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It has been three years since Geo's father disappeared in an accident in outer space when searching for Extraterrestrial life, but when an alien pony named Twilight Sparkle is connected to his father disappearance he will have to join forces with her to discover the truth. Not only that, he'll have to save the world form other alien invaders for her planet!

The story will be the same as the game, but with a pony twist!

Megaman and its characters belongs to Capcom

My little pony friendship is magic and its characters belongs to Hasbro

But I do own this fic! YAY!

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Congragulations! you may have written the first Megaman Starforce corssover on the entire site!

my reaction to your comment:

thanks for the comment!

Just to inform: The title of this fic is mispelled.

This is pretty good, I like to read more when you put it up. I can tell that Twilight is Omega-Xis. Plus, I play the first Mega Man Starforce game and the first boss should be someone base on Taurus that takes over Bud. Though I'm wondering, are you going to use MLP characters for the FM-ains? As well as the three satellites?

I see it is...:facehoof: I'll fix it up. thanks for the error:twilightsmile:

Yes I am! the Taurus Boss battle was a bit of a challenge to know who will replace him, but I figured out who it will be. hope everyone likes the characters that will replace the FM bosses and will understand that why I choose these characters as the bosses!
also, for the satellites, still working on that part.:twilightblush:

3870531 Ok, I take it going to be awhile for that chapter. I can wait. Thanks!:pinkiehappy:

Having read it, this brings back many memories of Star Force-Pegaus...i should go get a copy...

I have two (Ninja) and three (Black Ace). I need to get number one (Fire Leo). And Legends. And ZX Advent. And original ten and eleven. And X Command Mission. And all the X's on the PS2. And three through six on the 3DS E-shop. And Battlenetwork 3 Blue (already have White), Battlenetwork 5 the team that isn't Protoman (already have that one), and Battlenetwork 6 the one that's the bird (I have the other one). Man there's a lot more Megaman games I don't have then I thought. But that's wehat happens with a great series. Now if only Capcom would grow a brain and make a new one. I don't care what series its for we just need a new one. Can't wait for that board game though that's gunna be awesome. WE GOT ROLL! That's what we need a Roll game who doesn't love Mega's little sis? But now I'm rambling.

Please don't call Geo's other form MagicMan or Sparkleman the first one reminds of the disturbing Martian in adventure time and the second one makes think of Twilight (The book series) and its frou-frou vampires.

Not everyday you see a Mageman and MLP crossover. Let alone Mageman Star Force! I love that game! Good for you for writing this fic. :twilightsmile:

Could you tell us the name of the Satellites please? Are the Elements of Harmony gonna be replacing the Andromeda Key?

"Also, for the satellites, still working on that part".

I think the should be:
Windigo ( Pegasus Magic - Aqua)
Timberwolf ( Dragon Sky - Grass)
Cerberus, maybe? (Leo Kingdom - Fire)

Comment posted by Brony117 deleted Jan 31st, 2014

No way! the title is Called Megaman Starforce!:rainbowdetermined2:

Magicman!? heck no!:flutterrage:

sparkleman!? oh sweet celestia no!!!:rainbowderp:

he'll still be called megaman! alright? lets not get to that kind of thing!:twilightsmile:

Hmmm...good idea! but the names of the satellites has already been named. read the fic carefully. but still, good idea!:twilightsmile:

3872529 Please give me a reason behind why he will be named Megaman, due to the fact that Omega-Xis the hero's namesake isn't here? Edit: I found the names of the Satellites and will Pegasus be the same one in the game?

well there's a good reason why he will still be named megaman, but it will be told in a few chapters. also *quick spoiler* it will have a 'BN' reference.

as for Pegasus, no it wont be the same one as the game, plus still working on that part.

Gezz, People chill. Give him time to get his work done. I'm still waiting for the next chapter and to see who plays the FM-ains. I post before when the chapter was up and I have been thinking on who is the first boss. I could be wrong though but I think the MLP character playing Taunus is Iron Will, after all they're both bulls right? Again I could be wrong, but I'm still waiting.

