• Published 23rd Jun 2019
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A Forgotten Trooper - SonicTeam35

A lone Clone Trooper wakes up in the rubble of a Gunship with his brothers dead around him. The Trooper soon realizes that the Gunship has crashed on an unmarked planet in the galaxy, which is full of ponies, unaware of the war just beyond their sky.

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Chapter 43: Lunar Mission

Princess Luna didn't know why, but for some reason, something felt wrong. She had woken up from her dream in a cold sweat, but she couldn't remember the dream. This worried her, due to the fact that she had made sure that she would have the same nightmare over and over as punishment for Nightmare Moon, but for some reason, she didn't remember the nightmare at all.

Princess Luna trotted over to the glass doors that led to the balcony, noticing that a storm was being brewed up around Canterlot. Tons of dark grey clouds were clumped together, blocking out most of the blue sky and rays from her sister's sun.

A bolt of lightning suddenly shot through the clouds, followed by the loud boom of thunder. The second the thunder reached the Princess's ears, a cold chill ran down her spine. The feeling that something was wrong had increased dramatically, as if the doors to Tartarus had just been opened.

Pain began to brew in Princess Luna's head, causing her to raise a forehoof to her horn. She shut her eyes, trying to see if she could ease the pain from the sudden headache.

After a few seconds had passed, the headache began to fade and Princess Luna reopened her eyes. That was when she heard something, a voice coming from one side of her room. Alarm bells were ringing in the Princess's mind, the voice being way to clear to of simply been her imagination.

"Who dare's intrude our quarters unannounced!?" Princess Luna called out, igniting her horn in preparation for an attack or a quick teleport.

The room remained silent, the only sounds coming from the steady breaths of the Princess of the Night herself. That was, until she heard the sound again. This time, she focused her gaze onto the spot where the voice seemed to be coming from, only to lock up when she realized what she was looking at.

Princess Luna was staring directly at her nightstand, inside it was the strange weapon from ancient Equis. She cautiously opened the drawer with her magic and withdrew the device, hearing another set of noises that seemed to be whispers that were coming closer.

Her assumption had been right, the whispers were coming from the weapon. She scanned the device with her magic to see if any sort of spell or charm had been casted on it, but just like before, it remained magicless. That only heightened her paranoia.

The whispers continued, becoming more and more clear with each passing second. Soon, Princess Luna began making out dialog from within the whispers.

"Never again."

"We want out of this war!"

"The city is being overrun!"

"This is all your fault..."


"Luna!?" Princess Celestia's voice drowned out the whispers which quickly went silent.

Princess Luna looked over at the door leading into her room, now alert of the knocking from her sister's hoof against the door. She hadn't even noticed that she had dropped the device, which fell to the ground with a loud THUMP.

"Luna are you alright!?" Princess Celestia asked, worry filling her words.

"Y-Yes sister, i'm alright. Come in." Princess Luna replied, staring down the weapon that was now resting on its side on the floor.

The door creaked open, revealing the Princess of the Day who quickly entered, shutting the door behind her.

"I've made contact with are friend here, and it seems that we have much bigger things to worry about." Princess Celestia exclaimed, trotting over to her sister.

"What do you mean?"

"The being that had crashed into Equis has claimed to be a soldier from an intergalactic war that is going on right above us." Princess Celestia stated.

Princess Luna's eyes widened, her sisters words echoing in her mind. "There is a war going on right now that we have been completely ghosted from!?"

"Indeed Sister, I have sent out letters to all the other creatures who rule the lands beyond Equestria which will hopefully be seen soon. We must act quickly to get Equis prepared but at the same time not cause panic amongst our subjects." Princess Celestia exclaimed.

Another crackle of thunder echoed from outside, sending another wave of shivers down Princess Luna's spine. She shuttered, that feeling of dread returning.

"Luna? Are you sure your alright?" Princess Celestia asked, seeing the distress on her sister's face.

"Yes sister, we are't just getting a dark vibe from the storm." Princess Luna answered.

Princess Celestia looked out through the glass doors at the brewing storm. Princess Luna wondered if her sister was also getting the same vibe about it as her, but the solar alicorn's gaze remained unreadable. She had practiced that a lot in their time as rulers of Equestria, making sure to mask emotion if necessary in order to not send off the wrong messages in meetings with nobles or other rulers.

After a few moments of silence, the two sisters bid each other farewell, before Princess Celestia left the room. Once the door clicked shut, Princess Luna levitated the device back up towards her from where she had dropped it, no longer hearing any sort of noises emitting from it whatsoever.

But that didn't stop Princess Luna from feeling something as her aura tightened around the device. She trotted over to the doors that led to the balcony and opened them, instantly being hit by a strey gust of wind that seemed to come from nowhere.

Princess Luna looked over on the horizon, eventually focusing on a set of mountains that kept the chilling weather of the Frozen North at bay. She didn't know why, but something was drawing her towards it.

Princess Luna glanced at the device, then back to the Frozen North, before her mind had been made up. She wasn't sure what exactly was going on, but she had a hunch that this device was connected to something there.

Princess Luna went back inside her room and gathered some supplies which was then thrown into a saddlebag which she put on. She then went over to the door leading into the hall, which was quickly opened with her magic.

"Ready our chariot for immediate departure for the Frozen North." Princess Luna ordered.The two lunar guards gave her a quick salute, before rushing off to do their job.

Princess Luna took one last look into her room, making eye contact with the balcony doors. She could see the storm clouds through the glass and could hear the sounds of thunder, but both doors were firmly shut.

So why did she feel so cold?

Author's Note:

I'm back in the game! :pinkiehappy:

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