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"It’s the year 20XX, and it feels like a tale of two worlds. I’m Twilight Sparkle. Let me welcome you to Canterlot. Thanks to technological innovation, the whole city is interconnected by a cyber-matrix. My friends and I can connect to it through specialized handhelds called Personal Exploration Terminals, or PET’s for short. All of them have customizable avatars that can connect and travel through cyberspace. They’re called Network Navigators, or 'NetNavis', and my NetNavi is modelled after my brother, Shining_Armor. There’s also the evil underground organization called the Viral Virus Vanguard, aka V3, whose goal is to conquer the world through cyber terror. Along with my friends and their NetNavis, Shining_Armor and I will delete all chaos and restore harmony to our city. <<PLUG IN, SHINING_ARMOR! POWER UP!>>”

<<Fusion Fic between MLP Equestria Girls and MegaMan NT Warrior>>

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You know. I will give this a shot. Not right now, maybe later. But I will give this a shot. If a Land Before Time Crossover with this was possible, then Equestria Girls and MLP is too. I'll read it later today

There is a rumor about an 'umbrella repairman' asking Shakespeare to review one of his poems. Shakespeare responses back with something like this
You make umbrellas
You always make umbrellas
You only make umbrellas

This is... not very good.

There's no real backstory of which to speak and let's face it, the idea of ovens, microwaves and electrical systems being infected by "viruses" is just beyond silly. It serves no purpose to have these things connected to a central matrix making them in effect internet ready. I know some manufacturers were pushing for internet fridges and stoves a couple years ago but they're not really practical ideas and I don't know if those models are still available.

This story also suffers from jargonitis. There are too many words like "NetNavi", "NormalNavi", "PET" etc. And even then it makes little sense. If the whole point is to take a word like "Network Navigator" and turn it into "NetNavi" then why would "Normal Navigator" not be a "NorNavi" or even a more slang term indicating it's being ineffectual and referencing it's lack of any sophisticated, like "DOS". Another problem would be Viral Virus Vanguard. Why use virus twice in the name? Did they think people would be more intimidated with the second mention of virus?

There's also the technical details and why it is that Twilight's first avatar would take 8 months to regenerate. Is this saying that these navigators are somehow alive and they need time to heal in real time? That's not a very good system if it takes longer to regenerate a digital avatar's injuries than it would take to regenerate a real person's injuries.

All in all it seems like a very ambitious start but it's just not my style or speed and it's a little too Yu-Gi-Oh or some other dueling anime that I never got into.

I think a lot of those details are based off the Megaman universe. Not a lot of things make sense in the games... :ajsleepy: It's not the author's fault, he's merely following the rules.

3388454 It's blindingly obvious you've never played a modern MegaMan game. And by modern I mean any handheld game from the last decade.
To anyone who has however this is blindingly obviously a crossover. And I gathered that from the title and description.
Go do a Google search for "Megaman NT Warrior" the anime or "Battle Network" just one in a series of video games.

Yeah, gotta agree with 3388440 and 3388454 on this.

If this story was a beer, it would be PBR. Cheap, nasty and only drank for ironic reasons.

You've got no pacing, no plotting and too much wrong going on for it to be enjoyable. Yeah, first story and all that but maybe you should shoot a little lower next time. Just a thought.

Hmm.... I've gotta admit, Rockman .EXE was one of my fave animes. EXE beast was a bit different than the games it was based on, but I liked it.
This story is pretty cool too and I could already see the parallels between Lan and Twilight and Rockman and Shining_Armor. And the fact that Shining Armor and Rockman.Exe have the same American VA is also freaking DEAD give away.

3388454 This is a crossover. It must abide by the laws of whatever it is based off of, otherwise it is no longer a crossover. If a Star Wars crossover ditched the Force to make everything make more sense, you might get a completely comprehensible and great fic, but you still wouldn't have much in the way of of a Star Wars crossover. See what I mean?

I going to give you a :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: for this awesome story can't wait for more



YES! FINALLY!!! I hope that we get to see a Nightmare Moon NetNavi, did I say that right?

I will definitley give this a read, I'll leave this in the meantime.

And I'm supposed to know this how? Had it been mentioned in the promo that this was a crossover with the Rockman universe I would have not bothered to read it and gotten confused with everything. Instead I get a bunch of kids attacking me for not liking something they like.

