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This story is a sequel to Star Trek: You Can't Go Home Again

A Star Trek Crossover

Leaving Starfleet behind, James Scott heads back to Equestria, eager to return to his friends that he made over the last five years.

From the shadows, a pair of glowing crimson eyes, fueled by a petty thirst for revenge and a powerful ancient artifact thought hidden, watch intently, while danger stalks his every move.

Elements of the cover image, used in accordance with the artists stated wishes for linked credit, are by:
Starlight Glimmer by 90sigma
The Alicorn Amulet by Fureox

Cover Image by Myself

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 47 )

Will be following this story. Unfortunately I will be unwilling to upvote this story until it is finished or nearly finished since the first story discombobulated due to writers block. You are a good writer. You didn't have the human and pony fall instantly and unbelievably in love with each other. You also had a good balance of slice of life and adventure leading to a good pace in the story. Looking forward to reading this as it comes out.

Welll, this one's going on my tracking list.

Happy to see my suggestions accepted by the author of a such interesting story :yay:

Very nice intro and why was starlight on a clpud

She cast the spell needed to walk on clouds and conjured wings like twilight did for rarity with the help of the amulet.

no reaction to me having angel die? Boo-urns

6025890 I know I had to re-read the chapter tp figure it out:twilightoops:

Who ya gonna call?

Twittermite busters.

Wait, no, Shereclop Whooves?

Looks like evils ahoof Watson. Why is that Whooves? Because theyre lousy flyers. :pinkiecrazy:

Fluttershy sat still with her eyes closed as I weaved her mane into an elaborate french braid that curved itself so that half encircled her neck like a necklace. She told me she wanted it to be a surprise. "Keep your eyes closed, there's one more thing I need to add," I told her, getting up and walking over to the vase she kept on her nightstand and picked a small daffodil and placed it into her braid just above her ear.

ART. THIS. NOW. Um... please? Someone?

Well done chapter. Only thing that got me, was Zecora. Her name is misspelled each time her name came up. In fact, it made me double check the spelling of her name. here is a linky. http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Zecora


Keep up the entertaining tale :)

"I can care for [the small baby rabbit] if that's what you're asking."

Replacement Angel! :yay::pinkiehappy:

Ok, this starts off cute, mad rampaging plant eating bunny, but has Fluttershy got enough plant eating animals around to eat a pack of Timberwolfs?

If James still carries his phaser, seeing if short blasts can ignite the Timberwolves would slow them down, or just turn them into burning attacking Timberwolves.

That Alicorn amulet is going to be a real pain, except Discord has shown he can, without the elements, out play Celestia and Luna together. At th very least, chaos wise, he would just use his chaos field to totally block out the Amulets abilities, leaving his physical abilities intact, and his freinds to take care of the now normal ability Starlight?


If James still carries his phaser, seeing if short blasts can ignite the Timberwolves would slow them down, or just turn them into burning attacking Timberwolves.


Why could I see something like this...

James taps his comm badge, "Scott Free," touches Fluttershy's back, "two for emergency transport!" They both vanish in a display of light before Starlight can do anything. Growling, Starlight and the Timber wolves look for the escaped pair, only to hear an odd whining sound, They all instantly reach eight-thousand degree's as the Scott Free's defense turrets spew volleys of lethal energy at them. Discord shows up just in time to see several blackened spots and a traumatized guard captain.

I can't wait to see what ya have in mind for this story. Thx for writing it. :)

I will bet my paycheque this Thursday that you will not be able to guess what I have in store, but you'll have to wait till saturday night to find out because of you know... work and stuff. (I work for a courier company and work from 5am till we're done, so some times I pull 11-15hr days)

oh wow didn't see that coming:pinkiegasp:

Good. Was getting a little tired of people predicting plot outcomes from the last story... :pinkiecrazy:

Hope you liked it :twilightsmile:

With Discord around, he couldve done th classic Pipe in U Bend and it wouldve fit, as a transformation, lied about or otherwise can be done with near any excuse. :pinkiecrazy:

6121087 You make a good point, and it does fit with Discord's character, but what I did also fits with his character. At the time of the fight, all He wants is to never see Fluttershy sad again, and that means making sure James survives, as for the transformation, well, he could have prevented it, but he didn't want too, because Discord, and will be talked about in the next chapter. That and I have plans, plans that will not be discussed at this time.

My wings flared as I was left stunned staring at the reflection of a Stallion with a light brown coat, black mane and black goatee.

Ponification. The surprise in some of the boxes of HiE Story-flakes. You have a better chance of winning if you buy the box with Discord-berries though.

Joking aside, I didn't see that coming. You really don't expect it unless you have the words "Conversion Bureau" in the title. Well, at least James woke up a Pegasus. I mean with Discord involved he could have woke up as a Griffon or a Dragon or even *gasp* a Bugbear.

6126545 anything but a Pegasus would make fluttershy sad... :fluttercry:

well at least we know starlight isn't heartless

Then we woke up.

Should be 'they', I think? :twilightsmile:

Pesky evil soul fragments... I thought we'd sprayed for those! :rainbowlaugh:

Sorry to hear about the rough time you've had. I hope things perk up for you soon!


Pesky evil soul fragments... I thought we'd sprayed for those! :rainbowlaugh:

Luna: "We did. But somepony forgot that one has to spray again in a few years to kill the hatching eggs. ALWAYS remember the spray doesn't get the eggs left behind!:trixieshiftright:"

When having difficulty walking, consider Douglas Bader.

Wonder if Pinkie will be round later with the cream cake. :pinkiecrazy:

Lots of bits? Thats a lot of carrots.

Remnds me of other things Ive heard of which are expected to form only under extreme conditions but be relatively stable in normal conditions.

Mettalic hydrogen?

Pinkie gets to throw new parties for parties. :pinkiehappy:

Yay flutters is going to be a mom and James a dad also if you don't know season 11 is out for Star Trek online and it is god but now you have to deal with the dam Tholians stupid crystal spider people:raritywink:

James sure didn't waste any time. Must have gotten a lot of practice controling his new body :rainbowlaugh:

6577165 Recently heard that scientists theorized hydrogen under enough pressure would be superconducting at room temperature. Wonder what neat properties metallic hydrogen will have.

Congratulations on completing this story.

Looks like Q,s moustache stamped its mark of approval as well.:moustache:

The family photo so cute little Zoe is cute

Cute picture but didn't you write that the stripes in Zoe's mane were pink like her mom's?


Blessed with a full mane of hair, it was almost totally jet black and wavy with shocks of pink streaks the same colour as her mother as well.


I just had to put my dog down today and now seeing this happen to angel :'( poor flutters

Does James Scott, look somewhat like commander Reiker ?

Have you read the TNG novel Indistinguishable from Magic?, If you have, that means... THE Scott was in orbit of Equiss. (Scotty was the captain of the Challenger, before handing it off to Geordi because of age.

Question, is that Challenger the Challenger-A? Cause the original Challenger was captained by THE Scotty, before he handed the ship off to Geordi, because of age and too much time in the transporter. The Challenger, which was Galaxy-class, was lost during the book Indistinguishable from Magic, it's where I got my info.

BTW, Scotty acted as Chief Engineer after giving the ship to Geordi. The More you know!

It is the Challenger A. And yes, I've read Indistinguishable From Magic, I've read all the books that came out since the DS9 relaunch.

Yeah, that's about the Federation's level of hypocrisy. Individual puts his life at risk to save an entire planet from a monster, 'interfering in their natural development' of being destroyed. Send him to the brig. Same planet has shiney new crystals they can use? forget the Prime Directive, we want stuff.

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