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Premise: To the ponies in Ponyville, Fluttershy has assumed a small and quiet role in life in tending the animal friends that she lives with. But, to every pony in the non-mainstream cultures that frequent darker and more mysterious points in Equestria, she is known as the Draconic Princess of the Night. Her voice is known as both one to rouse the blood in hundreds and calm even the most violent of beasts. Fluttershy however hasn’t told any of her friends, and gets a surprising group of ponies during one of her band’s late night shows. How does she react? Read on, and prepare for a face melting story.

AN: This is my first and currently only song inserted fic, so If I don't do something right please let me know. Plus, I do not own the music that is in this story and all rights are to those musicians.

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Comments ( 42 )

Win. I love stories where ponies live secret lives.

Love the idea although I have to read it later. At school right now.

Excellent story, and rather good grammar. I love your constant use of metaphors! It glazes your story with thick, sugary icing; granting it a sweeter outlook :twilightsmile:

I love metal that is all.:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

Must...resist...metal elitist...urges...
Must not...go back to...that state of mind...:pinkiecrazy:

Songs were too tame for me, but it was a good idea

Liking the idea too, only read the start since I gotta go now, will read later.

The Metal gods smile upon thee, my friend. Extremely well written and well done.

Please tell me that there will be more Metalshy!

Well my good sir/madam, you are going to hopefully enjoy what plans I have for the other members of the mane six. And if I may, as this is a continuation to a block of stories that I'm doing, direct your attention to this one here:
You'll be delighted to know that this one features the subsequent leader, Twilight, and has only a little less luna than what I would have liked,.
There will be more Metalshy, though for this block of stories she'll only make a reference appearance here and there. My plans as of late are to spotlight each of the mane 6's other lives, and entertain the masses. Trust me, She'll have her own block of Literature. I'm just working on my ideas for the other ponies. And right now, Pinkie's secret life is going to be pretty awesome. No. Spoilers. Though.
Well I picked from a pool of songs that I enjoyed, plus I was running out of steam at the point that the concert's start. I wanted to do more, but there was a limit that I had set to not make it drag on. And you guys(or gals) don't want that now do you?

You sir made my day.

Now, if you'll excuse me , I'm gonna pick up my blown out brain from the floor.

:yay: : I did not mean
:twilightsmile: : She did not mean
:yay: : To Blow your mind
:twilightsmile: : To blow your mind
:yay: : But that stuff Happens to me All the Tiiiimeee

May I ask what's wrong? I mean I didn't offend you by any chance with the Metal Classifications did I?


You didn't offend me at all. I was just being a nitpicky douche, and for that I apologize.

The reason I said that was because, in the underground/elitist metal circles and message boards I used to frequent, nobody considers Slipknot or Disturbed as real metal. Before I Forget-era Slipknot is more rap-rock and Indestructible-era Disturbed is more hard rock. You got it right with Ozzy and Megadeth, though. The songs you chose, while not the ones I would've used, gave me a good idea of how Fluttershy and her band feel and that matters a lot more than genre.

This story, aside from the ridiculous (but fun) concept of soft-singing FS liking something as violent as metal, is actually a good read. The only major I'd change is the length of the lyrics. Something you should consider if you feel like revising this is maybe putting down four lines from the lyrics of each song that best exemplify why you chose that song instead of half of the total lyrics. You already posted the links to the song, so your readers can go listen to them and know what you're talking about without you parroting up the lyrics in the story.

Okay, that's interesting because I feel that songs from bands like Slipknot and Disturbed have a Metal feel but I can see where you all are going with it. This was my first songfic ever, but I wrote it down that way only because I felt that the way the lyrics were set made it to where ever Fluttershy was standing on the stage the reader could flow better. I have a nasty habit of wanting the extra details as no one performing in a concert is going to stand in one place while they sing unless they have a song just set for that.(I think) And I think that it would have confused the readers if I just left in the first few lines of every song and made her more concert action centric.
BUT, I understand where you are going with all of your critiques and I think that can make me stronger in the song-fic department and I want to thank you for letting me know what the problems were without actually trolling me and shouting me out of the site for it. I just wanna say thanks. (Um... To much?)

:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:Win Oh my :pinkiehappy:Win gosh that's :pinkiehappy:Win so much :pinkiehappy:Win that I :pinkiehappy:Win can't go :pinkiehappy:Win two words :pinkiehappy:Win without saying :pinkiehappy:Win.

You :pinkiehappy:Win all of :pinkiehappy:Win My :pinkiehappy:Wins good sir!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Lyra.png dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Lyra.png dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Lyra.png

Well I'm glad that you enjoyed it and will be producing more fanfiction, with an extra special secret for each of the mane 6. So, look forward to that as well.

So I'm not the only author to have written a fanfic about Fluttershy secretly being into metal...

I was about to say, this is the second metal Fluttershy I've seen.

Aww, no Slayer?
Oh well, still was a great fic.

Two of my favorite things, Megadeth, and Ponies! :rainbowwild:

I really liked this fic. \m/

I wish i could upvote your Tenacious D reference in the comments, so I'llo do it here with a :flutterrage: in the name of Metal.

You included a lot of my absolute favorite songs in here, and I support you for that. As you know, I've already read your great Sentai fic, and I'll be working on that Twi one now. Great writing!

Oh thank you so very much. I have plans for The other Main 6, and Pinkie's may seem a little familiar when I get down to doing it. I'll be saving hers for last though, as she's got an extra special secret to share. :pinkiehappy:

Not bad, though I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of the story as a whole. For example, Princess Luna acting like a mindless fangirl kind of ruins her character for me. For a band to gain such high-level fans right from the start, while still being mostly underground, feels a bit over the top. If it happens after the show, then it might have had a greater impact. "Luna thinks the whole concert is just another pathetic attempt by her sister to make her happy, and acts like the whole thing is stupid and beneath her. Then, one concert later, she finds out that she's a huge fan of heavy metal. Meanwhile, Princess Celestia has to pay for dozens of ponies' hospital bills after the carnage her sister performed in the mosh pit..."

Or... something like that...

The sections involving the band itself aren't exactly the best, either. Fluttershy punching somepony's lights out, then joining a band she'd only just heard of that night? Out of character, to say the least. The idea itself was kind of clever, though: "Fluttershy sees a band with potential, but otherwise struggling with bad organization. She herself wants to try something new, and knows how she could whip them into shape, so she decides to join up. The band has a few gigs - some good, some bad - but otherwise remains in obscurity. Then, one day, they finally get a chance to do a major gig; one that might finally jump start a successful career for them." A good start, but I feel like it could have been expanded a bit better in this story.

On the other hand, the show started with FUCKING MEGADETH! :pinkiehappy:

Hats off to you, RaisingShad0ws! Ever since I've read this story, whenever I listen to "Train of Consequences", I always picture Fluttershy in my head, screaming “How’re you all doin’ tonight?” right before the solo. :rainbowlaugh:

Overall, nice story, but I feel that it could have used a bit more work. Have the band (especially Fluttershy) go through a bit more of a struggle, rather than be "the Gods of Metal" right from the start, with the only obstacle in their path being "never having the chance to do a big show until now".

Well I am certainly glad that you enjoyed it, it's probably one of my more favorite stories that I have written in this fandom(Also one of my personal, "bests"). But this whole idea spawned from a random thought I had while I was writing a chapter from my Silent Ponyville series which I still need to work on. Essentially, What does the main six do secretly, what are their lives outside of the MLP hero spotlight? I'm currently stumped on Dash's secret, though it is something that can't be discussed for secrecy reasons, and I already have part of Pinkie's secret written in the bad MLP Sentai crossover that I wrote for the NaPoWriMo this year. AJ's and Rarity's are also going to surprise when I get them written, but I have to finish the second chapter of a rewrite that I'm doing just to prove a point to the original author. It's also on my page if your curious.

