are you two here?” He asked curiously.

“Well, we were summoned here by the Grand Ruler and are on our way to-

You were summoned by the Grand Ruler?” Drawn Out said incredulously. “Why, that is the greatest of honors! You don't know how lucky you two are! Oh, if only I were in your shoes right now... I envy the both of you.”

“Why is that?” Krysta asked.

“Well, It's because the Grand Ruler is the only one who can knight a Unicornicopian. And it's been my dream ever since I was small to be a knight, just like my father.” Drawn Out replied.

“Your father was a knight?” Lightning asked, watching as Drawn Out nodded.

“Yes, my father was a knight during the times of the Black Tyrant Gorgolith and helped launch a campaign that would release the metallic unicorns from their bonds of slavery. If only he could see me now...” Drawn Out replied.

“Well if you want to be a knight, why are you an artist?” Krysta asked. Drawn Out chuckled a little.

“Well my dear, I find that being an artist will help me in achieving that goal. Not all knights are all about slaying the dragon and saving the princess you know.” He said, watching the fairy nod. He then took a look at his watch and nodded. “Well I must be off. I still have a gallery to get to and everything. I shall hope to see the both of you around?” He said, waiting on Lightning and Krysta.

“Yeah. We'll be around.” Lightning replied.

“Of course we will. But what about your painting? Won't it be ruined?” Krysta asked as Drawn Out picked up the canvas.

“Not if your paint is enchanted to dry instantly when touching the canvas.” Drawn Out replied. “I'll be off now. You two stay out of trouble now, okay?” He asked, watching as both Lightning and Krysta nodded. Drawn Out then smiled before leaving the two alone.

“I think that we need to get moving too.” Lightning uttered, watching Krysta nod before flying underneath his cloak. He stopped to observe the scenery one last time before heading towards the western gate of the city.

After dealing with the guards, who weren't surprisingly suspicious of Lightning's claim's that he was trying to get to the Temporal Palace until he showed the papers that were in the envelope that he had received from the envelope the Grand Ruler sent him, Lightning found himself in what was apparently the Middle District of the Rainbow City. The homes and businesses appeared to have a more natural look, the marble and stone that they were made from was complimented by the wooden timbers that was chosen to make them look a little more extravagant and homey than those houses of the Lower District.

Primarily there were more unicorns in this section of the city than the Lower district, but there were some elves, even an orc or two, but the entire section was dominated by the unicorns.

Lightning had to be stopped by several approaching guards several times as he headed closer to the Temporal Palace. After showing them the invitation from the Grand Ruler, they eventually made it to the front gates of the Upper District. It was there at the Upper District front gates that things seemed to take on a drastic change. While there weren't really any gates that led directly into the city, and that the gates that led into the Middle District were made out of heavy oak, the gates that led to the Upper District appeared to be made of either silver or platinum.

Lightning felt a little bit disgusted, but stopped as a commotion was brewing right in front of the gates. There, a bright pink unicorn with a green mane and tail wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and jeans, was shouting at one of the guards at the front door.

“Whaddya mean that I'm not allowed to enter? I Belong in there! I was born in the Upper District!” The unicorn shouted.

“I'm sorry sir, but you don't have the proper identification to move on. Unless your parents come to pick you up, you'll just have to wait here.” A stony-faced Unicorn guard wearing golden armor reported.

Lightning stepped forward and coughed a little. “Uh... Excuse me, but I'd like to get through the gate please.” Lightning said, holding up the papers that he was given to the guard. The guard took them with his magic and scanned through them quickly.

“Hey! What Gives?” The unicorn asked angrily, glaring at the guard. “I was here first!” He snapped, watching as the papers were passed back to Lightning.

“Everything's okay Lightning Dawn. We'll open the gate for you.” He said, clicking the butt of his spear into the ground. Lightning coughed a little which seemed to get the guard's attention. “Is there something wrong citizen?” He asked, watching Lightning nod.

“Yes, well is It all right if I take this guy with me through the other side?” He asked, watching from out of the corner of his eye as the unicorn glared at him. “I mean, would it matter if he passed through the door with me and headed home on the other side?”

The guard shook his head. “Unfortunately I can't allow that sir. Though there is some way we can... Come to an agreement?” He said, extending a hand out to Lightning discreetly. Lightning searched his person for a few seconds before finding the left over coins that he had from his last job and passed it to the guard.

“Will this be enough?” Lightning asked, watching as the guard nodded, stuffing the coins underneath the counter.

