The New World | Creation

by Escalator

First published

A alternative timeline of if there was more than 3 simple continents.. What if there was two more.. But populated with Humans with Superior Knowledge?

1000-530 BLB| The Beginning: You are here

538-36 BLB| the Revolution: [Coming soon]

536 BLB| The wars of independence: [Coming soon]

731-729 BLB| Fall of the Crystal Empire: Human-Crystal War

0 ALB - 70 ALB| The Lunar wars :

Time N/A| The Inter years: [Coming soon]

1000 - 1026 ALB | The Main Story: TNW | Main Story

A alternate universe of how about instead of the usual continents of, Equus, Griffonia, and Zebrica, What if there were two more continents in the west of Equus?

This is the story and history of a new world and a race of Humanity, blessed with superior knowledge, and the ability of survival.

The story will be based both fiction and factual irl human history along with a lotta death (Cus war duh) and also a lotta mystery and adventure along with that. This will be a multi story series.

(Warning: Probably gonna have conversations and controversy. (Nah not really but I don't know)
But anyways. happy reading.

In the Beginning..

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The year is -5 Before Creation time. And the world was empty. Life is thriving on the world and Harmony feels tired but was eager to do more to this world when suddenly a figure comes before her. It was bright and the form was unknown but it spoke words.

"Do you need help?" The figure asks.

Harmony was a bit skeptic just now but replied.

"I do. But can you reveal yourself?" She asks.

"Maybe. But before we could begin I like to introduce a race." The figure said as Harmony tilted her head.

"A new race? What could there be any other race than the Griffons made by Boreas, the Bat ponies by the moon goddess, and the ponies? Made by me? And so much more races I've made.. What other could I have?" She q questioned as the figure replied.

"These are not your average race, they will be a race that will do much in this world. They can garden well, they can hug, love, and worship." The figure replied.

"But what about my ponies? And the other races?" She asks.

"They may remain as they shall be assisted by this race." The figure said.

"So, what do you call this race?" She asks.

The figure uses his power and light and formed a Bi-pedal body and said.


Curse and the Human-Wendigo war

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In the beginning... The creation of the new continent went through as the figure had already created the two continents as Harmony gifted the human race with the ability to use superior knowledge that think of anything and build.

It took -5 years before finally at the year 0 Creation of Equis (Or 900 BLB). It was finished fully... A world with vast oceans with huge and grand 5 continents. She names one Griffonia, the other Zebrica, and her favorite continent, Equis.

She asks the figure one question.

"Now, what is your name? I have to know?" She asks as the figure turns.

"Call me, Creator," he replied.

"Interesting name. The creator of what?" She asked.

The Creator was silent and then replied.

"You'll see very soon," the Creator replied as a bright light consumed Harmony and her surroundings as she looked at what seemed to be his resting place of peace, and then she smiled.

"Very well, Creator."

900 BLB and the first two humans were created in year one and already they started using their minds and decisions as they already started to build a house. This is where our story begins.

*Roll in the entrance music*

Adam was putting up the last of the support beams for the house since their area is surrounded by animals but they are peaceful as he befriended them.

He named a maned huge cat a lion, then there was a dog, a cat but little, parrots, and other animals he called his pets. Finally, his wife, Eve, had collected fruit for him and herself to eat as they relaxed in their newly constructed house in the jungle.

They wondered if they were the only sentient species in the world where they lived. A hum and singing are heard by themselves, until suddenly, the land blackened in darkness...

It was when a black cloud formed around the lands as a sentient animal came out of this black powder dust. A blue coat with a cowbell around its neck. It scanned the area before it stared at Adam and Eve as they seemed both petrified and terrified.

"Who are you?" Adam asked first as Grogar chuckled.

"Fear not... Human, for I merely came to ask for assistance." He asked.

Adam and Eve looked at each other before they both shrugged unknowing about Grogar they both nodded.

Grogar smiled.

"You see that fruit right there?" He pointed his hoof at the tree that Adam had fenced off to keep everyone off of the area.

"Yea?" Adam asked.

"Can you get it for me? I am famished from the... "Traveling" Grogar lied as Eve finally spoke.

"But that's the forbidden fruit of the tree! The Creator told us not to let nothing touch or eat it." Eve said as Adam finished her sentence.

"Anything that eats it shall truly die."

Grogar rolled his eyes in annoyance and stared at the two.

"Clearly you don't see the situation. I am fed with that type of fruit and... I'm starving," Grogar started to fake tears as Adam and Eve fell for this pity... (Oh great....)

"I guess. Maybe we can make it an exception," Eve said before Adam slapped himself in the face and stared at her.

"But remember the creator's warning!" He advised as Eve said.

"If he eats this fruit maybe we could too," she said as she climbed over Adams's fence and stared at Grogar in suspicion while Grogar smiled.

However, before Adam noticed that smile it was too late as she plucked the fruit from the forbidden tree she then tossed it to Grogar and he caught it with his magic which amazed the two..

"What is that?" Adam asked as he and Eve looked all over the magical aura that surrounded the fruit. Grogar smiled since the two could die if they ate this it surely put a smile on his face to be the one to kill off a race of beings.

"Well it's what the fruit gives me. Power! If you eat it you will have this power," Grogar lied as he smiled fakely as he took a bite of it and then broke two pieces off of it and handed it to Adam and Eve. While he swallowed.

"Try it, you won't regret it" he evilly smiled as Adam and Eve looked both concerned and worried before Eve grabbed it and took the first bite which she then shared with Adam he then took the bite and their eyes were opened wide...

Harmony felt something was disturbed before the Creator descended from his home and said.

"They didn't.." He said and Harmony noticed what he meant as the two quickly headed towards Equis at Adam and Eve's home area.

Adam and Eve's eyes were opened as they realized they we-

"WHAT IN GREAT NAME HAVE YOU DONE!" Harmony shouted as the Creator ascended down and his bright light frightened the two and even Grogar who felt no fear.

Felt extreme fear.

Grogar attempted to teleport before the Creator grabbed him and turned him towards himself the light blinded Grogar's eyes and Harmony quickly noticed him.

"Let him go," she said as the Creator seemed ridiculed but saw it understanding it as he placed him down and decreed.

"You shall be banished, you and your descendants will be killed if you or they set foot on these lands." Creator said towards Grogar who chuckled.

"Don't count on it," He said as he teleported away, and then the Creator stared towards the two.

"You two will also be punished, but shall not banished. There will be pain, and animals will no longer kneel for Humanity," Creator said as the two were in fear as Creator left but not Harmony as she gently said.

"I know you two were tricked. It's not my jurisdiction to revoke this punishment though... But I can give you something in return." She said as she formed a magical energy-filled sphere as the two raised from their knees and then she said.

"Touch this. Someday humanity will be given the power to wield and create even to biggest of continents." She smiled as the two touched and their minds changed.

