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I guess this guy's quit the whole site

Hey Just read your story. I'm a big one piece and my little pony fan! It was awesome!:pinkiehappy: It really is too bad that a lot people had to be jerks towards your work and even hack you account. That's not cool!:fluttercry: I know you decided not to finish it and I do understand and respect that decision.:unsuresweetie: But there are far more people who enjoy and love your story then there are of those who hate or mock it.:eeyup: And your story was just getting really interesting. The only reason I would have stopped reading it was because it's not finished.:rainbowderp: Again, I know it's your story to write or not and I just think you should keep going. You've got real talent!:twilightsmile:

504977well just don't report me okay? I want nothing to do with this.

I reported the people who were just needlessly trolling and leaving extremely negative comments for no reason. Blackie has been leaving extremely offensive material in his posts.

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