• Published 23rd Jun 2019
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A Forgotten Trooper - SonicTeam35

A lone Clone Trooper wakes up in the rubble of a Gunship with his brothers dead around him. The Trooper soon realizes that the Gunship has crashed on an unmarked planet in the galaxy, which is full of ponies, unaware of the war just beyond their sky.

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Chapter 3: Animal Caretaker (R)

Strider found himself once again grunting back into the waking world, his aching and sore body reminding him of his current situation. It’s one thing to sleep in uncomfortable armor, but if you add on the chase and skirmish in that forest. Yeah, he was gonna be feeling the effects of that for a bit.

But that wasn’t an excuse to simply lie there all day. So the trooper found himself once again rising to his feet whilst fighting back a couple groans of pain. As he stood back up to his full height, he surveyed the area whilst taking in his surroundings.

The forest had dissipated rather abruptly, leaving a vast open plain with rich green grass and a full view of the blue cloudy skies. Just a bit to his right was the building he’d seen before going under, only now he could see it much clearer thanks to the light.

The building itself seemed to be a two story structure with a handful of windows and a stubby looking chimney. The roof seemed to be composed of heavy leaves and overgrowth, masking whatever its original color had been and replacing it with a dark shade of green. There were several smaller structures spread out and on the building, each one appearing to be small shelters possibly for the wildlife.

Speaking of wildlife, the entire area around the building hosted more animals than he’d seen in the forest. There were winged animals circling the roof, land animals grazing over the lawn, and aquatic animals swimming in a small creak that led back into the forest. Whoever lived in that building must either love animals, or had an incredibly bad infestation on their property.

“Hopefully whoever owns this place has a long ranged transmitter, or at least knows where the nearest town is.” Strider thought to himself, beginning his trek towards the building’s rather small red door.

Using his DC-15A as a makeshift cane a couple times, the trooper found himself crossing over the small creak and walking up the dirt path towards the building. The wildlife upon noticing him had either fled, or gotten themselves into rather weak defensive stances. Whatever these animals were, they didn’t seem nearly as threatening as the creatures from the forest, which was quite a relief.

Strider knocked on the hard wooden door a couple times before pulling his hand away and waited. Not long after did he manage to make out the sounds of something approaching the door from the opposite side, most likely the owner. He heard the muffled sounds of a voice on the other side, before the door moved inwards and exposed the creature who’d opened it.

Strider was about to greet them, but his sentence never left his mouth once he made eye contact with the creature. Whatever it was, he hadn’t seen anything like it before. It seemed to primarily host equine features; a short muzzle, equine-like ears atop its head, four legs, and lots of yellow fur covering its body. It had a very long pink mane which slightly covered one of it's large cyan eyes, along with a matching pink tail that trailed behind it.

As the clone looked over the unknown lifeform, he quickly noticed that it seemed to be doing the exact same with himself. It’s eyes started down at his boots, before rising up to his helmet slowly and methodically. Once they met his visor, they seemed to widen quite a bit and its pupils shrank to the size of screw faces.

The two stood in silence for a bit, neither quite sure if they should make the first move. Once Strider finally found words to say, he was suddenly greeted with the door slamming back into its frame, along with an audible click from most likely a lock on the inside.

Whatever they were, it was obvious that they were scared of him.

”Huh, well that complicates things. If they’re scared of me, then one of two things are possible. Either this place is under C.I.S. control and their propaganda is in full force, or this planet just hasn’t ever seen a CT unit in the flesh.”

Strider looked down at his armor, and then the blaster he was gripping in his right hand. If either of these possibilities were right, then he could somewhat see why they might be scared of him. Still, surely he doesn’t look that scary right?

Deciding to knock again, he waited for a response. When none came, he decided to simply talk as if they were on the other side of the door. Hopefully, they were, and he could calm them down.

"Uh, sorry if the armor startled you… " Strider said, "I promise I have no intentions of harming you. I’d just like to talk with you and possibly get directions to the nearest space port.”

Luckily, his assumption proved to be right and he heard a faint muffled voice on the other side of the door;

"promise? They mumbled.

"Sorry, couldn't hear you. Could you say that louder?" Strider asked.

"Promise?" They repeated a little bit louder. At least it spoke Galactic Basic.

"I promise." Strider claimed, watching as the door clicked and gently moved inwards once again.

Once he was sure the creature was looking at him, he made sure to prove that he’d been honest and set the blaster down on the ground in front of him. That seemed to provide a bit of ease, as the door opened up a tad more, revealing more of their butter yellow face.

"Wh-who are you?" The life form asked, it's tone sounding female and quite shaken up.

"My designation is CT 3719, but I prefer the name Strider. I’m a clone soldier serving in the Grand Army of the Republic, or G.A.R. for short." Strider explained.

"A-Army?" The pony stuttered, her eyes widening.

"Um, yes? The G.A.R. clashing against the C.I.S.’s battle droid armies? A war involves armies." Strider pointed out.

