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Stark has been subjected to some weird things in the course of his life, ever since he donned the iron mantle. Monsters, aliens and intergalactic tv show hosts are just part of the job when you're a hero. But in the peaceful land of Equestria, he will have to face his greatest challenge yet. For he will have to make a choice...and no matter what he chooses, someone is doomed. But what can you do, when you're only a man?

Iron man will once again be based on my favorites versions combined, so expect EMH and more of the cartoon versions than the comics or movies. Same goes for the villain. Gonna be a bit more light hearted that other stories, so expect Tony to be more funny than cynical (though he will be that).

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I see this in my feed. I wonder what's going to happen. Someone's gonna be doomed. I AM INTRIGUED ONOMONOPIA!

Obligatory "First"

Oh yes, i love Ironman, one of my favorites next to Ghost Rider. Have this for celebration:


Ah, another one of these. Let's see if Onomonopia will make the ponies hold idiot balls. He didn't do it in his last story, or the story before that, or the stor-- oh... wait...

Are we gonna end up in an Equestria where Stark becomes super rich, annoys the MLP characters to no end, and the world is ruled by Doom who makes it a better place?

Tony: Hey you guys want Shawarma?

Dash: What in the hay is Shawarma?

*Tony looks up, his lips curled into a smile with his mouth full of Shawarma.*

Tony: Shawarma

Well this should be a hoot.

Prepare for Twilight to go into full science-mode when she and Tony gets to her laboratory.


BTW, wich armor is he using now ?

It's been so long since I read one of your stories Onomonopia. This will be good.

I know the title is referring to Wizard of Oz but I cannot help but have this song play in my head:

I remember a while back me and few others asked for an Iron Man and MLP Crossover and I've waited patiently for it to happen and it's off to a good start

Also I do not mean to offend anyone unintentionally I'm saying it was worth the wait

Well, bugger; the magical and technological evil genius is now in Equestria.
...Perhaps Discord could help...?

Nice! Can't wait for more!

Hm, a bit on the strange side. Doom speaking in the third person, an odd mansion with an Avengers Assemble retinal scanner, the X-Men working with the Avengers working with the Fantastic Four... Not to mention the fact that Spiderman and others are dead.

While I’m still interested to see what happens, I can’t help but cringe at certain parts of this first chapter. The way Jarvis speaks, and the way Tony acts being two of the things I found myself cringing at. Doom’s mannerisms and third-person speaking also made me cringe... Really, this first chapter was quite strange in general.

I’m hoping the next chapter isn’t too far off. I want to see where this goes.

Can’t really say much else without sounding like an arse.

There are stories that have done Iron Man and MLP, plenty of them in fact. A few really good ones as well. Ya just gotta look for em.


Dr. Doom killed Spider-Man and his family! He needs to die. No friendship beam, no turning to stone, he just needs to be killed as painfully as possible. Hopefully Tony can deal with this new world he will find himself in and can inspire the ponies so they can stand up and prove themselves worthy successors to the Avengers, X-Men, and Fantastic Four.

DR. DOOM always talkes in third person. If he isn't talking this way it is a good sign it is a malfunction Doombot. As for everyone assembled it is probably to avenge Peter Parker and his family. Peter is well liked by the entire hero community, Johnny is probably his best friend. Wolverine worked with his parents and Peter/Spider-Man has a known Pro mutant view. Plus killing an old women would also piss off everyone as well. I am surprised that Namor and Black Panther are not here as well as it sounds like a line got crossed and stuff is happening.

clearly your only experience with Doctor DOOM! has been the subpar movies of the fantastic four.

Doctor DOOM! always talks in third-person, as he is DOOM! and has the skill and power to do so!

really, I have the black sabbath song iron man in my head from it

Oh good, so I'm not the only one who was weirded out by Dr. Doom talking about himself like Trixie'd relapsed into the control of the Alicorn Amulet again.

Maybe that's canon in the old comics...

I never read the old comics. :twilightsheepish:

So it stands out. A lot.

This one , this one and this one are the ones that come to mind , they are really good and while quite long are totally worth it !

Well , after reading the chapter I have to say that while I definitly need more material to judge , I find it very strange for you to put the Avengers , the X-men and the Fantastic 4 in the same plane of existence is original ? Now to see if it was a good or bad idea ...

But I am very hardly disapointed so whatever happens , I'll probably like it anyway has long has it's not totally trash (which I doubt a featured Fic will be)


Nope Dr. Doom always talks in third person. It is seen as part of his character and is unfortunately left out of almost all other media, except comics, when he is used.

Indeed he is. 'tis a joyous occurrence. Also hi, I feel like I see you everywhere. It's like you both read AND write good stories.

