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Assassin's Creed III:Friendship is magic season one - Brony117

Warning! Takes place After Assassins creed III. Contains some spoilers if you didn't play or finished the game!

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Chapter 3 : A brand new day

Chapter 3: A brand new day

It has been two weeks since Connor first woke up in the hospital, along with a filly named Scootaloo who was found on the streets when he first arrived in this new life he has called “the second chance”. It has been very strange in his new life; he found out that the people in this world call themselves “ponies” in this land called “Equestria”

There are four types of ponies that live in Equestria.

First, the earth ponies, these ponies are like the horses that he has seen in his previous life when he was a “human”. The earth ponies are mostly farmers due to their natural abilities to produce food like, lettuce, carrots, apples, plants, etc.

The plants part shocked Connor, ponies could eat plants? That part he didn’t know, he mostly saw the horses back home eat hay stacks which is part of their diet. Connor suddenly remembered that he is a horse! But he also remembered that he is actually a pony, not a horse, he still couldn’t tell the difference on that part but he forced himself to accept the fact that it is what the people in this world call themselves.

What is mostly special about the earth ponies is their natural strength, this natural ability helps them to become faster, stronger, pull anything that Is too difficult easy, hit anything with full force, and athletic.

These ponies are the strongest out of the four races.

Second, the pegasi, these ponies have wings on their backs that give them the ability to fly.

Speaking of flying, Connor remembered when he first took flight.

He crashed into a tree.

It was a painful sight to see when it happened, the nurses and doctors ran up to Connor to see if he was ok. Cheerilee, who was there to visit Connor and Scootaloo saw what had happened, she wanted to go with the nurses and the doctors to see if Connor was ok, but decided to let them do what they do best and not interfere the situation.

As for Scootaloo, who was also there being accompanied Cheerilee, just fell down on the ground laughing uncontrollably at Connors situation.

Luckily nothing was broken, only his pride.

After a few days later of learning how to fly, minus the painful crashes, was able to fly with no problem. Scootaloo on the other hoof was eager to learn how to fly as well, but the doctors told the filly that fillies at her age aren’t able to fly until their older.

Her response, she crossed her fore hooves together and pouted.

Flying is not what makes the pegasi special, what truly makes them special is the ability to control the weather by standing on clouds.

Wait! Controlling the weather by standing on clouds!? That’s not possible!

The doctors actually made Connor believe its possible when one of the nurses, who is a Pegasus, flew up into the air, grabbed a cloud, stood on it, jumped on the cloud a few times, and rain poured onto Connor, leaving him soaking wet. Cheerilee, the doctors, the nurses, and the nurse who poured rain onto Connor, tried to contain their laughter of his embarrassing.

Scootaloo fell on the ground laughing.


After drying himself with a towel from the “rain”, Connor did the same thing as the nurse did; he flew up into the air, surprisingly grabbed a cloud, stood on it with a smile on his face, jumped on the cloud, and nothing happened. He tried again and again; no rain came form the cloud.

Connor became so frustrated he jumped on the cloud so hard something finally happened, something so amazing no pony saw it coming, especially Connor…

He got struck by lighting from the cloud.

When that happened everypony stared at Connor while their jaws were trying to hit the floor, but they were quickly shut by the other pony next to them, including themselves. After Connors “shocking” surprise he fell off from the cloud and onto the ground while twitching every five seconds since the lighting was strong. Later that day while recovering, he was told how to properly create, rain, thunder; lighting, wind, snow, and other types of weather a Pegasus should learn and perform “correctly”. In a matter of days Connor was able to control the weather from clouds properly, again, minus the painful shocks.

Once again, what makes the pegasi special is the ability to control the weather by standing on clouds, creating, rain, thunder, lighting, wind, snow, and other types of weather.

Historically, pegasi are the most warrior-like type ponies out of the four races.

Third, the unicorn, these ponies have “horns” on their heads that gives them the ability to control magic.

