A Forgotten Trooper

by SonicTeam34

Chapter 35: Cutie Mark Crusaders Gunship Repairers!

Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle all watched as a machine pumped air through a tube into Strider's lifeless body. They each took turns to trot over to a table next to Strider's bed and set their get well cards on it.

After each Crusader was done, they went back over to where Fluttershy was standing and looked up at her.

"When's Strider gonna wake up? He's been like that for three weeks now and we're worried 'bout him." Apple Bloom said. The other two Crusaders nodded.

"All we can do is wait for him to wake up." Fluttershy exclaimed.

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo looked back at Strider. It must be horrible, unable to do anything as your stuck in the hospital.

Then, an idea Struck Apple Bloom's mind. She waved for her friends to follow her as she left the room and took off towards the exit of the building.

"So, what are we gonna do?" Scootaloo questioned as they trotted towards Ponyville.

"Well, when we were in Strider's hospital room, Ah was think'n about how we might be able to help work on that ship thingy that he was working on!" Apple Bloom stated.

"You mean that weird white box thing in front of Fluttershy's cottage?" Sweetie Belle questioned.

"Oh yeah! That thing. Strider was kind enough to let me hid inside it when..." Scootaloo trailed off.

"When what?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Nothing!" Scootaloo quickly claimed.

"Well, except for you Sweetie Belle, Strider has helped both me and Scootaloo with someth'n. We should return the favor." Apple Bloom explained.

"Yeah! And maybe will get our cutie marks in repairing things!" Scootaloo said cheerfully.

"Then it's settled! Will finish Strider's ship for him so when he wakes up he doesn't have ta worry 'bout it." Apple Bloom declared.

With those words in mind, the Crusaders quickly dashed off towards Fluttershy's cottage. Little did they know that a set of blue eyes were locked onto them as they ran.

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo all gazed in awe at the sight of the Gunship, the machine towering over the little fillies.

"So, where do we start?" Sweetie Belle questioned.

"Hmm, that wing!" Scootaloo stated, pointing in the direction of the right wing that had a toolbox next to it.

"Perfect! Will just pick up where he left off." Apple Bloom exclaimed, trotting over to the toolbox.

With a quick push of her hoof, the top of the toolbox opened, revealing several shiny tools resting within. Apple Bloom grabbed what looked like a wrench and pulled it out of the cluster of tools.

Apple Bloom put the tool on the ground next to the toolbox and went to grab another. However, before she could, Scootaloo smiled as an idea popped into her mind.

Scootaloo went over to the toolbox and knocked it over, causing all the tools to roll onto the ground. Several tool didn't even look like they could fix anything.

Sweetie Belle picked up a strange tool that had a silver barrel and a wire that hooked up to a machine next to the wing.

"So, how do we know which tool to use?" Sweetie Belle asked, trying to figure out what tool she was holding.

"It can't be that hard. A've seen mah sister work on things on the farm all the time!" Apple Bloom claimed.

Scootaloo fiddled with a switch on the machine as Sweetie Belle set the tool down. She turned the switch forward, then backwards, then to the side.

"Well, we better get to work!" Scootaloo said, twisting the switch to the other side.

A clicking noise sounded from the machine as energy began to whir through it. Suddenly, a blue flame ignited from the tool Sweetie Belle had set down. However, since the tool was so close to her tail, the flame caught the end of her tail on fire.

"Oh, so that's what that does." Scootaloo exclaimed, looking at the flame.

"What does what?" Sweetie Belle asked, turning around to see what had happened.

Sweetie Belle's eyes widened as she noticed the fire on her tail.

"AHH! Somepony get water!" Sweetie Belle cried, frantically beating her tail against the ground in an effort to put out the fire.

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo quickly rushed over to Fluttershy's cottage. Surely she had a hose somewhere! It didn't take long before they found the green hose and quickly turned it on. Water blasted from the nozzle which was then pointed at Sweetie Belles tail.

The flames quickly died down as the water continued its assault on Sweetie Belle's tail. It didn't take long before the fire was completely extinguished, allowing the Cutie Mark Crusaders to take a breath.

"Ok, with that situation under control, should we start on the ship?" Scootaloo questioned.

"Yeah, and can we please not use fire?" Sweetie Belle asked, staring at the scorched end of her tail.

"Hammer?" Apple Bloom asked, raising a hoof.

Scootaloo set a hammer on her friends hoof. Apple Bloom then started bashing at a metal panel with the hammer, bending it into the correct shape.

Scootaloo went back to the other wing and got to her position where she had been using the hammer. The area seemed ok, which meant that this wing was ready to go.

"Alright, this wing is ready to go." Scootaloo said with a grin.

Sweetie Belle glanced out of the cockpit she was sitting in and looked over at her friend.

"Good job!" Sweetie Belle cheered with a smile, before looking back at the monitors.

Sweetie Belle pressed a button, seeing if it connected to the monitor. When nothing happened she tried another, and another, and another.

She continued this until the monitor finally registered something. She looked at the words that began to boot up, before reeling back in surprise when a rectangular chip popped up from the controls. Cautiously, Sweetie Belle grabbed the chip, before removing it from the slot it was in.

Sweetie Belle rotated the chip in her hooves, examining each side like it was a puzzle box. She was about to put it back when Twilight Sparkle's voice rang through her ears.

"What are you three doing?" Twilight asked, noticing the Crusaders tinkering with the Gunship.

Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle quickly stopped what they were doing and rushed over to the lavender unicorn.

"We're fix'n up Strider's ship as ah thanks and ah present for him when he wakes up." Apple Bloom exclaimed.

"Well... that's very sweet of you, but you shouldn't be trying to fix something that you might not even know is already fixed. Even I don't know how that thing works." Twilight stated.

"Oh," The three Crusaders said in unison, considering what Twilight had said.

"But i'm sure Strider will be proud, especially since he woke up an hour ago." Twilight claimed.

"Really!?" The Crusaders said at the same time, eyes widening.

"Yeah, Fluttershy's helping him back here as we speak." Twilight proclaimed.

Apple Bloom smiled, feeling proud of herself as she looked back at the Gunship. Sure the wings were still not on, but thanks to her fellow Crusaders, both wings looked ready to go.

However, as Apple Bloom looked over the Gunship, she noticed several flashing red lights coming from the transportation bay.

"Hey Scootaloo? Sweetie Belle? Did either of ya put someth'n like that in there?" Apple Bloom asked, not recognizing the lights.

Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Twilight all looked over at where the flashing lights were located, before the two Crusaders shrugged.

"No idea. I didn't put those there." Scootaloo claimed.

"I didn't either. I was in that control place the whole time." Sweetie Belle insisted.

Twilight stepped forward, looking down at the Crusaders.

"So if none of you put those there, then who did?" Twilight questioned.

The Crusaders shrugged, continuing to look at the lights. Twilight slowly began approaching the blinking lights, fear beginning to crawl up her spine.

As Twilight got closer and closer, several loud beeping noises began to fill her ears. She stepped into the transportation bay and cautiously approached a small crate that held the blinking lights.

Twilight slowly levitated one of the objects in the crate up into the light for her to see. The object seemed to be a small spherical ball of metal with a flashing red light near the top. Several other objects that looked exactly the same rested in the crate.

Twilight was about to put the device back down in the crate when the beeping got faster. Something deep in her mind was telling, no, screaming at her to run.

With panic pumping through her veins, Twilight dropped the device into the crate and dove out of the transportation bay right as the devices exploded, engulfing the Gunship in a fiery blaze.