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It's been a long time since Tirek conquered the world. And after his victory, he sucked all the magic out of the world, leaving every being without magic. At least, that's what his goons tell us. I've never been much for listening to them. Hard to find the time between mining crystals for Tirek and supporting my amazing family. Yeah the world's bad and all, but...hey, gotta make the best of it, right?

But recently...I found a helmet. A helmet that might be able to turn this all around. It has the power to defeat Tirek. It has the power to restore magic. But can I risk everything on trusting this helmet? Can I endanger my husband and son trying to save the world? Can I believe this will be better? Can I believe...in Fate?

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Is Lil’ Cheese a boy or a girl? One moment it's a boy and the next it's a girl, which one?

I’m pretty sure it’s a girl.

Nothing, nothing at all, can stop the ponk. Poor Fate's going to be stuck with Pinkie? This should be a hoot!

Edit: and I get 10th like! Excellent.

I've heard conflicting reports myself. In my story Lil' cheese is a guy. If I'm right, great. If not, multiverse effect.

One of the writers confirmed that Lil' cheese is a boy, but they never specified that in the script, or whatever the artists use to draw characters and animate, so they made the reasonable assumption that, in a show that was primarily targeted towards a female audience, that Pinkie's child would be a filly.

So that's what it was. thanks for the info

Dunno what this is a crossover with but reading laaaaaaateeeeeeer.

It's a crossover with DC comics

I wonder how Pinkie will take the idea of just the type person Fate is. The helm usually prefers plenty of order not not the type of chaos that Pinkie thrives on.

Ow heck yeah a new story

Lil’ Cheese is a boy in the story, got it.

The setting is established. Now for the catalyst

...care to be more specific? I don't know DC.

Wonder how a lord of order like Nabu will handle having such a random pony like Pinkie as a host?

He will likely implode the minute he see's inside her head. She is one pink ball of pure sugar and impossibility.

The name of this DC character is Doctor Fate, he's a little bit like doctor strange except more powerful, mysterious and gold.

Hmkay then.

Personally I feel like it's hard to top Dr. Strange, but I suppose it'd be a difference in abilities.

Things must be dire if a Lord of Order is recruiting from the forces of Chaos.

I wonder how far Pinkie will try and run? She can already tell that this is not a “good” item, at least by Equestria and her standards. At least the Nabu understands this as well, I doubt he like a place that harbors a lord of Chaos.

This should be fun.

10253005 if I may cut in, I'd advise you go watch the death battle between Dr Strange and Dr Fate. They give you a pretty good (albeit not perfect) idea of what to expect and how the two compare.

Hmm, I've been away from fimfiction for a couple months now, however I'm back just in time to see one of my favorite authors post a new story. I guess it must be... fate.

And then the quarry exploded.

Quite rude of it really, she was having a conversation with the nice prison guard. I do hope he's alright...


Mate, I promise you, before this is done both of you are going to regret this.

Come to think of it, Fate's helm wouldn't even fit on her head. Fate has a rather narrow head, while Pinkie, like any pony, doesn't. And that hair, ye gods of Order that hair. That's not ever gonna fit right.

Nabu is going to find himself in a world of pink madness.

Firsties! Pinkie is going to annoy Nabu into friendship, I can just feel it. :pinkiehappy:

I want Pinkie to call Nabu Naby at least once.

Wow Nabu know Pinkie is a very chaotic being but the fact that she never lost her connection to her element impressed him. I fear what someone like Pinkie could do with this power.

Well then, the show is officially on the road. Oh course, attacking the magic-eating centaur head-on would be an alarmingly poor idea, so we've still got some details to suss out.

Yes....let´s see how much he can eat when there is a whole universe of magic in the buffet. I think that this will cause a EXPLOSIVE dhiarreia

Or at the least cause a similar fate to befall Tirek that fell Octolus Supreme Master of the Underworld. "Power Rangers give me your magic!" "OK!!" *Infinite stream of good magic fires at him as he begins eating to no end* "I've eaten all I can and can't eat no more! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" *Slowly bloats up and explodes into dust* Yeah Tirek is screwed.

Wow, Nabu is a prick.

He always has been, really this one is kinda nice compared to his past where for the most part he would forcibly take over the wearer and have them never see their family again while saving the universe.

Wow I think Ryan needs to pull a few strings to get some more help. I wonder if Nabu can access the Rock of Eternity?

So, I'm guessing Tirek's master is either Darkseid or the Anti-Monitor.

I feel nebu is going to question the laws of physics

Could be Wotan, he was Dr Fates nemesis in the comic. It could even be Clarion the Witch Boy, I think he was a lord of Chaos.

Nabu has had his first glimpse of the pink, and it's only going to get stranger.

This should be hilarious.

Why do I think that this threat wanted Tirek ruling because he would be easier to defeat? Tirek is being played here and he just doesn’t know it yet.

How the hell do Nabu know about Spider Sense? He's from DC not Marvel.

There was a crossover back in the nineties that combined the two worlds. When Marvel and DC split back, only Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate remember it happening.

Right, I forgot about that.

What about Harley Quinn or any other characters in recent comics and media in the last few years? Didn't she reference a Marvel character way after that crossover?

I put her with Deadpool in more doing it because they break the fourth wall. In terms of like...serious characters that remember, it's mostly the two Dr.s and very powerful, cosmic beings (Darkseid)

Jack-O-Lantern? Isn't he a Spiderman villain.

Yeah, Nabu may need to learn some tact.

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