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Doctor Disco

Chappie is my favourite stranger.

Things People Have Said To Me

You're a cool dude
-Seventh Heaven

He says you're cool, and you have succeeded

Best buds 5 life man
-All Art Is Quite Useless

...Okay, that caught me off guard. Good show

You're the kind of person that can change the world

Duuuuuuuude. Breathe.

Hey stranger, f#&% off!
-Chappie, Love you too Chappie :heart:

You have your own style. That's good.
-Not Enough Coffee

You're so much wiser than most, too


Ponemurdered 2 · 6:32pm July 9th

I was the most insane of all these authors, because I was the one who gathered them for this project.

16 authors. One story. I foresee zero problems.

Give it an upvote and read the insanity!

TPonemurdered 2
16 authors, one story. I foresee precisely zero problems.
The Gentlecolt · 37k words  ·  46  3 · 415 views

a collection of trash

About Me!!

Name: I am Un-Damn certain what to name myself
Age: Nah
Fav. Ice Cream Flavour: Strawberry
Favourite T.V. Show: Doctor Who/ Brooklyn Nine Nine
Favourite Book: Too many
Favourite Author: Too many
Favourite Movie: Too many WALL·E!
Favourite Food: Let's see you guess this one
Favourite Pony: I'll go ahead and say [ERROR PARSING DATA]
Favourite Colour: The Bluest Blue Ever. Or a nice deep purple.
State: Constant Happiness
Favourite Ship: Do I need one?
FanFiction: Awesome at stories! I love me a good sci-fi and HiE! Give me prompts when you can and I might write something from it!

That's all you'll be getting from me for now. I'll edit it occasionally and tell you when I have. Allons-y!

All the best,

Doctor Disco

Cool Beans

Welcome to Doctor Disco's Page!

Where all things crazy, fun, and unique happen!

~forever under reconstruction~

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So, I was going to read your story "Not My Wallet", but it's not on the website any more. I love Sponge parody, so I'm just wondering where it went.

Comment posted by B_25 deleted Dec 23rd, 2017
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