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Assassin's Creed III:Friendship is magic season one - Brony117

Warning! Takes place After Assassins creed III. Contains some spoilers if you didn't play or finished the game!

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Chapter 4: Welcome to ponyville part 1

Chapter 4: Welcome to Ponyville part 1

Connor couldn’t believe it, he knew things would be different from now on but he didn’t expect one thing in his new life. It was something that he has always wanted to have since he became an assassin; it was a thing that is worth more than anything in the world, and now it is right in front of him…


“W-Where am I?”

Cheerilee, who was with Connor and Scootaloo, answered his question.

“This Connor…is ponyville.”

Ponyville? Sound fitting since the population is full of ponies, all three races to be exact. But that’s not what he sees, what he really sees are ponies minding their own business with their families, running their shops, enjoying each others company, and fillies playing with their friends.

Seeing this has put a smile on his face and replied to cheerilee.

“It’s beautiful!”

“You really think so? Its not much but-“

“No it’s the truth,” Connor replied. “I have never seen a more peaceful village that the places I have been.”

Hearing that from Connor has said made her smile; she never heard a comment like that since she moved here years ago.

“I’m glad you were able to say that Connor,” said Cheerilee.” not many ponies say something like that. Usually the ponies that pass by say ‘nice quiet town you got here’, you’re the first pony to say beautiful.”

Connor slightly laughed and replied back.

“Yes well, they don’t see ponyville the way I see it.”

After the conversation, Connor looked back at the village and its people as they move along with their lives. He’s never seen anything like this, a village filled with happy citizens with smiles on their faces, that’s something you don’t see everyday.

Scootaloo spoke to Cheerilee while Connor stared at what’s in front of him.

“I never saw him this happy before.”

“Well, Connor has had a rough lifelike you, only worse.”

“Yeah,” said Scootaloo. ”but how can his life be the same as me? I grew up with no parents, lived in an orphanage, and ran away from it because no pony wanted to adopt me.”

Cheerilee replied to back as she reminded Connors past to the filly.

“That may be true, but did you lose somepony that was close to you?”

“Well…no…I haven’t.”

“Connor did,” said Cheerilee. “That somepony was his mother, who raised him since he was a foal. But now that she’s gone and with no father to be there for him, he grew up with no parents, no relatives, nothing.”

“But what about him leaving his home?” said Scootaloo. “He didn’t run away from that, he walked away when he grew up.”

“Actually he did run away,” said Cheerilee. “Connor said when he grew older he left his village. Meaning he walked away form his home, leaving behind the painful memories he experienced as a colt.”

“Wow…” Scootaloo replied. “I never thought of it that way…”


“Now you know the similarities we both share.”

Cheerilee and Scootaloo turned around to see Connor standing behind them.

Cheerilee spoke.

“Did…Did you hear everything I said?”

“Yes I did, and I am glad you were able to compare my past to Scootaloo’s past and explain it her.”

Cheerilee blushed from Connor’s comment as she smiled. He then asked her a question.

“Cheerilee, I have a question.”

“What is it?” she replied.

“What are these symbols on my flank? And not just mine but everypony else, and including…w-well…y-yours…”

Connor blushed when he asked her about the symbols, including hers.

Cheerilee giggled at Connors question, especially when it’s about her symbol. Seeing him blush showed him how embarrassed he was when he mentions what the symbols mean on their flank, not just everypony but hers as well. It reminded her about her days in high school when colts look at other mares flanks and complemented on how…well…you get the idea. She knew what he was trying to be honest when he asked about what they are instead of ‘stare and asked questions later’ if she caught him.

She answered his question after remembering her day as a teenager.

“The symbols that everypony have are called ‘cutie mark’.”

“Cutie mark?” said Connor, including Scootaloo.

“You don’t know what a cutie mark is Scootaloo?” said Cheerilee.

Scootaloo shook her head.


“Well then a cutie mark is when-“


“What is that” Connor replied.

Suddenly Cheerilee panicked.

“Oh no! Oh no!”

