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This group is dedicated to the conviction that Rainbow Dash is not only the most awesome pony, but that she is so awesome that she should be an alicorn.

Any story that focus on Rainbow as an alicorn, weather she grows a horn are or born with one in an alternative universe, should be added to here.

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It's Tough to be an Alicorn

Is it a bad thing I want that to happen?

Say, anyone that has watched EqG Rainbow Rocks, whacha' guys think about the ending... And to keep it as least spoilery as possible, could it be an indication of something rather interesting happening to the most awesome pony in upcomming seasons :rainbowdetermined2:?

Hey. Hey buddy. Here is an idea. I go by a philosophy. Live and let live! If you don't like it, fine by me. Just don't dump all over it. That's what pisses me off. They are called haters for a reason. NOPONY LIKES EM! Thank you for your time. have a nice day! -smiles at you-

BEHOLD MY FORESIGHT! :pinkiecrazy:

BEHOLD *le link*
Jk but seriously It could still happen!

345045 ....Jesus you were almost right with the Season 4 final :rainbowderp: The Mane 6 aren't alicorns, but they're co-rulers with Twi....
Rulers of Friendship :facehoof:

338666 dayum....I wish i had seen that message sooner, if you havn't alreacy picked someone, I don't mind taking the seat as admin.

One thing that always bugged me about mlp was that Twilight's element was represented by a crown, like magic is better than all the other elements. Oh, but then Hasbro thought "oh she's not enough of a Mary Sue, lets make her a princess!" Now she's soooooo much better than every pony!! I'm really disliking Alicorn Mary Twilight
. I don't really watch it for her I watch it for everypony ( but mostly Dash:rainbowdetermined2:) season 4 isn't really meeting my expextations


(Boy is that gonna be one heck of a power struggle)


I really had hoped that one of the contributers or another senior member had showed any interest, but you are the first person to even write this.
Why do you want to be an administrater?
ps. contact me fast on my deviantartpage

How bout me?:moustache:

We need a new Administrator.

I am getting increasingly disinterested in MLP for every day that passes. I no longer have any intention of finishing the fanfics I had been writing or even read the ones I had been following anymore.

You all know my feelings about the alicorn controversy. I went though many phases, denial, anger, bargaining, indifference in that order. I decided in the beginning that I didn’t wanted to let it ruin the first two good seasons, but it did, it ruined everything, I have barely been able to look at a pony ever since. And I don’t want to. And I want to forget. The truth is that MLP is a fad, it always have been, I just didn’t see it before.

In the best case scenario, if everything is somehow resolved in the season 4 premier, like it was all just a dream, or Twilight is really dead, it might become a series that I enjoy seeing, like my other favourite series, but the special place mlp had in my heart, that is gone forever.

I used to say that if I could go back in time and fix just one mistake in history, it would be to go back and kill J. K. Rowling before she started writing these dam books, but now the desire to go back and stop Hasbro from ever making a season 3 and instead having the show cancelled after 2 season, seems almost as strong, almost.
It was like cool water in the face, I would have found out eventually, but I didn’t like the rude awakening.

Anyway, I don’t think I will leave completely, not just yet anyway. At the very least I would watch the first episode of season 4 just to give the show one last chance to redeem itself. But unlike last year, where the season premier was a big event for me, this time I have nothing but the lowest expectations.

Anyway, this group, needs and deserves, someone that is active, and have found a reason to still like the show despite everything I just said. Please write to me if you want to be the new administrator of this group. I would prefer one of the contributors, or one with great seniority. But the most important will be dedication, love, and to still be active.
I will still be around a little, I don’t like deleting things, or locking doors, and I will always be this groups founder, but you deserve someone better then me, someone that thinks like I did a year ago.

If there is still anyone here there are interested that is, there haven’t been a post for many weeks. Perhaps you all feel like I do, perhaps you have all left FIMFiction, and just haven’t deleted your profile. I don’t know, but I think this is a good place and time to start a debate.

I leave the floor to you.

312576 Strange, I still have some of my tabs from last year buried ... somewhere. Also, the things you mentioned are the main reason I don't really want to use another browser.
311405 I think I had about 500 open once, for some reason. At the moment 177, in three different windows.

Now going to be in my mind forever!


Ahh Firefox.

I used to use it because of it's tab capabilities. I loved putting tabs into tab groups, so I could have 200+ tabs hidden away in tab groups for me to check later.

I also loved the fact it doesn't load the tab until you activate it.

Sadly, Firefox loves to wipe all my tabs clean every couple of weeks. Also I prefer Chrome in general, so i only use Firefox when I want to escape the 50 windows of Chrome. (They eat at my RAM when I get too many open)

311405 I lost count but my guess is around 50--60 :rainbowlaugh: I had to scroll through for AGES to find the end

Incognito is for pussies, I never use it and never clear my history. I pity the poor fool silly enough to go through my history...

And in Firefox, I had between seventy and eighty open. Then malware happened, and they all vanished. As of this moment, two days later, I already have eighteen open.

What's the most you've ever had open?

311403 yeah I have about 25 open :rainbowlaugh: Google Chrome, you is awesome
Also have two in incognito tabs, y'know my 'special tabs' :moustache:

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