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A Forgotten Trooper - SonicTeam35

A lone Clone Trooper wakes up in the rubble of a Gunship with his brothers dead around him. The Trooper soon realizes that the Gunship has crashed on an unmarked planet in the galaxy, which is full of ponies, unaware of the war just beyond their sky.

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Chapter 47: Regrouping

Strider didn't know how much ground he'd covered, but he was sure that if any of those droids had managed to escape, they wouldn't be reaching him before getting shut down by the snowstorm.

Strider slowed the speeder bike down, before stopping it in front of the landed carriage of Princess Luna. He cut the power from the vehicle and hopped off it, his white boots crunching the snow below.

Princess Luna had also exited her carriage, hooves pushing large clumps of snow out of the way. The two met in the middle between where the two modes of transportation had stopped, both having several thoughts flowing through their minds.

"We believe that proper introductions art in order." Princess Luna exclaimed.

Strider reached up to his helmet, taking it off to expose his face to the Alicorn. "Yeah, i've got a few questions."

"We do as well. Please enlighten us as to what we have just escaped from?"

"I think we just escaped an ancient Sith bunker, the droids models and weaponry seem to suggest that." Strider stated.

"And what is this... Sith you speak of?"

"The Sith, or the Sith Order, is an old religious order who are force users. They seek to destroy the Grand Army of the Republic and conquer the galaxy." Strider claimed.

Princess Luna glanced back in the direction they had come from, any sort of structure would of been impossible to see through the snowstorm.

"Ar't there more of these so called bunkers?" Princess Luna inquired.

Strider reached into a compartment on his utility belt and retrieved the holoprojector. He activated it, allowing the blue hologram of the base to come into existence. He pressed one of the three switches on the side of the holoprojector, making the image change into a hologram of Equestria.

"Any red dot is the location of a possible base that could of been built. I can't be completely sure due to the lack of equipment, but since their was at least one base here, there are most likely others." Strider exclaimed.

Princess Luna eyed the transparent map, noting the half a dozen red dots which were scattered across the country. She motioned for one of her guards to approach, which they did while holding a map of Equestria in one of their wings.

"Mark down all these red dots on this here image to our map." Princess Luna stated.

The guard quickly got to work marking down the red dots onto the paper map, making sure to not leave any out. While they did this, Strider stared at Princess Luna.

"Now, I have one serious question. That device you were using in that base was a lightsaber, weapon of the Jedi Order. Where in this world did you find it?"

Even though the trooper had just saved her guards and had guided her out of that death trap base, she still didn't like the bluntness and demand in Strider's tone. She was the princess of the night, co-ruler of Equestria! Not a cooped up researcher who was only good for learning information.

Still, if this trooper knew what this so called lightsaber was meant to do, then it would probably be best to tell him at least some of the truth.

"It was recovered by us from the royal archives, passed down throughout our history." Princess Luna exclaimed, using what she had learned in her studies as to who had originally been on Equestrian soil before she or her sister were even born.

Strider debated on what to say next. Being a soldier for the G.A.R. meant that if he found property that belonged to the Republic, he would have to make sure that it was licensed and not stolen. However, this planet wasn't on any sort of map that he was aware of, and the fact that the Lightsaber was mainly property of the Jedi Order and apparently was found in an archives of some sort. So he was stuck in between two decisions, take the Lightsaber, or let one of the rulers of Equestria hang onto it and not end up on her bad side.

A part of his brain was stating that this was against protocol, the worst thing a trooper could do, but Strider just ignored it. If he was going to be stuck on this planet, then he should at least stay on their leaders good sides.

The weather was beginning to worsen, snow slamming into Strider's armor. It was starting to get difficult to see through the snow, and both Strider and Princess Luna knew this.

"Strider, we shall have to take this another time, we shal't inform our sister of thou's discovery and send word to you when needed." Princess Luna proclaimed, trotting back into her carriage, the marked map in her magical grasp.

The carriage quickly took off, trying to fly above the storm, leaving Strider to get back onto the captured speeder bike. He restarted the engine and guided the speeder bike through the snowy tundra the best he could.

Back in Ponyville, pegasi were setting up several clumps of clouds that were loaded with snowflakes, ready to be unloaded at the drop of a hat. Derpy Hooves had just finished placing a cloud over Sweet Apple Acres and was about to take off, only for her tail to bump the cloud a little.

"Oops. My bad!" Derpy exclaimed out loud incase anypony had seen what she had accidentally done.

Derpy put the cloud back into position and took off, flying back towards where she normally worked, the post office. If she had stuck around a little longer, she might of been able to catch a single snowflake that had broken free of its restraints in the cloud, slowly drifting towards the ground.

