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The lands of Equestria aren't as safe as they once were.

What was once a gently trek across fields of beauty and wonder have changed to battles with spirits and death. Most ponies can't go a few miles without having to battle for their souls against ghosts and spirits, all who wish to drag them to the dead.

And to top it all off there's a creature that haunts a mountain at the edge of Equestria, a creature that no pony has ever fully seen. Fast as a blur and cold as the grave, none know who or what it is.

All we do know is that whenever it appears, it brings disaster with it.

This story is a bit of an experiment for me, so if things seems weird or don't add up all the time, that is why.

Chapters (40)
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Comments ( 395 )

I'm a simple man I see Onomonpia story I click favorite

I'm going to track this in my read later tab because I have new chapter count turned off for that one. I don't want to read this one 'till there's a few chapters out, lol.

So the Disaster Pokémon is here to save the day. So tracking this story.

I guess a timeskip happened between the Pie farm and the release of the ghosts?

Good to see another story from you!

So, I recognized Palkia from the description. I'm guessing it sent Absol to Equestria? :duck:

At any rate, Pokemon crossover written by Onomonopia = instant favorite. :raritywink:

I wonder how long the belief that Absol is the one bringing the disaster, before they realize that Absol is just warning them of it.

Though I have to say, unless Absol was for some reason released with the army then he was sort of slow on warning the ponies here about the whole undead army thing. Considering he only "warned" them (if you can say just saying 1 word when the disaster is already happening a warning) when the army was already freed.

Interesting. I look forward to the next update.


onomonopia doing a pokemon story? buck yea!

At first I thought “huh, another pokemon fic, neat.” Once I realized it’s an onomonpia pokemon fic I be like “sign me the hell up!”

By the way, I hope we get to see Absol bust out the power of Mega Evolution at some point.

Also, given that animals are her specialty, I would have expected Fluttershy to be one of the ponies in the spotlight, instead of the Pie Sisters.

I considered it, but honestly I try to avoid having my stories focus on the same pony more than once or twice, for variety and so I don't get bored writing it.

But, Absols aren't ice types!

*glances at the "Popular Stories" section*

*sees this story*

Me: ...

*sees the word count has changed from 3k to 6k*

Me: "Oooh!" *click!*

Absol prefer to be alone because of everyone thinking that they cause doom when in reality they can predict it. They try to warn the victims before it happens but they aren't believed. That when the rumors are started and absol are viewed as doom bringers. Absol hides away from the world as a result and finds a nice mountain that not many venture to.

It's a Dark type that looks similar to an Ice Type, and can learn Ice type moves...your argument is invalid.

As interested in this story as I am, I feel like this is a missed opportunity for a ghost busters crossover.

Shadow > Ghost

Sombra > Ghost dude?

Faster than Limestone could have seen the being in white moved behind the ghosts, its horn glowing with a black energy as it now stared at the ghosts behind the purple one. The purple ghost looked behind itself in surprise to see the white being standing there and it turned around with a claw wound up...only for three slash marks to appear across its chest.

Hokuto no Ken reference? "Omae wa mou shindieru."

Not often you get a story based around the pie sisters

Alright. So its gonna Limestone against Absol. Hope she's packing some fairy, bug, or fighting type moves.

Umm I think you mean limestone against absol

And yeah I think she knows some fighting type moves considering the fact that she lives on a rock farm

Assuming they are gonna fight (doubtful)

I've a feeling ponies follow a psudo-typing similar to pokemon. If so then I imagine earth ponies are fighting types.
Could be wrong.

Oop. Yeah I did. I'll edit that. XP

I'd go more along the lines of rock/ground type for earth pony. Especially Limestone.

An Absol can’t talk, so why does this one talk?

"I keep my word, even when I have to keep it because someone cheated," Absol replied with a look to Limestone, who stuck out her tongue.

She didn't cheat, she just didn't tell you the rules!

It's not cheating if it was never forbidden in the rules! And Limestone never said she wouldn't Sucker Punch Absol.

A dark type surprised by Sucker Punch?

Well umm we were sort of right about a fight in the last chapter

Limestone used sucker punch... IT'S SUPER EFFective?
Sucker punch: dark type move
Absol: dark type pokemon
This doesn't seem right

"That I can do easily. I've lived her for years and know my way around these parts," Absol said as the three of them crossed the boarder to his territory. Both Limestone and Marble waited to be attacked once more, but to their surprise the ghosts never showed. The fear of Absol kept them at bay. "Also, Limestone?"

I had to read this paragraph twice before finally realizing what was bothering me.

Because this way Marble and Limestone have someone to try to convince and later bond with instead of it being just a slightly smarter animal. :trollestia:

I know you probably want an in universe reason, but I hope you liked that meta explanation.

She is lucky that absol is a better person than her.
If he was dishonerable he would have been okay with her cheating but would not have kept his word.
It is because he is honorable that he hates what she did.

Not telling someone the rules and then using an unconventional one to win is cheating.

8943558 Wrong. He should've asked.

I still don’t understand how Absol can talk.

They are one of very few pokemon that can learn to do so, without using up all their move slots to do so, Like Meowth did. Another one that can speak naturally is Slowking.

You've never played a Mystery Dungeon games, have you? Humans and pokemon can talk to each other in those games

He did in the jirachi movie

"I suppose the reason I saved you is because of my mother."


"Go back to sleep, Limestone. I have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be a bad day."

Oh dear, Hopefully, that's metaphorical. Considering the fact that Absol can predict disasters through what they are feeling in their horns, I REALLY hope that's metaphorical.

Limestone need to be nicer to other’s.

Looked up the exact definition of cheating for this.

act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.

I'd say that fits what Limestone did to a T

Jesus christ people, learn what humor is. Holy crap.

To be fair, most of the time it's hard to tell tone over the internet, and it sincerely looked like you were saying he's wrong. Doesn't help that you started it out with "wrong" then your reasoning, which doesn't give a tell of any humour

Yeah I'd be pissed about getting sucker punched as well

Read my original comment, then get back to me. Though I will admit, I was TRYING to be an ass when I said he was wrong. I don't like people with zero sense of humor.

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