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Warning! Takes place After Assassins creed III. Contains some spoilers if you didn't play or finished the game!
Image is not mine, but i give credit to who ever made it! and yes Connor will look like this in the story.
First few chapters takes place before the start of season one!
Disclaimer: the characters and the references in this story belong to their respected owners!

Edit: Dark and Gore tags have now been added for future chapters just incase.

Basically, Connor is in Equestria.
Its not much of a description, but the story is good i can tell you that.
the story will speak for its self once you read it.
Rated teen for mild language, mild blood, violence, action, some random chapter comedy references during certain chapters(probably)and the main characters hunting skills on wild animals to hunt(not too much of it).

Edit: I now have an Editor named Drakalian. You'll see his name next to chapters from now on as the chapters are now edited and fixed. Here's the link to his profile to check his content and if you need his services. https://www.fimfiction.net/user/154991/Drakalian

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Comment posted by Corporal Lyra deleted Jan 21st, 2013

It just takes time Mr. Satyr403 it just takes time.:fluttershysad: but hey since you like it have a pinkie smile!:pinkiehappy:

You're too kind Mr. hurricanekicker. :twilightblush: thanks for the comment!

I really like this, but I have noticed some grammar errors.

First: It's not pegasi, it's pegasus. Pegasi is the plural form of pegasus(one pegasus, two pegasi). So if you were talking about two or more, use pegasi, but because you kept referring to only one, it should be pegasus.

Second: "Darkness, that’s all the figure can see no light, no warmth, nothing; he wondered if this is what death feels like"

Put a coma between "see" and "no"

Darkness, thats all the figure can see, no light, no warmth, nothing...

"The figure stood up from what ever he was laying on and looked around to see where he was, what he saw was a white clean room, the first thing he saw was a mirror."

Put a coma between "white" and "clean" and "room"

...what he saw was a white, clean, room...

“That’s right” she said.” didn’t you notice your wings? What kind of pony are you that doesn’t know he has

The "W" in the last "wings" should be lower-cased.

What kind of pony are you that doesn't know he has wings?

"The female smiled as she tried not to bring ant painful memories back to the pegasi."

Change "ant" to "any" and "pegasi" to "pegasus"

The female smiled as she tried not to bring any painful memories back to the pegasus.

“Yes, I was the one who asked for help that night and I thank you for helping me and the filly Cheerilee.”

Put a coma between "filly" and "Cheerilee".

...I thank you for helping me and the filly, Cheerille.

"He didn’t know what a “wheelchair” is, but what ever it is he needs it, for he still doesn’t know how to walk in his new form."

Change "is" to "was".

He didn't know what a "wheelchair" was...

"Moments later after getting Connor a “wheelchair”, Redheart leads Cheerilee to the fillies’ room as she pushed Connors wheelchair to look for the room as well."

Change "fillies'" to "filly's"

...Redheart leads Cheerilee to the filly's room...

“I do not understand its sound like as if you didn’t want to be rescued that night.”

End sentence after "understand".

I do not understand. It's sounds...

“I ran away from the orphanage, no adopted me ever since, one by one everypony was being adopted by great parents."

Put a coma between "one" and "everypony".

...one by one, everypony was...

"The ponies are shocked even more; this filly ran away from the orphanage because she never adopted and lived all alone by herself."

Add a "was" between "she" and "never"

...because she was never adopted...

"Connor was surprise by the filly’s story; he has been in a similar situation as the filly but much more brutal."

Change "surprise" to "surprised"

Connor was surprised by the...

"Scootaloo was shocked so did Cheerilee and Redheart, they never knew Connor was an orphan."

Change "did" to "was". And add a coma between "shocked" and "so"

Scootaloo was shocked, so was Cheerillee...

"As I got to the village...it was on fire…I ran inside to find my mother…but…it was too late…I couldn’t save her…I’ll never forget the words she told me that day…Be strong she said…that’s what I did as I grew up…and I’ll stay strong until it is my time to leave this world."

Put quotation marks for "Be strong".

...she told me that day..."Be strong" she said...

"Anypony at a young age mentally be unstable, but not Connor he stood strong just as his mother told him."

Get rid of the "be" and put "could become" between "age" and "mentally"

Anypony at a young age could become mentally unstable...

“No, they say it was an accident, other said that it was an attack by a rival village, but we never knew."

Change "other" to "others".

...others said that it was...

“Well then I’m glad we could visit and got know each other, but I’m afraid I must get Mr. Connor here back to his room and let little Scootaloo rest, mostly you Connor.”

Put a "to" between "got" and "know".

...could visit and got to know each other...

“Tomorrow we need to run some test on you to see if that wound on your stomach has any vital damage to you and teach you how to fly since you told me earlier today.”

Change "test" to "tests"

...run some tests on you...

"Redheart continue to speak where she left off."

Change "continue" to "continued."

Redheart continued to speak...