And I understand that's not how things work in the music industry, most of what I thought for this fanfiction was based off of Guitar Hero if you can believe that. However, in my defense, this had to be written otherwise it wouldn't have left my head. I saw Fluttershy as somepony who needed more of a release from all the stresses in her life, and this was the avenue that I wanted to take with it. And I also saw her sing,"Train of Consequences," in a daydream I had before writing this. All in all, I enjoyed writing it even though it wasn't right perfectly. And Princess Luna was a little fangirlish (Would it be fanfillyish in this case?), I know. That was a case of me running low on steam with the idea. Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad that you enjoyed it! :yay: :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy:

Disturbed and slipknot AND silent ponyville !!!!!:heart:
you sir are my new best friend:pinkiehappy:


Yay! I has a new Best Friend! I need to tell Pinkie so she can help me throw you a, "I have a New Best Friend Party!" :pinkiehappy:

Seriously though, I'm glad you like my stuff. It really makes this brony feel good to know that he can produce great stuff. :pinkiehappy:

so...much...FUCKING WIN!
this was AWESOME you sir/madame have my respect for this you put 2 of my favorite bands and one ozzy in here you deserve a medal for making this.
putting megadeath ozzy and my favorite band EVER in here DISTURBED you have my eternal gratitude for this fic.
keep writing your really good at it and this proves it.

:flutterrage: \m/ LONG LIVE THE GODDESS OF METAL \m/

Comment posted by mineturtal247 deleted Oct 16th, 2013

Thank you very much for the support. I appreciate it. :pinkiehappy:

Awesome work! Art of Fluttershy as the Goddess of Metal needs to happen NOW!:twilightsmile:

Oh god this was awesome..:pinkiesad2:we definitely need more stories like this on fimfiction:pinkiecrazy:

oh and if any artist read this. art of fluttershy the goddess of Metal would be epic and appreciated.:pinkiehappy:

2776005 Some song links are broken, might help to fix those but other than that, this was fucking awesome.

If you really wanted to actually go full out and do the whole "death goddess", you should've went for broke and had Fluttershy do a set of Mayhem, Entombed, maybe a bit of Vital Remains, and Carcass/some other melodic death metal/gore-grind. After all, a "true" metal queen would play a lot more kvlt black metal.

That might be your tastes in metal, and don't get me wrong they sound awesome, but I prefer the classics and the music that I can listen to. These were just some of my favorites.

Teneighcious D used the Pick of Destiny during their last concert, and the Alicorn Prince of Darkness was obviously hiding his wings under the cloak he wore even though he publicly denied that he was an alicorn on multiple occasions. Steel Maredon was even known by ponies to call up an uncomfortably friendly zombie pony that they named Joey from time to time during their concerts and it worked for them, and she didn’t even want to get started on Marelyn Mansion. She just didn’t know what planet that pony was from some times.

Don't forget Corey Neighlor's mask!
Or Jonathan Neigvis' kilt!
Speaking of which, no Korn?

This was pretty damn good, and I'm glad I decided to search for heavy metal MLP stories, but there was one thing that really bugged me-you kept calling it rock and roll at several points in the story, and it's not! It's metal!

This story is amazing! Tho i know Disturbed and Slipknot. But because the songs were deleted ive no clue what they are.

It was a nice read. Better than the other Metal Fluttershy story I've read.

I'm a bit mixed on the song choices. Not because any of them are bad or anything, but the part of me that has only recently gotten into metal and wants to know more, it's helpful for me to listen to multiple bands, while the nitpicker in me is wondering how Fluttershy sounds different in each of the songs. Though I guess the necklace could explain that. And how has a cover band gotten so much attention? Surely it would have been better for them to have written all their songs. It certainly seemed like they had until that one line after the concert.

Oh, and the videos the first three links lead to have been taken down. Could you please fix this?

I just read this the other day, and loved it. I really wish we could get an episode like this, if for no other reason than to hear Fluttershy's singing. ^_^

Too think in Equestria Girls, this is partially canon.

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