340 days later

Adam and Eve were given clothes by the Creator after he killed two animals to dress the two humans as they worked and worked on both the land they betrayed and to start populating the two would eventually have 6 children before they died and then those 6 children had populated a great mass of the lands however while they had resorted to inbreeding for one moment before the Creator remedied that all was going well..

Or at least it was when it happened.

When an earthquake struck the area but didn't destroy or harm the land rather it created a small fissure, raising a stick, and not just any stick, a staff that can manipulate anything, and the two called it Harmony's gift.

100 years later

The clouds loom over the garden lands of the Eden tribe as the human tribes looked up at the skies to see Wendigos as they had fear placed into them.

Suddenly the Wendigos started an attack on the tribes as they fired a beam of electrical magic the human race ran all around the circles panicking. A baby who was born lost his parents when his tribal village was destroyed by these Wendigos as human tribesman recovered him from the ruined village and raised him.

The story of a leader will led a rebellion against the Wendigos in the year 830 B.C.P.

The young adult was studying art in his room. He was happy as today was to be a tradition that was to be bestowed upon him as an initiation to the tribe he was living with.

The tribe was known as the Pocanti. They are known to be very strict when it comes to transformation in age from teen to adult so they perform a ritual that would bless him on his way of growth and spirit. He prepares for this moment as soon as he can be able to finally assimilate into his tribe. SO LET US GET ON WITH IT SHALL WE!?

He was reading a book when his orphan friend, Kira, a girl who also lost her parents to Wendigos in Alico Bay tribal village she wandered into the town and has been orphaned since.

"Hey, Luther! Whatcha reading?" She asked as Luther smiled.

"Hey Kira, I was just reading about theories of new worlds and possible technologies that could be made soon." Luther replied as he looked back inside his book.

"BORING!!! HEY! Let's have some fun!" She suggested as Luther looked curious.

"What "fun" do you have in mind?" He asked.

"We could..."

"Do hop across the pond!" She suggested.

"I'm bad at that game."

"OOH! How about watching the eggs hatch!" She suggested again.

"Sounds boring, what's next?" Luther asked.

"OH, I KNOW! HOW ABOUT WE! Uhhh... Play in this bush," she jumped inside the bush where she was poked by a lot of thorns she popped her head out full of thorns.

"See!? Fun!" She joked. Luther rolled his eyes and chuckled when the horn was blown.

"Oh it's time! I'll see you later Kira!" He said as he walked from her which she kind of got a little down.

"Ok.... :("

Luther ran inside the chief's building as he stood still and reported.

"I'm here Chief Buffo!" He said. He noticed the chief was kneeling in front of a bowl praying.

"Chief Buffo? I'm ready for the initiation, isn't that what I was summoned for?" He asked as the chief turned towards him.

"Come sit by me," Buffo said as Luther followed his command and sat beside him.

"Actually on second thought I changed my mind, walk with me."

Skyros. 15 years ago.

While I don't know how they speak in this time period I'm sure it was joyful as it was the day that Celestia was born in what was called the city of Skyros, an ancient city in which Alicorns lived in harmony for centuries unannounced of the tribal ponies in Equestria waging war and battle against each other..

It was a joyful day as the King and Queen of Skyros had given birth to a daughter and they named that daughter.

Celestia. And boy did she had a role in future politics with humanity.

Anyways on topic. Luther and Buffo had a long conversation about, wisdom, peace, and all that stuff as Luther was eager to go through with the initiation when the two saw clouds form over them all of a sudden.

At first, Luther thought it was rain clouds but Buffo was quick to panic.

"QUICK! TAKE THIS, AND THIS, AND GATHER WHO YOU TRUST, AND GET SOMEWHERE SAFE!" He shouted. As he gave Luther a book and a staff Luther was very confused.


"GO!" He shouted as Luther ran towards his orphanage home and grabbed Kira who seemed to luckily already packed, the two ran from the village and hid in the bush as the two looked at what was supposed to be their new home obliterated by soulless creatures.

He wanted to shout but they have sentience to hear shouts so he kept quiet as a huge sun-glaring laser was fired upon the village and obliterated it from the face of the planet as the cloud moved on, along with a chilling winter snow that was falling in the remains.

He sees a mutilated Chief on the ground he covers his friend's eyes and gets closer to him as he shuts his eyes as a close to the village is nonexistent now.

The two eventually moved on and began the journey.

30 years later

It's been thirty years since Luther and Kira had made discovery after discovery as Luther had successfully made a staff that is blessed with power. Power so powerful that only a Luther can touch it and any who tries to wield it and is not a Luther will surely be dead.

Now Luther and Kira would eventually unite the tribes which would end the tribal period as he and the tribes formed armies and prepared for battle as they marched into the belly of the beast as the Wendigos were hungry for destruction Luther shouted.


The tribes couldn't reach them in the air until one tribesman had a bow and arrow and fired the arrow at the beast which phased through it and then the inventor said.


Then he was obliterated the armies scattered in complete fear as lasers were fired on the tribe but as Luther saw his army crumbling he activated his staff which was a rod with a spear on top with a blue jewel and blue energy that it inhabited as he aimed it at the Wendigos in the middle of the cloud.

Immediately the Wendigo charged at him head first before a bolt of lightning mixed with magic was fired from the staff and went into a collision course at the Wendigo as it penetrated through it.

The Wendigo was then in fear as Luther fired the staff's magic again at the Wendigo cloud multiple times until finally the Wendigo was beaten near to death as their only chance to survive was escaping the continent entirely.

And so they did as the cloud that once attacked and killed thousands had left.

The army watched as they saw the cloud retreat. And when they saw it retreated they cheered in celebration and lifted the old aged Luther.

Unknowing of the consequences of what the Wendigo's are heading to...

Destruction of Skyro's

It was just after the Human race kicked the beast from their continent the Wendigos started their attack on the land of the Alicorns.

The Wendigos came unopposed as the Alicorns were charging at the storm when it blew a strong gust of wind towards the defending Alicorn forces led by the father of Celestia, and recently born, Luna, who saw that there was no hope he took them out of the danger area as the two sisters, who survived, watch as their home was obliterated.

Celestia however had unknown that day.

That it was the Humanities fault.

The day after the destruction of the Alicorns, Luther would be proclaimed.

"Luther the Wise, Humanities savior."

The next day he and his generation would be solely chosen by the Creator to be the defender of Humanity throughout generations to come.

But in return... The staff had to be hidden as Luther disconnected the black jewel and shattered it into four pieces before he then sends them off to his three sons and a daughter who possessed the "necklacesses of hope" The wearer of these were then sent off after Luther had died in which these sons were named.

The eldest son was named Edward Luther. King of the East Coast. He was gifted courage at birth.

The 2nd Eldest was Norrington Luther of the Southern Kingdom. Who for some reason preferred to be called a general since he was gifted with strategy.

