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For many a millennia he has slumbered beneath the earth, his strength recovering from a conflict as old as the sands it was fought upon. For many a millennia he and his people withered away into legends, spoken of by the elderly to their young as nothing more than stories before bed. For many a millennia the world itself forgot about this being, hidden away within a cage of dirt and rock and time.

But now he has awoken to find himself lost in a world nearly unrecognisable, dominated by a species he'd not laid eyes upon for many, many years indeed.

Yet there still lived a select few who knew him personally. To them, he was an old yet dear friend, long believed to have been lost to the cataclysm that cost him his people and his kingdom. Despite all the time that had elapsed and despite all that had happened throughout the years, they still knew his name.

Cyrus Perennem, 'The King Without a Crown'.

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Hmmm, what’s this? Another fine story created by Sir Sarcastic?
Interesting. Very interesting. 🧐🤔

My interest is also piqued. :trixieshiftright:

*Strokes hand through goatee like it's a long bushy beard* Do go on good Sir, you've caught my attention and I can't wait for more.

Very interested in the future of this fic!

It sounded awesome when you bounced the idea around, and it sounds great on paper now. Give us more! :rainbowkiss:

Judging by hear fearful expression

Judging by her fearful expression

Very good start; am intrigued to see where this one goes. :3

This story reeks of competency, I'm excited to see where it goes, but also where it doesn't.

You have grabbed my attention, and you have not let go as of yet.
Can't wait for more.

>"Another fine story"

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Cheers for the kind words, fellas.

Aah, cheers. Fixed.

Depends on how you'd define 'overpowered'.

Can he hold his own in a fight? Definitely. Does he have the power to match beings like Celestia and/or Luna? Maybe, maybe not. Could he effortlessly defeat a God like Discord? Not without assistance, no.

He's definitely going to be powerful, mind you, just not maybe God-tier level as some may expect.

I'm in. upvote and tracked. Also found this for you.
In a cove most likely. [ cave ] All hale spell check, friend of typos everywhere.

Fixed. Cheers for the spot.

Interesting. Tagged it for now.

Believe me when I tell you that it won't last lmao.

Yes, yes Steeples fingers I sense badassery in the force.

The God King of mankind lives

Why is the CMC in Ponyville?
Weren't they flower girls at the Wedding?

I would agree with you however, when it comes to HiEs where 90% of the human main characters are spineless simpering cowards that are emotionally and socially retarded I would disagree. So when I see fic where the human main character is strong and competent I could care less if he's OP or not. OP it up my dude

Well, the author seems to think the upcoming events might not suitable for children. For an arrogant young queen is going to be spanked by an ancient old king.

Except this is not The Wedding we all know about?

There are a few good reasons as to why the AU tag is here. It'll be the same wedding we're all thinking about, just with a few... changes, here and there.

And there will be much spanking, indeed.

Oh don't worry mate, I plan to bring in bigger parts of Cyrus's backstory that delves into his magic/history/kingdom ETC. For now, just be patient. I'm still thinking on what to write and how to write it, but rest assured he won't be as OP as most other HiE OC's are.

Oh I know, I just wanted to let you and anyone else reading with similar thoughts on this topic know about what I'd said. I know you're not attacking the fic, so don't worry about that. Any criticism or feedback is appreciated, anyway, no matter how hurtful.

Unless it's just hurtful for no other reason, of course. That shit be rude.

We are at a agreement. Under normal circumstances strength should always be stride for... and if it's not it is worthless.

Oh, I'm digging this so far, seems quite interesting.

Perhaps it was due to all of the running she'd done to escape her sisters vengeful wrath for damaged dresses.

Wait, so Rarity stayed in Ponyville?

Edited that sentence so it's a wee less confusing.

The blurb sounds good. I'll put this in my read later for when it's a bit longer, so I have something to do on a long bus ride.

I shall forever aspire to provide your commutes with entertainment, my good sir.

Okay, yeah, this is awesome.

Great work!

Alright, let's see where this goes. *shoots a tracking-dart*:derpytongue2:

who only know realised just how tall he was; {now realized ] spell check would be worth it just for the entertainment value alone.

when we all can be civil in the comment section FTW :trollestia:

I am currently very much enjoying the story. I love the tale that you were weaving the character profile the design but there are a few machina items that seem to just kind of a pure and benefit. but with a character of this nature I am certain that it is what it showed he I'm just trying to figure out how he understands what canterlot looks like cuz I would imagine it would not have been built in his time. but none the less I really look forward to where you take this story and how it develops please keep it up and I look forward to your next update! You're doing a great job.

Eden is an intriguing name for an ancient human kingdom. Makes me wonder if it is named in reference to the biblical one, in the manner of New York, or if it is more of a thematic reference, where Eden was a garden-like kingdom of peace, life, and knowledge. I am somewhat hoping changelings are not the great enemy, though if they are not, then there aren't a lot of of options for beings that require drastic measures to defeat. Perhaps demons, or something. I'm definitely looking forward to what you come up with. Keep up the good work.

(rubs chin)
Intriguing, please continue good sir while I pour us a round of scotch.

Yea, to fit part of my characters story in I decided to have Canterlot be built a lot earlier than it probably should have been. That's probably one of the more drastic changes that'll exist amongst others, so hopefully it doesn't break canon to hard.


I am somewhat hoping changelings are not the great enemy, though if they are not, then there aren't a lot of of options for beings that require drastic measures to defeat.

Though there may not be a lot of options, I do have one in mind which I believe I can pull off somehow. If I play my cards right, that is. Alas, we shall have see how it goes.

Good man.

I think sweetie belle has a crush

"I completely forgot. Twilight's not in Ponyville right now. They left earlier today and I forgot to tell you and now they won't be back until tomorrow and-"
"Hush, child. Cease your worrying for you have nothing to worry about." Cyrus assured her, kneeling down again, giving her a reassuring smile. "They are in Canterlot, you say? Then that is where I shall go." Hearing this, Sweetie Belle blinked, before looking at him in confusion.

Thought I should point this out, but Sweetie never say's that Twilight is in Canterlot. I am loving this fic and am looking forward to what happens next. keep up the good work.

Woops, corrected that mistake. Cheers.

ye've drawn me eye, and kept me attention
favorited and tracked
keep it up

I'm very much enjoying the story so far and I do hope that there is not to much between uploads, however in saying that i do hope you don't force your-self to rush & ruin it wile trying to meet expectations. I can see this being a very good story & i will defiantly be coming back for more.

I'm enjoying this story quite a bit, and I'm eager to see where it goes!

The pacing feels a bit rushed, but other than that there is only one other complaint I have: Weren't the CMC flower girls at the wedding?

I can see the potential. Just don't be afraid to slow down a bit. Am looking forward to more!

Do I... smell a ship brewing?

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