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Hallo · 9:49pm August 15th

Hi followers!

I just wanted to write something here to tell you all that I'm doing okay. I've been brainstorming ideas for new things and I've also been working on something that involves a bunch of authors writing a story, but for now, you don't need to know about that. What really needs attention is that there are new stories and things coming. Whoop! I've also submitted one of my stories to EqD for the first time, so I'm just wondering what's going to happen there.

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About Me!!

Name: I am Un-Damn certain what to name myself
Age: Nah
Fav. Ice Cream Flavour: Strawberry
Favourite T.V. Show: Doctor Who/ Brooklyn Nine Nine
Favourite Book: Too many
Favourite Author: Too many
Favourite Movie: Too many WALL·E!
Favourite Food: Let's see you guess this one
Favourite Pony: I'll go ahead and say [ERROR PARSING DATA]
Favourite Colour: The Bluest Blue Ever. Or a nice deep purple.
State: Constant Happiness
Favourite Ship: Do I need one?
FanFiction: Awesome at stories! I love me a good sci-fi and HiE! Give me prompts when you can and I might write something from it!

That's all you'll be getting from me for now. I'll edit it occasionally and tell you when I have. Allons-y!

All the best,

Doctor Disco


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I keep hearing people meeting other Doctor Discos. Why is that? No one's met me yet! Heh, how odd. Is Doctor Disco really that popular of a pseudonym?

But hey, it was actually a good story, and the shipping wasn't directly targeted, which is a plus since some shipping stories go straight for the head of the nail and it suffers. This didn't and it was a good one.


Shortmane #64 · Sunday · · ·

Heya! Just wanted to say thanks for the nice comment (on that Rarijack fic), it was well written and a huge compliment!

Also, funny enough I met another Dr. Disco a few weeks ago, haha. Small world!

No problem, friend! I was impressed by it's own content as well, and just had to share it when I saw that thread.

You didn't have to, but thanks for the follow.

Thanks for linking that YouTube comment about the MLP movie's canon status, their explanation was so much yes, and so is your avatar! Have a follow!! :twilightsmile:

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You earned the...

...would a group of fans of Changeling fics be called a swarm?

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