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While stopping the evil Dr. Wily once again, Mega Man finds himself trapped in a peaceful world populated by equines. With a new threat and an alliance looming on the horizon, Mega Man must find the Robot Masters and stop them.

But a lingering doubt lies within the Super Fighting Robot, making him wonder if he truly is a good hero. Can Mega Man put these aside with the help of his new friends and end Wily's plan to terrorize two worlds?

Chapters (25)
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Woooooooooooooooooooooooooow this chapter is amazing. Keep up the good work man. DWM32 SINGED OUT AND PEACE. P.S. I love the old megaman and x, sonic the hedgehog and fullmetal alchemist.

Oh no no no, not Glimmer's world! :o

Oops. Uh, sorry about the sudden nonexistent I pressed publish instead of edit by accident while working on another chapter.

Ii would just like to make sure u know megaman is strong enough to literally bench press a castle...just making sure

yeah i know dr light and willy were good to make robot but for name that another story.

sometime i wonder if they should have made a facepalm man

is megaman here the X version with the ultimate armor or the pixelated version with no buster shot?:rainbowlaugh:classic!

Oh my gosh, Megaman nuuuuuuuuuuuu!

dunno about you but it look like megaman got someting similar to the maverick virus

Oi! Keep quiet, AJ! Treble is not a stupid dog! :fluttershyouch:

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with thanks and Hopes Up,
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Shane W.L. Nokes aka James S.K. Plasma aka Dark-Pulse/Darkimus-Primal

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I've seen this before... In the Mega Man comics, Mega Man 2 story, everytime he copies a weapon from robot masters, Wily implants a virus on each of them, since Dr. Light found a way to block the virus. Now with the help of Starlight Glimmer, the virus is active again, BUT WITH MAGIC!

I think....

7433170 That was the reference I was going for. Since it never happened in the games as far as I was aware, it made a unique subplot.

Ok I read the story and I really like it but is there I series of stories that this sequels or is this just a one story off shoot

Umm.. you do realize that's Freeze Man, not Frost Man.

Unknown to Rock, a figure with glowing red eyes was watching him through the window. "Oh, Wily will be seeing you soon enough, Mega Man." he gloated, wrapping his scarf over his face and finding a spot to hide away from Rock.

*Realization* Mother of God.

No, the other one. Proto-Man doesn't have glowing red eyes. Proto-Man has shades, I think. Here's a hint: Red eyes mean evil.

Oh no, anywhere but Starlight's village!

Rock, Fluttershy and Fluttershy were the first to arrive, "Oh, hey, Rarity! How was your little trip? Honestly, I think it's cool you got your own business here."

You should probably fix that. You don't want the readers to think Fluttershy found the time to step into the Mirror Pool. Speaking of clones...

The two princess looked at the red robot, "Proto-Man... You are under arrest."

Surely this was a misunderstanding! There must have been a robot that mimicked Proto-Man!

Ooh, is Wood Man coming up?

'You do not need to worry about that. If you followed what I said, you would never worry about such an idea again while in Equestria.' she hinted once more, much to Rock's confusion. 'Now... I must leave this world. The Dark Knight must be spoken to.' she warped away, leaving Rock and Rush.

Are you serious?! Batman was referenced?! Oh, now I have the '60s theme song stuck in my head...


Who that?

The one in the white cloak was Taskmaster, from the Marvel Comics. Able to do anything demonstrated to him (hence Taskmaster), can adapt to and copy any fighting style he comes across. In other words... Mega Man, beware!

Also, let's see who else was mentioned: Batman, the Dark Knight; Mario; Sonic, the Blue Blur; and a Turtle Son. Is the last one maybe a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?


Oh, an accurate representation of Mega Man for once! I don’t really see that too often in fanfics.

Comment posted by Vio deleted Jul 30th, 2019

i have one problem with this story
it's so small that i have trouble getting invested
with each chapter about 1,500 words in length, and the whole story being only 25 chapters, i could easily read this in a few hours
i like my stories to last a couple DAYS at least

Megaman and Spike

I hope Starlight can still be turn good

Blues is a great brother

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