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A lone clone trooper finds himself waking up within the dark confined transportation bay of an L.A.A.T. he'd been riding on. He learns quickly that he's apparently the only surviver of a harsh crash landing, leaving the ship in heavy disrepair.

With nothing to gain by simply sitting there, the clone ventures out in an attempt to find civilization and hopefully make his way back to the Grand Republic, and the galaxy-wide war. However, he soon realizes that this task isn't gonna be an easy one, and this planet seems to host quite a few oddities and mysteries. From its population of colorful ponies, griffins, dragons, and tons more creatures, to its primitive technology and mystical ways of life.

But another factor is quick to present itself, for this entire planet and its inhabitants are blissfully unaware of the blazing war that's raging just beyond their skies. A war that could come raining down on them and destroy their peace in seconds...

Featured: 6/29/19, 7/5/19, and 7/19/19! Thank you all so much!

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A very intriguing premise so far, I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

However, I would strongly recommend proofreading or picking up a credible proofreader. There are some very noticeable spelling and grammar errors.

Sorry about that, i'll try to keep the grammar correct. Thank's for telling me.

Liking it so far. Keep up the good work!

Not bad, but it does have room for improvement! I would suggest getting an editor, or someone to read over the chapters. Also, small tip but you don't need to say. "the breath in his lungs knocked clean out" you could just say, "The impact knocked his breath out" a bit more concise and easy to follow. If you need help don't be afraid to ask. But keep up the good work, i believe in you.

Fun Fact, I actually messed up on that. Clone Troopers numbers are actually a maximum of 4 numbers. I'll be correcting that now.

As for the Clones themselves, it's actually in the next chapter.

"Promise?" The pony repeated. At lease it spoke English.

Not English, but Basic.

Ahhh, this reminds me of the earlier fanfiction when humans get to the everfree as the standard landing ground for the writers.

Keep it up!

I love it I like the back story the way it leads up keep typing this story I would like this story to get atleast get to 20 chapters I support this story by giving it a follow and a like

Leave it to Rainbow Dash to make things awkward. I can only imagine how difficult Applejack will be. :twilightoops:

Wait........ does the beginning take place BEFORE the start of the FiM?

Of course Angel would get his paws on the blaster! That devil of a bunny! :ajbemused:

Little shit. Time to skin the fucker

oh dear... bun with gun... prepare the holy hand grenade!

...run away!!!!

This bunny dies a horrible painful death.

I had so much fun writing Bunny With A Blaster's chapter that I finished it early.

:pinkiehappy:if you can make more this fast then i will love you forever

I am enjoying so much I hope to see a chapter soon an angel Bunny with a blaster come on he's dangerous enough as it is

How would the ship name be

That’s all I got

Just wondering, anyone counting shots from his blaster? He supposed to have 500 before he needs to reload.

...the only pony here who I know will give me correct information about this world is Fluttershy, and if she get's hurt, then someone's gonna have a bad day, capeesh?" Strider said, his tone darker than usual.

"Oh the comments are so gonna ship you." Pinkie Pie said blankly

eh, I ship it.

*Torpedo is fired at and..... then misses the ship by a hair* Lucky......

This is similar to a scene in A Warhorse In Equestria.

Well this was a short chapter nice fight but so short short

Ok I am loving this story so far. Though I am sad that the dc-15a is now broke. Mabry he could find a dc-17 pistol in the gunship if he revisits it. Well you have earned my like and favorite so great job can't wait for the next chapters.

"How...out of all things wise...did you get this?" Strider muttered, eyes wide with shock at the sight.

My question exactly

In the state the gunship is in now it is a piece of junk, I felt a part of my soul die after writing that statement as the gunship is the second best thing in the clone army besides the clones.

I believe cast is already in the past tense.

"Oh, don't worry, it looks smaller on the outside." Fluttershy claimed, before opening the door the rest of the way and entering. Strider picked up the DC-15A, before ducking under the door frame and following Fluttershy inside.


He could always just send a message to the princesses. One of them gets their letters through dragon mail. :moustache:

Strider doesn't even know Spike exists


I can't wait to see his reaction of seeing spike for the first time. I was not expecting for him to get a Z-6 and a couple DC-15s blaster carbine but he now has ammo.

Gilda better hope she doesn't cross Strider's path, for her sake. :pinkiecrazy:

It's going to be a bird for dinner.

You don't screw with Fluttershy or you have to deal with Strider. I cant wait to see what happens to Gilda, i fell tgat it is not going to end well.

Who's ready for KFG?

(Kentucky-fried Griffon?)

As far as I know. The blaster has a stun setting...

Strider would claim that it "broke" so he just fired normally.

In reality, He didn't care if stun was on or not.

First of all, how does he knows what Christmas is? How he even knows what the griffons are? (-2 points to the author because Strider is a clone pretender). Gilda was about to leave but she gets shot anyway (-1 point for oh my gosh really?).

This chapter (14) feels more like let's defend Fluttershy honor, her feelings are hurt. Instead of Strider using his brain and thinking.

Thank you for the feedback, i'll try and keep everything Strider knows back to the data logs from Kamino and the battlefield.

As for him firing at Gilda, I've actually changed it so it's a cable which wrapped around one of Gilda's paws. That does make a lot more sense for Stride to do that then fire on an unarmed civilian, even if they are being a jerk.

then Christmas should be replaced with Life Day, the star wars equivalent.

I think Gilda got what she deserved. ( I'm a bit of fluttershy lover, so I hate to see fluttershy get hurt and I love to see what happens to the prepatrator.) I am loving this story so far.

Well, Trixie owes Fluttershy 30 bits

"Could I take a look at that? This device is nothing like i've ever seen!" Twilight claimed, staring at the Z-6.

Typical Twilight.

Twilight, the Z-6 is a highly advanced weapon. Didn't you see what it could do to an Ursa Minor? If you're not careful, you could kill yourself.

Yes it's me and I'm here to torment you with my constant posts on various stories. MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

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