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After beating the Templars, the Apple of Eden explodes and takes Ezio to the outskirts of Ponyville, which is the front line where the Assassins and Templars fight regularly in a war for Luna and Celestia, respectively. He can’t catch a break, can he?

A collaboration with RCharge. Go check out their stuff!

EDIT: 27/02/20 I can’t believe it! This story got featured after six hours of existence! Thank you all so much!

EDIT: 13/04/20 Oh my god. This is amazing. It’s been featured again! Thank you everyone that reads this story!

EDIT: 17/09/20 It took all of ten seconds for this to get featured again. Wow, thank you everyone!

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I can dig it. It's been a realy long time since I've seen a decent assassins creed fic, let alone one with this good of a first chapter. Bravo my good fello, I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

So, Fluttershy is for Luna.

I mean, I don't know what the hell ponies are doing fighting for Celestia and Luna as Templars and Assassins, but ok?

When will Friendship happen?

I’m sure it will all make sense......right?

Is this any good? I'm kinda on the fence right now with this fic.

Im not one for assassin'S Creed crossovers as it usually involves humans in their own form. I'll take a read and then decide...I guess.

Yeah, that’s fair. I hope you enjoy the story, though!

Welp it is read...honestly...I don't know, it works, but it sort of doesn't.

This is awesome! It's only the first chapter and I already know this story will be fun.

Well, so long as some Templar/Assassin Friendship-against-all-odds let's-change-the-status-quo shenanigans happen.

'Cause that's my preliminary theory on what'll happen. :twilightsheepish:

P.S. Nice cover by the way. I especially like that Twilight.

P.P.S I looked closely, and the sharpness of that jaw kinda looks like Dusk Shine.

Kinda, but then again, it’s an au.

Cesare was Rodrigo son, not his brother.

Oh yeah, you're right. That was an oversight on my part. I take full credit for that screw-up. :twilightsheepish:

Bruh, I remember playing this game when I was like, 10.

Even though i own the first two AC games, i never got around to playing them. This was a great story btw. Im doing one in regards to the Elderscrolls XD.

I also do SFM animations of the same thing. I turned Amnesia Pinkamena into Mehrunes Dagon XD.

Can't wait for the history exposition chapter. :moustache:

So that explains who "she" is. I think she's being blackmailed, though. Not one to turn like that, RD.

Still, wonder about Templars and Assassins.

Is this part of a series of stories?

The plot thickens a bit more I see, can't wait to see what happen in the next few chapters.

That’s not the plan, but it’s in the cards.

“You should know me by now, Twi! I’m not the element of loyalty for nothing, you know!”

There is an Elements in this but Luna is Twilight's boss? Plus, Rarity is one of their enermy? Many things didn't make sense here.

I don't know...

It seems like we'll have to throw away canon from season one, nay, the very show premiere. This wouldn't happen if Celestia and Luna reconciled, right?

Unless the Templars and Assassins all have major delusions of grandeur. But that probably isn't the case.

Hmm. Now that you mention it, that does need to be addressed. I’ll look into it.

You should get the books to help out with Ezio's speech patterns down and add some Italian in his mannerisms. That will get you really popular in the AC community.

Love it, as an Assasins creed fan I implore you... PLEASE MORE

Another chapter is in development right now, so stick around for the wait.

Looks like even a seasonal professional still make a rookie mistake from time to time.

Ezio’s mouth opened to retort, but his words took a side trip to Hesitant Valley before taking a cross train to Nopeville. “That’s what I thought…” They said as they turned a corner into a dark part of the alley.

Why is Ezio such a big wimp here?
Don't let me even start on assassins here.

A hidden blade and costume doesn't make you an assassin but a wanna be and a joke

What's your problem, man? If you don't like the story, than just comment on ways we can improve, not insulting a fricking VIDEO GAME CHARACTER.

I'm gonna be honest. I don't know who Ezio is. I got on the Assassin's Creed bandwagon a little late and only have the third, forth and Rouge games. ($ is my favorite) I'm about to sound like a hypocrite as I do the same in my Pokemon stories (I prefer stories with Ash and friends as a crossover instead of the people being pokemon trainers) But, I prefer stories where they don't put actual characters from the games into stories. I prefer when you make people in the series into Assassins or Templars by their belief (So this story is a bit of a win-lose for me) All in all, a good story, just not what I prefer, so I'll keep reading as this story has merit.

Assassin plan 101: Sneak up and pick them off one by one.

Rainbow is Shaw, Twilight Achilles.

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