Magic…now that’s one thing he didn’t believe, that’s was until Redheart told him the doctors were going to run some test on him to see if the wounds on his stomach has caused any damage to his vital organs. One of the doctors, who happened to be a unicorn, used his “magic” on Connor to scan his wound for any infections or damages on his organs. Miraculously, everything was fine; Connor was healthy as a…pony.

His second life was starting to get strange and stranger by the minute, but he’s starting to adapt to the life he was given.

Controlling magic is what makes the unicorn special, however these ponies are physically less endurant since magic is their greatest strength.

These ponies are the most magical out of the four races.

Lastly, the alicorn, there is very little information about these ponies, basically they are considered royalty due to the fact that alicorns have the abilities an earth pony, a unicorn, and a Pegasus. There is only one alicorn in existence so far, her name is princess celestia, the only ruler in equestria.

Connor didn’t like that, a ruler in equestria, back in his previous life there was a ruler who was called a tyrant who made peoples lives miserable, hopefully she is not a tyrant in this life or else another war will start. But his thoughts were interrupted when Cheerilee told Connor that Celestia has been a very good ruler in the last one thousand years and has never been corrupted by all that royal power. Hearing that made Connor feel relaxed and calm, the princess had ruled for a thousand years and has been a great ruler as other rulers should be.

Wait! A thousand years!? Princess Celestia has lived and ruled for a thousand years!?

Its official, this life has become completely different…

Present time

After two weeks of being hospitalized, Connor was given permission to leave the hospital since he was now fully recovered, along with Scootaloo, who also fully recovered. Being in the hospital for a long time was starting to irritate Connor, eating the food there was horrible, nothing to do but read books, throw a plastic ball at the wall was a time consumer but the ball sometimes doesn’t comeback to the owner, and the worst thing he hates the most was needles…goodness needles are the worst. One thing for sure, Connor doesn’t have any plans to go back and decides to be careful from now on, Scootaloo also agreed to be careful as well.

In Connors room, Cheerilee, Scootaloo, and himself were having a discussion of what will happen next.

“Connor,” said Cheerilee. “Do you and Scootaloo have any plans after leaving the hospital?”

Connor replied back to Cheeirlee while the Pegasus sat on the bed eager to leave.

“What I plan to do next is to find a place that sells better food than the hospital; I do not think I could handle it any longer.”

“That’s right,” said Scootaloo with a hint of happiness in her voice. “The food here stinks! Got to get me some hay fries, sweet delicious hay fries, along with a nice cold smoothie…”

Thinking of that made Scootaloo drool from her mouth, she couldn’t wait to get out and stuff her mouth with some real food.

Listening from what Connor and Scootaloo said made Cheerilee laugh, being in the hospital can be torture.

She replied back.

“That sounds like a good plan.”


“All right Mr. Connor its time for you to leave, all that is left is for you to sign some paper work collect your belongings, and you’re a free stallion!”

Connor replied back to the nurse, who happens to be Redheart.

“Thank you Redheart, just give me a moment.”

Connor slid out of the bed carefully and slowly stood on all four hooves. Standing up with four hooves felt weird, it’s like walking on your knees, and hands, and crawl like a baby, but in this form its like having four legs. It took Connor some time to learn how to walk like a “pony”, all he had to do was to look at other ponies movements and memorize them carefully and there you have it, you can walk and run like a “pony”. But what’s really strange is that the fore hooves almost act like “hands”, when you garb something with your hooves its like magical invisible fingers wraps around the object and some how your holding the object with your hooves!

But most importantly is that he can walk, if he didn’t, he would have to stay in the hospital even longer, and it’s all thanks to the “eagle vision”!

Redheart spoke when Connor got out of the bed.

“You can walk? Good! I didn’t think you could!”

“Yes well, I was on the “wheelchair” the entire time; you didn’t give me the chance to walk."

Redheart slightly laughed and replied back.

“Sorry about that, but that’s hospital rules, everypony must be on a wheelchair when we need patients to be healthy and recover soon as possible.”

“I understand.” Connor replied back.

Suddenly Scootaloo interrupted the conversion.


