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1982, a summer just like any other, but a string of border conflicts and botched talks finally pushed the world to world war three, and after that-

Nuclear armageddon.

Nobody surrendered, but nobody kept fighting the war either.

After the end, scientists of all sides and factions concluded a new impending ice age that would wipe out all of humanity. But instead of digging bunkers and accepting the cruel fate, humankind started to work on one-way portals that would hopefully link them up to a habitable planet, and just before winter arrived in 1984, they did it.

One by one, refugees, soldiers covered in bandages and mud, and politicians that soldiers surround formed massive lines to enter the portal. The ones who managed to go across all had the same question-

"Is that a talking horse?"

Based on the HOI4 mod "Equestria at War" and its submod, "Escalation 84" by Euro-General. Timelines are based on season six but altered to fit more into the EaW universe. Special thanks to previously Jadenone and now Ariandel for editing.
It has some comedy in it, but not the entirety of it.

(any depiction of real-life politicians or ideologies does not represent the view of the writer himself, please don't cancel me if you see your favorite/most hated politician being portrayed in a negative/ positive light)

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Never liked that art cover. Ponies heads are way too damn big.

Always liked this submod, nice to see it in fic form.


This article is really amazing. Thanks for the sharing.

hopefully the ponies won't freak out by human's firearms much. seeing that this story has starlight glimmer in it.

oh, this is going to go terribly awry huh?

This will either end terribly or horribly. I just can’t imagine Gorbachev talking with pinkie

Oh boy I can't wait for Reagan

The soldier looked at her in confusion and rubbed his eyes, "Co... dlaczego jest koń, który mówi?"

If you want correct Polish change to this:
“Co… Dlaczego ten koń… mówi?”
„Co… Jak to możliwe, że koń potrafi mówić?”


Anyway, I already love this story. I played “Escalation 84’ “ myself, and I kinda liked the sub mod. The fic has potential and I look out to see more of this

I rate this chapter at 8,5/10

thank you for the reminder, forgive me for using google translate

I mean, in EaW ponies already have firearms, tanks, and even some early aircraft. At least, so long as the time period is around when the game starts. The ponies are I'd say around WW1 technology as Eaw has you research most aircraft or tanks from absolute scratch be it normal firearms or their magical counterpart.

Though still, not just ponies but the EaW would have reason to fear the humans if it's 1980's considering how much more advance they'd be compared to every other nation at the start of EaW.

I won't spoil too much of EaW but if the year starts around the same time the game starts well... The humans would be the least of Equestria's problems in the bloody years ahead. At least, if there is still an Equestria standing that is.

Glad to see another Escalation 84 story!

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No problem. If you want some Polish things tralsated, just Message me i will do it for ya

Celestia being celestia. Thrown shits at ponyvilles is her master plan.

Well, let's hope that cooler heads prevail in this meeting.

"Why are we still here… Just to suffer?"

Meme time

"Oh, look! It's Cake O'Clock! I wonder what did the kitchen make for me today?" Before Cadence could even shout the word "wait", Celestia was already gone to the kitchen.

Came O’Clock LMAO


So, chapter very good, as I said earlier you have still my attention. I can tell that Escalation ‘84 sometimes can be hard to write, but for now you are impressing me.

I would rate the chapter 9/10

Anyone wants to bet the Islamic humans is going to botch up and commit terrorism o the peace conference.

Or better yet, Perseus...

It started of good, but in my opinion it starting to slide down a bit.

Some parts of this isn't taken seriously, not to mention that this story doesn't have a comedy tag in it.

Why the hell would the press would straight up bash twilight instead of focusing to the humans?

And why on earth one of the changeling officer want to integrate the soviets in their ranks, when they wanted an disarmanent?

This story isn't bad, it should just has the same atmosphere like chapter 1

Cool now we need a Nazi that ends up helping chrysalis and we got our Human antagonist

I did not expect to see a Blackadder reference in this fic, but that was oh so glorious to read

Nobody surrendered, but nobody kept fighting the war either.

What is that suppose to mean?

It means they all gave up on fighting, but no country actually capitulated or collapsed.

