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Sup fellow MLP lovers. Not much to say about myself. I'm just a brony that loves to write and would love to put up my work for others to enjoy.


Twilight Sparkle is your average multi-billionaire inventor except for one small difference. She's Iron Mare, the armored super hero. She's been facing super villains for what seems like forever, but things quickly change. More seem to appear, each stronger than the last. As strong and smart as she is, she can't do it alone. But one day she realizes that she isn't and that if the magic of friendship can't be saved, it can be Avenged.


*NOTE* Changes to tags will be changed when necessary.

A crossover with our favorite MLP Characters in the Marvel Universe setting.

Note* This is a project I've been working on so Criticism is welcome, it's how I learn.

Editor: Bennet001

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Strange. How to explain.

This feels more like an Avengers with MLP elements crossover than MLP crossover with the Avengers, if that makes sense.

Because of that, a lot of this story is kinda lost on me. Like I'm being told, instead of being shown. Why is this important?

Well, because if you only saw the movie and not read the Marvel comics, a lot of this stuff is unknown to the reader. It would need a lot more explained or established better. Like how Twilight in the show loves her brother, but in this- the roles have taken a real turn.

Plot wise? Barely there, but I think that's the point of calling it Act 0. Still, as a prelude or prologue- leaves things desired.

Others things bug me, but it seems more like personal issues than critiques.

I have to say I am very interested in where this is going. I wonder will Spike notice who Rarity is and mellow out sightly or will Pinkie do something stupid like surprise him causing him to attack. I can't wait to see how Spike handle being part of the team. (It would be interesting to have him not really trusting the team since he use to be their friend once. but do to one of Twi's experiments causing his greed growth to develop a personality of its own and supercharged. They then abandon him to fend for himself) Idk just a idea I just had, I favor Spike AND the Hulk over many of the characters on both teams lol.:moustache::facehoof:

That was interesting, I do love seeing this story again even if it is a retelling, I enjoyed when I first watched it on tv. I am wondering what you have planned for the rest of the team and how you are going to bring them into the fold. I do hope you do some chapters that are not from the show but completely original works by you. (I think it would be interesting to see something between Spike,Sweetie, and Rarity happena good old fashion love triangle) The longer this goes on the more and more I am dying to see the first big fight happen lol.:moustache::pinkiehappy:

This is very good.
You shouldn't be to afraid to make changes from the cartoon, though. No one wants to read a carbon copy.

:rainbowhuh: am I the only one who thinks that Discord fits the role of Loki a little TOO well?

Open fire on Spike,” The General said, his voice carrying little to no emotion.
“B-But sir, the SHIELD agents, they’re right there,” The driving pony in a worried tone.
“That’s a direct order, Soldier. Fire!

wow: firing on his own daughter... (whistles) I applaud you: you managed to make this scene even MORE intense...

I need to have a little chat with my father

well, he's dead...

Great, this day couldn't get any worse


Uhuh,” Pinkeye said with a nod. “I mean, it’s weird, they say you’re a monster, right? That’s what they’ve told us, that’s what everypony thinks. Military and SHIELD have been chasing you for years on end. You’ve caused complete and utter destruction. You’re a monster. A regular big bad Meanie McMeanpants.”
“And what do you think of me?” He asked.
“I think you can’t be all that bad if you saved my friend,” She answered sincerely as she walked closer to him. “I mean, I saw you, you had a way out, but you chose to save my partner’s sister instead. You can’t be a monster if you value somepony else’s life over your own. So why is everypony afraid of you?”

:rainbowderp: wow: you REALLY nailed Pinkie's character here...


I...that's... :twilightangry2: I don't care why she did it: that's just WRONG!!! also... :fluttershysad: :fluttercry: why'd you do it? why'd you have to make Rarity unlikable?

Iron will. Interesting choice for the leader.

I like it, but part of me would switch rainbow dash and twilight parts.
good story I do want more....

“Yeah, I’m working on it, bub, this isn’t exactly easy…,” snapped the pony working the radio in a gruff voice as he glared at his commanding officer, practically growling with a very thick set of sideburns.

:pinkiehappy: Wolverine exists in this world!! :pinkiesad2: well, okay, he probably has a different name around here... :pinkiehappy: ...but still, Wolverine exists in this world!!

Then suddenly, to both their surprise, the drawbridge came down, the end crashing right atop the HYDRA solider, just missing Applejack entirely. The mare stared in confusion for a second before looking up at the newly opened door where she spotted the figure of a young yellow filly. She had a light red mane tied up in a bright crimson bow that was also doubled as a mask to cover over her eyes. She wore a blue trimmed jacket with a white skirt and pair of red leggings all with a matching pair of black boots. “Ah hope Ah didn’t miss much,” the little filly said with a smile.

:rainbowderp: Applebloom is Bucky Barnes: I'm not sure how I feel about this...

im a fan of this book sereis but im not a big fan of spendingany thing for the comics

i just hope he gets smashed just like in the movies

I like the combination of MCU and A:EMH elements that you used here.

this feels a little rushed i mean come on this dosen't feel natural at all

So, a mix of Captain America: The First Avenger and EMH, huh?

This Agent Tavary. We're gonna catch ourselves another HYDRA Agent. She's gonna regret ever joining them.

Does Scootaloo is Black Panter? Or the Wasp? And Fluttershy is Antman. Yes?

I know how I feel about it. sadness, because of what happens to Barnes.

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