• Published 23rd Jun 2019
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A Forgotten Trooper - SonicTeam35

A lone Clone Trooper wakes up in the rubble of a Gunship with his brothers dead around him. The Trooper soon realizes that the Gunship has crashed on an unmarked planet in the galaxy, which is full of ponies, unaware of the war just beyond their sky.

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Chapter 46: New Plan

Strider took cover against a corner, the blaster gripped tightly in his hands. He dared a quick peak around the corner, managing to spot several droids advancing towards him. Strider fired a few shots at the droids, before going back behind the corner.

"How much further?" The guard who had been given the DC-17 pistol asked.

Strider grabbed the holoprojector from his utility belt and quickly brought up the map of the base.

"A few more corridors, but we have to survive to make it there!" Strider exclaimed, before returning fire on the advancing droids.

Princess Luna charged up her mana, before unleashing it in a blast of magic which struck several droids in their robotic chests.

The two guards who were given the trooper's spare blasters, awkwardly rotated them in their hooves. They had no idea what these things even were let alone how to use them, but another had been taking mental notes on how Strider was using his blaster.

"Let me have a go." The guard asked his comrades, who quickly tossed him the two blaster pistols.

The guard grabbed the weapons with his hooves and rushed over to the entrance where the droids were coming from. He took cover against the frame of the entrance and peaked around the corner, one blaster pistol at the ready.

The guard looked over the closest droid, watching it slowly advanced, laying down a wave of bolts which struck the wall that the entrance was parallel to.

"Hmm," The guard muttered to himself, before spotting an exposed piece of metal around what was most likely the droids eyes. "That looks important."

The guard took aim, before managing to squeeze the trigger with his wings. A blue bolt shot from the blaster pistol and struck its target, instantly taking the droid down.

Strider watched the droid hit the ground, shocked. He looked over at the guard who fired a few more shots, each one taking down another droid.

"Their weak spot is the eye." The guard exclaimed, still shooting.

Strider mentally facepalmed, he should of tried that! Strider changed his aim and was able to take down a handful of droids with ease.

"Good find." Strider commented.

"They don't call me Iron Sight for nothing." The guard responded.

Strider and Iron Sight continued to keep the droids at bay, managing to destroy quite a few before falling back down another hallway. This hallway took the group all the way back to the entrance room, which was right behind a closed door.

One guard tried to open the door with their hooves, but the door didn't budge. "It won't budge!"

"Stand back, we'll take care of it." Princess Luna stated, igniting her horn.

The door was quickly encased in a blue aura, before getting forcibly thrown to the side, exposing the dark room behind it. The group was about to file into said room, but Strider stopped them.

Strider slowly reached up to his helmet and turned on it's lights, revealing several different looking droids. These ones were mostly silver, looking sort of like a typical destroyer droid, but it had larger blaster weapons which were attached to their arms.

One of the droids weapons began to glow a little, before a loud whirring sound filled the room. Strider's eyes widened, before he turned back to the group of ponies behind him.


A rocket bolt shot from the droids weapons, narrowly missing the group. The rockets struck the wall behind them, rattling the entire room. Bits of the ceiling came loose, along with a rattling noise that was combined with a cracking sound.

"This room's falling apart! Fall back!" Strider ordered, firing at the new droids.

The group made it out of the room just as the ceiling caved in, filling up the room with debris and snow.

"Well, were not getting out that way anymore." A guard stated.

Princess Luna nodded in agreement, before an idea popped into her mind that made her mentally face-hoof.

"Stand close, we'll teleport us out." Princess Luna declared, already igniting her horn in preparation for the spell.

The group waited a few seconds, but for some reason they didn't teleport. Princess Luna tried the spell again, but to no avail.

"Something's blocking the spell. I can't teleport us out."

Strider activated the holoprojector again and looked over the base for another exit point. It didn't take long before he found a small hangar that was most likely a place to deploy speeders. If he was right, then this trip might of ended up being worth it.

