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Note: this Fanfic was inspired by the Pewdiepie video :Flowers for my valetine. so that means the original fanfic for that story belongs to the original owner, this is just for fun and I just thought of this while looking at that video which belongs to the one and only Pewdiepie. Be sure to subscribe to him and have a look at the video Here! all rights be long to their owners. such as Fluffle Puff belongs to FluffyMixer and other characters that are in the fanfic belongs to Hasbro. Oh, and also subscribe to FluffyMixer as well!

During a boring day, Spike writes a fanfic about his two roommates, Fluffle Puff, and, Chrysalis. He shows it to his other roommate, Dan, to see how the story is. As they read, the two find the fanfic hilarious as they read it together.
Equestria universe, and Spike is human in this one, rather that being a dog.
Rated T, Just to be safe!
Hope you like it!

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inspired by Pewdiepie

Equestria Girls

Fluffle Puff


4508872 I was thinking that too

I don't know if I should find that funny or rude...I'll go with funny!

Also, "honest" is a good one.

4509130 so I guess that means you liked the story?


4508872 :pinkiegasp: Permanent Temporary! I bow before you sexy avatar! Also, random; fav, upvote, and follow:ajsmug: 'cuse im me.

oh so you do hate it! I understand, not many people like a story like this one. I just made this out of boredom and I decided to make this fanfic. you could've just said "no sorry I don't like this fanfic." instead if putting that gif. would've been easier to understand.

Actually, I don't hate your story; in fact, there are very few things in the world that I could legitimately admit to hating. It's just that I find Pewdiepie, Equestria Girls, and Fluffle Puff to be annoying, so seeing all three of them combined here instantly makes me rather disinclined to read your story.

Also, I find that gif amusing, so I wanted to use it.

What, am I [in]famous for something?

I'm on the fence about this.

What do you mean?

5691324 I like it, but at the same time it was alittle strange in my opinion. I can't really elaborate much further than that because it's hard to describe. It's like the perfect sleeping position. You know what it is, but you can't just adjust yourself right for afew hours but when you finally do, you know exactly what it is.

I think I get it. Don't worry this was for fun and was bored at the time.

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