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This is going to be a long mission.

I normally don't get involved in the timelines of other worlds aside from my own, but if this world is the reason the Supreme Kai of Time has gotten so riled up then it can't be good. Let's see...home to talking horses. Horses with magic. And wings. And a whole nation set up. Sure. I've seen weirder. But something is messing with the time stream, something that is constantly changing the time line of this world. And I can't allow that.

Guess it's my time to step in.

Trunks will be based off his future and xenoverse version. Yes, I like both.

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Been awhile since one of your stories caught my interest. But a story featuring Trunks and Starlight "Best Pony" Glimmer? Sign me up.

Let's see what can challenge someone with the power to casually destroy a planet(not that he would).

What have you done Glim Glam?! So I am thinking that she probably has a backer if she has already taken out three Time Patrol members.

Huh. Guess Starlight is more deserving of the title "Time Breaker" than I thought, if it came to Chronoa's attention. And I say this after seeing a story where she changed the timeline enough a Dahaka had to get involved in helping Twilight fix things!

Wow, you avoided the first time human meet pony by jus to sending 3 guys ahead, and killing them so they dont bother XD.

If only my time machine were finished.
Then I could go forwards in time to read the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

Oh well, I guess the tracking list will have to work for now.

This is good. Onto the tracking shelf it goes!

"I thought the same way as you. That's why I sent these three before hand. And all of them were killed," Kai revealed to Trunks, who narrowed his eyes. "When the first was killed, I sent the second. He was the strongest of the three. When he died I sent the third, whose powers are supposed to be able to handle any threat. He was killed as well. So now I'm sending you. Our strongest Time Patroller."

okay what, now there're no more time patrollers
well then...

Well well well, this is going to be extremely interesting. Not only is the best waifu horse Starlight going to be staring at it but also Trunks.
Is Zeno Sama going to make an appearance or nah? Also, how could it be in Universe seven without anyone going to it? Not Beerus or Freeza. huh

Interesting. Though I hope Trunks will correct them as he is only HALF human.

Huh, the name doesn't really ring a bell. Is berts someone we're supposed to recognize? considering trunks refered to him as one of the weaker guys he probably won't be one of the two xenoverse protags and i don't think either one of the other two aren't either (as trunks didn't refer to any of them as his partner), which makes me wonder if they're going to show up at some point.

So it is an evil Starlight then. One that never took Princess Twilight’s hoof when offered friendship. That is one scary mare and one who will give a good fight to the young warrior.

Trunks will be based off his future and xenoverse version. Yes, I like both.

What's the difference?

While I'm not exactly an expert I do know of a few slight differences between the two.

The first one that immediately comes to mind is their hair color. The Future Trunks he seems to be referencing is DBS version who has blue colored hair, while Xenoverse Trunks has purple.

DBS Trunks can transform up to at least his Super Saiyan Rage form, while Xenoverse Trunks (from the game series with the same name) is shown to only use Super Saiyan.
However, Xenoverse Trunks (Time Patroller Trunks) also appears in the Dragon Ball Heros games; where is shown to be able to use Super Saiyan Three.

DBS Trunks has no apparent knowledge of the Time Patrol. Whereas Xenoverse Trunks I think was recruited after returning to his own timeline and destroying Androids 17 & 18.

I can't think of anything else off the top of my head, though I'm sure there might be more.

...by Zen-o, this isn't just a case of temporal tampering/anomalies, I'm seeing a potential full-blown overlapping timelines crisis here.

"How about we go a few rounds some time? I've been wanting to test my might against one of the best."

No offense Rainbow, but you're going to get utterly destroyed if Trunks puts an ounce of effort into a fight with you.


That is what it makes it so sad. She is so udderly outclassed it isn’t funny. Gohan got more powerful then her during the Namick arc.

I'm pretty sure Rainbow was even outclassed in the Original Dragon Ball when Goku was a Kid, Master Roshi in the 21st Budokai was able to destroy the Moon, even Raditz would tank that attack and one shot Roshi, in fact, he was beating both Goku and Piccolo with ease and that Piccolo was able to casually destroy the Moon, Base Trunks when we first seen him after Namek would be thousands of times stronger then Raditz, Time Patrol/Xenoverse Trunks and DBS Trunks are leagues above the Trunks from the Android Arc

I never did see much in terms of competent magic users in the DB universe. And a lot of the magic in MLP is pretty oc/broken. The upper tier magic users of MLP should be able to give most of the DB crew a run for their money.

