• Published 23rd Jun 2019
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A Forgotten Trooper - SonicTeam34

A lone Clone Trooper wakes up in the rubble of a Gunship with his brothers dead around him. The Trooper soon realizes that the Gunship has crashed on an unmarked planet in the galaxy, which is full of ponies, unaware of the war just beyond there sky.

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Chapter 14: An Angry Trooper

Strider soon ended up in Ponyville. Now came the hard part, finding that Griffon. Strider didn't know that much about Griffons, only what they look like due to his brother Cosmo reading a book about creatures from the outer rim.

So with that information out of reach, Strider decided to do an old school perimeter check. He began by patrolling the park, then the market, then the alleyways.

It took a full hour of searching before Strider heard a roar from Sugar Cube Corner. That must be where that Griffon was.

Without any second thought, Strider rushed towards the bakery, DC-15S primed and ready. He quickly made it to the bakery right as a figure soared from the door and into the sky.

The figure didn't look like a pony, so he stopped and shouted at it.

"HEY! YOU GET YOUR FEATHER COVERED BEHIND DOWN HERE!" Strider shouted to the figure, who looked down at him for a second, before continuing to fly away.

Strider didn't care who was looking. He aimed at one of the figures wings, and pulled the trigger. A blue plasma bolt shot from the blaster and through the air towards the figure.

The bolt made contact with its left wing, causing it to scream in pain and land with a THUD on the ground. Strider rushed over to where it had crashed and got a good view of what it looked like.

The figure looked like it was half eagle and half lion. Definitely a Griffon. Its front yellow talons clutching the part of the wing that had been hit.

The figure looked over at Strider, who pointed the blaster right between its eyes.

"Now listen here bud, I don't know why your here, or what you want to do. But if you ever roar at an innocent pony for no reason again, your gonna have a plasma bolt for a meal." Strider exclaimed. "I didn't hit your wing that badly, so get out of town!"

"What in Tartarus is your problem!?" The Griffon barked, its voice sounding female.

"MY problem is the fact that your still HERE." Strider stated.

"If your talking about that clumsy pegasus then she ran into me!" The Griffon claimed.

"So that gives you the right to scare her fur right off her body?" Strider questioned.

"Why defend that lame pony? Even if I did do that it's not an excuse to SHOOT MY WING! Who even are you!?"

"I'm gonna be the last face you see unless you leave, RIGHT NOW!" Strider shouted, firing a bolt that skimmed the side of the Griffons face, leaving a few feathers burned. "NOW LEAVE YOU UNCOOKED PIECE OF POULTRY!

Quickly realizing that the trooper was not bluffing, the Griffon shot back into the sky, ignoring the pain from her left wing, and leaving Ponyville in the dust.

"That's what I thought." Strider stated, watching the Griffon fade into the distance.

The Trooper began walking back towards Fluttershy's Cottage while also keeping his eyes open for any ponies that had witnessed the scene. To his shock, not a single pony was staring at him. Some walked past him while others just ignored him. Either the towns ponies didn't like that Griffin either, or he had just gotten lucky and no one saw it.

That was what he thought at least.

Strider suddenly felt like he was being watched. Not like a glance in his direction, but a full stare at his helmet.

Strider stopped in his tracks, looking around the area he was standing in. He had ended up near the market area, a few lone stalls drifting from the massive patch of shops.

Strider didn't spot any of the ponies looking at him, just doing their thing. That was, until Strider spotted a set of eyes that were locked on him.

A set of blue eyes were looking at him from an alleyway between two shops. The eyes belonged to what looked like a stallion, but their fur and mane were hidden by the darkness of the alleyway.

The two seemed to be locked in a staring contest, both of them not looking away or blinking. This continued for what felt like hours, until a pony pulling a wagon trotted in between the two, covering Strider's view of the alleyway.

Once the wagon had passed, the stallion had vanished. Strider quickly rushed over to the alleyway and ran down it. That Stallion couldn't of gotten far.

Strider scanned the whole alleyway high and low, but didn't find a single trace of the Stallion. Eventually, Strider gave up and left the alleyway and continued on his way to Fluttershy's cottage. But his mind was already beginning to wonder.

Who was that Stallion? They didn't act like any pony he had encountered before, any human before! Why were they looking at him that way? Was it because he had shot that Griffon? Was it because he was nothing like a pony who had a weapon that could kill? Then why wouldn't he have just walked up to him and told him off.

Maybe he was scared.

That would make sense. After all, he had what was basically a space weapon from a movie and armor like nothing from this planet. Now that he thought about it. That was exactly what he was to this world, an alien from a space movie.

"Shut up, focus on the Gunship." Strider told himself.

It didn't take long before Strider was back at the Cottage. He went over to the front door of the Cottage and opened it. But to his shock, it was empty.

Where did Fluttershy go? The answer quite literally bounced into the room as Angel Bunny came into view.

"Hey, where did Fluttershy go?" Strider asked.

Angel Bunny went over to a picture frame and pointed at a pony in it. He was pointing at Pinkie Pie, who was smiling to the camera.

"Probably wanted to help her with a party." Strider muttered to himself.

Angel Bunny bounced over to Strider and looked up at him, his expression said it all.

Did you teach them a lesson?

Strider smirked under his helmet before replying. "Let's just say, they won't be wanting to come back to this town anymore." Strider explained, raising the DC-15S in his hand.

The bunny grinned, before bouncing off to do his thing, leaving Strider to exit the Cottage and head back over to the Gunship. That wing wasn't going to repair its self.

Author's Note:

When Strider shot Gilda's wing, the bolt only clipped part of the end. Still painful, but wasn't lethal just in case anyone was wondering.

EDIT: I did some tweaking because I accidentally wrote some things that Strider shouldn't know. Sorry about that. I'm gonna make sure I know what Strider knows before I write it down. It is from his perspective after all.

Thanks again for making this story reach the featured box again! It's an honor knowing your interested with what i'm writing!

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