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World of Tanks player(ironically same as my username here), FimFiction author and viewers, WarThunder player(still the same username) and etc.


FimASAP Update 1.0 · 9:30am Mar 18th, 2015

Hello who are this reading blog post. My name is cellum95 and I will bring some important news for today.

*WoT Intro for their ASAP videos*

"What do the others will expect in the writing update?"

The others will expect the rewrite of Twilight's Journey, bringing in the Story-Lease Program, the continuation of War Thunder and plans of new projects waiting to be written.

"What do the others will expect in the rewrite of T.J?"

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It's not even that his matrix fic hasn't been updated sinxe 2015, he hasn't even been online here since 2015. The dude is dead.


Ummm... I'm here.

I'm a long time follower of you, and I was wondering...
Are you going to continue your Matrix fic?

It's not cancelled... but it hasn't been updated since 2015...

Could we at least be told if it is dead or not?

Hello there i am slash the assassin and I was wondering if i can finish writing a Pacific rim story you canceled with your permission may i finish writing the story please sighed slash the assassin

Is Assassins creed: The Salvation ever going to continue?

Hey cellum, I play war thunder with the same username too. Dancing around the border of rank I and rank II.

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