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Just a scientist who's working through the six levels of writing in his spare time. Currently attacking number four, Structure.


Not every MLP universe is as cuddly as the original. Whether it's the invading aliens, the slave-driving ponies, the powers I barely control, or the technology I only sort of know how to use, you've got a recipe for disaster. At least I've got one friend in this place, even if she's a pint sized horse who's even crazier than I am. I just hope I can come up with enough ideas to save our butts before something else decides to try to kill us. Or enslave me and throw her in jail. Whichever comes first.

Displaced, crosses over with "X-COM, Enemy Unknown" and "Your Human and You." Tags will be added as they become relevant.

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Thou has our Curiosity.. We wonder if thou will get our attention in times to come?

Interesting. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

X-com? All-yeah. Seeing how Starlight is involved, is it wrong for me to assume the worst for her?


When it comes down to the best class...Sniper will always be the superior to the rest. And don't start bullshitting that they suck at close quarters, as I have recently finished impossible hardcore mode on Xcom Enemy Within I've found that I can take on a Sectopod within 7 tiles and finish it with Crits that do 25 damage. Not to also mention that I like to use the ability randomiser that changes the promotion ability table randomly do I could use other class abilities that have no use for a sniper. I literally close range quickscope the enemies into oblivion m8. No hax were required though it took me three months of real life to finish.

+ points for Displaced crossover with Your Human and You.
+ points for Xcom Displaced, which hasn't happened yet.

-Points for game interface. Not that that is innately bad, but it reduces immersion somewhat.

Stars was already OP, why are you handing out endgame equipment to Squaddies when you are obviously just starting? I mean, four Sectoids? That's less than the smallest abduction, maybe a crashed scout....

5943144 Weapons only. No items, no armor, and right now it's just the two of them, they need every advantage they can get. Even early on you never go out in a squad of less than four. They don't even have a way to shoot down UFO's yet.

5943154 Fair enough, but one of the big points of XCom is that you don't let the aliens hit back, and no armor just means an ungodly high move for flanking the enemy.

Although, with a team of two and the standard pod having three or four enemies they are rather dependent on the Sectoids mind merging..

I think I will send a PM to you about this stuff.

The events leading up to a possible base of operations should be rather interesting, We wonder how the royalty will react discovering that humans are intelligent? Would there be more than one base?

I am reserving my thoughts till I see where you go with this, I usually avoid stories of this nature

Not stellar, but not terrible. I've read a hell of a lot worse. Let's see where this train takes us!

I've got two complaints, though:
• did you seriously have to give the MC this much power? Seriously, he's practically a god of battle with this many skills and apparel. Hell, his battle stock has more points in it than there are words in "overpowered"!
• that game interface... way to ruin the willing suspension of disbelief. Dude's a soldier, not the general; he's there face-first, not watching the events through a screen. Such an interface feels tacked-on and is entirely pointless save to brag about how powerful the guy is.

Starlight as an assault, eh?

Starlight, unicorn that she is, she seems best suited to hang back and hit from afar. And considering she has magic abilities and possibly psi powers, she doesn't have to get in close to do serious damage as an assault, A tanker type style would probably fit her best and give her best chances of survival.

Run & Gun
Tactical Sense
Lightning Reflexes
Close Combat Specialist
Extra Conditioning

Also something to keep in mind, assaults can use battle rifles, so Starlight could handle Will's plasma rifle if need be or maybe a light plasma rifle if they find one.

Weapons out of nowhere? Okay, this is getting a little too ridiculous.

5944129 Have you ever played X-COM? He's weak, even by endgame standards. He's got the least health and deals the least damage of the classes, and he actually should be on a team of six all more powerful than he is. Sure, he's facing the starting enemies, but that's going to change pretty quickly, and when it does, he's in serious trouble.

I don't think he'll survive if he ever has to go up against a pack of chryssalids alone, and they're mid game foes. Make him fight an Ethereal with a heavy muton escort and he's dead, guaranteed.

Second, he bought that gun from the merchant, it didn't appear out of nowhere. He also bought a sniper and heavy plasma.

I'll reconsider the game stat thing, but I have to come up with a better alternative before I can replace it.

5943973 Here is an end game opponent, and remember these things come in groups.



HP: 30
Defense: 30
Will: N/A, mechanical
Aim: 80

Cluster Bomb, after one round deal massive damage in a large AoE. If any soldier is caught in this field, they will die.
Cannon Fire, attack twice per round with 8-10 cover destroying splash damage and automatically trigger overwatch.
Hardened, -60% to crit chance
Robotic, immune to most Psi abilities, fire, and poison.

If William runs into one of these things, he has a chance of dying even with backup.

5944129 No, wait, you're just trolling me. There's no way you don't know this.

5944221 It gets worse. In the Enemy Within expansion they gain the Reinforced Armor trait, which cuts all incoming damage in half. So basically they have a full 60 HP.

Huh. Not complaining about the apparent alacrity with which this story updates, but two chapters in less than 12 hours is kind of... Almost TOO fast.

On impossible mode they have a whopping 90 HP. Though it's ok if you have my sniper guy that can get crits of 32 only seven tiles away and still not get hit while not having any cover.

That was fun, but I hope you don't burn yourself out. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

So they notice the one friendly fire incident but taking down most of the hostile force and securing the outer wall is ignored? Gotta love pony xenophobia.

We are curious of events, even crossovers that may happen along similar lines. Likely any human coming over would understand the displaced there when speaking English, but certain cases may provide a interesting 'angle'.

