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Note: this Fanfic was inspired by the Pewdiepie video :Flowers for my valetine. so that means the original fanfic for that story belongs to the original owner, this is just for fun and I just thought of this while looking at that video which belongs to the one and only Pewdiepie. Be sure to subscribe to him and have a look at the video Here! all rights be long to their owners. such as Fluffle Puff belongs to FluffyMixer and other characters that are in the fanfic belongs to Hasbro. Oh, and also subscribe to FluffyMixer as well!

During a boring day, Spike writes a fanfic about his two roommates, Fluffle Puff, and, Chrysalis. He shows it to his other roommate, Dan, to see how the story is. As they read, the two find the fanfic hilarious as they read it together.
Equestria universe, and Spike is human in this one, rather that being a dog.
Rated T, Just to be safe!
Hope you like it!

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It has been three years since Geo's father disappeared in an accident in outer space when searching for Extraterrestrial life, but when an alien pony named Twilight Sparkle is connected to his father disappearance he will have to join forces with her to discover the truth. Not only that, he'll have to save the world form other alien invaders for her planet!

The story will be the same as the game, but with a pony twist!

Megaman and its characters belongs to Capcom

My little pony friendship is magic and its characters belongs to Hasbro

But I do own this fic! YAY!

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Warning! Takes place After Assassins creed III. Contains some spoilers if you didn't play or finished the game!
Image is not mine, but i give credit to who ever made it! and yes Connor will look like this in the story.
First few chapters takes place before the start of season one!
Disclaimer: the characters and the references in this story belong to their respected owners!

Edit: Dark and Gore tags have now been added for future chapters just incase.

Basically, Connor is in Equestria.
Its not much of a description, but the story is good i can tell you that.
the story will speak for its self once you read it.
Rated teen for mild language, mild blood, violence, action, some random chapter comedy references during certain chapters(probably)and the main characters hunting skills on wild animals to hunt(not too much of it).

Edit: I now have an Editor named Drakalian. You'll see his name next to chapters from now on as the chapters are now edited and fixed. Here's the link to his profile to check his content and if you need his services. https://www.fimfiction.net/user/154991/Drakalian

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