“Cheerilee what’s wrong!?” Said Connor with concerned in his voice.

“I’m going to be late! I’m going to be late” said Cheerilee.

She then took off running fast as she could and shouted.

“Sorry Connor!”

After her response she was far away to respond back, leaving Connor and Scootaloo all alone, Speechless.

Scootaloo broke the silence.

“What just happened?”

“I do not know...” said Connor.

“Well whatever that was she’s gone now, let’s get something to eat!”

“Scootaloo!” shouted Connor. ”How can you think about food at a time like this!”

“Come on Connor you know your hungry for some real food, you know you want to.” She replied.

“That may be true but-“



“Looks like your stomach speaks for you,” said scootaloo. “I’m sure we’ll run into Cheerilee again soon.”

“I hope you are right,” he replied. “She must have a reason for leaving us like that.”

“I’m sure she does now come on!” Scootaloo shouted as she ran to find a place that sold good food.

“S-Scootaloo wait!” shouted Connor as he grabbed his bag from the ground and ran after her before she got too far.

After catching up to Scootaloo and doing some sight seeing, they were able to find a restaurant that has tables outside and sat down to wait for the waiter.

“This village is amazing!” said Connor. ”I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“I know, you said that for like the hundredth time…” said Scootaloo with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

After the quick talk the waiter came up to them to take their order by giving them their menus and spoke.

“Good afternoon sir and madam, I’ll be your waiter for today shall we get started with drinks?”

The waiter is male earth pony whose coat is white, hair and tail color is black, the hair is combed properly and tail is trimmed short, his cutie mark is a silver platter with a white plate, a spoon, a fork, and a glass cup that is empty. He is wearing a white long sleeve dress shirt with a black vest and a bow tie.

Scootaloo answered first.

“Banana smoothie Please!”

“Of course!” said the waiter.” How about you sir?”

Connor looked at the menu for the drinks sections; he didn’t know what to choose because he’s never heard of these drinks before.

Soda, smoothies, shakes, what kind of drinks are these?

“I’ll just have some water…” said Connor.

“Right away sir I’ll give you a few minutes to decide what to eat.” Said the waiter.

As he left, Connor and Scootaloo looked at their menus to decide what to order, Scootaloo quickly knew what to eat.


Connor had a hard time deciding what to eat; the menu was full of vegetables, and plants that are eatable. He remembered that ponies are herbivores not omnivores, it’s a shame, he wanted some ‘meat’.

His train of thought was quickly interrupted when the waiter returned with their drinks.

“Here we are,” he said as he set the drinks on the table. ”have you decided what to eat?”

Scootaloo quickly answered.

“Hayfries! Lots and lots of hayfries!”

“Hehehe, quite the apatite you have.”

“You have no idea.” She replied.

The waiter then faced Connor and asked for his order.

“And for you sir, what shall it be?”

Connor still couldn’t decide what to eat, he was still having a hard time with the menu.

The waiter asked Connor if he needed help.

“Would you like some help sir?”

Connor didn’t reply backa s he continued to look at the menu, he really didn’t know what to eat since it was full of vegetables and plants that are eatable of course.

The waiter asked again.

“Sir, do you need assistance?”

Again, Connor didn’t reply back and continued to look at the menu.

The waiter tried again.


“DAISY SANDWICH!” Connor shouted.

The waiter jumped in shock from Connor’s shout.

“P-Pardon?” he said.

“I’ll have the daisy sandwich…please?” said Connor with a nervous smile.

The waiter replied back.

“O-Of course sir, right away.”

After taking their orders the waiter left.

Scootaloo spoke to Connor.

“Are you all right Connor?”

“O-Of course I am, why would I not be?”

Scootaloo frowned at his response.

“Really, it looked like you had a hard time looking at the menu.”

“W-Well I…”

Suddenly she smiled.

“Its ok, I understand.”

Connor raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“You do?” he said.

“Yeah, not everypony likes vegetables.”


