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The moment is the moment when you have to answer the moment that is in that moment, but in the end does that moment even makes sense?


The year is ABY 7, and the battle of Endor ends with strategic alliance victory with remains of Palpatines empire fleeing into the outer rim forming a cult like union "the Remnant" while also warring against each other.

During all this, Alpha squad would launch a assualt that would change their fates forever. Both temporary and permanent.

Admiral Thrawn takes the helm as he is hell bent on restoring the empire he had served since his exile from the battle of Lothal in which he was exiled in a uncharted galaxy in the planet Peridea before being found and rescued by the now missing Mercenaries, and his now dead protégé Morgan Elsbeth.

The story of change, courage and bravery, and loyalty. And... Ponies?

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intresting, little error though

"Oh no.. Oh shit... Oh god.." The Colonel said to himself as the ESCLISPE super star destroyer comes behind the planet of Fondor, realizing this he shouted.

but frankly, I always wondered what happened to the eclipse in Disney canon

nice to see Pellaeon, one of the greatest imperials ever in legends

i kinda have planned to tribute him,kinda

would you like to know? sorry, old habit

"Soooo... How do we get them out?" Dewy asked.

"No clue...."

So, how were they loaded, then?

The Republic lost a lot but they can replace stuff now easyer.

Thrawn sure knows how to make the enemy bleed & seed fear!
Very well done.

Better don't use smilies. Use description of faces and emotions.

Spike exists when he in needed it seems :moustache:

Since when the force be detected my maschine scans? Or is somebody on the crew sentencing it?

Twilight own a radiation and Hazzard Suit i guess?
Ever see Horror movies?
Zombie sickness or even a flesh eating one like on Felucia... 501 lost a lot of good Clones to the flesh eating bacteria :twilightoops:

Jedi might have lightsabers. But Unicorns have lightly variable: Laser projection be it as projectile, shield or laser cutter like abilities.

In what season is this playing?

Basically taking place near the event of the episode "A Canterlot wedding" So more likely season 2 ending

I already can see the Changelings coming for them! It would probably happen like this.

*50 Changelings flying towards the Corvette*
Changelings forces commander:
"Target in sight, prepare for attack!"

Defense Forces soldier 1: "Incoming unknown forces, no armor or weapons what shall we do?"

Captain: "Don't fire unless attacked first!"

*Changelings reach survivers*
*One tackels a defense soldier*

Downed defense Soldier 1: "I'm down!"

Two of the comrades of the defense soldier come to aid him. It was to late to save him...

Defense Soldier 2: "Here defense soldier nr.2, i have a urgent report for the Captain!"

Captain: "What is your status?!"

Defense soldier 2: "Sir the unknown forces have made contact! You would not belive what is going down here! We are ackk-"

"What is going on report! Are we under attack?!"

Defense Soldier 3: "Nr.3 here, in a sence sir, the unknown forces tackeld a large force of our soldier and they... Snuggeld into them. Now they nuzzling into there chest... By the force! It's absolutely adorable!
I think... I think I am about to faint from adorable overload!"

Captain: "... What...?"

*Captain plus reinforcements arrive, they can only look on in awe as 50 of their soldiers get snuggeld into submission*

Captain: "Sooo... Peaceful relationships established by unknown alien... Em... Snuggly Bug-Equines?"

Second in Command: "They have overrun our forces eatch alone or a cuddlebuddy, I think resistance is futile... I recommend surrender and join the snuggels Sir..."

Captain: "Yeah... That first contact will go down in the history books for sure..." :facehoof:-:rainbowlaugh:

Changelings also described as Cuddlebug by alien forces leader: "Mission successful, forces keep harvesting emotional positiv overflow, acquire new potencial allies and harvesting grounds and... If they keep petting us and giving us ear scratches, i will recommend to the queen adopting the aliens as new pets!"

Maybe try some of my storys.
Be it Marksaline, a nightmare become true and to cute not to love...
Or my Necromancer storys that sometimes loves to punch the 4th wall to hard.
Or my Pre-Subnautica story, because there was none on Fimfiction yet...

So... No cuddlebug snuggel attack ? :duck:
Looking forward to your ideas than.

