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The moment is the moment when you have to answer the moment that is in that moment, but in the end does that moment even makes sense?


1000-530 BLB| The Beginning: You are here

538-36 BLB| the Revolution: [Coming soon]

536 BLB| The wars of independence: [Coming soon]

731-729 BLB| Fall of the Crystal Empire: Human-Crystal War

0 ALB - 70 ALB| The Lunar wars :

Time N/A| The Inter years: [Coming soon]

1000 - 1026 ALB | The Main Story: TNW | Main Story

A alternate universe of how about instead of the usual continents of, Equus, Griffonia, and Zebrica, What if there were two more continents in the west of Equus?

This is the story and history of a new world and a race of Humanity, blessed with superior knowledge, and the ability of survival.

The story will be based both fiction and factual irl human history along with a lotta death (Cus war duh) and also a lotta mystery and adventure along with that. This will be a multi story series.

(Warning: Probably gonna have conversations and controversy. (Nah not really but I don't know)
But anyways. happy reading.

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It was after just after when the Human race kicked the beast from their continent the Wendigos started their attack on the land of the Alicorn kingdom.

The Wendigos came unopposed as the Alicorns where charging at the storm when it blew a strong gust of wind towards the defending Alicorn forces which the father of Celestia, and recently born, Luna, saw that there is no hope he took them out of the danger area as the two sisters, who survived, watch as their home was obliterated.

Celestia however had unknown that day.

That it was Humanities fault.

Oh that is bull crap! We have to kick out the Windigos anyway to save ourselves.

*Roll in the entrance music*

**starts playing Sweden**

Adam was putting up the last of the support beams for the house as their area is surrounded by animals but they are peaceful as he befriended them.

iS tHaT a PolE?


So. Solid start. The i dont quite understand some parts, all of them are well made. Some parts needs correction etc.

Strong 8/10

"Come sit by me." Buffo said as Luther followed his command and sat beside him.

"Walk with me."

rofl, "sit down, good, now stand up again, dumbass"

Porfavor, continua la historia


Actualmente Trabajando en la historia principal

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