The 3rd sibling was a girl named Elizabeth Luther. She preferred to be called princess because she was born with a vision that a title such as that would guarantee Prosperity for her people and strange beings she would claim to one day briefly colonize the New World. Is the Princess of the Northern Kingdom.

And finally was the 4th Sibling... Hiduras Luther, Emperor of the Western Empire. He was gifted with power and was the youngest of the siblings who vowed to unite the crystals and place his entire family in the palm of his hand...

Even if it meant murdering thousands... And making deals with a foreign nation one would know as...

The Griffonian Empire...

Tribal Period, 800 BCP (BLB)

Post Tribal Period, 770 BCP (BLP)


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200 BCP: The Arrival

A ship sailed from Equestria. The one called the "Pony of Shadows" had somehow escaped Equestria and ponehenge and now the Pillars start their hunt for it, they were equipped by Celestia and started sailing west from the port of Prancisco.

Starswirl stayed up all night while his friends are concerned for his lack of sleep but would drop it when Magnus made a attempt to get him asleep Starswirl activated a barrier to separate himself and Magnus so they didn't bother trying again.

Rockhoof and Magnus were chilling at the front of the ship, as Meadow delivered the two a hot drink that was enchanted with some of Meadows special spices from her home, she then left and the two continued on looking at the scenery of the ocean, then they started to talk to each other.

"well, I see Starswirl looked like he's getting a bit distant. " Flash said staring at Starswirl as he rolled his eyes and back at looking at the book.

"i can say to. Causes thee worry for the fellow, I wonder what got him startled?"Rockhoof wondered as Flash shrugged his hooves.

"perhaps 'tis because he's unsettled?" Somnambula stepped into the conversation, but the two shrugged, and suddenly Starswirl walked into the conversation and answered.

"'tis because that "Shadow" is still out there, and Faust knows where it could be! it may e'en attack this boat!" Starswirl aggressively replied, as the two looked around just to... Make sure that wasn't a Jinx moment just to be sure...

"Well I't say to if thou art paranoid or 'i fear, yet haply, compose time for patience?" Somnambula Suggested.

"There can be no time for patience! that shadow is still out there an-"

"LAND AHOY!" Shouted the ships captain as the entire Crew seemed to got a bit startled by the call.

"Are we already at Griffonia!?" One crew member said.

"I know not! Yet the land looks huge!" Another crew member said, as the captain came down from post and looked at this strange land from the Stern it was when Starswirl came to the Captain and asked.

"Are we already at Griffonia?" Starswirl asked.

"No. Nay we art not..." The Captain replied, when he heard a shout that said.


Starswirl fired a magic light like flare in the air which bloom into light in the sky revealing the island and the town on it.

And boy is the locals gonna be pissed from being awakened from their sleep.

The castle of the East

King Edward was asleep when he heard ruckus going on with his guards. He doesn't know what the hell is going on considering that if it was fucking Beckett of Florinda trying to pull another prank on him like he did the other times, especially the salt incident, he will slap him.. But suddenly lord Beckett and two guards entered his room.

The Eastern Kingdom Guards:

Beckett looked at the king, fully awake, and knowing the king he gets pissed when he has to wake up to shit that're none of his concern.. But..

"WHAT THE HELL I- HOLY CREATOR! WHAT IS THAT LIGHT!" He shouted as the bright light shined in the night which now gathered the kingdom's crowd at the cities ports, it was now a immense of his concern.

"Sir! we hast a report of a unaccountable ship 'i the harbor! we hast reason to receive that they are not resident hither!" The Guard captain reported who was beside Beckett.

"Is it mine sister? Is that bright strike a little wake up bid that she invented something worth of mine time!" He said referring to the conversation that he and his sister had about inventions.

"We know not sir! Yet 'tis entering the harbor!" The captain reported, making the king a bit more concern..

"Send a guard down there and confront the situation presently, Lord Beckett!" Edward called.

"Yes, my majesty?" The lord asked.

"Get me mine coat! Oh and mine chariot." Edward ordered, in which Beckett and the Captain acknowledged and ran down the hall.

Edward looked out the window with a thought.. That something was telling him that maybe...

Maybe that his father was right about being other species on his death bed...

As the ship was nearing closer to port Starswirl looked closer and sees something was very off.. They pulled into port and was met with a group of people who were gathered on the ports when the Ponies lowered the plank they realized something was very off.

"Wait a minute.." Starswirl realized out loud, which the ponies on board were even shocked at what they were looking at to, and it seemed for the same for the people as they were also terrified or amazed.

"We aren't in Griffonia... It's a-"

"CLEAR THE PORT PEOPLE! ROMAN LEGIONARE! COMING THROUGH!" Shouted the captain of the Roman guard, as the people left the port in a formal line instructed by soldiers who walked on the wood board but paused when the Captain looked at the ship and his jaw was dropped..

The other soldiers, after clearing the port, were very astonished at the discovery that they're potentially no more the only sentient beings in the world.. However one almost pulled the sword out which alarmed Starswirl who activated his horn and nearly shot the soldier with a lethal magic before the Sergeant stopped the aggressive from attacking and then ordered.

"Maintain place! anyone pulling out their swords without decrees shall be dead men!"

The captain looked at Starswirl mainly as he said.

"Apologies for that, yet may I bid? may you understand our language?" He asked.

"If we couldn't what would've thou doth?" Starswirl replied, still tense from the attempted murder, but shocked the entire guard unit in surprised at this answer.

"Nought, what brought thou and thy, friends hither ?" The Captain asked trying to keep his cool and get the better understanding and avoid a potential misunderstanding type war.

"We came hither by mistake, we were hunting down-"

"Attend hut! King Edward is on port!!" Shouted the Sergeant, as the troops cleared a path way between Pilate and the king in which the chariot was pulled by two men. (Since there are no horses on the continent)

The chariot stopped and the king stepped off without looking at the crew and asked the Captain.

"Hath the problem been settled captain?" The King asked and the Captain replied.

"Mine majesty. Look at thy left."

The king turned left and stared at the crew of ponies and was dumbfounded... He then looked at the Captain in a serious face as if he saw nothing and replied.

"Carry on then, when thou art done questioning.." The King whispered "Invite 'em to dinner."

"If they reject?" The Captain asked.

"No issues just crave to wot where they came from" Edward replied whispery as the Captain nodded before the King stepped back on his carriage.

The Captain then turned towards the Pillars, who had the high ground, and asked him.

"Whats thy name?" He asked Starswirl.

"The name is Starswirl, Unfortunately no other name other than bearded, yet I may introduce thou mine friends." Starswirl insisted.

"Thou may, Starswirl the bearded" The Captain replied. As Starswirl took a deep breath.

"The big one on my right is named, Rockhoof, he was awarded strength when saving his home village from a volcano, the one on my left is, Flash Magnus, whom saved his entire brigade from dragons-"

"Dragons?" The Captain interrupted.

