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The New World | Creation - Escalator

A alternative timeline of if there was more than 3 simple continents.. What if there was two more.. But populated with Humans with Superior Knowledge?

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Curse and the Human-Wendigo war

In the beginning... The creation of the new continent went through as the figure had already created the two continents as Harmony gifted the human race with the ability to use superior knowledge that think of anything and build.

It took -5 years before finally at the year 0 Creation of Equis (Or 900 BLB). It was finished fully... A world with vast oceans with huge and grand 5 continents. She names one Griffonia, the other Zebrica, and her favorite continent, Equis.

She asks the figure one question.

"Now, what is your name? I have to know?" She asks as the figure turns.

"Call me, Creator," he replied.

"Interesting name. The creator of what?" She asked.

The Creator was silent and then replied.

"You'll see very soon," the Creator replied as a bright light consumed Harmony and her surroundings as she looked at what seemed to be his resting place of peace, and then she smiled.

"Very well, Creator."

900 BLB and the first two humans were created in year one and already they started using their minds and decisions as they already started to build a house. This is where our story begins.

*Roll in the entrance music*

Adam was putting up the last of the support beams for the house since their area is surrounded by animals but they are peaceful as he befriended them.

He named a maned huge cat a lion, then there was a dog, a cat but little, parrots, and other animals he called his pets. Finally, his wife, Eve, had collected fruit for him and herself to eat as they relaxed in their newly constructed house in the jungle.

They wondered if they were the only sentient species in the world where they lived. A hum and singing are heard by themselves, until suddenly, the land blackened in darkness...

It was when a black cloud formed around the lands as a sentient animal came out of this black powder dust. A blue coat with a cowbell around its neck. It scanned the area before it stared at Adam and Eve as they seemed both petrified and terrified.

"Who are you?" Adam asked first as Grogar chuckled.

"Fear not... Human, for I merely came to ask for assistance." He asked.

Adam and Eve looked at each other before they both shrugged unknowing about Grogar they both nodded.

Grogar smiled.

"You see that fruit right there?" He pointed his hoof at the tree that Adam had fenced off to keep everyone off of the area.

"Yea?" Adam asked.

"Can you get it for me? I am famished from the... "Traveling" Grogar lied as Eve finally spoke.

"But that's the forbidden fruit of the tree! The Creator told us not to let nothing touch or eat it." Eve said as Adam finished her sentence.

"Anything that eats it shall truly die."

Grogar rolled his eyes in annoyance and stared at the two.

"Clearly you don't see the situation. I am fed with that type of fruit and... I'm starving," Grogar started to fake tears as Adam and Eve fell for this pity... (Oh great....)

"I guess. Maybe we can make it an exception," Eve said before Adam slapped himself in the face and stared at her.

"But remember the creator's warning!" He advised as Eve said.

"If he eats this fruit maybe we could too," she said as she climbed over Adams's fence and stared at Grogar in suspicion while Grogar smiled.

However, before Adam noticed that smile it was too late as she plucked the fruit from the forbidden tree she then tossed it to Grogar and he caught it with his magic which amazed the two..

"What is that?" Adam asked as he and Eve looked all over the magical aura that surrounded the fruit. Grogar smiled since the two could die if they ate this it surely put a smile on his face to be the one to kill off a race of beings.

"Well it's what the fruit gives me. Power! If you eat it you will have this power," Grogar lied as he smiled fakely as he took a bite of it and then broke two pieces off of it and handed it to Adam and Eve. While he swallowed.

"Try it, you won't regret it" he evilly smiled as Adam and Eve looked both concerned and worried before Eve grabbed it and took the first bite which she then shared with Adam he then took the bite and their eyes were opened wide...

Harmony felt something was disturbed before the Creator descended from his home and said.

"They didn't.." He said and Harmony noticed what he meant as the two quickly headed towards Equis at Adam and Eve's home area.

Adam and Eve's eyes were opened as they realized they we-

"WHAT IN GREAT NAME HAVE YOU DONE!" Harmony shouted as the Creator ascended down and his bright light frightened the two and even Grogar who felt no fear.

Felt extreme fear.

Grogar attempted to teleport before the Creator grabbed him and turned him towards himself the light blinded Grogar's eyes and Harmony quickly noticed him.

