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Updates! · 12:26am Jul 21st, 2013

EDIT: The oneshot I was talking about -- I abandoned it and gave the idea to Kaidan who might use it (probably unlikely). Still, if it does well someday, you'll know where it came from!

Just updated Cracked Vision so... yeah. Have fun with that. Not a long chapter but at least it came a lot quicker than the last one did. I know how the story will hopefully end although, I keep adding things to the conclusion even though I haven't got there yet! Getting there will be a challenge, though.

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Currently abroad with rubbish connection. Won't stop me though! Might slow down progress...

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Ah damn no more changelings in closet, that sad

696848 isn't that always the case?

624473 good times

696194 Multiple upvoting accounts. Although he told me the majority of it was a misunderstanding, with a sibling doing it on the same IP. However he had an older account which he wrote stuff on and abused that so I guess it's fair. Rules are rules :/

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