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In the Shadows of the Knight


Dark clouds covered the night sky, clouds that were lit up with a red hue from all the spotlights that were shining up into the sky. Blimps cirlced over the city like silent guardians that shined their spotlights down on all. The city was mostly asleep, with the sun having already gone down for the night. The streets were generally abandoned; those who were out were either courageous or up to no good. Outside of the Manehatten bank, two shifty ponies stood silently in the shadows, one of them looking at his watch while the other looked out at the bank. The one with the watch smiled as his watch counted down from five to zero.


A massive explosion ripped apart the night, awaking all ponies who lived in a four mile radius. The two shady ponies quickly ran inside of the bank, racing towards the vault that was now a smoldering pile. They ran past the decimated door and smiled evilly when they found the stacks of bits laying there, waiting to be taken. The two of them pulled out the bags that they had brought along with them for this operation, stuffing them to the brim with as many bits as the bags could fit, before running back off through the hole in the side of the building. They ran out into the streets only to be blinded by spotlights from one of the blimps, the light showing a number of guards that had surrounded them.

"FREEZE! You have nowhere to go!" one of the guards yelled out to them. The criminals smiled to one another before pulling out twin magic crossbows, bows that had been modified to fire blasts of pure magic, essentially making anypony that had one on par with a unicorn. The two thieves opened fire on the guards with the magic crossbows, striking two of them in the head. The guards opened fire in return, their volleys of magic forced the thieves into an alley way as they continued to fire back. The two ran down the alley way until they reached a series of fire escapes, the taller of the two jumped up and grabbed the ladder, pulling it down for him and his partner to climb up. They pulled the ladder up after them and quickly ascended the fire escapes, leaving the guards lost and confused in the alley below. The two thieves smiled to each other as they began to celebrate their successful burglary...until a dark figure landed in front of them. The two of them came screeching to a halt as the dark figure slowly stood up in front of them, narrowing its eye slits as they entered its gaze.

"Oh Celestia...it's the freaking bat," one of them whispered in horror.

"Well don't just stand there gawking, shoot it!" the other one screamed as he pulled out his crossbow, the other one following suit. But before either could pull the trigger, the dark figure whipped its arm and a black bat flew towards them, knocking the crossbows out of both of their hooves. The dark figure then jumped into the air and flew straight into the first thief, slamming his head into the ground before flipping over his body. The second goon screamed in what was more fear than rage and started throwing wild punches at the figure, who simply dodged left and right to avoid the hits before delivering a wicked uppercut to the jaw. The goon had barely hit the ground before the dark figure had pulled out a cord of rope from her belt and tied both of them up. The figure turned its head as it heard guards approaching and vanished into the shadows just as the guards came climbing up the fire escape. They ran over to the thieves and looked down in confusion at them, wondering who had tied them up. The bags full of bits were found next to them and the guards also noticed one of them had a black eye. If any of them had looked up on the skyscraper that was across from them, they would have seen a solitary figure standing on top of it, cape flowing behind it as lightning streaked the sky behind. When the lighting stopped, the figure was gone.


'Well that was a nice waste of time,' Batmare thought to herself as she leapt from building to building, thinking about how the crime in Equestria had gotten worse in the past ten years. She attributed that to the fact that ten years ago, a massive battle took place in Canterlot that showed all of Equestria that the princesses and the Elements of Harmony were not invincible and that the princesses could not be everywhere at once. She folded her wings and came down in a roll on the roof of a sky scraper, her armored suit absorbing most of the impact. As she flipped from one roof top to another, she remembered how the crimes had started out small--stick ups and purse theft. Then the crimes began to escalate, ranging from bank robbery to full blown assault and murder. And just as the assault ten years ago had shown, the princesses and their guards couldn't be everywhere at once. And that knowledge alone was enough to allow crime to spread all across Equestria. With the princesses unable to do anything to stop all of the criminals, and the guards being stretched way too thin, the criminals thought they ruled the night. And they had...until a year ago. That's where she came in.

One year ago she had started her crusade against all of the criminal scum that now plagued her world, deciding that she would help those who cried out in the night, but had nopony to answer their calls. She was the Batmare, and within the year all of the criminals and scum had come to fear the masked vigilante that dressed as a bat. She contributed to that fear, partially by her methods of terror and partially from the fact that her outfit was designed after the great hero of Equestria who fell ten years ago. The Batmare came to a stop on the side of a skyscraper, crouching over the corner and scanning the streets below for any sign of trouble while continuing to think.

But what had scared her most was the large number of recent crimes that had plagued this city and many others like it. At least four fillies had gone missing over the past month and they were nearly impossble to find...alive anyway. She had just recently been informed that a fifth one had gone missing two nights ago, and she was the only one with the clues to find her. She had found enough clues from the previous kidnappings to tell her where the fillies had been taken, but she always arrived too late to save them. But tonight that would change. She had managed to track the filly-nappers to a warehouse that was in what was called the bad lands. That's where she woud find the filly tonight.