I must ask if that is Mr. Gorbachev from the Pizza Hut commercial. :ajsmug:

In any case I’ve been enjoying the premise so far! I don’t know much about the mods people keep talking about but this is a nice flip on the usual stories I see on Fimfiction. One thing I would like to see more is some though process and what individuals are thinking about all of this. Millions of refugees appearing out of the portal is a drastic situation and none of the ponies will really know their true intentions. Having Celestia, Luna, or some other government official be skeptical would be a nice way to implement some drama and conflict. The humans are also another side, politically at least, that would be cool to see fleshed out. Go into how political leaders would think about this, how they would feel knowing their former enemies are also there, does this brew any conflict or at the least suspicion they have to get over. And how do they feel about encountering the ponies, there could be some suspicion there as well. Currently everything is going very smoothly despite how desperate humanity currently is and how calamitous this situation could be for the Equestrians. We’ve been shown this physically but not how it affects people mentally.

The Tommy storyline feels more fitting in how there is suspicion from the average person about going to a new alien world after losing everything to the war. I’m a little surprised many of the governments managed to stay intact, but nothing can cut the red tape. The only real complaint I have right here is Rainbow Dash would never let someone get away with just threatening her friends. She’s smart to deescalate, but at least be a bit more stern in not pointing a gun at the people she cares about the most. One thing I do like though is Starlight just trying to awkwardly pretend like nothings wrong, I feel it’s pretty fitting for her.

Those are just my general thoughts though, don’t let me dictate how you think the story should go. I just wanted to comment about the Pizza Hut commercial lmao.

*no-no germany I N T E N S I F I E S*

Oh yes Thorax is taking the stand and humanity gets to be apart of the rebellion against the changelings


A-10 WARTHAWKS COMING THREW *Enter Jet noises and BRRRRRR sounds here*

"You see, the changeling is a type of pony that can change into whatever form they like."

Those Ponies think everycreature is just a type of Pony :facehoof:

Well, how else are they gonna fit those massive eyes and a brain in the same head? Speaking of which, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO POINT IT OUT?!! No it's ingrained into my head, and I can't unsee it! Although I know some Au's remark the pony's eyes as being more eye plates than eye balls, still, why have you done this to me?

Changelings with Rockets?…. Anyone else expecting Kerbal Space Program style failure?….

He sounds like hitter. Something bads going to happen

A M E R I C A ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

FRICK YEAH!!!!!!!!

man, this is so sad, i hope those enslaved ponies will be saved soon.

The Queen was visibly unhappy, her magic almost crushing her pen.

For their sake (and for the pen) the next news are better more to her liking.

The Queen is satisfied to hear such news, while Heldrec and Alspberg show their faces of disgust and disapproval.

The latter two think this plan is stupid and serves nothing more than Herrog pleasing the queen, do they?

"Enough!" Queen Chrysalis shouted, and everyone shut their mouths. "Would all of you stop screaming at each other and act like adults for just ten minutes?"

You're asking the impossible!

For years, the Queen's reign of terror has caused suffering in the millions, and with it, the changelings suffer the consequences of failed military and espionage campaigns, one after another. But does Chrysalis represent every changeling that is on the surface of the world? No!

Greneclyf: "Darn right!"

"Wait! I still have some questions," Herrog asked, "Which one do you think is better, a behemoth tank as large as a cruiser or a rocket plane that goes comically fast?"


Tom shrugged, "Shouldn't you be asking Celestia and Luna about this?... No offense."

I'm sure they will be very interested in hearing about this.

Good chapter!
I enjoyed reading it.

"Pear Butter? Who's that?"

aw shite ajs parents are still alive:derpyderp1::fluttershysad::pinkiegasp:

"HUMANS OUT OF HOOFLYN!" the same voice shouted through a megaphone, with a crowd repeating the phrase.

Raceism, YAY!

The Rise of the Stasi, a Changeling Uh Oh spaghetti O story of Communist massecre

Just wait until the Changelings come blitzkrieging over the Olenian border!

I wouldn’t be surprised if old Albert Speer somehow survived the nukes, escaped from Spandau Prison, and joined the exodus crowds incognito.

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