Truth be told, regardless of this Rockman tie-in, it's not well told. But then from that little video that somebody posted it doesn't look like a quality show to begin with. My suggestion to the author is to indicate it's connection to this Rockman universe and be done with it.

And you'd be right. I left video games behind when I actually, you know, got a life which includes a real job and everything that goes along with it. Why should that however make a difference? Fact is I like MLP and I still watch it. To look down on somebody for not liking the same thing you like it just being childish which I will assume you are.

The author never mentioned a crossover except in his story tags. To anybody that has never seen or heard of this Rockman.EXE has no idea what the hell is going on. As mentioned before had he said it was a Rockman.EXE X Equestria Girls crossover I would have steered away from it.

He didn't. End of story.

There's a Crossover genre tag, but nothing in the description. The description needs some touching up.

I read it, like I promised, but not interested. Sorry, I won't downnvote it though

3388454 Do you even Megaman?

I remember playing Battle Network as a kid on my GameBoy. I stopped playing it after stupidly using a dark chip the second I got it. I knew that it would drain my max HP capacity by 1 each time I used them, but the game was too difficult then and my max health dropped low enough to the point where I was getting one-shotted by the most common of enemies.:fluttercry:

this seems interesting, ill like and fave this story, see where it goes

Mmm...seems interesting.*favourite and like*

Well, with that in mind, this isn't really a crossover, since it doesn't follow MLP's lack of technology.:trollestia:
Seriously, the only thing a crossover has to do is use two or more sources. If the only way a crossover could be made was by following the rules of the used universes, they would be a rare breed, as that would mean any difference in physics or limits or what have you would automatically mean you can't do it.

For example, if you tried to cross over a story which featured a world with heavy gravity, and one with no gravity, then by your logic, it could not be done. because having one of those two things disregards the rules for the other, so it isn't a crossover anymore. Which, I'm sure you probably realize, is stupid.

My point exactly. There's no mention of which crossover it's being crossed over with if that makes any sense.

Do I even Megaman? Since when is Megaman as verb? Are you asking if I currently play it? Have I played it in the past? Am I familiar with the storyline? What is it?


>Implying playing video games means that you don't/can't have a real life.


3395060 Just ignore them, it's not even worth the effort trying to understand that brand of logic.

I actually read it, and while it doesn't make much sense on its own, if you consider that this is basically Battle Network but with ponies, you get it right away.

Oh, and for all you saying "there's no mention it's a crossover" and/or "there's no mention of what it's crossed over with": author's note. True, it should have been in the description, but if you'd actually read the story, you'd know.

3388631 Seriously?! That's awesome. :pinkiehappy:

ill say this......


ty ty ty

i hope you do the ep where one of them need to use the restroom.

btw i always wanted a ep where one of the email that have a very old computer virus that have not been fix yet and cost alot of panic and pop up add of old website that are still up some how of old games or porn lol, and others that sent spem into the system that overloading the system over where.

3392488 I was hoping that with that little snark you'd realist you had posted a stupid and ill informed comment. This is basically akin to critiquing any fic on this site with something like "omg why are they ponys? How can the pegasus fly? Their wings aren't big enough to support their bodies. Why aren't their more dudes? How does magic work? Why do you need a horn to cast magic? Why are their elements of friendships etc." Or to complain a lord of the rings fics has elves, dwarves, magic etc and never explains them or clarify things.

I think this story has potential. I at least enjoyed reading it. Granted, I only played the games and only saw a few episodes here and there, so I'll probably be a little lost...:twilightsheepish:

And as for some guesses on some of the other characters,
Ms. Mari-Cheerilee
Sean Obihiro-Luna?
Lord Wily-Sombra?


Well, without spoiling anything, I'll say two of those guesses are correct, two aren't, and one I'm still debating on.:twilightsmile:

Oh, and I don't know if you'd be surprised who I chose as the three Net Agents, but I'll leave it at that.:twilightsheepish:

Great story so far. I'll like it and see where it goes.

Comment posted by Shazam 25 deleted Jan 18th, 2014
Comment posted by Shazam 25 deleted Jan 18th, 2014

Ok what I'm trying to say from my deleted posts, I like to see where this story goes. I will like and favorite.

If Shining Armor is Megaman.exe, then maybe Roll's the new Roll.exe.

6238267 Flash Sentry as Mayl(u)?

7030973 Nope. I just want to know who's Roll?


you going to finish it i want to see more

I think Digimon can go well with this too!

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