(“She thinks I don’t like vegetables just because I had a hard time with the menu? Well…that may be true but still, I was hoping there was something else that I could eat. I only choose the daisy sandwich because it the last thing I saw before the waiter spoke. Hay food, plant food, I don’t think I can those! Well…not yet at least, this is still new for me.”)

After some thinking the waiter came with their food.

“Lunch has arrived!”

“Yes!” shouted Scootaloo.

“Ok, who ordered the hayfries? A lot of them of course.” Said the waiter with a smile.

“Oh! Oh! Me! Me!” Scootaloo shouted.

The waiter laughed and gave her the food she ordered, as soon as the food was on the table in front of her Scootaloo began to devour it down.

Seeing this made Connor smile, as well as the waiter.

“Your daughter has quite the apatite doesn’t she?” said the waiter.

“Oh, she’s not my daughter I’m…I’m her care taker.” Connor replied.

“Really? I apologies for my mistake sir.”

“It is all right,” said Connor. “you did not know.”

“Of course sir,” the waiter replied. “anyway here’s your order.”

The waiter placed Connors meal on the table.

Connor couldn’t believe what he saw, the sandwich is actually a ‘daisy’ sandwich!

The sandwich has two pieces of bread; in between the bread were daises, along with some lettuce to give it an extra flavor, and a toothpick on top with a daisy.

The waiter looked at Connor with a concerned look as the Pegasus looked at the sandwich with a strange look.

“Is everything all right sir?” said the waiter.

Connor looked at the waiter and replied.

“Y-Yes, everything is fine. It’s just that I have never seen a delicious sandwich before!”

He smiled nervously as the waiter held his head up high, feeling proud.

“Why thank you sir!” said the waiter. “Our chiefs will be delighted to hear such a complement!”

After the complement, the waiter left, leaving Scootaloo and Connor to their meals.

Connor looked back at the sandwich, thinking if he should eat it or not.

(“So this is a daisy sandwich…looks like a sandwich that would make me sick since the daisy is a plant.”)



(“Grrr…getting hungry…it looks like I have no choice…I must eat the sandwich.”)

Connor picked up the sandwich with his hooves and stared at it one last time.

(“Here goes nothing.”)

He took a bite from the sandwich and prepared himself for the taste.”)


Suddenly, he took another bite, then another, and another, and another and another until the sandwich was completely gone!

The sandwich was so delicious Connor wanted another one!



Connor looked at Scootaloo with her head in the table and mumbled.

“Ohhh…too much hayfries…but it was worth it…”

Seeing the situation she was in made him slightly laugh, he then went over to her side of the table and carefully picked Scootaloo up and placed her on his back.

As this was happening the waiter returned.

“Leaving are we?” he said.

“I’m afraid I must,” Connor replied. ”for you see I have to be somewhere.”

“I understand,” the waiter said. “but first the check sir.”

The waiter then gave Connor a piece of paper and saw what was written on it:

Hay fries( lots of hay fries)” 15 bits

Daisy sandwich: 5 bits

Total: 20 bits

(“Bits? What are bits?”)


Wait! Redheart mention about a bag full of bits in his backpack back at he hospital!

Connor opened his backpack and search through it, after a moment of searching Connor found a brown bag that was heavy and made sounds that sounded like coins. as he opened the bag the first thing he saw was the color of gold, as he picked up the item that is gold and saw that it is actually a gold coin! Connor looked into the bag again and saw more gold coins!

(“Could these be the bits Redheart mention?”)

Connor grabbed 20 bits from his bag and gave it to the waiter.

“This should cover the payment for the meal.” said Connor.

The waiter counted the money and replied back with a smile.

“It covers it alright, thank you and comeback again!”

Both the waiter and Connor went their separate ways as one went back to work, and the other continued his search to reach his destination

It has been 30 minutes since Connor left the restaurant and has still been searching for the place that can repair his coat and cut his and Scootaloo’s hair and tail, but there has been no luck of the destination.

Scootaloo, now recovered from eating too much hayfries, spoke to Connor.

“You’re lost aren’t you?”

