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“I did my obligation. And now my son must complete his. But not in the world we are from. Here, he must do what others will fail. I have no fear in him failing this task that not even gods could succeed in, I fear what he will lose at the end of the road. Friends, family, love?"

"But I will succeed. War, death, life, family... nothing will stop me from saving everything. Its what I must do, because only I can. Everything is in this gamble. Lose it all, or lose a little to save everything else! But what will I lose?"

This is a cross over of the Assassin's Creed games (if you couldn't tell). And is based after the (Connor's, not Desmond's) events in Assassin's Creed 3.

Any ANYTHING that's in this story that I did not create belongs to their rightful owners and creators. This is a fanfic for entertainment of others and myself in writing. NOT TO MAKE PROFIT!

Cover art done by me. (Wish I did a better with the lines though. Still, some cover art is better then none.)

Special thanks to Fat1thatyoulove for being my proof reader/editor. (Chapter 4 - )

Also. I'm a novice writer. I have no plans on making this a major part of my life. I like coming up with stories, which is why I'm wright this.


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We'll, you've caught my attention :duck:. Hope to see more from this story.

“So she wants to meet me? Rely Alice?”


“Jeez, its just a joke... or is it?” The sly smile she had grew in size.



Thanks for telling me, and I just fixed the errors. Tell me if you see anymore!

I really like this story, but I'm seeing a few spelling mistakes, would you consider getting an editor?

I remember someone offering me to be an editor some time in the past, so I sent him a message.
I know have and editor for my story, and he will look over the next chapters for this story.
Thanks for reminding me!

I've noticed you say "thru" it should be through.

OK, I just have some tips on close ranged blade combat. The only way you can get an instant kill would be puncturing the heart, if you're lucky, or severing the spinal cord above the heart. I study blade combat techniques in my free time so feel free to ask any questions. Also, remember that in the Assassin's Creed games they point out that you need to keep your movements fluid. :twilightsmile:


I actually do know that a shot to the neck (that doesn't take their head off) isn't an instant kill. What I meant by is putting them out of the fight. I honestly don't think that any creature would continue fighting when they had their weapon knocked completely out of the grasp and a blade cut through their necks, cutting their ability to breath and great blood loss.

I do know that assassin's have a very fluent battle style. So I used my tactic when I play the games. To always and almost only counter. That and they faced 30 griffons head on so they had to play counter/defensive.

I still appreciate you're support and if I have any questions about close range blade combat that Google doesn't answer, I'll send you a message. :twilightsmile:

My life is technology and weaponry. I own a total of 64 weapons, 57 blades and 7 firearms.


I honestly now just realized that I used "thru" instead of "through" so much. :facehoof:
I must of not really paid to much attention to it sense the Open Office program I use said that there are no spelling errors, and I'm always writing this while doing other things. So, :twilightsheepish: I'll make sure my grammar is leveled up in future writings!

One a note. I WANT DAT CAR! Especially if I can get that paint job on a 2013 Ford Taurus! :rainbowwild:


I will, definitely ask you when I have questions! :twilightsmile:

What, no minotaur or dragon assassins? :fluttercry: oh well.

Well dude... Coming from the previous chapters which (don't take insult at this) absolutely terrible grammar and spelling wise, this is great.


None taken!
I know I'm not a great writer. But my skill does improve with each chapter I wright. And now we have a proof reader/editor for the story (major thanks to him for fixing my grammar)!
Glad you enjoy this story!

An Assassin's Creed crossover? I am intrigued, and now to begin reading.

:yay: Love it :heart: keep writing!


Actually I should thank you. The last few people I edited for didn't listen to my advise nor did they let my corrections stay, so I have to say thanks for trusting my judgments.

I have seen considerable Improvements since you got a pre reader I believe that this story has a lot of possibility of being a very successful story


Like I just said. I'm not a good writer. I'm a good story teller (at least I think I am!), so having you here will only make this story better! Still, thanks for making this truly readable to community! (And also turning my badly done rushed chapter into something quite good!)

And graduated to all the favorite, thumb up, and ponies that are now following me!
It means a lot!

the brotherhood is better then the wonderbolts. Dash cant top what they did.

the hook blade in revelation was awesome and the bombs also

my name is MIcnight and i am an assassin.
Vittoria de le assassnii

watch your homophones. It's a great story, all the same.:pinkiehappy:

You know what would be cool to add, a hidden sword. They can have a hidden blade on the left arm and hidden sword on the right.
Here is a video where I got the idea


:pinkiegasp: That is awesome!
I'll definitely think about it!

Comment posted by Shadow-Vision deleted Sep 2nd, 2013

3140798 thanks I am thinking of buying one that is similar. Its called Anubis, check his channel if you want one. They are just way to awesome:pinkiehappy:
Here is the video for Anubis

Also glad I could help and if you do use it just give me credit please....I mean if you want too:fluttershysad:


If I do decide to put the hidden sword in the story, I will give you credit where its do!

3141945 Thanks:twilightblush:
Also this would be a awesome weapon in assassin's creed 5 or something

The Elements... working with... with no choice...BRILLIANT!

I'm crying tears of joy :raritydespair::raritycry::fluttershbad::applecry: I love this so much!!!!!!!!!!!

they will never find the brotherhood.
i one of them.


I was too lazy to post this on the other chapter, but it said that Alice used eagle vision. This goes against all AC lore with the fact that only Desmond's first ancestors were given eagle vision by the First Civilization as a gift to help them survive up to Desmond. So unless Alice is somehow related to Connor in a genetic way then there is no possible way for her to use Eagle Vision. Also seeing as how the First Civilization has no prescence on Equestria (They were only found on Earth) there is no possible way for Alice to be part of a lineage to a 'new Desmond.'


I do know this. But also, there's a reason why I marked this, "alternate universe," and I do have a story in how Alice gained eagle vision. Also, this is a world where two princesses control the sun and moon via magic, many possibility's are achievable.

3156816 This is the only problem I have with this story, but if you can make the story of how Alice gained Eagle Vision then I will love you and your story!!!!


I will tell how. Probably not soon, simply do to that I have a "rough draft" of what happened, and I plan on the reader finding out in a way that goes with what I planned for the story.

If you want to give me an Idea, then please say. (Not over comments though)

Even with this, I hope you still greatly enjoy the story for what it is right now!

3158049 I do truly enjoy this fic. You remind me of my friend Jerry. I found him on his 2nd fic after his first didn't go over too well and his 2nd fic was where he gained major prominence. SO, Let us hope this is a 'Jerry' situation. And if you need help with ideas if you get writer's block just ask me for ideas. (Let it be known I have a tendency to give dark ideas)

“You crafty little bastard.”

thats probably what i would have said.

dude you really need to make the chapters longer.

Wow.....Just wow. Night Blade is a bad ass! Keep going :yay:



That made my day! Thanks for the support!

3204907:pinkiehappy: Your welcome, I know school is a pain.

Another great chapter to an even more great story. Keep it up!!!!!!!!

“Have a nice day bastard!” Connor whispered as he put force on the trigger.

that is not something connor would say he did try to have a little bit of respect for those he killed

3293918 *Edit*

I should say that, yes Connor would have respected his fallen foes like other assassins would.
But I've... I really don't know how to explain this without giving off plot.
All I can really say is that I do have my reason.

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