"Let him go," she said as the Creator seemed ridiculed but saw it understanding it as he placed him down and decreed.

"You shall be banished, you and your descendants will be killed if you or they set foot on these lands." Creator said towards Grogar who chuckled.

"Don't count on it," He said as he teleported away, and then the Creator stared towards the two.

"You two will also be punished, but shall not banished. There will be pain, and animals will no longer kneel for Humanity," Creator said as the two were in fear as Creator left but not Harmony as she gently said.

"I know you two were tricked. It's not my jurisdiction to revoke this punishment though... But I can give you something in return." She said as she formed a magical energy-filled sphere as the two raised from their knees and then she said.

"Touch this. Someday humanity will be given the power to wield and create even to biggest of continents." She smiled as the two touched and their minds changed.

340 days later

Adam and Eve were given clothes by the Creator after he killed two animals to dress the two humans as they worked and worked on both the land they betrayed and to start populating the two would eventually have 6 children before they died and then those 6 children had populated a great mass of the lands however while they had resorted to inbreeding for one moment before the Creator remedied that all was going well..

Or at least it was when it happened.

When an earthquake struck the area but didn't destroy or harm the land rather it created a small fissure, raising a stick, and not just any stick, a staff that can manipulate anything, and the two called it Harmony's gift.

100 years later

The clouds loom over the garden lands of the Eden tribe as the human tribes looked up at the skies to see Wendigos as they had fear placed into them.

Suddenly the Wendigos started an attack on the tribes as they fired a beam of electrical magic the human race ran all around the circles panicking. A baby who was born lost his parents when his tribal village was destroyed by these Wendigos as human tribesman recovered him from the ruined village and raised him.

The story of a leader will led a rebellion against the Wendigos in the year 830 B.C.P.

The young adult was studying art in his room. He was happy as today was to be a tradition that was to be bestowed upon him as an initiation to the tribe he was living with.

The tribe was known as the Pocanti. They are known to be very strict when it comes to transformation in age from teen to adult so they perform a ritual that would bless him on his way of growth and spirit. He prepares for this moment as soon as he can be able to finally assimilate into his tribe. SO LET US GET ON WITH IT SHALL WE!?

He was reading a book when his orphan friend, Kira, a girl who also lost her parents to Wendigos in Alico Bay tribal village she wandered into the town and has been orphaned since.

"Hey, Luther! Whatcha reading?" She asked as Luther smiled.

"Hey Kira, I was just reading about theories of new worlds and possible technologies that could be made soon." Luther replied as he looked back inside his book.

"BORING!!! HEY! Let's have some fun!" She suggested as Luther looked curious.

"What "fun" do you have in mind?" He asked.

"We could..."

"Do hop across the pond!" She suggested.

"I'm bad at that game."

"OOH! How about watching the eggs hatch!" She suggested again.

"Sounds boring, what's next?" Luther asked.

"OH, I KNOW! HOW ABOUT WE! Uhhh... Play in this bush," she jumped inside the bush where she was poked by a lot of thorns she popped her head out full of thorns.

"See!? Fun!" She joked. Luther rolled his eyes and chuckled when the horn was blown.

"Oh it's time! I'll see you later Kira!" He said as he walked from her which she kind of got a little down.

"Ok.... :("

Luther ran inside the chief's building as he stood still and reported.

"I'm here Chief Buffo!" He said. He noticed the chief was kneeling in front of a bowl praying.

"Chief Buffo? I'm ready for the initiation, isn't that what I was summoned for?" He asked as the chief turned towards him.

"Come sit by me," Buffo said as Luther followed his command and sat beside him.

"Actually on second thought I changed my mind, walk with me."

Skyros. 15 years ago.

While I don't know how they speak in this time period I'm sure it was joyful as it was the day that Celestia was born in what was called the city of Skyros, an ancient city in which Alicorns lived in harmony for centuries unannounced of the tribal ponies in Equestria waging war and battle against each other..

It was a joyful day as the King and Queen of Skyros had given birth to a daughter and they named that daughter.

Celestia. And boy did she had a role in future politics with humanity.

Anyways on topic. Luther and Buffo had a long conversation about, wisdom, peace, and all that stuff as Luther was eager to go through with the initiation when the two saw clouds form over them all of a sudden.

At first, Luther thought it was rain clouds but Buffo was quick to panic.

