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Pinkie Pie, Element of Laughter. Best friend of everypony that would come across her. Dependable and reliable, and a very competent maker of sweet treats in Ponyville's own Sugarcube corner. But it was not always that way.

Taking place directly after Cutie Mark Sentai Crusader, during an average day hanging out with a few of her close friends on one of her days off, Pinkie Pie receives a mysterious letter, which instantly changes her mood for the worse, leaving Rainbow Dash and Twilight to feel concern for their pink friend. After gathering their other friends, They meet part of the reason for Pinkie's troubles: Strange ponies wearing black around front of Sugarcube Corner. After meeting with her father, Igneous Rock Pie, and getting admittance inside, they find that they are wrapped up in a serious matter. In meeting with relatively famous ponies, and spurned on by their curiosity, Twilight and her friends delve into Pinkie Pie's past. A time when she wasn't the crazed party pony that they knew and love. A time when the world was in danger of invasion. A time when Pinkamena Diane Pie was a leader of a group of Samurai.

This is the story of that time, and the trials and hardships that she and the rest of her family would endure to save the world from an otherworldly threat. This is the story of the Shinkenger.

Chapters (3)
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Also what if they meet they human counterparts?:pinkiegasp:

Sorry, but I don't really plan on it. And yeah... There is constant Gurren Lagann messages in this one. (Primarily because I felt like making it a part of Humble Pie's Character.)

Im mean as a short story
Also you can make the third pie sister as the gold skinager

Well the third Shinkenger was already planned before this story began so... Yeah Sorry about that. Plus the third Pie sister technically didn't show up until after the events of Pinkie Apple Pie so... There's that too. This story takes place right before then.

yes giant robot vs demon battels sweet. true like i said on your outher story i didt sea the sentai but amrican one power rangers but read that first sentai and or not some more they made the monster grow giant and the ranger had a giant robot that fight it that became it all way to do after the rangers defeat the monster it grow and ranger giant robot fight it so im glade you dud these story that had them way it was my fav parts of the ep of the fransise.soary for misspells

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