Batmare leapt off the building and let her black wings spread from under her cape, allowing her to sail into the sky and head off towards the bad lands. Just as the ponies had said, this place looked bad. From the sky, she could see graffiti on most of the buildings and places that were no longer hospitable for pony life. She shook her head at the condition of the place, thinking about how grand the city had looked a few years back. The warehouse that she wanted was just up ahead, so she began her descent and landed on the rooftops. She silently walked along the roof, folding her wings back so that they rested under her cape. She then moved to a window and tried to open it, only to find that it was locked. Her masked face never changed its expression as she reached for her belt, extracting a lock pick and inserting it into the window's lock, having it open within a few seconds. She silently slipped inside after placing the lock back and landed on a walkway, allowing her to see into the empty space. Even though it was night, a circle of candles sat in the center of the room.

And what they revealed by their light made her sick.

It was the same as all the others. As she landed on the floor without making a sound, she saw that the filly was already beyond her help. The filly, or what was left of her, was in the center of a circle of candles with a weird symbol painted on the ground beneath her body with blood, but she couldn't tell if it was the filly's or somepony elses. As Batmare walked over, she scanned the ground with vision that could make a hawk feel pathetic. Multiple hoof prints were in the dust that were scattered all over the floor, telling her that much like the other cases, the filly had not been alone when she was killed. And that led her to the body of the filly herself, which was the least favorite part of job, examining the corpse.

The filly was laying spread eagle on her back, all of her legs strapped to the floor so she couldn't move. Batmare looked at her, seeing that she was a brownish filly with a green mane--just like the description of her had said. It didn't need much detective work to determine what the cause of death was, the giant knife sticking out of her chest was more than enough evidence. But the knife itself was interesting. There were symbols carved into the side of it and it seemed to glow with a mystical property, just like the other knives that she had found. It was barely eight inches long, but it looked sharp enough to go through her own armor. She gently pulled the knife out of the filly's chest, ignoring the blood that started to pour from her chest again. After she placed the knife on the back of her belt and secured it, all that left her was the corpse. Batmare looked down at the body of what had been a young life; she never showed any emotion. That's what she had learned from her teacher, never show emotion on a case. But she felt it, the sheer rage and disgust at the thought of those who would do this.

"...and then I told her, HEY! Watch the suit!" a pony with an accent said to his buddies as he threw open the door to the warehouse and sauntered in, six ponies following him with a number of mops and trash bags. They walked over to the only other pony in the room and looked down at her body, shaking their heads with a whistle. "Man, I hate it when these turn into a big mess. Can't they just ever finish the ritual without the fancy knife? Sure would make my job a lot easier."

"Just be thankful you have a job," another one of the ponies with a hat said as he walked over to the body, whipping out another knife and began to cut the restraints that held the filly down. "With the way the world's been going, just be thankful you can scrounge up this job."

"I suppose you're right, but I just hate to think that when I look back on my life, this is the job that I'll remember having," the other pony muttered, mopping up the bloody symbols that covered the floor. The pony with the hate had finished cutting off the restraints and prepared to move the filly's body...but then something stopped him.

"Hey, isn't she supposed to have a knife in her chest?" he asked his companion. The other pony walked over and looked at the corpse as well, looking at her with a frown.

"Yeah, I think that they normally do. Why would this one-?"


The pony with the hat jumped back with a scream as the Batmare came flying down from above and landed on the other one's head, knocking him out as well as knocking out a few of his teeth. She flipped through the air and landed on all fours, slowly rising to her full height so that the pony with the hat knew with whom who he was dealing.

"Holy hell...you're the freaking bat," he said in a whisper, backing away slowly as she began to advance. Just like all the others she scared crapless, his eyes were immediately drawn to the batarang that was infused with the front part of her suit. Then his eyes looked up into her eyes; the fear slowly spreading as her white eyes stared back. "P-please don't hurt me! I don't want any trouble!"

"I can't guarentee that," she said in a deadly whisper as she started a slow walk towards him, keeping her voice menacingly low. "But we can do this two ways. You can tell me what you know and go turn yourself in...Or you can tell me what you know and end up in a hospital for three months. Choose carefully." The pony backed away with pure terror in his eyes, but then he remembered that he was not alone and that gave him the confidence he needed.

"I think I'll take the third option...kicking you ass!" he said with a smile as he blew a whistle that was hanging from around his neck. At the sound of the whistle, six more ponies came running in and quickly surrounded the Batmare. They were all big, burly ponies that had a number of tattoos and knives, which would make them intimidating opponents in another situation. She looked around at them with a bored look before turning her attention back to the main guy.