BADUPBABABA! I'M LOVIN IT:ajsmug: if you hadn't noticed I love Megaman Starforce can't wait for the Jammer fight.:twilightsmile::moustache::ajsmug::pinkiehappy:

FMian ideas not canon but possible.
Taurus: Applejack
Cygnus:Rainbow Dash
Harp: Same
Libra: Spike
Ophiuca: Rarity
Gemini: Pinkie Pie
Cancer: Vinyl Scratch
Wolf: Fluttershy
Crown: Starswirl

3871329 You're a BIG megaman fan, aren't you? I wasn't a big fan of megaman until I bought myself a used copy of the first starforce game, leo version. I also managed to get ahold of the zerkerxninja version for the second starforce game and red joker for the third.

Heck, I'm almost done with Megaman Legends and am going to take on Legends 2. I also managed to take on ZX Advent as Ashe and am now working on my second playthrough as Grey in Normal Mode. I didn't finish the Battle Network series cuz I ended up relying on the walkthroughs.

Maybe Twilight's middle name in this crossover is "Omega". If she's going to be Geo's partner, I think her full name should be Twilight "Omega" Sparkle. As for Harp Note, either Lyra Heartstrings or Cadence would come to mind.

Enough about my rant, this is a great premise! :pinkiehappy:

What gave it away?

3951671 You were ranting about the Megaman games you had, and it's safe to say that out of all the incarnations, I'm torn between Geo-Omega Geo-Sparkle(Starforce) and Megaman Trigger Volnutt (Legends)

I say Geo-Sparkle because Twilight's replacing Omega. Storyline-wise, it's Legends. Gameplay-wise... would have to be Starforce. :D

Personally Battlenetwork was my first and I still enjoy it but nothing beats classic in terms of gameplay.

3951750 I gave up trying to get a hold of the classic games. At the same time, BN had a great storyline and all, but some of the battles can be overwhelmingly hard. BN3 did me in with the FlameMan.exe scenario, and BN6 did me in with STUPID CLOWNMAN!!! I hate Clownman with the burning passion of a thousand suns!


The classics are easy to get man. Maybe not actual NES carts but the anniversary collection is only like ten bucks for the PS2 not to mention they're all on the Ski and 3DS E-Shop. Now X on the other hand... I wish you luck if you try and find that one.

Also I hear you with the Battlenetwork being a healthy challenge but personally I've played it so much that it's second nature to me. Hardest fight I ever had was Duo in BN 4 and SearchMan (in the same game). I remember that fight took me so long I ran out of chips. Good times.

What I got an idea for the replacement FM to Equestrians

Taurus: Applejack (Apple Fire)
Cygnus:Rainbow Dash (Rainbow Wing)
Lyra: Vinyl Scratch (Vinyl Note 'Possibly changed to harp note')
Libra: Octavia (Octavia Balance)
Ophiuca: Rarity (Queen Rarity)
Gemini: Pinkie Pie (Pinkie Spark)
Cancer: Spike (Spike Bubble)
Wolf: Fluttershy (Flutter Forest)
Crown: Luna (Luna Thunder)
Cepheus: Celestia (Celestial Andromeda)

I have played starforce one, two, and three, and currently own black ace...

You have my attention.

If Twilight is Omega and AJ is Taurus... I can't wait to see who the other six will turn out to be. Oh, I'm looking forward to the next one~

...I STILL don't get how Twilight ended up in Omega-Xis' position, and how her own friends are taking the places of the EM-ians. While the story is interesting, the characters seem to be shoe horned into their places. If anything, it would make more sense if you used OCs or minor characters.

4239399 my guess is that Cygnus is gonna be Rainbow Dash, Vinyl would be Lyra or Lyra could be Lyra Fluttershy will probably be Libra Rarity is Ophiuca, and Pinkie could be Gemini,
Celestia would probably be Cepheus

You really need to start on this again. Make sure you continue to explain how each pony come into contact with their fmians. Can't wait for the new chapters.

6148394 It's actually not that. To be honest, the FMians are completely replaced by the Ponies. With Twilight being Omega-Xis and Applejack being Taurus

Taurus Fire... More like Taurus Apple. It's been a while since I've seen this fic. It would be real nice if there was artwork.

Haven't even read the chapter but I already love you for it.

Let the battle COMMENCE!

read the fight with this going:

(So much awesome!!

You made Geo related to Lan!? Why!?:raritydespair:

6270134 A "Your Statement is Invalid" would also work.

Yeah, but I couldn't resist that moment.:derpytongue2:

I haven't played Megaman before, but I'll take it.

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