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Thanks for the fav!

Thank you very much for favoriting Ponyblade Chronicles. I shall keep up the chapters and materials :yay:

1375584 I didn't say I knew... I said I thought, big difference...
And I really did think you didn't read the whole thing, because your comment didn't encompass my whole reply... :fluttercry:
Apology accepted. :pinkiehappy:
Yeah, let's start over...
So... re-read my comment back there and take it as an answer to your question, not as me being condescending which is not true. :pinkiehappy:
OH, and if you want, you can review my other chapters too... I'd love a discussion. :pinkiehappy:

1375516 Sorry let's just forget this whole ordeal and move on. The know it all comment was about how you say you know that I didn't read the whole comment.

1370010 ....
I was just saying that you were wrong... is there a problem with that? do you not like being told you're wrong when you were?
... (I was just trying to help... :fluttercry:)
I mean, I wasn't condescending.. you just inferred that I was. Come on... :fluttercry:
(And once again, I think you didn't read my whole comment. :ajbemused: you're just sticking to your guns... :facehoof:)
Is everything I say condescending to you? :pinkiegasp:
Then I'll stop talking to you then...
I APOLOGIZED if there were any wrongs... I still don't believe it was condescending (cause I read over the comment trying to find elements of that, but I didn't...), but I apologized. :pinkiecrazy:
And if my previous comment was condescending to you... :pinkiecrazy:
My god...
Stop inferring tones in text... I wasn't being condescending at all. :applecry:
This depresses me... :raritydespair:
(Obnoxious know-it-all???? listen here, I'm the one who wrote the story; you didn't, did you? [plus... I didn't call you any names...] so I was just passing my knowledge down to you, and if you find that condescending... then I don't know what else to do...)

  • Viewing 27 - 31 of 31
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