• Published 23rd Jun 2019
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A Forgotten Trooper - SonicTeam34

A lone Clone Trooper wakes up in the rubble of a Gunship with his brothers dead around him. The Trooper soon realizes that the Gunship has crashed on an unmarked planet in the galaxy, which is full of ponies, unaware of the war just beyond there sky.

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Chapter 29: Gunship Defense

The swarm of Parasprites quickly scrambled out of the way of the plasma bolts, a few getting skimmed by the firepower. Strider kept the Z-6 blasting as he pointed it at the swarm again.

The Parasprites weaved through another wave of bolts but were quickly met with another, and another. One tried to eat a bolt but the bolt went right through it. Strider watched as the Parasprite vanished into thin air, seemingly defeated.

The other Parasprites saw the scene as well and quickly retreated towards Ponyville for safety. Seeing this, Strider stopped firing and lowered the Z-6.

"Yeah you better run." Strider muttered, walking towards the cargo hold to put the Z-6 away.

However, a faint buzzing caused him to turn around. And what he saw made him prime the Z-6 again. It appears that another swarm wanted to give the Gunship their shot.

"Round two huh? Bring it." Strider stated, getting ready to fire.

That was when he saw the Parasprites expressions. These ones didn't have happy smiles, instead they had hungry glares. Something told Strider that this swarm wasn't exactly gonna be as easy to shoo away as the other one.

That didn't change how Strider was gonna deal with them. He open fired at the Parasprites, aiming the best he could at the middle of the swarm.

This swarm of Parasprites either didn't notice a few others getting hit into oblivion , or didn't care since they continued to rush towards the Gunship.

Strider charged at the swarm, still keeping the Z-6 firing. He gunned down at least twenty before finally getting the attention of the other Parasprites.

The Parasprites looked down at the trooper, before changing course and flying right towards him. Strider saw this and quickly rolled out of the way. He sprung back up onto his feet and fired at the swarm, taking down a few more.

"Don't any of you get the message? BUZZ OFF!" Strider shouted, aiming up at the middle of the swarm.

Then, in one quick motion, every Parasprite grouped together in a wave, before diving at Strider. Strider tried to roll out of the way but the Parasprites just changed course. Strider was quickly engulfed in a wave of Parasprites which began to grab onto his armor.

Strider tried to shake the Parasprites off but every Parasprite that fell was replaced with two more. When he tried to fire the Z-6, it was knocked away by a pack of Parasprites.

Next thing Strider knew, he was being lifted up into the air and carried over to the Everfree Forest.

"I know what your thinking and if you do what I think your gonna do then I will make sure that you--WOAH!" Strider's words quickly changed to a yell as he was dropped onto a tree.

Strider fell into the tree hard, smashing several branches on his way down. He rose his hands up, trying to grab onto a branch, but a branch he hadn't seen ended up smashing into his left arm. Strider clutched the arm as he finally fell out of the tree and onto the ground on his back.

":Huff: Wasn't expecting that." Strider said, getting back onto his feet.

Strider looked over at the Gunship right as a colorful swarm of Parasprites began to land on it.

"Oh no you don't!" Strider shouted, grabbing the DC-17 Pistol from his utility belt and aiming up at the Parasprites.

Strider open fired at the swarm, causing some to fly away but most of them remained on top of the Gunship as they began to chow down.

Strider kept firing at the Parasprites as he rushed over to the ladder and climbed up it towards the cockpit. He spotted two Parasprites which were trying to eat a holographic projection of the Gunship. He quickly took them out before climbing up onto the roof of the Gunship.

The entire roof was covered with the Parasprites which were already eating through the metal and towards the wires. Strider fired at the Parasprites, startling a few of them and ending a few others lunch breaks forever.

Strider kept firing at the Parasprites until the DC-17 Pistol stopped releasing plasma bolts. He tried to pull the trigger but a puff of steam which emerged from the top indicated that it needed another power pack.

Strider reached for the spare power packs that he had on his utility belt, but his hands found nothing but air. That was when he spotted them resting at the base of the tree he had been dropped into. They must of broken off the belt when he hit the ground.

Strider tried to shove the Parasprites away but they kept coming back to the roof and resumed eating. Finally, Strider stopped fighting and just stared as the critters ate. By the time he climbed down to grab a DC-15S or a set of power packs, the Parasprites would of already eaten through the main power line.

Right as Strider began to lose hope, the sound of music filled his ears. He looked over at a dirt path which had a familiar looking pink pony with several instruments strapped on her body.

Pinkie Pie was playing a pretty decent song all by herself, using what must of been all her concentration to play each instrument in tune.

Before Strider could comment, he noticed the Parasprites on the roof stop eating and began to hover. Next thing he knew, the Parasprites were bouncing along in tune with Pinkie's one pony parade down the dirt path and towards the Everfree Forest.

Strider looked back at the roof of the Gunship to see that most of the eccential wires hadn't been reached, meaning that the Gunship could still fly without needing to replace the main power wire. If that had been eaten through, then the Gunship would be grounded until he could fix it. And fixing important wires wasn't exactly his strong suit.

That left one thing to be said before anything else happened.

"What did I just witness?"

Well, that would be a pony playing several instruments all at once which caused the entire swarm of Parasprites to follow her to the Everfree Forest.

As Strider continued to space off as he questioned the legalistic of what just happened, he failed to notice a very tall white alicorn take off in a royal carriage. That was, until the carriage flew right over him, causing Strider to watch in shock as Princess Celestia began to fade into the distance.

Then another thought drifted into Strider's mind, this one being shouted out into the sky.


Author's Note:

The next few chapters won't be in the order they were released due to the fact that Winter Wrap Up was before fall and in later episodes it shows that fall comes before winter like on Earth. It makes sense that Fall Weather Friends takes place before Winter Wrap up instead of the Grand Galloping Gala taking TWO years before it was ready.

Here's the order for this story: Call Of The Cutie, Fall Weather Friends, Winter Wrap Up.

Also, thanks for over 100 likes! I am so happy that so many people are enjoying the story!

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