“It seems that I am…” he replied.

“Well why don’t we ask for help? It will be easier that looking for it than ourselves.”

Connor smiled from her response, why didn’t he think of that?

“Sometimes I wonder if fillies your age are smarter that the adults.”

Scootaloo giggled and replied back.

“I guess we are.”

Taking her advise, Connor looked around to find somepony to ask if they knew the direction if their location. Scootaloo also helped as she looked around to find help.


“There’s a mare coming this way,” said Scootaloo. “we can ask her for help since she’s up ahead.”

“An excellent idea Scootaloo,” said Connor. “hopefully she knows where the location is at.”

Connor and Scootaloo walked up towards the mare as she was heading towards them since she was in their way. As they got close Connor, Scootaloo and the mare stopped and looked at each other, the mare is an earth pony whose coat is bright pink while her hair and tail are somehow curly and poofy, it’s color is slightly dark pink, her cutie mark are three balloons, the balloons on the left and right are blue and the middle is yellow, lastly her eye color is light blue.

After the quick glances of each other, Connor spoke to the pink earth pony.

“Good afternoon ma’am my name is Connor Kenway and this little one here is Scootaloo.”

“Hi there!” said Scootaloo as she waved hello to the pink earth pony.

Connor continued to speak.

“The both of us are…new in this village and I was wondering if-“




“What…just…happened…? Said Connor with a surprised look.

“That pink mare jumped into the air, gasped, and dashed away from us…that’s what happened…” Scootaloo replied with a surprised look as well.

“Oh…good, I thought I was the only one who witness that.”


“What do we do know?” said Scootaloo.

“I suppose we can ask another pony for help,” Connor replied. “the mare left us before I could ask for the directions of the place we need to be.”

“Well that stinks…”

“Agreed, its best if we-“

*sniff sniff*

“If we-“

*sniff sniff*

Seeing this made Scootaloo raise an eyebrow in confusion. And a bit creeped out.

“Uh…Connor, are you all right? Why are you sniffing the air?”

Connor didn’t reply back as he continued to sniff the air.

(“That scent…I must find it!”)

Connor then used his eagle vision to make thing easier to find the scent. Everything around him has turned black and white, the buildings were colored grey, the ponies around him glowed white, meaning their civilians, Scootaloo Glowed blue and, meaning she is an ally. Connor looked around to continue to look for the scent, after a minute of searching he finally found what he was looking for, and its glowing gold, meaning that is his objective. The scent is a smoky trail that glowed gold and its coming a few blocks from where he is at.

“This way!” Connor Shouted.

He then ran towards the direction of the scent accidentally leaving Scootaloo behind.

“HEY! WAIT FOR ME!” She said.

Scootaloo then ran after Connor to know where is he going, and why?

After chasing Connor through many blocks, he finally stopped at an area that looked like a market that basically sells anything. Scootaloo, who dragged herself on the ground since Connor ran faster than her and was out of breath, managed to catch up to him as Connor searched the area.

(“How can he run that fast without using his wings!? It’s a good thing he hasn’t used his wing since we left the hospital.”)

Connor continued to search the area with his eagle vision, after a moment of searching he found the source of the scent that is a few feet away from him and Scootaloo. He turned off his eagle vision and walked towards it, while Scootaloo followed Connor while she dragged herself on the ground.


As they got close and saw what was the source of the smell they couldn’t believe it, this was the source of the scent that Connor was chasing?

Seeing what is in front of Connor made him drool, this is what he was not expected to find but he never knew they smelled this good! The sweet delicious smell of-



“Didn’t we eat earlier?”

“The food I had was a sandwich, it wasn’t enough!”

“Well why didn’t you get another one!”

“I was about to get another sandwich until you ate too much, I was looking out for you!”


“Uh…am ah interuptin something?”

Both Connor and Scootaloo turned around to see a mare earth pony whose coat is bright orange, hair and tail color is blond and both tied into a pony tail, her cutie mark is three red apples, a brown cowboy hat on her head, three dotted freckles on her cheeks, and her eyes are colored bright green.