"Marry, dragons, there was two of 'em yet a entire tribe of 'em is a threat enough to a entire continent, yet may I now continued?" Starswirl asked, in which the Captain sat down and nodded which making his own brigade confused and tired.

After being told a lot from the Sphinx of Maregypt to the disease of Swamp fever to even a grudgeful sister and the history of Equestria the Captain was amazed at these things that he was told of including the names he was given was interesting..

Finally the Captain popped the question.

"Thou've been invited for dinner, and a tour around the town by the king. He doth lack to wot thy response." The Captain asked as Starswirl sighed. Which the other Pillars cooked up a plan.

"Unfortunately we-"

"Are delighted to accept this invite!" Meadow interrupted, which the Pillars, except Starswirl, nodded in agreement and the Captain smiled.

"Well, this was expected then hehe.. PRIVATE!"

"YES SIR!" The private replied.

"SEND THIS MESSAGE TO THE KING THEY ACCEPTED NOW GO!" The Captain shouted, throwing a scroll to the Private which he saluted and ran towards the castle in a quick pace.

"Yet as for the crew are they going to be fine?" Starswirl asked.

"We won't bother 'em just as long as they obey laws, do not steal Ect. Ect. The usual laws" The Captain answered, which Starswirl becomes the first pony to step off the ship and set hoof on the new continent they stumbled into.

"Right this way. The rooms will be prepared at the castle." The Captain said as the Legion exited the port the Pillars had a little conversation on the way.

"Meadow why did you answer it! You realize we have a objective to find the pony of shadows you know!" Starswirl whispered as Magnus defended Meadow.

"We had all answered it. We planned on it because you've been more concerned than anything since we've left Equestria! So we thought of this as a blessing to have a break with you mainly having it!"

"B-bu-But you can't be serious! The risk this is!" Starswirl protested before Rockhoof said.

"If we are your friends we wouldn't let you be stressed. We would give a opportunity to relax and see the beauty of this new land than turn away to your needs!" Rockhoof replied which made Starswirls mouth shut..

Starswirl looked around the town they were in while being escorted by the legion as he smiled.

"This does look similar back home only even more. Advanced just by the looks of the wood and the craftsmaneship." Starswirl said as the Captain asked.

"You mean Craftsmanship?"

"Well.. I guess what your kind calls it. You call if Craftsmanship, we call it Craftsmaneship." Starswirl said which the Captain shrugged.

"Very well then."

"One more thing." Starswirl asked.

"Yes?" The Captain replied.

"What's your name?"

"My name? My name is Captain Pilate." Pilate replied.

The Western Empire

The Emperor came inside his room which was full of guards that stood infront of the windows which the soldiers.

Looked like these guys.

The Emperor looked outside the window as he started to go into.. Wait is that piano music from Miranda? Oh great here comes the series of contemplation. -_-

As the Emperor finished singing the doors of the throne room opened as a griffon ambassador came inside the room with Griffonian guards as the Emperor looked at the birds.

"Ah, welcome. I see you finally got the message." He greeted the envoys.

"Indeed. But there is another one with us, your majesty?" He said as Grover the 1st came inside the throne room with elite guards on his side.

"Ah, Emperor Grover the 1st of Greiffonhelm, a honor to my empire to see you set foot in my lands." The Emperor smiled as the Grover followed.

"it's indeed a great honor to be in this land. Especially now knowing it's existence, and a strategic tool for a eventual war with Equestria." Grover said as the Emperor tilted his head. But smiled.

"Equestria you say? Please tell me more." Hiduras smiled as Grover replied.

"If you insist then I will, Equestria is a land that was just recently formed and now that we know of this vast lands on the other side of this world, it'll surely be a advantage for our empire.. But question is.. Why do you want to integrate yours with mine when we can just sign a alliance?" Grover asked.

"I have my reasons. And one of them is to defy my older brother, but also for some assistance in advancing your equipment. While also guaranteeing the said alliance to be permanent if you know what I mean? " Hiduras said as he looked at the Griffons with spears only and not a single swords bird. While also smiling at Grover.

"Interesting... I guess we could have advance weaponry for my army." Grover pointed out.

"And while your at it Grover, have some of my brightest minds to help you get a foot hold in technology." Hiduras insisted as the guards escorted inside scientist for a exchange.

"All of this for a alliance?" Grover asked.

"Indeed, so my fellow emperor. What do you say?" Hiduras asked as the Ambassador and the guards smiled and nodded at their emperor which Grover replied.

"We have a accord." He said as he shook the human's hand claw to hand.

The Northern Kingdom

Princess Elizabeth was on her way upon receiving a letter from her brother that there is another race with sentience and that he had called all the siblings including the Western emperor and younger Brother, Hiduras, along with General Norrington of the southern kingdom.

As she rides on her carriage that was pulled by trained moose's since there was nothing else that could pull the carriages without passing out and die as for the guards that were with her.

Looks like this.

As the carriage was entering the capitol of the Eastern kingdom, Yorktown, the carriage was pulling into the city and then was pulled to the front of the castle of her brother as her guards came out first as they secured the area with the legion before she stepped out of the carriage and paid the driver with 10 Shillings as he parks the Carriage a spot.

She took a breath and then said.

"Well. Family reunion, here we go..." She said unenthusiastically as she walked towards the castle entrance which she was welcomed by recognizable servants and guards that she had known in her brothers kingdom when she bumped into someone which she looked.

"Well, if it isn't Elizabeth Luther." Norrington said as he fixed his hat.

"And you possibly be Mr. I like to be the general of a country. Now tell me Nor. Do they call your nation a state with a Military or a Military with a State?" She asked as Norrington rolled his eyes.

"I told you like a thousand times! I know neither of those other than we are very dedicated in military expertise!" Norrington replied.

"Gee... Nice to see you two again." King Edward interjects as he came between the two.

"Hello Mr. King of the ocean, what's the funny situation that you claimed to be "Urgent" lemme guess another superstition with Hiduras? Or another class time over tax shit." Norrington questioned.

"I think he's just lonely maybe?" Elizabeth wondered as Edward shook his head.

"Hell no it's neither of those things!" Edward said as the two annoyingly stared at him.

"Then what is it? And if it's one of those pranks I will send the entire fucking army and shove my sword up your ass crack!" Norrington threatened as Edward rapidly replied.

"Easy! It's not that neither it's... Well-"

"And if we go down this hall way you will see.. Oh your majesty I noticed you've invited Norrington and Elizabeth." Captain Pilate noticed as he was giving a tour to the Pillars around the castle before they head out which Norrington was dumbfounded and then passed out in disbelief at what he was seeing as Elizabeth was very... Curious..

"Are those? PONIES!?" She said as her guards helped Norrington on his feet as Edward nodded.

"Your majesty, may I introduce to you Starswirl sir." The Captain introduced as King Edwards replied.