“Yes actually, that will be enough. You lucked out today Ottavo. I just hope that your new friend here will be there whenever you lose your identification again.” He said, giving a smug smirk as Lightning led the pink unicorn away and through the gates. As soon as they were on the other side and the gates shut, Lightning felt the unicorn's hand smack the back of his head.

“Hey! What was that for?” Lightning snapped.

“I could have gotten through myself.” The unicorn countered, glaring at Lightning. “If the guy wasn't going to let me through, I would have just flown over. And before you ask, yes I know that there's a magical barrier over the top of the city walls.” He snapped, his wings spreading wide and beating proudly once before settling down. The unicorn was beginning to get on Lightning's nerves before looking him over. “Who are you anyways?”

“You first kid, you owe me.” Lightning countered, glaring down at the unicorn.

The pink unicorn smiled before looking back at Lightning. “So you want to play it that way huh? That's not too shabby for a newcomer here into the city.” He then tossed some of his mane out of his face before grinning. “The name's Ottavo. Ottavo Rima. And I'm going to be the world's best poet ever!”

Lightning blinked at Ottavo's proclamation. “Ottavo... Rima? What is that, Orc or something?” He asked, watching as Ottavo shook his head.

“Heh, you don't know old languages from the universe when you see them do you?” Ottavo asked. “It means eighth rhyme, as in a style of poetry that has eight lines in it?” He asked, watching as Lightning shook his head.

“Sorry, but I'm not into the complex poetry rules.” Lightning apologized.

Ottavo's smile shrank for a moment. “Oh, it's good. It's just what I do. Something I'm good at, besides doing my own stunts of course.” He bragged.

“You do your own stunts?” Lightning asked, watching Ottavo nod.

“Yeah, it's what I do to think for my poetry. Like last month, I got shot out of a cannon and came up with an entire book of poetry. Didn't publish it though, only because it was complete crap.” He paused. “That and I nearly vomited on it with the hospital food that I had while in the emergency room.”

Lightning stared dumbfounded at Ottavo as the unicorn turned to walk away. “Hey, you're pretty cool Lightning. Though, I have to say next time don't give the guards so much. I'll see you around.” He said, walking away.

Krysta crawled up from the cloak and watched Ottavo disappear from sight. “Lightning, who was that?” She asked.

“A poet... That apparently shoots himself from cannons.” Lightning replied quietly, walking down the path ahead of him.

The Upper District of the Capital put the Upper District back in Whitefall Peak to shame. The streets leading up to the mansions were paved in gold, and in some places Lightning couldn't even see the mansions themselves. Some of them even looked more like small castles than anything else, and had towering spires and more windows than anyone could count.

Then there was the tower in the center of it all. Lightning looked up and saw the all-white structure tower over him, leading up to the underbelly of the castle above. He could feel the magic generated from the building, and almost tripped at the front gates as he continued to stare at the palace above. The guards at the gate eyed him curiously as he approached, and moved their spears to block Lightning's path to the Gate.

“HALT! No one is allowed in the Temporal Palace except the Grand Ruler and his personal guests. State your business.” One of the guards ordered.

“My name is Lightning Dawn, and I am the personal student to the Grand Ruler.” Lightning answered. “My companion Krysta and I have come a long way, and have these papers that were sent to us from the Grand Ruler himself.” He said, passing the pages of paper to both guards.

They both nodded, before walking over to the front gate and opening it. “There are two for transport. Prepare to receive.” The other guard said into a small microphone that was built into the wall. A bright light appeared on the surface of the wall and caused it to turn into a doorway which revealed a smaller, raised platform.

“Mind your manners in the Temporal Palace. One wrong move and you will be seein' the business end of this. Is that clear?” One of the guards asked, flashing the broad bladed end of his spear and watching Lightning nod. “Good, now you may enter the Temporal Palace.”

Lightning dusted himself off and helped Krysta out of his cloak, surprising the guards, before stepping onto the platform. He shielded his eyes as a blinding flash of white light consumed everything that he saw, until it died away moments later. Lightning found himself standing on a platform in the middle of a large lake that was surrounded on all sides by brilliantly white walls. He blinked nervously, watching as lily pads floated in the middle of the lake as fish and frogs swam around in it.

Lightning stepped forward, walking down the path that was laid out for him until he came across a magnificent entrance hall. He could see a set of large oaken doors sitting at the base of brilliantly polished steps as they split off into two separate hallways. Lightning could see the Unicornicopian banner, a symbol of two infinity signs at an angle that stood against a peculiarly shaped star-like object in the background, hanging from flag poles and all sorts of devices that decorated the room. The symbol was even on the door as Lightning approached it.