Connor replied back to the orange coated mare.

“O-Of course not, we were just have a discussion that’s all.”

The orange coated mare raised an eyebrow and replied back.

“Alrighty then, anyway names Applejack!”

She put her hoof out in front of Connor for him to shake.

Connor became a little confused of what Applejack was doing, why did she put her hoof out in front of him?


(“She…she want me to shake her hoof?”)

Puzzled, Connor took his hoof out, reached for Applejacks hoof and shook it. As they shook hooves Connor introduced himself and Scootaloo.

“Connor Kenway, and this is Scootaloo.”

“Hello!” said Scootaloo as she waved her hoof at Applejack.

“Well howdy there Connor and Scootaloo, what can ah do fer ya?”

Before Connor could answer, the scent of the delicious apples went into his nostrils, making him drool. He answered Applejacks question.

“Are you selling these apples?”

Hearing this made Scootaloo face hoof while Applejack smiled.

“Ah sure do! What chu like? Ah have apples, apple fritters, apple fires, apple pies-“

“The apple pie please.” Said Connor.

“Yes sir,” said Applejack.” That will be three bits.”

Connor gave Applejack the three bits from his bag and Applejack gave Connor the apple pie, as soon as he received the pie Connor sniffed it deeply to smell the scent of apples. Now this is something he could eat!

“Enjoy yer apple pie Connor,” said Applejack. ”Ah hope you-“


“Like it…”

“Whoa…”said Scootaloo with a surprising look. “ I didn’t see that coming.”

“Same as here…” said Applejack with the same facial expression.

After moments of seeing Connor dumping his face onto the pie and eating it, both Applejack and Scootaloo stared at Connor, who is laying on the ground with a smile on his face and saying how much he enjoyed the pie.

“The pie was delicious; perhaps the best I have had all day.”

“Why thank you Connor,” said Applejack. “Comment like those make the apple family proud!”

“I bet,” said Scootaloo. “You saw how Connor ate that pie.”

“You got that right sugarcube,” said Applejack. “Judging from how Connor ate that pie he looked like a pig that don’t have table manners.”

Hearing that made Scootaloo laugh from the joke, as well as Applejack.

Connor blushed in embarrassment after hearing Applejacks words, he did devour the pie like there was no tomorrow. Only because he was still hungry when he left the restaurant so he could find the location he is looking for.

“That’s…very ‘honest’ of you Applejack.” Said Connor.

“Hehehe, sorry Connor.” Said Applejack.

“It’s all right,” Connor replied. “no harm done.”

Scootaloo spoke to Connor after his conversation with Applejack.

“Did that pie hit the spot?”

“If you mean by ‘I’m full’ then yes I am satisfied.” Replied Connor.

“Good,” said Scootaloo. “now we can finish our search.”

Hearing this made Applejack curious, finish their search? What are they searching?

“What cha looking fer? Need help?”

“Actually yes,” said Connor. “we are looking for the location that is written on this paper.”

Connor then opened his bag and took out a piece of paper and gave it to Applejack to see if she knew where the location is at.

After reading the paper, Applejack replied.

“Sorry partner, don’t know where that is.”

Scootaloo spoke to Applejack.

“Are you sure?”

“Ah am sure sugarcube.” Said Applejack.

She then faced Connor and replied.

“Sorry if ah wasn’t much help to you two.”

“Its all right,” said Connor. “I’m sure there are others who can-“





“What in tarnation is going on?” said Applejack.

“I do not know,” said Connor. “but I intend to find out.”

Connor, Applejack and Scootaloo walked towards a large group of ponies that gathered around to see whats going on, as they got closer to the crowd a scream was heard.


Hearing this made Connor and Applejack tense as they gave each other a quick glance and ran towards the scream with Scootaloo following them. As the three ponies made it to the front of the group they were shocked to at what they saw.

A mare was being attacked by a group of ponies!

Seeing this angered Connor and Applejack, how could these ponies do such a thing!