"Greetings, I see we finally have a connection between races, so what brought you here?" King Edward asked as he eyed at Norrington who seemed to be very confused.

"we came from the land of Equestria on a hunt for a creature your Majesty, and I fear that it may have made residence here.." Starswirl worried.

"Your starting to scare me.. About this creature, what is it?" He asked.

"It's called the pony of shadows, it was once a pony before he was corrupted by shadows and now we are hunting it down before it can cause havoc on all of magic itself." Starswirl explained.

"Magic you say? Are you saying that you posses the Staff of Luther?" Norrington asked as Edward turn towards him and did a "I like your cut G" on him as Norrington rubbed the back of his neck after being slapped in the back of the neck.

"We don't mention that name unless mentioned Norrington! Remember that!" Edward reminded as Starswirl was curious.

"The Staff o- I mean, what is this staff?" He asked.

"Ugh.. The Staff of Luther, is a family weapon that was used to expel the Wendigo's from our continent." Edward said.

"The jewel was shattered and given to use in a form of necklaces, anyone who isn't Luther will die." Norrington finished. As the pillars had a realizing revelation.

"Wait a minute.. You used the staff to kick the Wendigo's off your lands?" Starswirl asked remembering the time of the Wendigo's defeat.

"Uh, yea and ever since then the staff was hidden." Elizabeth said as Edward finished.

"And it will stay hidden until either someone big decides to piss us again or a asshole magic shadow comes to kick our ass."

Starswirl looked at his friends as they seemed to be a bit concerned and dumbfounded as Starswirl asked Pilate.

"May we be toured around this town?"

"Sure sir, right this way." Pilate said as the Pillars and the Captain left the room Norrington had a thought.

"Huh, that staff got them concerned..."

"You don't think.. That maybe our father had kicked the Wendigo's towards them?" Elizabeth replied as Edward had a thought about it.

"I don't know, but I do know that if they're somehow here then the Wendigo threat may have just been obliterated.. NOW! On to business, Norrington I've heard you've invented a new weapon correct?" Edward asked.

"Indeed but I want Hiduras to be here so I can show it off to him." Norrington wished.

"Oh? Please show us the weapon." Edward begged as Norrington rolled his eye.

"Fine! SOLDIERS BRING IT HERE!" He ordered as a group of 6 unarmored soldiers but with weird non metallic sticks on their backs as they halt.

The Southern Kingdom Soldiers with the new Invention.

"CENTER FACE! AND PRESENT ARMS!" Norrington ordered as the soldiers grabbed the sticks and pointed towards a board that was present in the room.

"Edward, Elizabeth I suggest you step back a little." He asked as the two stepped back.

"READY! AIM!" And then Norrington said the word.

"FIRE!" He shouted as the 6 soldiers fired on the board which the fire the weapon sticks shot out as Elizabeth and Edward looked at each other and clapped.

The volley fire squad.

"Bravo Norrington, you just revolutionized warfare!" Elizabeth clapped as Edward was curious.

"How did you make this weapon?" He asked.

"I have the Blueprint here." Norrington said as he hand a sheet of paper with the construction Manuel to the weapon which amazed Edward.

"Interesting design... Well this will surely revolutionize things. Hell maybe we might not need this staff by where we're heading." Edward said as Elizabeth was proud of Norrington.

Edward now wonders what's going to be ahead for Humanity, and maybe with this weapon. Maybe Hiduras might submit? He doesn't know yet but he hopes that maybe this whole pony arrival might be a blessing in disguise.

And how threatening is the the Pony of Shadows?

A Conversation

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Camp Vesus: Musket Construction 101

The entire camp was busy unloading new blueprints for the new weaponry the "Muskets." The head of the camp were looking at the blueprints and then said.

"Alright, Kenda! Get a miner team to the mountains and start searching for more Iron! Captain Kruss! Begin melting down some unused swords and spears! And big Jack! Cut down some trees!" Head weaponry Commissioner Gordan said, as the leader's of the groups break and started getting to work.

Blacksmiths begin lighting their hammers as they banged on the medal rod, used for both the trigger and the bayonet for the muskets, while the tree cutting group begins chopping down trees and plating them at the same time as the lumber is transported back to the smelters camp.

The Miners also begun mining up the iron to be smelted for this weapon as it is shipped out by hand and shoulders since mine carts were not invented. (Yet hehe)

The iron is stock piled. The wood is sliced by Lumber jacks. And the old swords/spears are broken down to pieces or molted. After that, the design label to the trigger is given to the blacksmiths as they craft the curve part of the trigger while the new engineers begin crafting the insides of the musket and the rod itself.

As the head watched the construction of the new rifles a messenger came towards him with a message from the king and with the official seal.

In the order of our majesty King Edward I

The king of the East orders that uniforms be made at once to suit our new musket divisions so in the case of charging the enemy, they may freely move around with their new weapon.

Along with this order aswell, the king also wants training as soon as the weapons are made at immediate delivery as soon as possible.

-Signed your majesty, King Edward the first.

The head of the weapons construction looked at the armor men and ordered.

"You are now uniform weavers. NOW GET MOVING!" Gordan ordered as he throws silk and cotton at them while they ran off to get busy with these uniforms for the North and Eastern Kingdoms.

Canterlot: Back Celestia had that pink mane.

The flag of Equestria waves in the air as the usual royal guards, (before they were disbanded temporary) were on their usual patrols when one of the guards spotted something.

"Hey.. Hey Sarge? Does that creature seem new to you?" Asked a private as the Sergeant came to his side.

"What seems new?" Sergeant donut asked.

"Well look sir!" The Private pointed as the Sergeant looked through his binoculars and saw.. A creature.

"What in Celestia's name? Get me two guards with me and inform the princess at once!" He ordered as the Private saluted and ran inside the castle as Sergeant Donut was met with other two guards and then they flew in a trio to confront the being.

The being looked up at them and froze as the three landed with two keeping their spears handy the being gulped considering that this was his first day on the job...

"IDENTIFY YOURSELF!" The Sergeant ordered. As the two guards pointed their spears at the being.

The being was now in panic mode, he could run at any moment but instead he has a message that he had to deliver or it'd be his head, also he literally did a entire oath on it so it'd be even worse, so he replied.

"I-I am Jack, Jack Smith sir.. I have a message from king Edward of the Eastern kingdom for... Princess Celestia?" Jack replied as the guards were a bit weirded out and lowered their spears for a second before they pointed them back, when a voice ordered.

"Stand down Sergeant, if anypony wish to sends a message to me they are no threat. If you are Mr. Smith?" Princess Celestia ordered as the pink maned Alicorn landed behind the trio of guards..

"N-no ma'am. I'm jus-"

"It's alright! I was just joking on the last one. I can tell it's your first day too." Celestia noticed while chuckled a little.

"H-how did you know ma'am?" Smith stuttered.