The life form’s eyes somehow managed to widened even more at the word war, which didn’t exactly make sense. Surely they knew about the war just beyond their skies right? Practically every planet in the galaxy knew for gods sake!

"What's the name of this planet? Where did I crash land?" He asked.

"E-Equus? A-And land you crashed in is Equestria." She exclaimed.

"Equus? Equestria?” Never in his entire time training on Kamino had he heard either of those names. That didn’t bode well for him, but he decided to simply shelve it for the moment. Right now, he needed to deal with the life form before him.

”I’ll worry about it later. For now…” “I’ve got a couple questions for you, uh… “

Realizing what Strider was trying to say, the life form cut in;

“Oh, sorry. I-I’m Fluttershy.”

“Thanks. As I was saying, I’ve got a couple questions for you Fluttershy.” Strider stated.

“Oh, um. Uh, ok. I guess. Would you like to come inside then?” ‘Fluttershy’ asked.

"If it's fine with you, but I'm not sure if it's exactly my height." Strider claimed, putting a finger over the top of the doorway which was easily at eye level.

"Oh, don't worry, it looks smaller on the outside." Fluttershy claimed, before opening the door the rest of the way, allowing him to enter. Strider picked up the DC-15A and ducked below the doorframe, said door being shut behind him rather gently.

The interior of the building seemed to be a standard living quarters, with two couches in the back with bookshelves behind them. There was a stone furnace against the right wall which had a few framed pictures on it and a handful of logs next to it. The place hosted several unlit candles spread throughout the room, unnecessary considering all the windows were open which offered up plenty of natural light. Although the fact that they were candles and not powered lamps sent another trail of worry through Strider’s mind.

There were also several small structures that seemed to serve as places for animals to sleep in, play on, or walk atop. It was like the whole building was some sort of old wildlife jungle gym that younglings played on, except scaled much smaller for tinier creatures.

"Cozy place." Strider said, standing back up fully. The ceiling wasn't as low as he’d thought but it was still low enough that if he jumped, he would likely break into the upper floor.

"I wanted a nice area for all of my animal friends to be able to explore and play in." Fluttershy explained.

"So, are you an animal caretaker? Or just like animals a lot?" Strider asked.

"Both actually. Animals have always helped me out through rough times and I want to help any animals who need it."

"That's quite kind of you." Strider pointed out.

"A little kindness never hurts," Fluttershy claimed. "Um, d-do you want some tea?"

"Sure." Strider stated, eyeing a green chair.

"Do you have a preference for what kind of tea?" Fluttershy asked, halting in front of an empty door frame that most likely led to a kitchen.

"That would be a no, just pick one you're comfortable with." Strider stated, approaching the green chair with interest.

Fluttershy walked through the doorway and into the kitchen, vanishing from sight. Therefore, leaving Strider alone to sit down on the green chair and look over what had happened after the crash.

How did the ship even crash? The last thing he remembered was fleeing with a squad of troopers towards an evacuation point deep in space when they, along with the other Gunships, were shot down by an attacking Separatist command ship. How his L.A.A.T. didn't just explode from being struck by one of those canons was unknown to Strider. Did the ship even get hit? He couldn't tell due to the state the ship was left in after the crash. Yet again, it was still mostly intact, maybe an E.M.P. went off or something and---

Strider halted his trail of thought when he spotted a small snow white bunny watching him from a basket he hadn't noticed before. The bunny was watching him intently, a look of uncertainty across its face.

"Uh… hi?"

The bunny didn't react. Instead, its eyes locked with the DC-15A that was currently lying against the chair Strider was sitting in.

Realizing this, Strider quickly picked the blaster up and switched its safety on, before setting it on the top shelf of a bookshelf behind him. The last thing he needed was a bunny playing with a DC-15A blaster rifle in a house likely full of other animals, not to mention vases and picture frames.

The bunny frowned at his actions, before hopping away into another room. Right as the bunny left Striders sight, Fluttershy returned to the room, a tray with tea cups resting on her back. She set the tray down on a table between the chair Strider was sitting on and a nearby sofa.

"So, what questions do you have?" Fluttershy asked, taking her own seat on the sofa.

“Well, first off I’d like to know if you’ve heard of the Clone Wars.” Strider asked.

Fluttershy shook her head, looking both confused and worried.

"Have you ever contacted anything beyond your planet's atmosphere?"

Another shake.

"Did you even know life existed beyond your stars?"

"There are stories of life on other planets, but not many ponies believe them. They were just bedtime stories to tell foals, or scary stories at camp. I didn't really like the latter stories... " Fluttershy exclaimed.

No communication, no space flight, no knowledge of life beyond their sky. This was turning more and more into a worst possible scenario. If this planet was so far back, then what were the odds of him alerting the Republic that he was even here? He'd crashed on the worst possible status of planet to get stranded on; a backwater planet.

He was gonna be stuck here for far longer than he’d thought...

Author's Note:

Wow, I wasn't expecting this story to show up under the popular list on the second day I published it. Thanks!

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