I am an Old School Comic Books Fan; Its great to see, or at least mentioned, members of Marvel's community of superheroes work together.
Having the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and many others all together is a real treat.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is great and all; But with out the FF, X-Men, and (until very recently) Spider-Man, it felt like I am missing a big chunk of what made Marvel Comics fun.
Hopefully, in the future, the MCU would expand into a more full universe; None of this nonsense of petty Corporations fighting over the rights of who owns what.

Will we get to know what happened to the ponies that were never heard from again?

so, this iron man is from avengers earth's mightiest heroes (the best avengers cartoon) and a few other addons too or just emh

cause I'm all for emh iron man

9827927 Dr. Doom = Bob Dole = TGaPT

Clearly, we're dealing with a massive CONSPIRACY here! :pinkiegasp:


left out of almost all other media

You're making my point back to me, bruh. :rainbowkiss:

For someone intruduced to the character through that "other" media, it's weird.

Like sudden-random-Trixie-impression levels of weird.

Nothing wrong with it. It's just a fact. :twilightsmile:

Wow, I forgot the Fantastic Four were in the Marvel Universe.

Been a while since I've read an Onomonopia story. Looking forward to this.

Good to see you writing again. I look forward to the story.

...raised both of his hands and shot blast of both magic and science from them.

Good thing he didn't also blast them with biology. Gotta keep that Teen rating.

“Sorry, Cap. Whatever it takes.” With one last push, Tony drove both he and Doom into the vortex, the two of them instantly consumed by it.


So what suit model is Stark wearing in this? Helps me imagine his appearance while reading. Also did you start this fic because of the recent avengers movie? Feels like this might have happened because of the hype of that film. Not that I'm complaining.

JDPrime22’s Avengers stories are pretty good. First one can be found here. There’s another one that started off really good, An Old Fashioned Notion. But it hasn’t been updated in several years and the author kinda poofed without a trace, unfortunately. It’s a shame as it had great potential.

thanks. First one seems pretty long though. Which usually isn't a problem but what if I want something more...self contained? Not sure if that's the right word. Basically a fic about several characters such as the avengers is like a team book. But I'm mostly looking for something that's iron man focused.

Tatsurou had one good story, if you want any others check out 9827972

While I can't personally verify the stories they listed, they seem good.

Ooooh, I see. I don’t really know any stories on here featuring just Iron Man himself. But I’ll say that An Old Fashioned Notion probably has the most accurate depiction of MCU Tony Stark I’ve ever seen in a fanfiction.

“Our crimes?! How about what you’ve done in the past week alone! Espionage, slavery, endangerment of human lives, assault on foreign soil, near global annihilation and an uncountable number of murders!” Stark seethed, before his voice dropped to a whisper. “Including Charles Xavier, Amadeus Cho and…and…May, Mary Jane and Peter Parker.”

*Grabs a machete*

9828088 Pffft, me, WRITE good stories? I don't know what you're talking about...

...thanks for the free advertisement! Cya at the next Something Unknown update!

You're right I did see a few stories with Iron Man and I wanted see how Onomonopia would write this as most of the stories they've wrote are good

Gotta write him out the MCU some how :/

Great job Tirek, way to make everyone's day absolutely terrible.

Loving this so far, especially Stark's characterisations. Although, Celestian cultists have me concerned. What type of Equestria has he been sent to?

I think Celestia really needs to retrain all of her guards. They attacked when peaceful dialogue was trying to be established. If they had but talked it out it would have gone so much easier. However good to see that Tony knows that there is something up with Tirek and is probably not going to be trusting his word. Now I feel sorry for that young buck because he is about to make a major mistake.

Just tell them that Tirek sent you and they’ll drop everything to see you. Trust me.”

Yeah, to attack and interrogate you. Tirek, you SoaB; setting this ignorant human up for a bad time.

his mother had raised him to help all in need. So he swallowed his fear and walked over to the creature.

You should have let him die, Ashgrove; he's a psychotic mass-murderer.

I am enjoying this! I can't always get into HiE stories, or even crossovers, which is strange since I normally love crossovers. But your writing is really smooth, I enjoy the classic characterization of Tony (which isn't TOO different from the movie version I'm more familiar with, but nice to see him and Cap actually GETTING ALONG), and the fact that he's from the comics where they get thrown into INCREDIBLY STUPID CRAP like EVERY OTHER DAY really makes this work. XD

I'm very confused as to why Tirek is running around loose. Should be interesting to see if Tony is dumb enough to do the whole 'Tirek sent me' thing. I'm curious what Tirek's plan there was.


Dude... :facehoof:

Those weren't royal guards. Reread the chapter!

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