On the snowflakes journey, it fluttered past a closed window, where it was spotted by Apple Bloom. The young filly watched the snowflake drift through the air, dancing around the window before vanishing from sight.

Apple Bloom let out a quiet sigh, before trotting over to the window and gazed out of it at the orchard. She had messed up horribly, destroying Strider's ship that he had worked to hard on, being careless trying to repair it, and hurting Twilight in the crossfire.

Apple Bloom wanted to make this right, she knew that her friends did too. But what could she do?

The filly wondered this for awhile, before her gaze drifted back into her room and onto a small desk that had become hers after finding it abandoned in the attic. An idea began to form in Apple Bloom's mind, making her spring from her position next to the window and over to the desk.

Apple Bloom took out a piece of paper from a drawer and a pencil from her school supplies, setting both down on the desk. Apple Bloom began writing, doing the best she could to make something that could at least show how sorry she and her friends are.

Apple Bloom didn't know how long she had been writing, but once she was done, she put the letter into an envelope and took off out of her room and down the hallway towards the front door.

"Go'n ta Fluttershy's!" Apple Bloom called out, hoping one of her siblings or granny had heard her as she opened the front door and galloped in the direction of the cottage.

It didn't take to long before Apple Bloom arrived at her destination, knocking on the cottages front door. She waited a bit, hearing hoofsteps approaching from the other side of the wood.

The door creaked open, exposing Fluttershy, who smiled when she spotted the filly.

"Heya Fluttershy! Is Strider here?" Apple Bloom questioned.

Fluttershy's smile faded a little, the pegasus glancing out a window, giving her a view of the remains from the gunship.

"Sorry Apple Bloom, but Strider left a while ago. I'm not sure when he's gonna come back." Fluttershy responded.

"Oh... well, once he gets back, can ya give him this?" Apple Bloom asked, giving the pegasus the envelope.

"I will," Fluttershy claimed. "do you want to stay for some tea?"

Apple Bloom pondered this for a few seconds, before nodding. Fluttershy stepped aside, letting the filly enter before she shut the cottage door.

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You have a typo in the description. It should be "their", not there.

Could you be more specific as to where it is? I'm trying to find it but can't.

I didnt notice it after all this time until he pointed it out, but yeah, in the title description at the end, second to last word 'there sky' should be 'their sky'. Anyways, loving the story so far, keep it up!:twilightsmile:

Forget the items! (unless its from a mysterious fleamarket stand which happened to disappear before your very eyes)
You have to make sure to have a vague (yet sad) outsider story, rooting into amazing fighting skills you obtained by... doing... things... - this kinda seems to work 9 out of 10 times!

Almost a month passed? Yeah just the right time to read the brand new chapter:ajbemused:
Anyway zis is goot and our lonely trooper now have a speeder :yay: let's see what this bases have in them.

Well soon she’ll get caught

Hmm, you raise a valid point. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, and i'll try to take this into accountancy with my revisions of this story's chapters.

ehh, I like star trek a heck of a lot more than star wars

Have you watched last episode of star wars the clone wars:fluttercry:

Is the story dead.:fluttershyouch:

Nope, just working on rewrites of the previous chapters still. Don't worry, Strider's still here.

Ive got Dee Bradley Baker in my head now

Guess I still have tons of research to do regarding that stuff. Did you find this information out on a site? If so, could you please tell me the name. I wasn't able to find any sites that really gave me a good description on what the L.A.A.T. would actually have. But I guess I simply hadn't looked nearly as hard enough as I should have.

As for the blaster, I've been told many times not only in the comments but by some of my friends that Strider shouldn't of left the blaster in Fluttershy's cottage at all, let alone with a full power pack and charged tibana inside. But I learned this a little late and have already had that cemented into the story so I can't really change it. Angel Bunny needs to be in possession of it in order for the next chapter to work, but i'm hoping that I won't be making those same mistakes again.

I'm still doing some work on the newest revised chapter which has been nearly completely rewritten due to how badly I wrote it. But i'm doing my best to improve, and comments like these really do help. Thanks for telling me this and i'll go back and figure out how to set these things in motion without it changing a whole lot in the story.

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy the story! :derpytongue2:

I don't know why the sudden hold up. Happy that you re posted chapter 12

Was very interesting read and I can’t wait to see more of this!

And Shaeeah Lawquane has indeed a human father, but it's not Cut: leaving aside that the Star Wars Databank confirmed she was born years before the Separatist Crisis even started, the Clone Wars lasted for three years and change, there just wasn't the time for Cut to have a daughter that old.

In quite a number of books (including Omega squad ones) it was often referred as Grand Army. Republic technically didn't had command chain in it (which was a grave mistake), only Palpatin, his leutenants and admirals and Jedi.