Dear Kami. . . This goes beyond an overlapping timelines crisis. The enemy has the ability to pull others INTO ALTERNATE TIMELINES! Trunks is really in deep shit now.

Actually, Starlight would surpass pretty much all the Mane 6 is greatest champion. Only one who MIGHT give her a challenge is Twilight.

Most of the Mane 6 are useless without the element stones. And the only time they were able to somewhat tell them what to do is when they were using in the power in conjunction with the much more experienced Pillars. Before that the elements kind of did what they wanted to do, only using the ponies as a power source.

Hmm. A war between Celestia's and Sombra's armies? At least, that's the most obvious conclusion to draw from the red-tipped horn and shadow armies. This'll be fun, especially if they are actual shadows.

It was less recruitment and more conscription as punishment for fucking with time at least according to Supreme Kai of Time in xenoverse 2

Great Trunks has to clean up the mess Glim Glam created. I think he is about to have a bad time as he sees all the dark timelines.

Technically, she never actually created the seperate timelines. She merely changed one part of the past, and it altered the present Equestria to match the respective timeline that resulted from that change.

That metal-like individual that Trunks noticed in the last chapter? He brought Trunks to this alternate timeline by snapping his fingers.

Methinks that the Starlight in the crowd is more than just that timeline's version. Methinks that Starlight is a temporal anomaly/singularity herself. How else would you explain her saying to Trunks

"Just like you and how you aren't connected to a single timeline. Like me."

Starlight isn't connected to a single timeline.

Best story ever! Love it. Can't wait to see the next story.

Celestia raised an eyebrow at Trunks words, before she narrowed her eyes and started to look around. "About fifty miles out that way is an area of the land that has been condemned due to Sombra having raised an army of undead there. We have managed to contain them, but we cannot be rid of them. If you can get rid of them, I will allow you into my forces."

"Got it." Trunks then outstretched both of his hand, before whipping them around faster than Celestia could keep up with. "Burning Attack."

A massive ball of yellow and orange energy erupted from Trunks oustretched hands, the force of which nearly knocked Celestia out of the sky. She righted herself in time to see the ball of energy land right in the area where she hand pointed out...before a colossal explosion of power that was enough to shake the ground and sky detonated. She watched with a shocked look on her face as what had once been one of the more dangerous areas in Equestria was reduced to ash. She glanced over at Trunks as the explosion died down, noticing that the warrior had a thin smile on his face.

"So, did I pass?"

"Trunks, I believe you may just be the key in turning this war around."

Copious amounts of BOOOOM tend to be a convincing argument.

"Nice to meet you Trunks," Starlight said as she extended her hoof. Trunks smiled down and her and grabbed her hoof to shake it, but the moment he did so a flash of light went off in his mind. For a brief moment he saw a world ravaged by war and filled with the bodies of the fallen, before realty ensued and he was back with Twilight and Starlight a moment later.

Bodies of who? Normal people or ponies?

I mean they kinda do deserve it right? (Starlight and Trunks). Don't mess with time travel and if you do bad shit will happen. I'm wondering if Trunks will ever teach Starlight how to use Ki. Unless that's just a sayian thing

"Do you like parties? What the best party you've ever had?" Pinkie asked.

"I've never had one. At least, not one that I can remember being enjoyable."

The look of horror on Pinkie's face was enough to tell Trunks to take the conversation somewhere else.

So is Pinkie going to rip dimensions out of thin air or is she just going to throw parties

So we got a case in which both timelines are collapsing on each other. Well isn't that great hmm. Now how are they going to deal with this other timeline

When Goku Black had attacked his world, he had learned to sense even the faintest traces of ki so he could find survivors easier, allowing him to pick up on even the tiniest amounts that remained in the field. Yet what bothered him was that there was only the one trace of ki. Not another

Tempest? Some kind of thing that doesn't use magic and ki but still can kick ass?

Her mane was shorter and styled to the side, her eyes were colder and more serious and she wore a combat suit that looked similar to the ones that his own soldiers had worn. Beside her stood Rainbow Dash, who had a similar mane cut and now had a mechanical wing on her left side and she was also wearing some kind of suit.