" How do you know?" asked Firebolt, "They all look the same to me." He shot wildly into the fray as we ran, killing two Sectoids and... one of the guards. We all winced as we neared the ledge, and I made a quick prediction that that little mistake was going to come back to bite us as we dropped down to the previous city level, barely avoiding the wave of plasma fire sailed over our heads.

The Heavy class...forever plagued by low Aim.

The actions of a guilty party trying to cover their asses. While they killed the enemy they also interfered with a military action. If you appeared on the battlefield in Iraq dressed as insurgents but shooting the enemy claiming to be a patriot, but in your actions killed some friendly, you'd be arrested and tried for treason too.


Yeah I suppose I should have guessed the once again humiliated guards lied to make themselves look better, still no interogation straight to trial? I would have expected twilight to atleast want to know how she trained the "dumb human" so well or the whole non-detachable armour thing.

Who said they lied? all any one saw was two ponies and a human dressed in armor wielding alien weapons. Obviously tech far beyond anything any pony has let along humans who in this universe are equal to dog in level of intelligence. It doesn't matter what they were doing at the time, the fact that they are using alien weapons means that they have prior knowledge of the aliens and either didn't tell any pony or were working with the aliens. Both are serious on their own, but their are two crimes that are confirmed. One they Killed a Guard in the service of defending the kingdom and two they trained a human to kill.

So a trial is warranted. And during said trial they will either prove their innocence of the charge of treason or face even harsher penalties for any other crimes they may have committed.

"Starlight Glimmer, Firebolt," Celestia began, her voice carrying the weight of an executioner's axe. "You are charged with killing a royal guard, breaking and entering, cooperating with the creatures that attacked us, training this human to fight for you, and using dark magic as a weapon. How do you plead?"

"I plead not guilty!" *Bitch slaps Celestia then flies away on a giant owl*

Outskirts of Canterlot, 2.5 hours later
The only warning anypony had was a flash of green in the sky.

I hate to say it, but this is the most useless scene change ever.

Also, yaaay, I furthered the alien plot!

Can't think of anything else, so...Flashbang!

"You are charged with killing a royal guard, breaking and entering, cooperating with the creatures that attacked us, training this human to fight for you, and using dark magic as a weapon. How do you plead?"

I plead Bullshit! The Gardens are a public space, and I refute the claim of breaking and entering!

Now for helping the aliens, yeah... I helped them thin the ranks, and the murder was the new guy! Not my fault I gave him a gun he couldn't handle!

POST EDIT: How did they know about what magic she was studying?

5990201 They gathered witness reports while the protagonists were in the dungeon. And Psi energy looks an awful lot like dark magic.

Also, what actually happened was one count of manslaughter and interfering with an army operation, which in real life is enough to earn you a lengthy prison sentence. Celestia is totally in the right here.

5990911 She would be, if she wasn't bringing them up on false charges.

Plus, I kinda think they should be a tad grateful considering that they managed to kill four sectoids, and only lost twelve of their Armored guard.

Those numbers aren't very good...

5990945 Some are false charges, some are not. The ones that aren't are the ones they have to worry about.

Hmm, it was an interesting choice to have them be antagonistic towards Equestria. One of the hall marks of X-Com is the delicate balance of political favor the organization wields. Having them be a Rouge organization that operates independent of Equestria with no backing or funding that steals all its resources kinda makes them a reverse Exalt. Hehe, ironically that might be funny if they bump into Equestria's X-Com. Seeing as Equestria is a hundred years behind in Tech to be at a point where they could mount even a basic defense I'm surprised the Protagonist is just going to let them flounder around in the dark.

The halfhearted attempt at humor fell flat, and Celestia's brow furrowed as she began to pace. "This is a most disturbing development. I'll have to think on this. Max, you should to Twilight, I think she's going to need your support."
poor foolish Celestia... also you should probably have go before the to

Interesting story, seemed odd this story is connected to 'Your Human And You' but I think I can get used to it. Definatly adds a new level of complexity to the story.

Will you be bringing in enemy within tech and enemies? Also have you seen a girl with a dirty dress and had glowing yellow eyes about yea high? *Bends and puts hand near knee*?

That was fun, may I have another? Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

However, even as they went at it again, he quite couldn't shake the feeling that the symbol on Twitchy's uniform looked familiar...

Once he realizes what it is, he'll shit bricks.

6083464 thing will be easier once he realizes it and tell celestia

6083512 But he'll still shit bricks before he tells Celestia.

6083535 yep and celestian swill shit blocks once she heard she not only missed an anomaly but one that can protect her little ponies

6083580 I hope to God that he'll beat the shit out of any pony that treats him like he's an animal. Spars with Max to show who is the dominant Human here.

6083591 i dont think he will hang around those without psy since that will make them a liability by being unable to protect themselves from the aliens mind control, since both max and twilight have none, i want to know if any of the remaining bearers have psy

I've been watching Marbozir on youtube rip aliens to shreds with very little casualties taken. (He tends to play on impossible and succeeds.)

If he were commander of this outfit, the aliens would have a lot of problems killing anyone who is an active soldier in X-COM. Also being an active soldier would have been the safest place to be even if you tend to get wounded a lot and The Bradford would be smoking a lot and possible be Tree Hugger.

I think the Ravagers from the Earth Defense Force games would also make for a good story, except for the fact that the Ravagers had all kinds of problems killing that one incredibly determined soldier who just wouldn't die. Playing as that one bad-ass guy in a war against aliens would be kind of awesome and it would end with Fluttershy having giant riding ants for pets.

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