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Assassin's Creed III:Friendship is magic season one - Brony117

Warning! Takes place After Assassins creed III. Contains some spoilers if you didn't play or finished the game!

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Chapter 1: Prolouge (Edited by Drakalian)

Chapter 1: Prologue

The war is over, Washington’s army has defeated the British army. They have won, so many lives lost, so much destruction the war has caused, but to the people it was worth it. They are now free, it has brought happiness, joy, and freedom. Now they have a land of their own which is now called “America the land of the free”. They will have problems to rebuild their cities, their land, their homes, and their families, but they want to enjoy their freedom for all the hard work they did to stop the redcoats before they could worry and enjoy their lives in happiness.

But not all of its people were happy. One man by the name Connor Kenway, a native who was the first of his people to become an assassin, was one of those men. All he ever wanted was to save his people, his village, and the land from the redcoats to claim it as their own. He succeeded, but he also failed at the same time.


(Months after the war)

When Connor was heading towards the village, he was wearing the robes of the assassin that belonged to a previous owner which were then passed on to him. The robes were mostly white and with light blue stripes from the torso to his feet, along with black pants and brown boots that went up to his knees and brown leather fingerless gloves on his hands. The robes also has a hoodie to cover his face, but he has it down at the moment. He was carrying weapons with him to defend himself, a sword, a bow with a bag that carried his arrows, a tomahawk that look like the shape of the letter “A”, two gauntlets that releases two short blades that are hidden underneath the sleeves of the robes, and two flintlocks that are holstered on his belt that also had the letter “A”. His hair is black and tied into a pony tail, but was shaved into a mohawk to show his love and respect for his people. His skin is tan and the colors of his eyes are brown. He was carrying a backpack over his right shoulder that carried his clothes, his personal belongings, and other items that he might need.

When Connor found the village he was eager to return home, to be greeted by his childhood friends, the villagers, and the leader of his people, to call him a hero for saving their home, their land and his people.As he entered the village there was no one there, the village was abandoned. How long has it been that way?He started to think that his people lost hope in thinking that they will be alright, for Connor will save the village and things will go back as they were. But it seems they had given up and left to find a new place to call home. All that fighting, all that bloodshed, all that pain he suffered, was for nothing.He started to lose hope, but he continued to look for them until he entered one of the large huts that belonged to the leader of the village and how his journey to find the brotherhood began. As soon as he entered, there was nothing but a box in the middle of the room, to which he walked up to it and opened the box, revealing a glass ball with strange markings.

“Why would they leave this behind?” said Connor.

As he picked up the glass ball it glowed bright and everything around him turned black, leaving him in the darkness and the glass ball as his only source of light.

Suddenly the voice of a woman was heard.

“ Ah…long have I waited for you to return, you have done as I asked. You have succeeded.”

Connor replied to the voice.

“No! I have failed! My people are gone, chased out by those who I thought I would protect them from!”

“It is a trade. A sacrifice, but not in vain.”

Suddenly a woman appeared from the darkness wearing a white dress with gold jewelry on her head, neck, and wrists. Her hair is black and long that went down to her shoulders. She was somehow not solid, but almost as if she was a spirit. Her name is Juno, but Connor doesn’t know her name.

She continued to speak.

“For you have found it.”

Connor was confused. Found what? He looked down and saw a green circle amulet that had a string and went around his neck. He almost forgot about it.


“Yes.” Said the spirit. “Now you must hide it where none shall think to look. Then in time…what once was…shall be again.”

Connor became confused even more. What shall be again?

“I do not understand…”

“You don’t need to.” She said. “Only do as I ask, then you may do as you wish.”

Do as you wish? Connor didn’t care about that at the moment, he only cares for the villagers.

“What about my people?” he said, trying to keep calm.
“You have saved this place.” Juno said calmly. “Just as it was your peoples purpose, that is what matters the most.”

Connor started to get angry with the spirit.

“It is not enough!” He shouted.

Connors shout didn’t affect Juno at all, she continued to speak.

“It will never be enough...you fought for something that does not exist anymore Still you have made a difference. And you will do again.”

Suddenly, Connor lost his temper.


Juno replied calmly again.

“It does not matter, your people are gone.”

Connor stared at Juno with anger in his eyes.

“Remember.” She said. “You must hide the amulet where none shall find it…”

(“That’s it?”) Connor thought. (“All she cares about is the amulet that’s hanging on my neck!? What’s so special about this amulet! That’s all she cares, the amulet, just as I care about my people.”

Silence filled the air until…

(“Wait! The amulet! That’s all she cares about, just as I care for my people!”)

Connor grabbed the amulet and ripped it from his neck.

(“let me show her how I feel about my people as she is about to feel when the amulet is gone.”)

Seeing what Connor is doing Juno spoke with worry in her voice.

“What are you doing?”

“Hiding the amulet where none shall find it.” Connor replied.

He then did the most unthinkable action he had ever done, one that others never dared to do. He tossed the amulet in the air and, as if everything went in slow motion, Connor pulled out one of his flintlocks and aimed it at the amulet, then pulled the trigger.


“In pieces…”

Seeing what Juno has witness she finally showed emotion.


Suddenly a bright light appeared from the broken amulet and it became brighter, then heavy winds blew in the hut.

Juno screamed at Connor with anger in her voice.


The light got even brighter. Connor shouted back at Juno.


Then the light grew so bright it filled the entire hut, both Connor and Juno shielded their eyes from the light until it absorbed both of them.

Moments later the light died down, the hut was empty, leaving behind a few things, such as the box that Connor opened, the glass ball with strange markings was now in pieces, and one familiar figure in white robes…

It was Juno.

