This is my first group that I created and as the title said, it game crossovers that stars the Mane Six, the CMC, Spike and the Princesses. If any one know a game that the Mane Six, CMC and Princesses star in, please tell. Also you can share ideas for any games that you want to star with. I hope this group will go great!

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379228 As as the main enemies? If that so, I'm afraid not, but thanks for asking.

If the main six, Spike, CMC, or the princesses are the main antagonist does it still count?

369330 Since it both, it go in the CMC Folder and new created Spike Folder. I'll do that now.

Hey I have a game story that has Spike and Scootaloo as the main character can I add it and which folder do I add it to?

367586 When the chapter of first story done, we talk about the Spike game crossover.

367585 That's the game I'm going to put Spike in.

367584 Yes, I did. I heard about all three of them. Though I play the third one only.

367583 I have a game in mind I'll start writing it after the next chapter of Pony Sentai Gokaiger. Have you heard of Batman Arkham Asylum?

367133 If I find a game that I can put Spike in then would make a Spike crossover games?

367133 Check everything on your and I'll check everything on my okay.

367132 No, I haven't.

367131 It might be a problem on your end. Have you change anything?

367130 If any one send me anything.

367129 Can you talk to someone who is not me?

367128 It won't let me there either, I don't know what's going on.

367127 Can we talk on your home page? And I didn't get that PM.

367126 I can't find a game for him to fit in and it won't let me. I send a PM to you.

367121 Can we talk on my home page? :rainbowhuh:

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