AH HA, WELL THAT JUST GAVE IT AWAY. This is the Sombra timeline, isn't it, unless it's somehow all the different timelines molded together

A being that wore a brown coat with coat tails, had a top hat upon his head, and held a strange, almost ethereal can in his hands. Trunks could barely make out the beings face among the distorted imagery, but what he could see was that the being seemed to almost be entirely made out of metal.

ahh fuck, who was he again? The one that literally plagues all your books?

ah hahaha it's the Sombra timeline. I can finally see Celestia kick some ass now. Now when is Trunks going to go back? Were the other time patrollers killed this way? Is Starlight hiding somewhere in this timeline?

We thought that we had managed to drag him out a few weeks ago, but that turned out to be a shadow clone. Nearly cost Celestia her life to kill that thing and it turns out to be a fake. Moral took a hit after that fiasco."

Kage bunshin No jutsu

So is this Starlight pretending to be a civilian? Or is she actually unable to do much?
Also, where's mai boi Discord? Surely a war should break him out of his seal right?

That was awesome.

I think Trunks is the most powerful entity around.

Good story. Can't wait to see the bextbone

This Trunks is an absolute monster


Well look at his father’s people. They literally get stronger every time they are defeated and he has been through plenty of training from hell. Who ever the villain is has one of the most dangerous foe coming after them. Only Goku and Vegeta are more dangerous.

Even then, the Saiyans from Planet Vegeta have power levels in the thousands, while Base Goku's last known power level was 3,000,000, the Trunks that killed Frieza and Cold is stronger then that Goku, then Trunks goes in the Time Chamber with Vegeta and comes out much stronger then before, then DBS Trunks is leagues stronger then the Trunks from the Cell Games, then Time Patrol Trunks is likely even stronger then DBS Trunks, SSJ Rage Trunks is leagues stronger then SSJ God Goku who would've destroyed the Universe by just clashing fists with Beerus, even the speed of most Dragon Ball characters would make Rainbow look like she was standing still, the villain in this fic will have to be something else indeed XD


Personally I think that who or what ever this villain is they are far more powerful then we have been led to believe as they have killed three powerful members of the Time Patrol already.

Not the energy of any pony, though he was keeping an eye out for dark ki that Sombra would emit, but to try and see if the being made of metal was in this land. Trunks hadn't sensed him when he had first appeared, but he had hoped that the being had been using technology at the time to unravel the world and he was capable of using ki.

Elements of harmony? Discord?

Hey Trunks, while you're at it why don't you fly to the moon and bring down Princess Luna? I mean you're going to ask sometime right? So does Trunks have to solve this time anomaly before he can go back or is he going to come back and forth between the actual and the alternate timeline? Oh, what if he had to solve all the timelines that we saw on the show. That would take way too long wouldn't it.

He is a disgusting monster as are all sayains because the plot armor is strong with their kind seriously who else gets impaled through the chest and comes back stronger

Hulk, you impale him, he gets pissed, he gets stronger, Doomsday, you impale him and he becomes immune to what killed him before, Saiyans aren't the only "Disgusting Monsters" out there

True but I meant overpowered heroes not actual monsters or unstoppable killing machines in Doomsday's case although in that case you could also argue for Roronoa Zoro from one piece or meliodas from seven deadly sins and Ichigo and Naruto shit now that I think about it there are a lot of people who get stabbed and come back stronger huh especially in anime

Oh no, it's the Maestro!

And Sombra just realized that he needs to bring his A game fast and it will probably not be enough by quite a bit.

"So, you are Celestia's new warrior, who she sends alone to face me," Sombra said with a smile as he looked over Trunks. "i must admit, that while your appearance is indeed out of the ordinary, you are still not-"

Trunks extended his hand and fired a colossal blast of ki into the tower, decimating it and everything in it with one giant blast.

Trunks: You talk too much.

There better be at least one "dropped the ball" reference in the next chapter.

"So, you are Celestia's new warrior, who she sends alone to face me," Sombra said with a smile as he looked over Trunks. "i must admit, that while your appearance is indeed out of the ordinary, you are still not-"

Trunks extended his hand and fired a colossal blast of ki into the tower, decimating it and everything in it with one giant blast.

Looks like someone forgot to read the Evil Overlord list:rainbowwild:

Great story love it. Can't wait to see the next one.

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