Lightning looked around, wondering what he was supposed to do, before knocking on it gently. He heard the knock echo throughout the chamber before waiting patiently for a response. A gentle, “Enter please,” boomed from the other side of the door, which took Lightning by surprise, before he opened the door all the way. The unicorn stepped forward, unsure of what to expect next, before closing the door behind him.

The throne room that was laid out before Lightning was huge. The setting sun shone through the windows that lined what was in essence an extremely long corridor, and at the end sat the Grand Ruler wearing a set of royal blue robes as his mane and tail began to shift from yellow to orange as Lightning approached.

“Ah, Lightning Dawn. It is good to see you again. I trust that you found your way okay?” The Grand Ruler asked.

“Yes your highness. Though I had a little help from someone when I got here.” Lightning answered, watching as the Grand Ruler smiled.

“I see... Well now Lightning, now that you know a little about the Rainbow Capital I would like your input. How does she look from the eyes of someone new?” The Grand Ruler asked.

“Well... The people here are different, they're nice and very helpful, but it seems like nothing's really changed on the outside. What I mean is that it feels like Whitefall Peak on the outside sir.” Lightning answered.

This caused the Grand Ruler to raise an eyebrow. “And what does it feel like on the inside Lightning?” He asked.

The unicorn took a deep breath before smiling. “It feels like I'm at home.” He answered, watching the Grand Ruler nod.

“Well then, you did a fine job in getting here then. I have the address to where you will be staying for your time here, should you wish to leave afterwords though I hope it won't be the case, and you might be surprised at who you meet there. Our lessons will start tomorrow, so get plenty of rest and meet me in the Middle District where we will begin okay?” The Grand Ruler asked, watching Lightning nod.

“Yes your highness.” Lightning replied, bowing to the Grand Ruler before turning to go.

“Oh and Lightning, I am glad that you're finally here.” The Grand Ruler said, watching as Lightning smiled.

“I am too your Highness.” Lightning replied before leaving the throne room.

Lightning found the address of the new house that he would be staying at in the Middle District of the city. It wasn't too bad of a house, smaller than some on the block and almost all black from the paint to the shingles on the roof, but it was actually better than what Lightning and Krysta used to call home. As Lightning approached the building, he could see that there was some movement on the inside even though the lights were off. Quietly he looked down at Krysta. “If there's trouble, get outta here.” Lightning said calmly.

“Right.” Krysta replied, tensing up as Lightning walked up to the front door and unlocked it with the key he had. After stepping across the threshold, he was met with a loud, “SURPRISE!,” which nearly sent him back outside. At least twenty to thirty unicorns appeared in his field of vision when the lights of the living room were flipped on with Buddy Rose, Drawn Out, Ottavo Rima, and a pale white unicorn with a pale yellow mane and tail with wings that seemed to glow with a pale light that wore a dark blue skirt and a white t-shirt stood to greet them both.

“W-What is this?” Lightning asked as he was ushered inside.

“Oh it's nothing, just a little get together that Buddy created to get the neighborhood to know you and Krysta better.” Drawn Out replied as Lightning and Krysta were ushered into the main room.

“Heh, I couldn't have done it without your help Drawn Out.” Buddy replied. “I mean, we did do this together, didn't we?”

“Hey, what about me and Moonbeam here? We helped out too!” Ottavo snapped, pointing at the pale white unicorn behind him.

“No... It's fine. If Lightning feels welcome, then I'm glad that I could help...” Moonbeam said softly, causing Drawn Out to turn to Lightning.

“Oh, it seems that you two haven't met yet. Lightning, this is Moonbeam Mist. Moonbeam Mist, this is Lightning Dawn.” Drawn Out said, letting the two unicorns shake hands.

“It's nice to meet you Moonbeam.” Lightning said with a smile. Wow she's cold.

“Likewise.” Moonbeam replied quietly.

Lightning stared quietly at Moonbeam for a few moments before letting go of her hand and taking a few steps back. The unicorn turned and walked away from him, leaving Lightning alone with Buddy Rose and Drawn Out. "Was it something I said?" Lightning asked.

"Nah, don't worry about her Lightning." Drawn Out replied.

"Yeah, she's just now waking up. Moonbeam's kind of an odd one." Buddy Rose explained.

"Odd in what way?" Lightning asked.

"Well, she's more of a, "Nocturnal Type," as it were." Drawn Out explained. "She's adjusted her internal clock and her sleep schedule so far that there really isn't any other time that you would see her."