"QUICK! TAKE THIS, AND THIS, AND GATHER WHO YOU TRUST, AND GET SOMEWHERE SAFE!" He shouted. As he gave Luther a book and a staff Luther was very confused.


"GO!" He shouted as Luther ran towards his orphanage home and grabbed Kira who seemed to luckily already packed, the two ran from the village and hid in the bush as the two looked at what was supposed to be their new home obliterated by soulless creatures.

He wanted to shout but they have sentience to hear shouts so he kept quiet as a huge sun-glaring laser was fired upon the village and obliterated it from the face of the planet as the cloud moved on, along with a chilling winter snow that was falling in the remains.

He sees a mutilated Chief on the ground he covers his friend's eyes and gets closer to him as he shuts his eyes as a close to the village is nonexistent now.

The two eventually moved on and began the journey.

30 years later

It's been thirty years since Luther and Kira had made discovery after discovery as Luther had successfully made a staff that is blessed with power. Power so powerful that only a Luther can touch it and any who tries to wield it and is not a Luther will surely be dead.

Now Luther and Kira would eventually unite the tribes which would end the tribal period as he and the tribes formed armies and prepared for battle as they marched into the belly of the beast as the Wendigos were hungry for destruction Luther shouted.


The tribes couldn't reach them in the air until one tribesman had a bow and arrow and fired the arrow at the beast which phased through it and then the inventor said.


Then he was obliterated the armies scattered in complete fear as lasers were fired on the tribe but as Luther saw his army crumbling he activated his staff which was a rod with a spear on top with a blue jewel and blue energy that it inhabited as he aimed it at the Wendigos in the middle of the cloud.

Immediately the Wendigo charged at him head first before a bolt of lightning mixed with magic was fired from the staff and went into a collision course at the Wendigo as it penetrated through it.

The Wendigo was then in fear as Luther fired the staff's magic again at the Wendigo cloud multiple times until finally the Wendigo was beaten near to death as their only chance to survive was escaping the continent entirely.

And so they did as the cloud that once attacked and killed thousands had left.

The army watched as they saw the cloud retreat. And when they saw it retreated they cheered in celebration and lifted the old aged Luther.

Unknowing of the consequences of what the Wendigo's are heading to...

Destruction of Skyro's

It was just after the Human race kicked the beast from their continent the Wendigos started their attack on the land of the Alicorns.

The Wendigos came unopposed as the Alicorns were charging at the storm when it blew a strong gust of wind towards the defending Alicorn forces led by the father of Celestia, and recently born, Luna, who saw that there was no hope he took them out of the danger area as the two sisters, who survived, watch as their home was obliterated.

Celestia however had unknown that day.

That it was the Humanities fault.

The day after the destruction of the Alicorns, Luther would be proclaimed.

"Luther the Wise, Humanities savior."

The next day he and his generation would be solely chosen by the Creator to be the defender of Humanity throughout generations to come.

But in return... The staff had to be hidden as Luther disconnected the black jewel and shattered it into four pieces before he then sends them off to his three sons and a daughter who possessed the "necklacesses of hope" The wearer of these were then sent off after Luther had died in which these sons were named.

The eldest son was named Edward Luther. King of the East Coast. He was gifted courage at birth.

The 2nd Eldest was Norrington Luther of the Southern Kingdom. Who for some reason preferred to be called a general since he was gifted with strategy.

The 3rd sibling was a girl named Elizabeth Luther. She preferred to be called princess because she was born with a vision that a title such as that would guarantee Prosperity for her people and strange beings she would claim to one day briefly colonize the New World. Is the Princess of the Northern Kingdom.

And finally was the 4th Sibling... Hiduras Luther, Emperor of the Western Empire. He was gifted with power and was the youngest of the siblings who vowed to unite the crystals and place his entire family in the palm of his hand...

Even if it meant murdering thousands... And making deals with a foreign nation one would know as...

The Griffonian Empire...

Tribal Period, 800 BCP (BLB)

Post Tribal Period, 770 BCP (BLP)

Author's Note:

So... Yea the chapter seemed Rushed I apologized. But of course I promise to improve in the next chapter since this is in it's beginning stages so.

Anyways I hoped you like it if you didn't because it was rush than like I said I apologize.

Oh and I kinda plan a lotta chapters so we will see how this goes.