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Chaos runs rampant in the night. Screams of those innocent that are caught by the grime and filth of the criminal are never answered. The guard cannot keep up with all the crimes being commited. But thankfully for them and all of the ponies that live in Equestria, there is someone who watches from the shadows, one that stalks the stalkers. A silent guardian that brings vengance to those who deserve it. And they will be needed more than ever, as a group seeks to unleash a great evils back into the land. And it will be a day that no pony can forget. But just as there must be a day, there must also be a knight.

Sequel to the Dark Knight for Equestria and sister story to For Her Mistakes. Comment or critque.


Chapters (28)
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Comments ( 590 )

holy sh*t the sequel talked about in prophecy has come true, time to read

Addendum* Where can I find the sister story or is it not released yet?

Holy freakin' Batman! IT'S OUT!!!

Well, the sequel is finally up.

And I''m totally calling it. Batmare is Scootaloo. She's the one who got training from Batman, after all.

Now the only questions are who is playing the part of Alfred, helping tend to her wounds and supply her with the resources she needs? Also, who is behind the murders of five fillies, and what purpose were the rituals meant to serve? Hopefully, by analyzing the knife used for the latest ritual, our heroine can get some clues to help prevent a sixth sacrifice.

Man, I love the heroic beginnings to all these...heroic stories. I love how its going so far. I also can't wait for Dash's reaction when she finds out Batmare's identity. That'll be gold.

But... Is Batman coming back? Zhat is zhe question.

... Man, this is really getting me hyped up. Time to go for a fifth reread of A Dark Knight. :rainbowdetermined2:

Wait whaaaaaat! I thought it was supposed to be a green lantern story :derpyderp1:

Been waiting for this, lets see what happens. Awesome start! :pinkiehappy:

it ironic that the day you put this story in the day that the premiere episode bats! in my little pony. ┬┐or you planned?

They say genius takes time, and boy it has been a long time. Really cannot wait to read what you have in store with this.

A sequel to Dark Knight? YEAH!!!!:flutterrage:

Way to go Scoots you live up to Batmans name.

Also where can I find "For Her Mistakes."

Is the sister story uploaded yet?

Like the others said, where's the sister story?

Batman himself will appear in this story won't he?

I've been waiting for this for a while now and I can already tell it is going to be worth the wait! :pinkiehappy:

I kinda expected that Batman will be back. Oh well, I guess I got what I wanted for a female role.

when the green lantern story is coming out? I kinda find batman boring :applejackunsure:

*clicks update button at top; reads description of latest update* "Sequel to the Dark Knight for Equestria*

Sequel to...to...*hits Read Later immediately* It will be done.

Great stories of Bad ass Batman their is a sequel with your apprentice as BATMARE

Going to be a few more days before it's out.


I hope theres a pony Joker then my day will be complete. :pinkiehappy:

Finally a Squeal! Please have Batmare be Scootaloo it make sense on so many levels plus if Scootaloo can't fly at least she'll have a grappling hook now. Now all we need is for the real Batman to return and somehow have Dark Magic resurrect the Joker since it takes place in the Arkhamverse after Arkham city and this fan fic will be perfect. I can't wait to see what happens next! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

The Bat has returned

That beginning...

Nothing beats the classics, right?:raritywink:

I absolutely loved the first story, especially the dynamic scootaloo and bruce had.
Faved and watching. :pinkiehappy:

[You had me at "Sequel."]

I have high hope for this one!

Wow I never would have thought you would make a sequel to this I hope this turns out good

Another fine addition to my favorites box.

There are not enough Squeee's in the world right now...

With that attitude at the end, I expect Scoots. I'd be heavily surprised if it were anypony else, given her time with the Bat.

Also, nice job emulating the Animated intro. That was really cool.

Weee, was waiting for your next work ever since I found your stories a few ekes ago. Your one of my favorite authors on the site. If this story is up to your previous standards then I know we have another winner. Am interested in the direction your going to go with. Good luck!

Sequel to "Dark Knight for Equestria"

Faved and tracked, 'nuff said.

3696409 In the previous story, "Dark Knight for Equestria", Scootaloo could finally fly while trying to save Bruce's life from a deadly blow by Morgaine.

Eh...Not bad. I'll give you points for being original with the concept your going with here for a plot and being well written.

My only complaint is the cliche batman gadgets and lines but meh nothing too horrible.

Hell, I'll track this story. It's interesting.

Considering I just beat arkam asylum and am playing arkam city now, and the awesomeness that was the last story, this will be epic.

3695094 well considering that Pipsqueak is shown in the tags, I'll call him as the Alfrid standin

OMG! This this is what I've been waiting for! Awesome job!

sister story to For Her Mistakes

i cant find that storie

I like this alot gonna just watch this for now and see what happens.

So Scootaloo apparently followed Bruce's example perfectly. Instead of just relying on the small amount of training Batman gave her, she decided to become a master in martial arts.

And it appears that the Elements of Harmony and the Princesses know about the other type of crusading that she's been doing. At least she knows that it would be incredibly foolish to try doing all of this on her own.

And the seaponies are referenced! But they apparently weren't very peaceful, not with rituals like that. And deciding to betray their own kraken like that...talk about stupid!:facehoof:

Now, Scootaloo should probably get some help if it looks like she can't get any leads about the sixth sacrifice in time. Because if this demon is summoned, it's going to be trouble all around!

Hey Are any other super hero ponies going to show up? because i would love to see a iron stallion maybe even just referenced.

Oh this is just too good! Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

Alright, now we know where the story is going.

No Applebloom or Sweetie Belle tags? It wouldn't be right for them not to show up, especially since the main six are in this. Even in the last story, they were more important plot wise than Rainbow Dash (who literally did nothing to progress the plot whatsoever), and this is a Scootaloo story, so unless some kind of twist is being planned, having them not show up or be mentioned (especially since it seems like at least Twilight and Rarity know Scootaloo is Batmare) is a little odd. There was even a perfect chance for the other two cutie mark caped crusaders to be mentioned in this chapter, but weren't making it hard to expect they'll only have a cameo appearance.

Well...so much for lighthearted shooby-doo stuff.

And, as obviously called, it's Scoots. And she gets the best birthday presents ever. XD

Evil rituals and ancient beasts usually don't end well for those involved.

I have to ask: will we see any other Pony superheroes? I can imagine others mimicking Batmare or even doing their own thing once word got out.

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