A Forgotten Trooper

by SonicTeam34

Chapter 16: A Major Problem

Strider flipped a few switches from the Gunship, grumbling the entire time. Not only did the shop keeper not have any 32 ft rope left, but he also didn't have any ropes longer than 32 ft. So the pulley system was no longer an option for the time, so he had to improvise.

That being unscrewing the wing with several spare pillows and cushions Fluttershy had spared him underneath and hope it doesn't break.

After Strider was sure the power wasn't running through the wing, he climbed on top of the Gunship and began unscrewing the wing from the rest of the ship.

By the time he had taken most of the screws out, Night had rolled around. Strider unscrewed the final bolt, causing the wing to fall to the ground with a THUD!

"Please don't be badly damaged," Strider muttered as he hopped down to the ground and went over to the wing.

The wing didn't seem to of taken more damage from the fall, but it was still bent badly and needed repairs.

"I think i'll do that tomorrow." Strider told himself.

The Trooper got into the Gunship's Transportation Bay and flipped a switch. The light's inside the bay shut off, letting the darkness sweep through it. Strider sat down against a wall and looked out at the night sky. Once the wing was repaired, the Gunship would be over half way repaired.

With that thought in Strider's mind, he smiled and shut his eyes. However, a loud noise caused him to open them again and look over at the Everfree Forest.

What he saw making its way through the forest caused his blood to freeze up.

A massive blue transparent bear with a white star on its head was rushing through the forest right towards Ponyville, it's orange and red eyes glaring at the town. It looked exactly like the image Trixie had made during her performance, sort of.

"If that's an Ursa Major," Strider said, staring in disbelief at the creature. "Then Ponyville's in for a massive problem."

Strider looked over at the DC-15S that was resting next to him. That wasn't going to be enough to take that beast down. But he did have something that could.

Strider leaped from the bay and over to the cargo hold. He opened the hatch and grabbed the Z-6, pulling it out into the moonlight. This thing was going to see some action after all.

Not wasting anymore time, Strider rushed as fast as he could with the heavy chain gun towards the town.

The Ursa Major didn't take to long in terrorizing the town. It has torn away at a roof of a house while growling at the ponies rushing to safety. It stepped on Trixie's wagon, crushing it into pieces.

Several screaming ponies rushed past Strider as he walked towards the Ursa Major, Z-6 primed. A few ponies spotted him and stopped running, looking at him in confusion.

"HEY! STAR FACE!" Strider shouted, trying to get the attention of the Ursa Major, which turned its head to face him.

The Ursa Major roared at Strider, staring down at the trooper. Finally, Strider thought it was close enough.

"TASTE LASER!" Strider barked, activating the Z-6.

The chamber in the blaster spun around and around, spitting out blue plasma bolts right into the Ursa Major's face. It roared in pain as the bolts made contact. It reached over to a house and pulled the roof off, using it to cover his face from the wave of fire.

Strider spotted a puff of steam emitting from the barrel so he halted the wave of plasma bolts and looked up at the Ursa Major. It growled at him, before chucking the roof it had used as a shield at him. The Trooper dove out of the way and shot another wave of bolts at the Ursa Major.

The Ursa Major roared and picked up an empty wooden cart, then chucked it at Strider. He dodged the cart just by a foot, but a pony behind him wasn't as lucky. The yellow furred mare behind him got scraped in the side by a piece of the cart as it flew past her and into a house.

Strider saw this and quickly realized that he needed to get this thing out of town. He shot one more wave of bolts at the Ursa Major, before running away from it towards the outskirts of town.

Just as Strider thought, the Ursa Major chased him down. The two soon ended up in the less populated outskirts of town. Strider turned to fire another round, but the Ursa Major was closer then he thought. It swiped the Z-6 away from him and pounced.

Strider quickly felt pain shoot through his rib cage as the Ursa Major's paw landed on him and slammed him into the ground. Strider looked up at the Ursa Major, whose orange eyes were glaring down at his helmet. It snarled at him, showing a set of fangs that glistened in the moonlight.

The Trooper shut his eyes, waiting for the Ursa Major to finish him, however, after a few seconds of silence, he opened his eyes again just in time to see an apple collide with the Ursa Major's head.

Strider looked over to the right and saw a filly with a pink bow looking at them. It was Apple Bloom, who was standing in front of a pile of wood that had the Z-6 resting on it.

Apple Bloom said something that Strider couldn't hear, before activating the Z-6 which unloaded on the Ursa Major.

The Ursa Major got off of Strider and shielded its face with a paw. Strider stared slack jawed at Apple Bloom, who continued to keep the Z-6 activated.

The Ursa Major roared and took off towards Apple Bloom who had stopped firing. However, Twilight Sparkle had appeared next to the filly and had her horn ignited.

Suddenly, a soothing breeze filled the air, causing the Ursa Major to freeze in its tracks. It listened to the calming tune, before wobbling in place as it became drowsy.

Seeing this as a window, Strider got up from where he had been pinned and rushed over to the two ponies positions. He looked back at the Ursa Major right as Twilight levitated what looked like a water tower over to the beast. The Ursa Major grabbed it and began drinking from it.

Strider looked over at Twilight whose horn was sparking and glowing brightly. The unicorn was visibly struggling to keep her magic going, but she persisted.

The Ursa Major was lifted into the air and hovered back to the Everfree forest. Once it was deep within the forest, Twilight let go of her hold on it and wiped some sweat from her brow.

Twilight's friends and several ponies cheered for her while Strider looked over at Apple Bloom.

"That was a very clumsy move Apple Bloom. If Twilight hadn't been there then you would have been in a worse position then me." Strider exclaimed.

Apple Bloom's smile faded and she looked down at the ground.

"Just think about the enemy before you start an attack. You've got gut's Apple Bloom, and your very brave. Thank you for helping me out." Strider said, his smile hidden under his helmet.

Apple Bloom looked up at Strider, her smile returning. However, it once again faded when she spotted a certain orange pony walking towards her. But instead of it turning into a sorry expression, it was replaced with nervousness and worry.

Strider looked behind himself to see Applejack trotting towards Apple Bloom, a frown on her face. Something told him that Applejack was going to have a discussion with the filly.

Not wanting to interfere with family matters, he stepped aside and went over to Twilight.

"Nice job taking care of that Ursa Major." Strider stated.

"Oh, that wasn't an Ursa Major. It was an Ursa Minor, a baby." Twilight corrected.

"That massive star bear, was a baby?" Strider questioned, not sure how to process the statement.

"Yeah, that was just a baby who was upset because Snips and Snails disturbed it so Trixie could vanquish it." Twilight exclaimed. "Speaking of which, where did Trixie go?"

Strider looked around, not seeing any trace of the light blue unicorn. Well, if she showed up, she would still owe Strider a rope.

Strider picked up the Z-6 and began walking away towards the Gunship, but Twilight stopped him.

"Could I take a look at that? This device is nothing like i've ever seen!" Twilight claimed, staring at the Z-6.

"Sorry Miss Sparkle, but this baby is sticking with me." Strider stated, before leaving the unicorn with her friends as he went back to the Gunship.