"A guess you could say because you seem like you haven't traveled before, that but also your name tag.." She answered which Smith sighed in relief while looking at his name tag that literally says. "First day on the job lol"

"But please tell me? Who's king Edward?" She asked.

The postman wasn't trained for this but he sucked up his breath and answered the best he could.

"My king, ma'am, is the ruler of the Eastern kingdom and rules the east of the Continent called Huma-rica I volunteered to come here since no one didn't and plus they offered extra pay that I needed for my Family. Ma'am."

His response was simple and clear.. But Celestia didn't know there was another continent and if there was then it must've kept itself so hidden yet so well.. But then again it was because she didn't ever thought of exploring the other side so it seems that whoever this king was, is certainly exposing and risking his kingdom for help.

"Hearing your answer and your decision to volunteer to deliver this message knowing that there may be danger that lied ahead, you have been place under my protection until further notice, but of course with it said, may I see the letter that your king has sent?" She asked as the postman gladly handed her the letter that he traveled far to see her opened to find out it wasn't a message.

It was a map and even a route from her nation to the Eastern kingdom! However there seemed to be three more kingdoms on this new continent.

Now she needs a idea of how to get diplomacy started with this new world and it's nations.

But until then, she has a lot of questions for Mr. Smith and a lot to explain to Luna and her ponies.

Ze Dinner, Yorktown, Eastern Kingdom.

As king Edward and general Norrington sat down while their sister is dressing herself for the occasion they kinda felt a bit distant.. I mean sure they're leaders of nations but one comes to wonder if the kingdoms they rule will even outlive them? After all they are but young men and now they started to think about their future.

Finally Edward looked at the outside night on the other side of window, he sees a fountain which reminded him that time that he, Hiduras, and Norrington used to play there before their father, Luther, had called him in the castle that was being constructed to tell them about the dividing of the lands.

He looked at Norrington as he was fiddling with the fork.

"Remember that time at the fountain?" Edward asked as Norrington stared at him.

"Yea? What about it?" Norrington replied.

"I remember the time that we and even Hiduras made a promise to watch over each other when we were promised these lands don't remember?" Edward reminded.

"Edward.. That is the most ridicules promised we made at that point! And now look around you, we're divided from kingdoms, Hiduras is a fucking tyrant, and now we happened to find out that when our father died that day he claims that the "creator" the one who placed us in this, Creator forsaken planet, THAT THERE WAS MORE THAN JUST US AS A RACE OF SENTIENCE! THAT ENDED UP BECOMING TRUE, FACT, HISTORY, AND ANYTHING ELSE RESEMBLING WITH TRUTH!" Norrington exclaimed as he breaks down deeper into a existential crisis.

"You know.. Maybe it's a blessing a disguise? After all these Pillars did claim they were hunting down a evil entity that somehow made landfall here on our lands without our knowledge. And if it turns out there is.. Well we are all fucked unless they have something against it." Edward pointed out. As Norrington just sat down in disbelief.

"Either way... If the pillars does say I quote the fact "Magic in heavy comprehension" than who knows what this race could do in a style and case of war! Then what!" Norrington concerningly asked while Edward sat for a moment in which his head popped a idea..

"What if we... Become colonies for this Equestria?" Edward suggested which dumbfounded Norrington..

"Colonies... IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN COME UP WITH!" Norrington shouted.

"It's the only way Norrington, you don't have to if you want but I just feel it might be the right choice for my kingdom. After all if these ponies decides to turn on us then maybe.. Just maybe the people will have to will to fight back." Edward said gaining a advantaging idea.

"People? I'm sorry did you say people?" Norrington asked as he was not a fan of a public militia.

"You heard me, tomorrow at 12 o clock. Everyone in this nation is permitted and required to own a musket or weapon of their choosing for purposes of self defense. And if used in murder shall be the case of being placed he and relatives to death." Edward read from his scroll that he placed before his meeting with Norrington while Norrington got up from his chair and walked right infront of the window staring at his ship.

"Be my guest if you want Norrington, but sooner or later you will have to choose sides you know?"

Norrington got back to his seat and replied.
"Yea... And I choose freedom over subjugation."

Yorktown night

Captain Pilate was having fun with his new duty to escort and tour the group of new ponies around the town, the center was where is was interesting.

Starswirl was impressed with the inner city structures and the civility of the people and even some people introduced gifts and advices to the Pillars as the fascination continued the Pillars had a conversation.

"I have to say, this kingdom really has some impressive population. Even the people here are kind." Starswirl admitted as the peasant people offered bread to the bearded pony.

"You really think? They have a unique cuisine's here though... They really have use for meat unfortunately, but atleast they aren't cannibals I don't think atleast." Flash said as the group goes past the gates of the central part of city

"Cannibalism is actually outlawed here, in fact anyone who dares to eat another being that can speak and think are basically doomed to... Well have their home town burn to the ground." Pilate replied which kinda shock the Pillars.

"Isn't it tyrannical? I mean I know cannibalism is a terrible act even back in our country it is severely outlawed but not this drastic? Is it really necessary to burn down a entire town over one cannibal?" Somnam questioned.

"It is the kings final and last word on the subject. I even remember the time as a child that he announced that cannibals and the town of birth will be executed and burnt down, slate clean, gone, flat, presto. And then rebuilt." Pilate asserted on the matter.

Before Somnambula could respond to that they now arrived to the statue of Luther which made the group awed at it's glory.

"Welcome to Luther square, the pride of Humanity." Pilate introduced which the group was feeling very magical just being near the statue.

"If I ask? Who was Luther?" Rockhoof asked. Which Pilate went very neutral face along with his roman soldiers as they stared away somewhere which fueled the Pillar curiosity even more.

Finally the regiments local know-it-all spoke out and explained.

"Luther, or Luther the wise, is the founder of the four kingdoms and is known as the savior of humanity while also what is in this very statue, the staff, that can be opened by a Luther. However those who manages to get this staff will perish and die as only a Luther can hold it. In word he was the one who banished the Wendigos from these lands." The Know it all explained as Pilate rolled his eye.

"First of all private, do not speak out of term, second of all, like he said, only a Luther can open and wield the staff but the name itself is not to be mentioned or said. EVER!" Pilate asserted.

"But if the staff is powerful? Then why is the name itself a curse?" Somnam questioned.

"Reasons unknown we don't know, but what the king said is the last and final word." Pilate replied which Somnam and Starswirl looked at each other uncertainly..

"ANYWAYS! Without anymore questions with the wretched staff, lets move on to the castle, dinner is about to be served in the kings hall and he'll want to know more about your race and your country." Pilate said as the tour group started moving as the Pillars started speaking.

"Interesting how a weapon that saved these humans from destruction from the Wendigos is treated harshly? How could this be?" Starswirl questioned.

"Is it maybe because of fear?" Meadow attempted to answer but the Pillars and even herself shook their heads.