"Plus she doesn't really talk too much. That's actually the most I've heard her say to someone else that wasn't the Night Watch or the members of the Astrology association." Buddy Rose added, watching as Moonbeam stepped outside with a small glass of water with her.

"Why is that?" Lightning asked.

"Well, the word is that Moonbeam-" Drawn Out looked back to the pale white unicorn before turning back to Lightning. "The word is that Moonbeam isn't really social. Even though she's a member of the Astrology Association, she doesn't really talk to the other members.much, and has this crazy theory that all of the stars in space are actually created by another unicorn."

"Maybe the unicorn is extremely gifted with magic?" Lightning pondered aloud, getting looks from both Buddy Rose and Drawn Out.

"Lightning, I don't think that you understand." Drawn Out said gently. "Magic isn't capable of creating something in that magnitude. Even the Grand Ruler himself couldn't make the stars with his magic, and he created Unicornicopia."

Lightning only nodded simply, looking out on the back patio as Moonbeam was gazing through a telescope with a book nearby.

"HEY! What're ya old fogey's sitting around here for? This is a party!" Ottavo snapped from the crowd of party-goers as they began to dance. "Get on over here and let's rock this thing!" He shouted excitedly, causing Drawn Out and Buddy Rose to shrug before taking Lightning into the middle it.

Lightning found that he was good at a particular set of dance moves after removing his cloak and joining with everyone else. The moves in question, which made them all look like they were about to lasso in something like cowponies along with riding another object, was very energetic and caused the unicorn to get worn out really fast. He quickly excused himself, saying that he needed a break and left the crowd. Calmly he headed for the only place that his friend Krysta could be.

Lightning found the fairy sitting alone at the small snack table with a smile on her face. “Hey, what are you doing here?” Lightning asked.

“Well, just hanging around. I've never even felt so welcome before. Besides being with you of course.” Krysta replied.

“Well I guess that it's something that we had better start getting used to. Especially if we're going to be living here from now on.” Lightning said, watching Krysta nod. “Now let's party!” He said, taking the fairy out into the dance floor.

Some time later, everyone was nearly worn out as the party was winding down on it's last legs. The number of remaining unicorns had dwindled down to at least ten to twenty including Lightning and the hosts of the party, but Lightning was standing outside at the moment with Moonbeam.

“So I hear that you like the night sky.” Lightning said, watching the pale unicorn nod.

“Yes. I heard that there was a being like us who makes it so beautifully every night, whenever night falls on different worlds. I would love to meet her one day, just so I could let her know that her work is appreciated.” Moonbeam replied.

“How do you know it's a female behind this work of art?” Lightning asked, watching as Moonbeam closed her eyes and smiled, cupping her hands as through she were praying.

“I have a feeling. That's all I need for proof.” She said, opening her eyes and looking to he heavens above them. She stopped and gasped however as something appeared to be moving across the sky.

“Moonbeam, what's wrong?” Lightning asked.

“There isn't supposed to be an all black comet shooting so close to our atmosphere.” She said, watching as the all black streak had turned direction and began to get bigger. “It's coming right for us!” She snapped, taking several steps back.

“What do you mean? It's no where near us.” Lightning scoffed a little, watching as the black streak got even bigger as they spoke. “Okay, so maybe it's getting a little closer, why would it do that?”

Moonbeam shook her head. “I don't know, but it is something that doesn't bode well for us.” She said.

However, right when Moonbeam finished her sentence, the black streak got close enough for them to see through a telescope that she summoned with her horn. The unicorn gasped as she looked through it, taking several steps back. “It can't be...” She whispered.

“What is it?” Lightning asked, walking over to the telescope and giving it a look. He nearly jumped at what he saw. The yellow unicorn looked up, gasping at the sight of a mechanical flying King Cobra with dragonic wings approaching rapidly to the surface of the planet. The Cobra fired several blasts of energy, which struck the dome before an all black ball of energy pierced through it and landed in front of Moonbeam and Lightning with a loud explosion. Krysta and the other unicorns rushed out to see what was going on only to shriek in terror at the sight. Of the impact.

A humanoid creature, donning an all black robe and a breastplate with a blood red trim and spiked pauldrons, stood tall from within the crater. He carried a staff with him that appeared to be made from a wyvern's tail which had blades that appeared to be made from a hydra's fangs. An all black orb hung from a necklace around his neck as blood red eyes scanned the small crowd. With a Booming And powerful voice he shouted, “TITAN. HAS. RETURNED!”

-end of chapter 1-

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