Or make it a non canon event chapter :trollestia:


Or make it a non canon event chapter

Working on it actually

loved the empire at war reference with the T2B

With the destruction of Salecuami Thrawn made many cooks of the galaxy hate him. Some unique spices are now extinct...

"Simple Captain.. Staging ground, they plan on using this "new planet" to undermine our movements and when they gather enough to form a force of their own, including if the local population of the planet joined their cause, then... They'll be striking at the true target, the Eclipse... But that. Is were they fall, Captain Pellaeon, authorize the deployment of probe droids and have them search the unknown region and the border regions as well along the trajected line." Thrawn ordered in which the Captain gets to buisness. Thrawn looked at Ruhk, in which Ruhk kneeled.


You are not by any change planning for for Celestia to smack the Super Star Destroyer with her sun?
Are you?
Because a Sun no matter how big ir small usually wins versus everything...

Might i suggest that the scouts had translation droids with them? I doubt a Equine muzzel makes the same sounds as a human or Twilek mouth etc...

Almost starting a war with the locals? I can see a rank lowering for someone soon...

Unless the U Wing had a tracer on him, will the best of attempts to find it cost weeks if not months. Jumping without the correct navigation data often results in sudden lethal stops for a reason...

There is plans on Celestia to intervene but not in a space way.. But more like, defending her planet from an enemy invasion

Also the U-wing, did have a tracer on all Republic ships

I actually mean if Thrawn fleet don't have a tracking device pinned on the U-Wing than his troops have to trace the ship the hard way. By searching all planets in question in its trajectory one by one.

Ohh, yea they're going to have to trace the U-wing, plus in the story it'll take a good while until Thrawn finds them

Maybe next time in:
The Corvette...

Nice to see a chapter.

Proofreading is needed, many typos slipped in the sentence making it very hard to understand...

"Swiftly and destructively."

That makes simply said not sence at all. Especially for Thrawn. He's a tactician and a art lover, there are, at least 4 ways i can see Thrawn resolve this resulting in the rebellion/new republic forces destruction and in gaining one Hell of a alliance with a world new of potencial and ressources.

"My Queen! Your idea is brilliant! To pin two sides against each other and to start a all out war! While they go and kill each other we would be taking the love!" The Scout praised, as the Changelings laughed at the devious plan their Queen has made. In which she starts to laugh.

This makes no sence. War causes death, destruction and emotional hardships. Literally anything the Changeling would avoid.
They are Changelings not Wendigos!
Wendigos thrive on hate, war and conflict.
I think you mixed both races up...

That's why they're pinning the other side so they don't have to fight one

Consider that fix, but I prefer to let Thrawn do his usual in the next chapter, of course he would need to obtain the culture by first finding said culture before he can really do his homework.

You are missing the point.
Imagen you have a full blooming field of Strawberries to harvest (Canterlot filled with love before a war).
Now imagen the Strawberries get salted and become uneatable (Canterlot in war times).

Love blooms in piece times, and is choked in wartimes.
All Thrawn lost destroying the last planet was some Spices in the Galaxy the planet was known for in Starwars lore.
Equestria is unknown.
For all we know it's like the planet that produces Bacta fluids.
Unless Thrawn can destroy all rebellion resistance in existence, he would not risk it.
What would stop him from claiming all the rebellion soldier told them was bullshit and the Empirei is good?
Equestria can't risk to be lied to and has to stay out of any conflicts.

To counter a bit on the first statement, I don't actually plan on having the Rebellion be at war with Equestria, if anything the frame plan would completely collapse.

As for Thrawn, that's why he is using the search and destroy fleet so he wouldn't actually risk all of his resources. Chapter 4 will go over more of this progress

heh, nice use of empire' at war's code 0 scene and nice touch with tyber. i actually always wondered how much time passes in between story missions of his.

:rainbowderp: Awesome...
Basically all my concerns addressed and my expectations waaay overshoot.
This was magnificent ♡:twilightblush:

So how does the First Order fit into all of this?

It'll all be revealed sooner enough....


Plus, it's way out-of-charaacter and even hypocritical for the Rebellion/New Republic that just wants to attack Equestria for a poor reason!?

It makes them NO BETTER than the Imperial Empire themselves, for invading innocent worlds in the galaxy back then. :facehoof:


Definitely not working on the Changeling attack on the wookies Canterlot

Looking forward to the future chapters.

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