"Maybe guilt?" Flash thought but Starswirl was quick to respond.

"While they may have kicked the Wendigos out of these lands and towards Equestria, that would not be the case. After all the humans never knew we even existed at all!" Starswirl contemplated which Mistmane answered.

"Maybe one did, it might be the owner of that staff."

"King Edward?" Starswirl asked.

"No darling, Luther himself." Mistmane answered.

"How does he know about ponies?" Flash asked which she shook her head.

"I don't know but maybe he knew."

"Either way Mist, these humans really hates that staff and I intend on finding out why."

Canterlot, Dining room

Even Celestia wanted to know the other side of world, Jack Smith is escorted to the royal dining room at the expense of Celestia since the first thing was to introduce herself and her sister. Starting with Jack Smith since he would be the first human to set foot on a continent other than Huma-rica.

The doors opened, and Jack sits down and the Sergeant of the escort informs.

"The Princess will come shortly, she'll not be long before she asks you during dinner, until then enjoy the scenery."

The Escorts leaves the room leaving Jack with the dinner plates, looking around though he noticed that the plates and the utensils were not set sooo... While he's waiting he might as well do a little human work around the place in thanks for not getting his head sliced AND starting a war on accident.

While Jack Smith started to work, without anyone knowing, Luna was in her room balcony raising the moon when Celestia came inside her room.

"I see that you've been improving Lulu." Celestia smiled as Luna looked towards Celestia.

"I've been Tia, but I feel that there is something in the dream world that I have kept noticing." Luna informed which Celestia titled her head.

"What do you mean?" Celestia asked while sitting down on the bed.

"I've noticed that there are more doors than there were. When I first came in the world it was only a sizable amount of doors which were ponies."


"And then last night, I've noticed there was twice as more doors than I counted... (Goodbye years of counting I guess...) It's as if the entire world had a double intake of population!" Luna answered which Celestia started to scratch her mane nervously...

"Actually... I may have figured out why..." Celestia answered which Luna quickly rushed toward her sister in a begging pose.

"PLEASE TELL ME WHY THEN! I MUST KNOW!" Luna spoke which Celestia jerked her head which Luna stepped back.

"Sorry.. I'm just so stressed on having to both recount! And go into more doors!!!" Luna apologized which Celestia smiled.

"Follow me and I'll show you." Celestia answered as the two sisters started to head inside of the dining hall when they noticed a crowd of both guards and maids who happened to staring inside the dining room in fascination.

Before the captain of the guard, who was also watching, snapped out of it when he saw the two sisters.

"ALRIGHT CLEAR OUT!" He ordered as the maids and the guards cleared the way which made Celestia curious.

"What's with the crowd?" Celestia asked as everyone pointed at Jack Smith who went total overboard with cleaning and polishing a entire room just after setting up utensils which made Celestia Jaw dropped.

"Ah there, all done. :D" Jack Smiled after getting the last crumb in the room that sparkled so bright, ehhh nevermind.

"Mr. Smith? What have you been doing?" Celestia asked as Luna stared at the new creature. Not panicking or being shocked about it at all... Hehe nope...

"Ehhh, sorry overboard much? Kinda use to cleaning since it's a tradition in my home town of Arcelia." He explained which Celestia started to sit down on the dining table.

"You didn't really needed to though? You are a guest of honor after all and there is the matter of the new kingdoms." Celestia said when Luna noticed new kingdoms.

"New kingdoms!? (are you serious....) Are you saying there are new kingdoms?" Luna questioned when Smith answered.

"Actually.. It's a new continent. I can show you the map." Smith insisted as he grabbed a huge paper.

"I don't think that's neces-" Luna was interrupted when he got a huge ass map and placed it on the table showing a huge continent which in both shock and surprise Luna dropped her Jaw and then head first on the table passed out.

"Uhhh... Is she going to be fine?" He asked.

"I'm sure she'll wake up... Great Faust...."

As the dinner night progressed, and Luna finally waking up, the two sides would exchange questions from left and right with Luna asking about the population which he answered in the millions, Celestia would ask about who's friendly and who's bad Smith answered with friendly being the Southern, Eastern and Northern Kingdoms, with the enemy being the sketchy Western Empire...

Smiths question would be this... Why are they referred as Princesses like Princess Elizabeth? They're response was neutral and silence.

Yorktown, dinner

Meanwhile in Yorktown the Pillars were seated in the dining room in the king and the two siblings presence, a cheers here and there were made in a celebration of knowing that two races of sentient beings are now in contact with each other.

But anyways as the dinner session started Edward asked the Pillars about other nations they know about, Starswirl answered the question with the Griffonian empire, Olenian kingdom, and a divided clusterfuck called the Changeling hives. (The bugs are divided in this point) Oh and Arantigian empire in southwestern Griffonia. Along with the recently discovered River pony nations.

Norrington asked about technology, Flash Sentry was quick to answer with being only spears with high ranks having swords only, and sometimes even the princesses of Equestria.

Elizabeth asked about the rulers of their nation of Equestria, and Meadow and Somnambula answered with being Celestia and Luna being the immortal Alicorns of the land which made the rulers dumbfounded on the information, but not just immortality, but also the fact when Meadow mentioned that one can raise the sun and the other raising the moon, not that though, they both rule a single country with a peaceful goal... It envied Edward as he wished his Siblings were that cooperative to the point that they can rule almost a entire continent unlike his brother Hiduras...

However that was when the doors were opened with a messenger who was wearing a black formal uniform which made the kings stomach burn...

"Your majesty.. Letter from the 1st musket brigade..." The messenger said as he handed the letter to the king. Which after he read it, he stare at the pillars.

"Tomorrow morning you must leave and warn your beloved leaders..." Edward informed which Starswirl replied with a stare.

"What happened..." He responded.

"We.... We are at war."

The War of the Kingdoms

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The flat lands

Ahh yes, the flat lands, so nice, so great, so-

"FALL BACK! 'TIS THE CALIFORNIAN POWER! RETREAT!" Shouted the Captain of the first Musket division as an all-out charge from the Western imperial armies from the Calif legion which was given the name 'Californian'.

"SIR WE SHOU'D TH-" The Private was interrupted as we were shot by a Calif musketeer soldier the entire Roman legion army and Musket brigade retreated.

The battle started two hours after the Griffonian emperor, Grover the 1st, and the emperor of the west, Hiduras, signed an autonomous treaty with permitted the Griffonian government to take over with Hiduras being the head Emperor of the entire nation that is now the official Colony of the Griffonian Empire with that becoming benefits and downsides.

Hiduras loses control of natural resources which luckily he stockpiled his own before the takeover, he now has an entire continent-sized empire at his backing. He shares the newly made Musket technology in exchange for these magic-wielding ponies... After consulting his scientist they decided to.... Commit horrendous genocide and kidnapping operations on Unicorn pony populations for their essence...