But seriously, I really like this story so far. Keep up the good work.

teh amnount of Assassians creed fanfics is absurd,


this one is diffrent and maybe enjoyable.

i will read on and see

Wait is this an alternate universe where cheerlie does not recanigze scootaloo?

Also congrats on making one good assassians creed crossover fanfic

Wow great Assassin's creed 3 fanfic¡ I can barely wait for the next chapters.:yay: I am eager to see Connor's assassin abilities as a pegasus.:rainbowkiss: BTW I have to ask you something: Did Connor still have his equipment, like his assassin robe, his flintlocks, his tomahawk, his sword, and his hidden blades?:rainbowhuh:

Altair and Ezio are very proud of you.:pinkiehappy: Please keep writing this great fanfic.


This story is interesting I'll give ya that.
It's a good thing he went 50/50 when he was telling his past.

Are you ganna keep writing the story, cause if you do I vote yes.

It a good one i just ponder if your put in his weapons and you molastia her self?

Didn't think one would need a run through of all pony types... :twilightoops:

so who will find out about the assassins first?

2130318 no but murphy's law says they will

2130827 hmm i never looked at that way before ...... your rite i look fowrd to the next chapter evan more now

I need to ask, how many days until the day before the summer sun celebration? Also, I'm noticing some grammatical errors in your writing. Would you possibly be looking for a proofreader? If so, I'd be willing to help.
I eagerly await more updates...

Sandvich brony: i honestly dont know what a proofreader is, but since you said it has something to do about grammar error i guess i could use some help with that. PM me to give me more info about how it works, also the fic takes place roughly about 2-3 months before the summer sun celebration starts. meaning connor will have time to get use to things around him and the people as well. also thanks for the comment, i will try to get the next chapter written and typed down, but it will take some time to do that since i have to think how it will start and see what happen next after that, plus the typing will take awhile. so in the meantime enjoy the chapters while waiting for the next update, wish me luck!

You getting all this desmond?

I bet when Desmond saw this, he went, " :rainbowhuh: WTF is going on?! Why is Connor a pony now!? This has nothing to do with our mission!" :rainbowlaugh:

2265817 shut up and watch desmond!!!:twilightangry2:

Hey everyone! Brony117 here!:pinkiehappy: I want to let you know that thanks for for the comments and your support for the fic, and dont worry chapter 4 is coming, all i need to do is finish writing it, which is halfway done i think.:applejackunsure: After that, typing is all that is left to do,I know it has been a while but its a long one and i hope it will be worth the wait for you guys so please just wait for me my fellow bronies as you continue to be patient and read other fics as you wait for the next chapter!:rainbowdetermined2:

I'm trying to figure this out....
How the hay did you miss so many words?
Seriously.... There is so many instances of a word somehow being skipped
that it was making it all rather unappealing. You accidentally a word.

And.... It's not bad, but this seems like a rather stereo-typical way to get this

Lols, what a convenient chapter title. I'll move on to chapter 2 to give this story
a "second chance".

Working on ch 4 fast as i can.

Dear Brony117
I truly appreciate and admire that you keep in touch and actually update your readers. I if only there were more authors like you maybe I wouldn't have to search for a good Assassin's Creed/Mlp cross over that isn't on Hiatus!

Yours Truly Thecakedevil

Thank you very much "Thedevilcake" that means so much!:pinkiehappy:
Im trying to let people know that im not done or giving up this fanfic by replying and telling them how long it will take to update, this is something no one has ever done before and im doing the best as i can. Also this chapter is very long in my opinion, originally there was going to be two parts but i decided to make it into one big chapter since it will be important to me and maybe to other readers and i was busy while I could't work on it. Anyway like I said in one of my last comments just wait and read other fanfics while i work on the chapter and the wait will be worth it. (I hope.)

Dear Brony117
I can definitely see how big if a deal this chapter is. After all this will be the first time Connor will be out and about among the ponies of Ponyville, I'm just shaking in my seat in anticipation your story has caused me. But anyways it's more then understandable for delays I'm not expecting new chapters to come as quickly as possible nor should anyone, These things take time,thought, and effort which is quite obvious to a reader that you put that trifecta into this story. Just take your time, don't feel rushed and your readers (Including me) will be waiting.

yours truly thecakedevil.

Comment posted by sniper alchemist deleted May 28th, 2013

To be honest i don't know when I'll post it up, but I am almost done writing it down, after that I type it and then I'll post the next chapter. just wait for it much as you can cuz its a long one.

you got your self a good story cant wait for it to continue :pinkiesmile::scootangel::twilightsmile::yay:

WHAT NO! NOW I NEED TO WAIT A MONTH FOR NEXT CHAPTER! nooooooooo! :raritydespair:

>=O dis fic is gud!! More pwease?

Holy shit I thought this was dead

Also this music fits perfect for the scene!:pinkiehappy:

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