“Scootaloo!” said Cheerilee. “Were in a hospital, there’s no need for that type of behavior, and please use your inside voice.”

“Cheerilee it is all right,” said Connor. “I am just as eager to leave as well, if you were in the same situation as us you would want to leave correct?”

Connor did make a good point; Cheerilee would go crazy if she stayed here longer. She replied back after being convinced.

“Well I suppose your right; it would make me go crazy.”

Connor smiled and turned to Redheart, who was still waiting at the door.

“Sorry to keep you waiting Redheart, shall we get those paper work signed?”

“Of course follow me please.”

Minutes later after being escorted at the front desk, Connor was finishing writing the paper work he needed in order to leave the hospital with Scootaloo. Cheeirlee, who was in the waiting area, was trying to tell Scootaloo to calm down, the filly couldn’t handle the wait anymore, she just wanted to leave the hospital already.

After finishing the paper work Connor spoke to Redheart, who was behind the desk checking the paper work he filled out.

“Is everything in order Redheart?”

“Of course, everything checks out the only thing you need is your stuff, please wait while I go get them.” Said Redheart.

“I’ll be here when you return.” Connor replied.

With that said she left to find his belongings.

As Connor waited, Cheerilee walked up to him and spoke while Scootaloo was still in the waiting area eating a chocolate bar that was brought by Cheerilee herself, Just in case she got hungry, it was the only way to calm the filly down, surprisingly it worked.

“Is everything ok? Can you leave the hospital?”

“All is well Cheerilee,” said Connor with a slight smile. “The only thing I must do is wait for Redheart to bring my belongings and then we may leave.”

A shout was heard.


Connor and Cheerilee turned around to see Scootaloo walking up to them with chocolate stains on her mouth, and excitement in her voice.

“I can’t wait leave this place, it’s like a dream come true!”

“Scootaloo!” Said Cheerilee. ”What have I told you about using your inside voice! And clean your mouth you got some chocolate on you!”

Seeing this made Connor laugh slightly, but the moment was quickly over when Redheart returned with a brown backpack over her shoulder and carefully settled the bag on the floor.

“Here you go Mr. Connor,” said Redheart. “You’re now free to go!”

“Thank you Redheart,” Connor replied. “Would it be alright if I open the bag to see if all my belongings are in here?”

“Not at all!” Redheart replied.

With Redhearts permission given, Connor opened his bag and saw what was in:

Assassin robes

Dual hidden blades

Assassin tomahawk (damage)

Bow and arrow (no arrows)

6,000 bits

After seeing what was inside Connor was relieved that most of his belongings he needed was there, but his flintlocks, his sword, and arrows are missing, or it had been taken away. Not only that his tomahawks handle is broken, it needs a new one, the “A” shaped blade however was perfectly fine, Connor didn’t want to bother what happened to his stuff when he knows they needed to be replaced.

His train of thought was broken when Redhearts voice was heard.

‘Is everything alright Connor?”

“Yes,” Connor replied. “Everything fine, although it seems that some of my belongings are missing, and one of them appears to be broken.”

“Really?” Redheart replied. “All that was in the bag was your, your coat, the bracelets, the bow and its bag, the “A” letter shaped stick that was already broken, and a bag full of bits.”

That’s all that was in the bag? Strange…it sounds like as if most of his weapons vanished. But how? Into thin air? Sounds impossible, but since Cheerilee told him about magic it’s possible. He hopes there is a store that can replace and repair the weapons he might need.

Redheart spoke while Connors train of thought was interrupted.

“I apologize if we had lost some of your belongings.”

“It is all right,” he replied. “It is not your fault, the items can be replaced." ("I hope…")

After the quick conversation, Connor looked into the bag and took out his hidden blades. He hopes that they still work or else it will be impossible to replace or repair the blades, unless there is an inventor or a black smith that can do the job.

Connor put on the bracelets and slightly thrusted them forward and the blades came out, it works!

Seeing this made the two mares and filly react.

“WHAT IN CELESTIAS NAME!?” shouted Redheart.


