• Published 18th Dec 2022
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The New World | Creation - Escalator

A alternative timeline of if there was more than 3 simple continents.. What if there was two more.. But populated with Humans with Superior Knowledge?

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In the Beginning..

The year is -5 Before Creation time. And the world was empty. Life is thriving on the world and Harmony feels tired but was eager to do more to this world when suddenly a figure comes before her. It was bright and the form was unknown but it spoke words.

"Do you need help?" The figure asks.

Harmony was a bit skeptic just now but replied.

"I do. But can you reveal yourself?" She asks.

"Maybe. But before we could begin I like to introduce a race." The figure said as Harmony tilted her head.

"A new race? What could there be any other race than the Griffons made by Boreas, the Bat ponies by the moon goddess, and the ponies? Made by me? And so much more races I've made.. What other could I have?" She q questioned as the figure replied.

"These are not your average race, they will be a race that will do much in this world. They can garden well, they can hug, love, and worship." The figure replied.

"But what about my ponies? And the other races?" She asks.

"They may remain as they shall be assisted by this race." The figure said.

"So, what do you call this race?" She asks.

The figure uses his power and light and formed a Bi-pedal body and said.