Connor looked at Scootaloo who is also shocked at what she is seeing; fillies her age shouldn’t see this type of violence! He looked around to see other ponies who are also shocked to and helpless to do anything, somepony has to do something!

As the group of ponies continued to hurt the poor defenseless mare, they shouted at her.

“This is what you get for getting in our way!”


“You’ve should’ve watch where you were going!”


“Yeah what what they said!”



“You need to learn your lesson for bumping into us, or should I say crashing into us!”



The group of ponies stopped what they were doing and turned around to see a white Pegasus.

“Hey buddy, mind your own business will ya?”

“That’s right, now get back to the crowd and watch us beat this mare up to show you wimps what happens when you get in our way!”

“Yeah what they said!”

Suddenly an orange earth pony with a cowboy hat appeared.

“Ah don’t think so pal, beatin up a pony who got in yer way is not right, especially if it’s a mare!”

“Oh yeah? Who’s gonna stop us?”

“I will.” Said the white coated Pegasus.

“Same as here.” Said the orange coated earth pony.

“Better make that three!”

Suddenly a mare Pegasus landed right next to the white Pegasus and the orange earth pony. Her coat is very light blue, also known as cyan, her hair and tail is surprisingly the color of a rainbow! Her eye color is pink and her cutie mark is a cloud with a rainbow colored lighting bolt coming out of it.

“Three against three eh? Just who do you think you are?”

“My name is Connor Kenway!”

“Names Applejack!”

“Rainbow Dash! Fastest flyer in all of Equestria!”

“Ok then, now let us introduce ourselves, names Comber, the one on my right is Razor, and the other in my left is Dusty.”

Comber is an earth pony whose coat is brown while wearing a black jacket with a white T-shirt underneath, his hair and tail color is black, his hair is combed back with the support of gel while his tail is plain short, his eye color is black, and his cutie mark is a black hair comb.

Razor is a unicorn whose coat is white while wearing a black vest with a white collar long sleeved dress shirt with a red bowtie, his hair and tail color is blonde , his hair is combed forward, his tail is plain short, his eye color is blue, lastly his cutie mark is a hair razor that is silver.

Dusty is a Pegasus whose coat is light brown with a blue flat cap on his head, his hair and tail color is dark brown, his hair is bowl cut, his tail is plain short, his eye color is brown, and his cutie mark is a dust broom with a dust pan.

“Alright,” said Comber.” Now that introductions are out of the way lets get this party started!”

Combers crew took their attack stance.

Comber stood on his back hooves and took a boxer stance, Razor also stood on his back hooves and took out a pair of razors from his vest and showed of his skills, dusty took out a sweeping broom from nowhere and also showed of his skills while flying/hovering in the air.

Seeing this made Rainbow Dash smile.

(“This is going to be easy!”)

Applejack shook her head in disappointment.

(“These colts are going to get hurt.”)

Connor raised an eyebrow.

(“This is not going to end well…”)

After some thinking, Rainbow Dash spoke.

“Ok guys who are you going to take? Dusty is mine.”

“Comber looks like an easy feller to take on.” said Applejack.

“Razor believes he knows what he can do with those knifes,” said Connor. “I’ll make sure he doesn’t hurt himself.”

“Then it’s a plan.” said Rainbow Dash.

Before anything could happen, Connor looked at Scootaloo, who is still with the crowd, spoke to her.

“Stay with the crowd Scootaloo, I do not want you to get involved.”

Scootaloo nodded.

With that done Connor, Rainbow Dash and Applejack faced their chosen opponents as they got ready to fight the three ponies for beating up the mare that got in their way.

To be continued...

Author's Note:

Sorry for the very long wait guys, I know in the comments I said it will be a long chapter but it is a very long chapter. So I decided to make it in two or three parts, hopefully it will be two parts. Anyway sorry for the cliffhanger, it looked liked a good spot to stop to get you guys pumped for the next chapter which is being typed right now! Lastly, no I'm not done with this story if that's what got you thinking.