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Welcome to my content. I like writing stories (which is luckily what the site is for) I write what I want, that's how I roll. WARNING: I attempt to counter my shitty writing by writing lots of stories


The land of Equestria was always one filled with light and positivity, but the darkness has been amassing, the Sin, embodiments of the evil of ponies' hearts and souls, have struck, many ponies have died, and only 4 centers of civilization remain, Canterlot, Ponyville, Bearussia, and Neigh York, the last vestiges of hope for ponykind, and they are mere motes of substance waiting to be consumed.

Princess Luna, a powerful mare who has seen first-hoof into the abyss of darkness and evil, has used her and her sister Celestia's magic to summon warriors of light, heroes that will save the land of Equestria.

She was expecting 1, 2, maybe 3 tops, and if Lady Luck was on her side, 4, but she received, not 5 or even 6, but 15 fighters to help this task.

That's not what was surprising about them, what was surprising about them was that they were not even ponies.

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YES!!!! I've been waiting for a RWBY crossover and this has a lot of promise . By the way, rubys reaction at the end was priceless. (my biggest piece of advice is to keep the characters in character, but you're doing good at that so far, try to do the same with the RWBY side)

ok i actually had an idea for a RWBY crossover but you beat me to the punch so i'm going to see where this is ghonna go...don't disaappoint

I have been wanted to write/ read a good RWBY crossover, lets see how this goes :twilightsmile:

I KNEW someone would make a RWBY crossover eventually:ajsmug:

3268801actually it was ruby (silver eyes) , I can't wait ror the next chapter

Is RWBY a anime?:rainbowhuh: Even if it isn't, I'm going to watch it just because of this story.

3269234 the creator calls it an anime and several sources recognize it as a anime, althrough there is a lot of controversy if its an anime or not. it depends on what you consider an anime. its not made in japan but its made in the style. and if you want to watch rwby you can watch it on the Rooster Teeth website, Rooster Teeth's youtube channel, or crunchyroll. its pretty cool and I definitely recommend checking it out

My biggest concern is the endless run-on sentences you use, and don't fix. Reading isn't easy like that.

I'm watching you with the upmost of scrutiny.:trixieshiftleft:

Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes this is great keep going I need MOOOAAARRR!

I know, Ruby...That was my reaction too...

Well, it didn't take too long for one of these to appear.

Sorry if I do not partake in the jubilation of crossing everything with ponies. This seems interesting enough, all things considered.

I'll give it a like for the troubles.


If Ruby already went "LE EPIC GASP" I can't imagine what Nora would do

well this was bound to happen actually :P totally expected >> and when I watch the episodes i establish nora as the pinkie pie of her world so yeah :P

+15 characters ? so you have all in all + the Mlp character (Mane 6 + CMC 3 + Luna and Celly)
26 charackter witch are important ? And a few of them are OC´s this smells like disaster I haven't seen 1 story where this much has ever played out good.

Lets see how the next chapter is but i don't think you can reach the expectations which will come

Ps: sorry i i see a little bit black here but this is my experience with such storys

Interesting, but not sure whom all the warriors summoned are, especially since team CRDL has been revealed to be a group of bullies.

Also noticed some editting to do, like you having used 'their' in place of 'there'. Other than that though, interesting start thusfar.^^

Also, you were unclear, so is this set after Twilight ascended? It'd likely have provided her with a great power boost in her fighting at least.

Also, if this is set after EQ, Twilight would recognize the species they have brought to them.^_^

Either way, good start, and eager to see more.:D

3269321 This just screams shut the fuck up.

>Everyone talking about how they wanted to see a RWBY crossover

Oh, okay… I'll just sit in this corner over here…

Nice job, though, dude. Can't wait to see more!

congrats on the Feature bro. looks like this story was well worth your time.

This had to happen eventually and I am so glad it did. :pinkiehappy:

Oh this may be interesting....could I give you a human characters a guest star possibly? as one of the ones brought in with the others?

Highly entertaining chapter looking forward to more.

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I am loving this entire idea. MORE!:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

3270893 Red, White, Black, Yellow, or Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang.

http://roosterteeth.com/archive/?id=6052&v=more This is the first "trailer" for the series. If you have never been to roosterteeth.com, when the video is done just scroll down the page, and you can watch the other trailers (which I recommend) and then the series.


...fifteen characters? Plus your pony leads?
Good lord, someone is ambitious. Best of luck in pulling that off without getting muddled down by the number of characters you'll be handling.

3270916 No its an online series made by the guys who also made Red vs. Blue, if you know what that is.

sorry bout the comment bomb. Laptop screwed up

Just goanna post the first episode so that anyone who doesn't know what RWBY is can get a feel for it.

3270560 if you have suggestions that do not include criticisms or praise, look on my user page, there you will find my email address to message me your ideas, please email me your ideas, I don't trust the in-site messaging system.

3268676 3268695 3268900 3269876 3270489
I really feel there needs to be clarification here.
This is not the first RWBY crossover story on this site. I made a RWBY crossover story back in March, WAY before the show even came out. There were also a few before mine, even.
I'm not saying that this guy isn't good or doesn't deserve the feature, because he is and he does, but PLEASE get your facts straight.

You really, really, really, really need an editor. This is practically impossible to read in its current state. It needs major reworking of run-on sentences, grammar, character descriptives, and sentence flow especially :unsuresweetie:
The idea is great, I personally love RWBY, but this is a literary mess.

3270920 Actually it's spearheaded by the guy that animated the Haloid and Dead Fantasy series, Monty Oum. He works for Rooster Teeth now (the group behind Red Vs. Blue), mostly as a choreographer. (If you noticed the action sequences in Red Vs. Blue getting a lot more crazy, awesome, or crazy-awesome over the last coupla seasons, that'd be Monty's input. He's like a damn genius at creating epic action sequences.)

>Create a detailed and fairly long comment for the first time in forever
>Feel good
>Feel as though regaining critical reviewing skills
>Refresh to see that the chapter is edited and will continue to be edited
>Half of comment is rendered useless


I guess I'll read the chapter again later then.

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