"Hardly seemes fair," she said to him without emotion. All of the ponies began to laugh at that.

"Why should we make it fair? If we kill you, the legendary Batmare, then we'll be the most feared ponies around!" the hat pony said with a grin, the thought of killing the myth caused his eyes to shine.

"You misunderstand. I meant that it wasn't fair...because you're all horribly outclassed," she said with a grin, a grin that sent chills down their spins.

"What are you standing around for? Get her!"

The ponies all yelled and rushed her at once, hoping that their number advantage would overwhelm her. They were sorely mistaken. Batmare shifted her front leg and dropped a small black pellet that exploded into a cloud of smoke that blinded all of them. Batmare burst out from the cloud of smoke and drove her leg into the first pony's face. As his head snapped back from the force of the blow, she flipped over top of him and axe-kicked his head, smiling slightly when she heard his skull crack. His body had barely hit the ground before she landed on her back and rolled over to the next one, coming out of the roll by placing her front hooves on the floor and drove both her hind legs into his face, breaking a number of teeth. She spun around as he crashed to the ground and blocked a punch that had been aimed at her head with her front hoof, grabbing onto the pony's attacking arm and pulled him into her knee. He collapsed to the floor as the next two punching bags ran towards her screaming at the tops of their lungs. Batmare smiled while she leapt into the air over their heads and reached inside her belt, pulling out two batarangs with blue crystals in them and threw them at the hooves of the two ponies. A storm of electricity lanced out of the batarangs and struck them, the electricity coursing through their bodies as they screamed. She landed behind them and looked back, knowing that the electricity wouldn't be enough to kill, but they wouldn't be feeling well for a week. She turned back around to the last pony and-


Stupid, arrogant, foolish pony. Batmare staggered back a bit from the punch to the face, cursing herself for letting her guard down during the middle of a fight and allowing the enemy to hit her. The pony with the hat had run up to her the moment she turned her head and sucker-punched her right in the eye. She stopped staggering back and slowly turned to face him, her rage boiling over. She said nothing, but began to walk forward right at him, her eyes watching him for any sign of movement. He swung with a right aimed at her head which she blocked almost immediately, and drove her hoof into his chest, knocking the wind out of him and staggering him. He growled and rushed her again, trying to take her out with a 'one-two'. She countered each hit with both of her hooves, setting him up for a kick to the face. He stagged back while clutching his jaw, and blood began to pour out of his mouth and nose. He tried one last time to strike her, winding back with all his might and throwing a powerful haymaker towards her head. She smiled and reached up with one arm to catch it, stepping in close so that his arm now rested over her shoulder, before she stood up while bringing is arm down.

"AAARRGGHH!" he screamed as his bones shattered. He staggered back as he clutched his arm, all the while swearing at her. She grabbed him by the neck and drove him into a wall, pinning him there with her arm.

"How did you know about the murder tonight? Who hired you to clean up the body?" she asked him with a growl, lifting him off the ground as she did so.

"I don't have to tell you nothing," he spat at her defiantly, even though he had teared up from the pain of his broken arm. All of his defiance slowly turned into fear as a small smile spread on her lips, and she held her other arm over next to his head, flicking her arm and letting him watch as three black blades came out of the armor.

"I will not ask again," she said in a deadly whisper. She smiled as she watched the beads of sweat begin to roll down his face, and she could feel his confidence breaking. She slowly moved the blades closer and closer to his throat until they were right next to his neck, drawing a small bit of blood.

"Okay! Okay!" he screamed as he felt the pain of the blades going into his throat, all if his confidence gone. "I'm not sure who hired us, but they always speak through a random pony. We're never contacted by the same guy, but they always pay well as long as we don't ask any questions! We get rid of the bodies and they pay well! That's all I know, I swear!" Batmare frowned, not sure if he was telling the whole truth, but she needed to get back to the cave and analyze the dagger she found. She smiled and gently lowered him to the ground...before delivering a massive knee to his face. She sighed as he slid to the ground with blood coming from his nose, dropping the bat persona for a minute.

"Ow, jeez that really hurt," she groaned to herself as she gingerly rubbed her eye. "That's going to bruise in the morning. And that's just what I need, more clues as to who I am." She grabbed the hat pony's leg and dragged him over to the group of other ponies, placing him next to all other bodies. She then reached back into her belt and pulled out a flare gun, which she aimed at the ceiling and fired. She watched as the flare shot through the roof and up into the air, exploding above the warehouse into a massive bat symbol. The guards for the city would be here soon, so that meant her time here was over. She picked up her two batarangs and slipped them back into her belt before vanishing once again into the shadows, heading off towards the cave. The guards would arrive later to find the broken bodies of the scum and the corpse of the filly. That would be all they'd find.

Author's Note:

Trying something a bit new with this and it's sister story, so bear with me for a while.

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