And so the formation of the Decauplets was formed that would exist for years up for centuries...

Anyways as the first battle of the fields broke out, the first musket brigade retreated in an unorganized style as the attack was severely devastating. As the Griffonians and the Calif armies successfully take over the plain fields the remaining forces were in a retreat when a Griffon Lt. tried to kill the rest as he and his men were flying towards the soldiers the captain looked up.

"RUN DAMN YALL!" The Captain ordered as one soldier asked.


"I'LL TAKE 'EM OUT MYSELF NOW HIE!" He shouted as he grabbed two huge ass Musket rifles and wielded a sword and aim the two muskets while shouting with the sword handle in his mouth.

"Join get some thou flying bird bitches!!!!" He shouted as he shot the two muskets while duel-wielding them, killing two of the griffons.

He then grabbed a sword from the dead griffon that he killed and charged at the horde of Griffon and Calif soldiers, killing one 1 Griffon and 2 Calif soldiers before he was killed by a Calif Musket soldier.

Yorktown, the ports

King Edwards stood on the port as a crowd waved to the visitors that accidentally arrived on the new continent. While this the king also sent the message to the ship that is stationed in Equestria, awaiting recall, to get Jack Smith back on board and ship out back to the continent as he had the entire mail service replaced as a courier service in wartime. Along with the newly formed musket districts that are in charge of both training and making Muskets for the Roman legions.

What's worse is when he heard the reports that Hiduras managed to make contact with the Griffonians...

"MY LIENAGE AND MAJESTY MA'AM AND SIR!! THE SOUTHERN LAKE HAD JUST BEEN ATTACKED BY THE CALIFORNIAN AND GRIFFONIA FORCES!" The Messenger reported which shocked Elizabeth and Edward when they looked at Norrington, and even he is surprised.

"He's not playing anymore... He's started his onslaught and we need to end it now." Norrington said.

"Maybe we should use the-"

"NO! WE WILL NOT CALL UPON THAT DAMMED STAFF CAPTAIN PILATE! We'll use strategy instead, Norrington, Elizabeth, get your troops rallied and prepared, and meet me here at Helie-ana!" He ordered as the two wrote their messages to their couriers, who were with them the whole time, and had them head to their commanders to rally the troops.


Celestia and Luna were in the throne room putting together the pieces of the discovery of a new species, sure the world to them was yet to be explored and this wasn't been the first time since they'd met new species, such as the Griffons, deers, Changelings, and Dragons.

The new species that they've come across should be no different and the two emphasized that to themselves silently, but something they should know about came in the form of a letter that spawned in front of Celestia in the recognizable hoof writing of Starswirl.

"It's Starswirl Luna!" Celestia smiled, as Luna poked her head above Celestia's mane only for the two to get slapped with a disturbing message...


The two sisters looked at each other with worry for a moment when a royal guard approached.

"Anything wrong thy Majesties?" The guard asked.

"Rally the fleet, me and my sister shall be joining jointly, we're going to The New World," ordered Celestia.

"It shall be done thy majesty."

Frisco Castle, Western Empire

Emperor Hiduras sat on his throne looking through the reports, all he saw was the word "Victory" and not a single defeat, except for the start of the war however, but this gambit that he had bet on with the Griffonians was now paying off.

However, it came to his surprise when a griffon ambassador entered his domain.

"I assume you've been sent by King Grover aren't you?" Hiduras asked.

"Indeed I was, and I have complicated news."

"...Inform me."

"The Equestrian Navy is en route to this continent according to our spies, we have reasons to believe that they're joining the war against you."

"... Well behead me now, DAMN YOU EDWARD LUTHER!"

Yorktown, Eastern Kingdom.

King Edwards had been sitting on his throne as well, in front of him was the staff of his father which stood as the beacon that represented humanity's only magical entity, other than their minds which is more of a talent rather than magic.

Although when he sat there in thought about the things before he and any of his siblings were born, he could remember the time when his father and mother told him about the hardships they had gone through before dispelling the Windigo's off the continent, and when Edward, Hiduras, Elizabeth, and Norrington refuted to wield the staff because of it's effects on age Luther the wise made his prophecy stating.

"One day... A member from our family will take up the staff and use it once more, but for it to happen, everyone must be after that chosen one, and the chosen one, would be... Friended by many powerful friends. The Elements of Harmony..."

Those were the last words he had heard from his father before he died right there on that bed, ever since then it all went to shit from there, Hiduras left for the West, his Sister to the North, and Norrington is well... Just enjoying himself on a hot beach sipping his Pina colada on a Tuesday.

As for Edward, he remained the oldest Sibling and the one who had continued to rule his father's domain, Edward never believed in his father though and at times he would consider himself a stranger to his father's teachings.

Regardless though, there was now a war that was being fought. Between him and his Brother Hiduras, sure the Siblings did pledge support but it wouldn't really matter, because what awaited him would be his end.

But then he thought of what would happen if he was to die, who would preserve the Staff?

"Recall my messenger from the Pony lands, immediately." Edward requested to his second hand officer.

"With all due respect my lineage, but he's already on his way back here."

"Really? How?"

West Equestrian Seas

Jack Smith, the messenger of the King was enjoying himself on the ship that was also carrying Celestia and Luna, the trip is long though, but they are expected to-

"PRINCESS CELESTIA!" Shouted some sort of Pegasus, as the two princesses walked out of the ships cabin quickly.

"Mr. Cloud! What is it?" Celestia asked as the pegasus landed on his hooves huffing and puffing from the lack of air as he handed a scroll to the princess.

It was from Starswirl...

Now this was the part where humanity would discover and honor the Pillars for their sacrifice, you see as you may know by now it was the Pillars who had discovered the continent even though they were hunting down the Pony of Shadow's, well what happened is that after they had left Humarica the Pony of Shadow's was in Equestria the whole time, the problem this spelled for the pony's was that there was some miscommunication and was thought that the Pony of Shadows went into Griffonia instead.

But now that they had returned and found the beast once again, the scroll sent by Starswirl would end up being given to the humans by Celestia as a gift, surprisingly this would end up being sold for millions before being placed in a museum in 92 ALB. But the scroll says here:

The account from Jack Smith on that they was recorded on his own journal, being that the surroundings and the weather on that day was... Cold. And freezing to.

Unbenounced to him, the sisters were devastated on that day of the letter, but with a war ongoing at the time, Celestia, being the older sibling didn't cry, she kept her tears in while also embracing her littlest sister who cried on Celestia's chest.

For the rest of the day and then on for the rest of his life Jack would be restless and traumatized by the cries of young Luna who had witness a end of a era right infront of him...

But while the Pillars were now out of the match, the war was going on, you would expect things to get better for Edward's kingdom since the Equestrian army and navy were on their way.

Little do you people know, was that shit was about to get even worse...

And I mean, a lot worse...