“COOOOOL!!!!” shouted Scootaloo.

Connor quickly calms the ponies down and reminded where they were as he puts the blades away.

“Ladies please, were in a hospital! Use your inside voice!”

Hearing that made the mares and the filly quickly close their mouths, this made the trio look at each other and giggled. After the quick laugh they spoke.

“Sorry about that Connor,” said Redheart. “We were spooked by the bracelets.”

“That’s right,” said Cheerilee. “As soon as those knifes came out I completely forgot were in the hospital.”

“That was awesome!” said Scootaloo. “Tell me where you got them!”

Connor replied back.

“Its quite alright, I forgot to mention what these bracelets are when I put them on, and no Scootaloo you can’t have them."


Redheart spoke to Connor about the bracelets.

“What are they exactly? By the look of those knifes they aren’t just for show.”

“They are for…protection.”

“Protection? She said. “Protection from what?”

Connor started to worry, he knows what these blades can do and they must not know.

“Their just for protection…”

“BUT FROM WHAT!?” she shouted.

Suddenly Cheerilee interrupted the conversation.

“Redheart please, you heard what Connor said it’s just for protection you can never be too careful.”

Connor was surprised, Cheerilee protected him! Why would she do that? Perhaps he has gained her trust? Or does she trust him?

Redheart responded back with an apology.

“I’m sorry…I was just worried that’s all…”

“It’s all right,” Connor replied. “You were just curious that’s all, no harm done.”

After the conversation Connor grabbed his robes from the bag and wore them, the two mares and filly stared at him with amazement.

“Those robes look amazing.” said Redheart.

“Wow…” said Cheerilee while blushing.

“Awesome!” said Scootaloo.

Connor was smiling from the comments; however something felt wrong, the robes felt uncomfortable for some reason. Seeing this made Cheerilee worry, she spoke to him to see if everything is fine.

“Is something the matter Connor?”

“My robes, something doesn’t feel right.”

Redheart joined in the conversation and spoke to Connor.

“May I see the robes for a second?”

Connor removed his robes and gave it to Redheart, after a quick examination she told him about its condition.

“There’s nothing wrong with your robes Connor, although I know the reason why it's not comfortable when you wear it.”

“What is it? He replied.

“It’s your wings.” said Redheart.

“My wings?”

“Yup,” she said. “It’s the reason you feel uncomfortable when you wear the coat, your wings need room to move around and to fly as well.”

“I see, Connor replied. “Shouldn’t be a problem.”

He then took out one of the hidden blades to solve the problem by cutting the back of his robes, but Redheart stopped him before he could do that and explained why.

“I-I t-think that w-won’t be necessary Connor…”

“Why is that?”

She replied back.

“W-well I know somepony who can properly create the holes for your coat without ruining it.”

“I see…well then I might have to take your offer.”

Hearing that made Connor put away his hidden blade, which made Redheart feel relaxed. She continued to talk.

“Not only “she” can help you with your robes but she can also help you and Scootaloo’s hair and tail.”

Hearing that about his hair and tail made him forget how long it is, it really needed a hair cut, or…hair and tail cut.

“Y-yes of course, that would be helpful, do you know the location?”

“Sure do,” she said. “Let me write the direction down and you can go over there when you have the chance.”

Moments later after having the directions to the location, Connor, Cheerilee, and Scootaloo were standing in front of the door having a quick conversation.

“Well,” said Cheerilee. ”this is it… are you ready?”

“I do not know if I’m ready for this…” said Connor. “Will I be welcomed?”

“Of course you will Connor!” said Scootaloo. “I’m sure you’ll fit in with us!”

Connor replied with a simile.

“Thank you Scootaloo, your words give me strength.”

“Hehehe, glad I could help.”

Cheerilee spoke next.

“Okay everypony, let’s go!”

With that said the three ponies opened the door and when outside, into a land that is alien to Connor.

A land called equestria…

To be continued.

Author's Note:

I give credit to Audiophillie who helped me get the information about the earth ponies, unicorns, pegasus, and the alicorns.