"We've got another exit in that direction, let's move!" Strider instructed, taking the lead with the DC-15S pointing forwards.

The group wasted no time rushing towards the hanger, Iron Sight and Princess Luna keeping the droids chasing them at bay while Strider took out any droids they were approaching.

They ran down several hallways, each one still glowing red and had quite a few droids waiting to engage. But the group kept going, not stopping until they reached the door that separated the hallway they were in and the hangar.

Strider tried the control panel, but once again it wasn't operational. He turned his head to see several droids approaching their position.

"Princess! We've got a door block!" Strider exclaimed, taking a defensive position behind a few outstretched pieces of the wall.

Princess Luna took the door down with ease, exposing a large room with a massive door on the other side. Several different contraptions were spread out across the room, each of them looking sort of like a standard G.A.R. BARC speeder bike.

The group filed into the room, Princess Luna levitating the door back into place, along with several crates. Hopefully that would give Strider enough time to figure out how to open that hangar bay door.

"How did you arrive here?" Strider asked a guard.

"Flew, using Princess Luna's personal carriage. It's at the entrance of this place." The guard explained.

"Alright, here's the plan. The second that massive door opens, you need to run to that carriage as fast as you can." Strider stated and began walking away towards what he hoped was the main control panel.

"But what about you?"

"I'll take one of these speeder bikes. Don't worry about me, I was born for this kind of stuff." Strider said, before focusing completely on the control panel in front of him.

Strider flipped a few switches and pressed a few buttons, each of them showing zero signs of doing anything. But after several seconds of frantic button pressing, the hangar bay door slowly began to rise, allowing snow to swarm through the opening.

"Oh could this thing go any slower!?" Strider shouted, watching as the hangar door went up mere inches every ten seconds.

A large explosion caught the groups attention, which quickly brought them to what was left of the makeshift barricade. One of those elite droids from earlier emerged from the rubble, a sword in its right hand which was engulfed in white energy.

Iron Sight fired at the droid, but it deflected the bolts right back at the guard, who narrowly dodged them. Another guard who still had their spear charged the droid.

The droid's sword sliced the spear in half, followed by a downwards swipe at the guard that would easily end their life. The guard shut their eyes, but when pain never rang through their body, they looked up to see a green beam of light blocking the droid's sword.

"Retreat to our carriage!" Princess Luna ordered, her magic straining as she kept the sword from striking.

"But what about-"

"NOW!!!" Princess Luna bellowed in the royal Canterlot voice.

The guards did what their Princess had ordered, against their better judgement. But Strider didn't budge, to shocked to move. Surely he wasn't witnessing what he was right now? However, the sight before his eyes claimed otherwise.


Princess Luna didn't answer, way to focused on keeping the droid from hitting her with their energized sword. Each strike made the so called Lightsaber shake in her magical grasp, but the Princess of the night didn't back down.

The droid kept the pressure up, reaching with its other hand for the blaster still holstered on its side. Strider spotted this and quickly fired, the bolt striking the blaster which broke away from its holster.

Princess Luna grabbed a nearby crate with her magic and chucked it at the droid, the collision sending both the droid and crate into a wall.

Princess Luna was about to let out a sigh in relief, but was cut off when several red bolts of energy shot past her from the doorway. Several droids were rushing towards her, each shot getting closer to their desired mark.

"PRINCESS! WE'VE GOT TO GO!" Strider shouted, hopping onto a speeder bike which he quickly activated.

Princess Luna deactivated the lightsaber and rushed out of the hangar and towards her carriage, where her guards had already hooked themselves up and were ready for a speedy getaway.

The second the Princess was in the carriage, the guards took off into the sky, quickly making distance from the base. Strider did the same on the speeder bike, but not before dropping all his thermal detonators at the base of the hangers door, which quickly exploded.

The droids were quickly caved in, along with the hangar which fell apart on itself from all the explosives used. Strider kicked the speeder bike into high gear, narrowly avoiding debris as he drove off into the snowy tundra.

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