I can't wait to see the new chapter and I hope someone saves Rust from his stone prison!

Still working on it, sorry!

Oooooooof........need help?

Well it's been an entire year without a new chapter.

Honestly, I'm sort of caught between a rock and a hard place. I'll make a blog post about it soon, but there will be updates coming. However, it might cost some of my original writing.

When will this story continue? I really want to see what happens next.

Just binged this, hope to see more of it!

Will you be continuing "Forgotten Trooper" anytime soon? I really want to see what happens next.

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That is utter fanon: Stormtrooper armor was actually improved in many ways over both phases of Clonetrooper armor. The evolution of the base models, in short, is as follows:

  • Clonetrooper Phase I: This model was designed by the Kaminoans, and is more covering, the helmet has more functions, and includes full life support with an internal oxygen reserve and protection from almost all extreme environments, including radiation and vacuum. When hit by enemy blaster bolts it diffuses the hit, reducing or outright negating penetration and allowing the healing of the wearer after battle, but against kinetics it's rated only against fragments and shrapnel and can be penetrated by spears and other projectiles. Another flaw derives from its fit-all nature, as it was heavy and cumbersome, and on top of that had poor ergonomics due the designers' lack of familiarity with human anatomy.
  • Clonetrooper Phase II: This model was designed in conjunction by Kaminoans and Republic designers. The Republic designers improved the ergonomics, and other improvements were obtained by stripping down the armor and adopting increased modularity, allowing for the wearer to attach whatever he needs for a particular mission without being weighed down by unnecessary equipment (for example, a trooper on the average world doesn't need an internal oxygen tank, but if necessary can quickly attach a rebreather, allowing the user to survive even in vacuum). Other addition include improved padding, an advanced air filtration system, and magnetizable boots. Protection was however slightly sacrificed, as the plates (reduced in number) were lighter to improve mobility.
  • Stormtrooper armor: This model was designed by the Imperial Department of Military Research. It's an overall improvement over the previous model, with further improved ergonomics, electronics, and even protection: a change in materials makes it all but invulnerable to most projectiles unless they're large and explosive or specifically armor-piercing (though if the projectile is a large rock in the head physics dictate a broken neck, even when the armor resists the hit), and while the new materials has less resistance to blaster weapons this is compensated by a shape that increases the chance to outright deflect a glancing bolt. The only downsides are that it only comes in stark white (a foolish political decision) and, differently from Clonetrooper armor, helmets need to be individually fitted to align the internal holographic visors to the wearer's eyes, as Stormtroopers, not being clones of the same person, have different body sizes and shapes and can't just exchange helmets.
  • First Order Stormtrooper Armor: This model was designed by the First Order Department of Military Research... And was not really well thought. While a new change in materials improved resistance to both blasters and projectiles and an improved joint design increased mobility, the designers removed most modularity (including the ability to use a rebreather pack, with which an Imperial Stormtrooper could casually walk in space at least for a while) and the helmet's electronics.

This covers the base models, as certain situations simply required more specialization than attachments allowed (a Snow Trooper needs improved heating to stay longer in extreme cold while a Magma Trooper needs improved cooling to walk in an active volcano, for example).

And yet it still can't block a damn thing, for a mainly military force, it's shity for combat. I mean they made it that they were more for law enforcement
which we all know the empire barely gave a damn for anything that didn't hurt the empire with only high profiles getting any help from the empire.:moustache:

It blocks enough. If you go back and watch the attack on the Tantive IV (Princess Leia's ship) in A New Hope, you'll see that not only Stormtroopers ignored anything but a direct hit while the Rebels would fall even to near-misses, many Stormtroopers who had been hit were still moving, if downed, and were rescued by other Stormtroopers (likely field medics) as soon as the battle moved away.
They can't give every trooper an armor in Beskar (one of the few things that can actually resist lightsabers at least for a bit) or even Katarn-class armors (the one used by Clone Commandos), as they're too expensive, reduce mobility, and still utterly fail when faced with an E-Web heavy repeating blaster, so Stormtrooper armor is literally the next best thing.

Forgot about that but still, my point stands edited but stands.

Considering it allows the wearer to survive a direct point-blank hit from DH-17 and E-11 blasters, that is military-grade weapons, it's still quite good even for military jobs. The only real issue is the coloring, and that was the doing of either Palpatine or the Imperial Ruling Council (the fancy hats that can be spotted in Return of the Jedi and rule the Empire for Palpatine), as the actual military hierarchy, and their commander-in-chief in particular (general Tagge), would have provided camouflaged armor if they could have.

Update please

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