She was the only person in the hut alone after the bight light died, after regaining her sight she looked around the room, wondering what happened. She then realized Connor was gone. Where was he? Did he escape while the light blinded her? Or did the light turn Connor into ashes as the heavy winds blew them out of the hut? She put those thoughts aside as she looked for the amulet, the only thing she cared for. After finding what’s left of the amulet she tried to put it back together, but it was useless. The amulet that was suppose to be their salvation was destroyed.

The more she put it together the more it broke into pieces. She fell on to her knees and stared to cry.

Until a voice was heard.

“My, my, look how the might have fallen.”

Another figure appeared from the thin air, which happened to be another woman who wore the same dress as Juno, but with more jewelry on her.



The two spirits stared at each other as if they knew each other for a very long time.

After what seemed forever, Minerva was the first to speak.

“So that was your idea to save the humans? Tell a native that is the descendant of Altair, Ezio, and his father that he is the key to give Desmond the amulet that will save the world from destruction by hiding it where only he himself will find it?”

Juno didn’t say a word, Minerva continued to speak.

“I pity you Juno, for I know your true methods behind this “saving the world idea”.

Juno stood up from the ground and spoke.

“I-I have no idea what you are talking about.”

Minerva slightly laughed.

“Juno please, your actions speak louder than your words as the humans say.”

Juno became confused.

“What are you saying?”

“The amulet.” Said Minerva. “Your key to have a new physical body that will let you walk the earth and enslave the humans. But to do that you need Desmond, and use him to free you by using the “device” that will shield the earth from the suns destructive rays and take Desmond’s life so you can be free. But it didn’t go as you plan am I correct?”

Juno was shocked by Minerva’s words, how did she know about her plans about the amulet? Using Connor to hide the amulet, lead Desmond to find it and use the device to take his life away and use her new physical body to enslave the humans. But now that chance has been taken away by Connors actions by destroying the amulet, and now all her efforts to accomplish her goal is now gone.

Her response to Minerva, she faded away.

Minerva smiled as Juno “ran away” from the area, she never felt proud of herself in a very long time for she made Juno look like a fool and exposed her plan to rule the world.

Minerva was about to fade way until she looked up at the sky. It was night time now, the day seeming to have gone by so fast. She then spoke.

“Connor, that's your name is it? I give you my thanks for destroying the amulet for me, but it is true what Juno has said, you have doomed your civilization. Do not worry, there are other artifacts around the world that are left by my civilization that will prevent the destruction. As for your people, they have fled the land to find a new place to call home, they will face hard times to find it, but they will eventually. I will keep them safe until I find a new descendant from Altair and Ezio to save your world."

As Minerva started to fade she spoke one last time.

“Wherever you Connor, alive or not, be safe”

With that said she faded.

It was a cold rainy night in an alley way, the moon was out and shinning brightly. In the alley was a figure laying on the ground motionless while the rain continued to pour down.

Suddenly the figure wakes up breathing heavy, he looks around to know where in the world he is. The figure slowly stood up, he felt weird at first but decided to worry about it later, and as soon as he fully stood a sharp pain was struck on the side of his stomach. The figure fell down harshly on the ground as he screamed in pain. He then put his hand on the place where the pain was at, but his hand felt different as if it wasn’t there. He suddenly felt a warm spot on his stomach and it was wet. He knew what it was.


He remembered how he received the wound from his last mission to find a certain person to accomplish his mission. He was still recovering from the injury that almost cost him his life. He put pressure on the wound and slowly dragged himself to the nearest wall to lie against and catch his breath.

Suddenly a sound of crashing came nearby him that put him on edge. He slowly stood up again not to make the pain worse and slowly walked carefully to approach to the source of the sound that came from with a knife attached to his wrist in case of an attack. As he approached ready to attack he saw a small child inside a cardboard box trying to shelter themselves from the rain, he didn’t know if the child is a boy or a girl since it was dark and raining.

He decided to start a conversation with the child.

“What are you doing here young one?”

No response. He spoke to the child again.

“Are you all right? Can you hear me?”

“L-leave m-me a-alone…”

The figure put away the knife and replied back to the child.

“Why are you here alone by yourself? Where are your mother and father?”

The child didn’t response again. The figure got worried and went towards the child to see what’s wrong, he touched the child’s head and felt hot. The child was running a fever!

“You are not well! I have to take you to a doctor!”

He had some difficulty trying to pick up the child but managed to finally pick them up, but carrying them caused his blood to bleed out more from his wound. He knew he would die from blood loss trying to hold on to the child and find a doctor, but saving the child’s life means more to him than his own life as he started to search for a doctor or anyone that could help him.

After an hour of searching for a doctor there was no luck, all of the shops where closed for the night until morning. The figure had lost too much blood trying to carry the child, his vision was turning black. Time was running out for him, he had to find a doctor quick!

Suddenly, luck was finally on his side.

There was a building with lights on!

Using what’s left of his strength he slowly walked towards the building as he started to lose his vision even more. As he got closer to the door he fell down on his knees feeling tired, all he had to do was knock on the door and its over.


No response. He tried again.


No response again. Is this it? Was he going to die here in front of a stranger’s front door along with the child he tried to help? He couldn’t’ give up, he has to help this child, and give hope to him or her that he is trying to save them!

He knocked the door one last time.


With that done he fell on the ground with the child under his arm trying to stay awake.



A voice was heard!

The figure had done it, he saved the child’s life, perhaps his life as well. He responded back to the voice.


With that said his vision went black.